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  1. Neneng Le Avtin

    Neneng Le AvtinHace 15 horas

    When RM is not totally him. 😄😄😄

  2. Apollo Fateh

    Apollo FatehHace 22 horas

    "The saddest thing is that he only has one pair of underwear"

  3. Yamong Nadi Aung

    Yamong Nadi AungHace 23 horas

    2:14 , 5:32 ,6:34 , LMAO!!!😂😂

  4. Eiyah Trapani

    Eiyah TrapaniHace un día

    Yoongi really acting like a girl hahah

  5. jean rio buenaventura

    jean rio buenaventuraHace un día

    6:35 Jungkook looks so jealous

  6. nvmpaloma

    nvmpalomaHace un día


  7. Peaches _

    Peaches _Hace un día

    *A C H O O*

  8. Wing Yee

    Wing YeeHace un día

    Their acting skills are so great 😂❤️❤️❤️

  9. ·.· тнσмαs ·.·

    ·.· тнσмαs ·.·Hace un día

    iT eNDs aT ThE bEst paRt

  10. Bts V

    Bts VHace 2 días

    SUGA IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!AND CUTE!!!!!!!!!!😍❤❤


    WHY U SAD IDK NAN MOLLAHace 2 días

    What episode is this?

  12. Jungshook_ Spiderman

    Jungshook_ SpidermanHace 2 días

    Aw hobi is my type in this video!💜

  13. Ashley Ferrer- PH ARMY

    Ashley Ferrer- PH ARMYHace 2 días

    Wtf hobi the water bottle 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Taehyung Oppa

    Taehyung OppaHace 2 días

    Suga-dont disrespect me I want your shirt more -me.... yoongi girl noes her 💩 crap

  15. adeqbaya noor

    adeqbaya noorHace 2 días

    Suga : "this school dont have a normal student..".. Wakakaka..hahahaha😆😆😂😂😂👍..suga is soo cute..hahaha..suga always be suga.. #savage

  16. Shek Monira

    Shek MoniraHace 2 días

    Hello bts


    PIKA BLOXHace 2 días

    1:01: LOOL!!!!V!!

  18. cнєrryвlσssσм

    cнєrryвlσssσмHace 3 días

    I feel bad for Suga, but hey. V had to be snow white.

  19. Peachmch edits

    Peachmch editsHace 3 días

    Aghhh!!! Twice TT in there

  20. Shine Calsou

    Shine CalsouHace 3 días

    1:13 this had me dying I know I'm a army and I should know this but it's the first time I'm watching this and IM DYING

  21. I hate Snakeu

    I hate SnakeuHace 3 días

    J-Hope: I will read it V: HAUAHHGH! J-Hope: 😳 V: HAUAGH!

  22. itsHeppy

    itsHeppyHace 3 días

    Yoongi is more pretty than i am..XD and i love it.

  23. Swastika Shalu

    Swastika ShaluHace 4 días


  24. Jessica Chappell

    Jessica ChappellHace 4 días

    Namjoon 😂😂

  25. Ok Ruth

    Ok RuthHace 4 días

    Why does yoongi look like a girl I would date?👀

  26. Akerke Izbasar

    Akerke IzbasarHace 4 días

    4.22. Taehyung 😂😂😂

  27. Felmari Serdenia

    Felmari SerdeniaHace 4 días

    Why verry beautiful Yoongi

  28. Asemai Kylyshbek

    Asemai KylyshbekHace 5 días

    RM 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. justin seagull

    justin seagullHace 5 días

    They are so bad at flirting😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Khulan Ganbat

    Khulan GanbatHace 5 días

    Suga is prettier than me

  31. park Jimin_chimchim

    park Jimin_chimchimHace 5 días

    This is da best Korean highschool romance movie I have ever seen.....😂😂😂

  32. Amy Ma

    Amy MaHace 5 días

    XD HAHA Junkook was just giving everything he owned to Min Yoonji and Jhope was going too far with the water n poem XD I loved how jimin was the perfect angel, he tried but end up walking by instead like a real shy angelic boy

