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BTS 'Silver Spoon (Baepsae)' mirrored Dance Practice


  1. Micay Kim

    Micay KimHace 23 minutos

    1:42 ahhh My sunshine 😍

  2. Vitoria Barbosa

    Vitoria BarbosaHace un hora

    0:26 hoseok 😀😀 love love

  3. A.R.M.Y ales COELLO O

    A.R.M.Y ales COELLO OHace 3 horas

    wey en Corea no ase calor

  4. A.R.M.Y ales COELLO O

    A.R.M.Y ales COELLO OHace 3 horas

    alguien q hable español plis díganme

  5. Luis Henrique

    Luis HenriqueHace 6 horas

    Suga love😍😘😗😙😚🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷korea

  6. Marian Monserrat

    Marian MonserratHace 6 horas

    2:51 arriba el VKOOK 😆😆💖💖💖💖💕💕💖💖💓💓💓💓💓💘💘💘💘💝

  7. mina sopa

    mina sopaHace 6 horas

    2:05 jimin ah 🤤❤️❤️

  8. Ana laura grigolett

    Ana laura grigolettHace 6 horas

    Meu deus o Suga tá lindo e engraçado ao mesmo tempo 😍😂

  9. noozinani mat tahir

    noozinani mat tahirHace 6 horas

    2:29 jungkook do a kung fu like jedi 😂😂

  10. Kyal Val

    Kyal ValHace 7 horas

    We else is watching at jin and can’t stop laughing

  11. Mars B

    Mars BHace 10 horas

    SUGA AT 3:37

  12. ꧁jimin meu amor꧂

    ꧁jimin meu amor꧂Hace 10 horas

    Linduhhhhhh demais...essa coreografia é uma benção de Deus❤❤❤Tenho um amor por essa coreografia,não sei pq mas eu amo tanto ela❤☻

  13. sr HOPE

    sr HOPEHace 11 horas


  14. Dafne Anakaren Alcon Luna

    Dafne Anakaren Alcon LunaHace 11 horas

    Como amo la parte de y pongo jajaja

  15. larissa mirelly campos falcao

    larissa mirelly campos falcaoHace 12 horas

    what JUNGKOOK the what and that boy o my good

  16. Bijasree D

    Bijasree DHace 13 horas

    2:52 if this is with everyone else in the room what happens when they leave the two of them alone

  17. Mariana Maciel Borges

    Mariana Maciel BorgesHace 15 horas

    Eu falo portuguesa mais eu sei cantar essa música 🎶 😊😊😍😘

  18. Aleksandra Dudzińska

    Aleksandra DudzińskaHace 15 horas

    After all these years, I'm still masturbating to this

  19. Vana Zirtluanga

    Vana ZirtluangaHace 16 horas


  20. estrella rivera

    estrella riveraHace 17 horas

    Amo tanto esta coreo❤

  21. kiri929

    kiri929Hace 18 horas

    I don’t know why but I really like Namjoon’s outfit 😭❤️

  22. Wayne Productions

    Wayne ProductionsHace 18 horas


  23. 지 민박

    지 민박Hace 19 horas

    وين الارميز العرب أثبت وجودك بلايك بدون ايموجي رجاء

  24. Хади Аушева

    Хади АушеваHace 21 un hora

    Pack jimin BTS ILOVE BTS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  25. Patrycja Zabłotna

    Patrycja ZabłotnaHace 22 horas

    Aisssssssssh Jimin is sexy i love💓

  26. Bailey Peters

    Bailey PetersHace un día

    I live for sugas weirdness

  27. amanda malenfant

    amanda malenfantHace un día

    Ill never understand the dance what is the point of them like grabbing there junk.... i dont understand



    amanda malenfant same

  29. Camila Moreno

    Camila MorenoHace un día

    Que buen dance practice los amo mucho a los 7😊😍😍

  30. Legit Banks

    Legit BanksHace un día

    3:40 LOOK AT RM 😂😂

  31. Mr. Banana

    Mr. BananaHace un día

    1:02 My braincells working together during an exam

  32. MineBLOX_ FlutterFam

    MineBLOX_ FlutterFamHace un día

    Okay is it just me or did RM look CUTE in his outfit, I usually don’t say that about him, but.... I THINK I FOUND A NEW BIAS WRECKER!!!!!!

  33. MineBLOX_ FlutterFam

    MineBLOX_ FlutterFamHace un día

    Omg I was smiling the whole time, and I caught Jimin, V, Jin and JHope, laughing at Jungkook when he was doing his center part, the “r u crazy” part XD, AND I caught everyone laughing at Suga during his “solo” and Jungkook laughing at V when his hood came off XDDD

  34. MineBLOX_ FlutterFam

    MineBLOX_ FlutterFamHace un día


  35. Jimins Lil Wolf

    Jimins Lil WolfHace un día

    2:05 & 3:36 I'm pretty sure now Jimin made me dirty minded. Jimin u r something 💀💘

  36. Adaly Gonzalez

    Adaly GonzalezHace un día

    Omfg godddddd jiminnn-ah be trying to seduce us and his hyung 🤪🤪🤣🤣🤤🤤🤤 3:36

  37. Dalyla Vasquez

    Dalyla VasquezHace un día


  38. Gilson Mota

    Gilson MotaHace un día


  39. shir shy

    shir shyHace un día

    I think im pregnant...

  40. Micheli Motta

    Micheli MottaHace un día

    Que isso senhor jhope ❤

  41. zineb abid

    zineb abidHace un día

    this song should get an mv .... who's whit me,

  42. Mihacsi dzsenifer

    Mihacsi dzseniferHace un día

    Junkok jimin v namjon suga j hope jin



    Mihacsi dzsenifer it’s spelt jungkook not junkok

  44. Mihacsi dzsenifer

    Mihacsi dzseniferHace un día

    Love you v

  45. Mihacsi dzsenifer

    Mihacsi dzseniferHace un día

    Bts bts love v

  46. MATEO LM

    MATEO LMHace un día


  47. Unicorn Dream

    Unicorn DreamHace un día

    Is v wearing his pjs

  48. Army Bts

    Army BtsHace un día

    2019 I'm here..anyone no..okey..

  49. Nour _lopez

    Nour _lopezHace un día

    2:56 V is so cute 🤣

  50. Nour _lopez

    Nour _lopezHace un día

    2:52 Vkook 😍🤩

  51. sreychon heang

    sreychon heangHace un día

    I Love you Jung kook 😍

  52. Arove Alam

    Arove AlamHace un día

    Sugas booty was wooooo😘😘😘😘

  53. Wilma Amposta

    Wilma AmpostaHace un día


  54. Alaa sunshine.

    Alaa sunshine.Hace un día

    1:28 jimin um, did he just l-

  55. Falguni Biswas

    Falguni BiswasHace un día



    LAS LOQUIWIS ARMY'SHace un día

    Alguien habla español? \:v/ y me mori en el video


    BANGTAN XOXOXOHace un día

    Army's pornnn

  58. YoongleNoodle

    YoongleNoodleHace 2 días


  59. Marianthi Korkodeilou

    Marianthi KorkodeilouHace 2 días


  60. thanh hoa nguyễn

    thanh hoa nguyễnHace 2 días

    107,158,346 good

  61. Sela Maulidiya

    Sela MaulidiyaHace 2 días

    I Love you Jungkook

  62. Vanessa

    VanessaHace 2 días


  63. mundo da ana clara Ana clara

    mundo da ana clara Ana claraHace 2 días

    Jeon jung kook tem talento além de bonito dança bem eu só tipo sei dançar amo desenhar e amo animais eu sou muito fofa eu me acho fofa meu deus

  64. army

    armyHace 2 días

    I purple you ♡

  65. 지선

    지선Hace 2 días


  66. Darion Thomas

    Darion ThomasHace 2 días


  67. Mario Italo

    Mario ItaloHace 2 días


  68. grazibarstan

    grazibarstanHace 2 días


  69. RUTH R.M

    RUTH R.MHace 2 días

    Mi j hope♡♡♡

  70. S/N ;-;

    S/N ;-;Hace 2 días

    esse video me fez entender q ate o Namjoon tentando ser feio ele fica bonito ;-;

  71. ihatesnakeu _

    ihatesnakeu _Hace 2 días

    *I thought all bangtan choreographies we're difficult but it was only them who Made they look like that :v*

  72. J I M M I N

    J I M M I NHace 2 días

    I am stealing your glasses rm

  73. Bianca Rossi

    Bianca RossiHace 2 días

    O bEbÊ nÃo É bEbÊ!

  74. Eilish like an Eyelash

    Eilish like an EyelashHace 2 días

    Ok who else here’s “your black *bleep*. Is that gay?”

  75. Isadora

    IsadoraHace 2 días

    3:37 mother of god i'm really really really dead with park jimin!!!!!!1

  76. sandro silva

    sandro silvaHace 2 días

    bts army beatifil

  77. sophia H

    sophia HHace 2 días

    this song’s lylric is so deep, it’s one of the big reasons I stan for sure.

  78. agatha tuturias de like

    agatha tuturias de likeHace 2 días

    Quem concorda comigo que bts e melhor que blackpink deixa o like

  79. Emy Shadab

    Emy ShadabHace 2 días

    2:52 uiii it's so cute 😫❤️💍Who is team Vkook 😫❤️❤️❤️💍💍💕

  80. Achmad Dahlan

    Achmad DahlanHace 2 días

    Kim namjoon Kim seokjin Min yoogi Jong hooseok Park jimin Kim taehyung Jeon jungkook BTS♥️ARMY

  81. Amir bhat Amir bhat

    Amir bhat Amir bhatHace 2 días

    BTS is always no 1 jin fans❤️👈👍

  82. Gacha Jess

    Gacha JessHace 2 días

    Rm,Suga,Jin,Jungkook,V,Jimin: Let's all wear long pants while J-hope wears above the knee shorts..

  83. jean polou

    jean polouHace 2 días

    RM who

  84. Agust D a.k.a Rap God

    Agust D a.k.a Rap GodHace 2 días

    Jungkook loves timberland when I can't even afford them. All black Yoongi (almost) is my love

  85. Cutepjm

    CutepjmHace 2 días

    2:05 Jimin..tHaT wAs NoT nEcEsSaRy🥵

  86. Army BTS

    Army BTSHace 2 días

    Ким Намджун ❤️ Ким СокДжин 🧡 Мин Юнги 💛 Чон Хосок 💚 Пак Чимин💙 Ким Техён💜 Чон Чонгук💖 BTS❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  87. diem tran

    diem tranHace 3 días


  88. Melany Seoane

    Melany SeoaneHace 3 días

    Is it just me, or do I come to this video just for Suga's twerking and outfit? xD

  89. BTS Memes

    BTS MemesHace 3 días

    They call me Pepsi You want Jin? Is that gay? Prolly Can’t say xD *laughs in Jin*

  90. Хадижа Наджафова

    Хадижа НаджафоваHace 3 días

    2:52 Ким Тэхен, сдерживай себя🤣🤣

  91. Bach is Back

    Bach is BackHace 3 días

    warning: dont stare at jimin for entire time causes: severe injury in harteu or even death to stans.

  92. louka por K-pop

    louka por K-popHace 3 días

    3:37 jimin 😂😂

  93. Jhennyfer Gabriely

    Jhennyfer GabrielyHace 3 días

    oh my God I think I'm having a BTS heart attack without words !!! I just love you, I'm a B-Army.

  94. Nicole Gonzalez

    Nicole GonzalezHace 3 días

    2:28 🧚🏻‍♂️ the rest looking at kookie like “YAS girl”

  95. Alice Bispo

    Alice BispoHace 3 días

    Eis que me perguntam meu nivel de demência: Nivel jungkook 🤗

  96. eylin eunise

    eylin euniseHace 3 días

    los amo❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😁😁😁😏

  97. eylin eunise

    eylin euniseHace 3 días


  98. widya tomboy

    widya tomboyHace 3 días

    2019?? mna suara indonesia🙋🙋

  99. Wolf In Slytherin

    Wolf In SlytherinHace 3 días

    1:28 *_Pardon me, bitch. The fuck was that? Ya’ll can’t be doing this shit._* 😂👌🏼

  100. nick nicky

    nick nickyHace 3 días


  101. Hunter and Xandra Vlogs

    Hunter and Xandra VlogsHace 3 días

    2:59 taehyung’s hood

  102. Dorothy Cania

    Dorothy CaniaHace 3 días

    savage! who's with me this june 2019? :)

  103. Lova Lindgren

    Lova LindgrenHace un día

    Dorothy Cania here

  104. mookmin BTS army

    mookmin BTS armyHace 3 días

    I love you BTS❤😘