  33. wenapaj yoongi

    wenapaj yoongiHace 5 días

    Shalalalalalala ~

  34. Tokie Tokie Chan

    Tokie Tokie ChanHace 5 días

    Min Sgirl

  35. Sophiya’s Adventure

    Sophiya’s AdventureHace 5 días

    Gosh I can’t believe suga looks better than me and a girl and I am a girl 😂

  36. Gachachimchim Yup

    Gachachimchim YupHace 5 días

    I died so much in this

  37. AnnieR80

    AnnieR80Hace 5 días

    RM was adorable

  38. Noriko

    NorikoHace 5 días

    Where can we watch the rest of this

  39. Cat'elle Vsoo-Tata Bangtan_pink

    Cat'elle Vsoo-Tata Bangtan_pinkHace 5 días

    0:38 title of the song?

  40. ya boi katie

    ya boi katieHace 5 días

    when yoongi looks better than you and he isn’t even a girl

  41. Trashy One

    Trashy OneHace 5 días

    it's a really sexist video tho

  42. Crystal _Wolf

    Crystal _WolfHace 6 días

    Suga is so cool even when hes a girl lmao

  43. Crystal _Wolf

    Crystal _WolfHace 6 días

    Everyone,meet "Min Sugar"...

  44. Crystal _Wolf

    Crystal _WolfHace 6 días

    If I were a boy and Suga was a girl, I would date her

  45. I would love some suga I'm my tea

    I would love some suga I'm my teaHace 6 días

    What's the song in the beginning when they say lalala la lalala

  46. Quality Lemon

    Quality LemonHace 6 días

    Those artificial tears tho 😂

  47. Jiminie Pabo

    Jiminie PaboHace 6 días

    Anyone notice Jimin in the window top left at 4:20?

  48. Kaitlin ruth Sunico

    Kaitlin ruth SunicoHace 6 días

    yoongi is so cuteee

  49. Jdsoso Ssjs

    Jdsoso SsjsHace 6 días

    RM at the back 😂😂😂

  50. Jdsoso Ssjs

    Jdsoso SsjsHace 6 días

    Their reaction 😂😂😂😂

  51. I love BTS

    I love BTSHace 7 días

    4:05 I can imagine yoongi being like Jhope: I like poems Suga: **slaps book out of jhopes hand**

  52. Melon Lemonade

    Melon LemonadeHace 7 días

    1:00 Taehyung reaction omg I'm dead 😂😂

  53. G V

    G VHace 7 días

    Jungkook acts kinda like bully lol strong man 3:03 RM is die in background

  54. Kemora White

    Kemora WhiteHace 7 días

    Nice poem J-hope

  55. Anna Dimas

    Anna DimasHace 7 días

    wtf suga a girl ay carama

  56. btslives

    btslivesHace 7 días

    5:26 "The saddest thing is that he only has one pair of underwear" 😂😂😂 LMFAOOOOO

  57. The Half-Blood Prince

    The Half-Blood PrinceHace 7 días

    0:30 song???

  58. Lillian Flora Kitty

    Lillian Flora KittyHace 7 días

    2:59 Rip jacket edit:wow many likes

  59. Lillian Flora Kitty

    Lillian Flora KittyHace 7 días

    When V is shook

  60. Rae H

    Rae HHace 7 días

    Can more people talk about J-Hope and TT playing in the background at 5:23? 😂

  61. loriemay barrientos

    loriemay barrientosHace 7 días

    yoonjin please COME BACK....

  62. KpoploverMe Kim sassy

    KpoploverMe Kim sassyHace 7 días



    PÎÑKŸ PÎÊHace 8 días

    Suga look so cute 😍😍😍 Jungkook is so handsome and cute 😘😘😘 J-hope is an animal 😂😂😂😂😂

  64. Aswanysunilkumarachu Aswany

    Aswanysunilkumarachu AswanyHace 8 días

    J hope is making me laugh How did they survived without laughing

  65. shama Zafar

    shama ZafarHace 8 días

    Twice tt in background

  66. Yoonji Min The Queen

    Yoonji Min The QueenHace 8 días


  67. Rafael  Rangel

    Rafael RangelHace 8 días

    Taehyung "The saddest thing is he only has one pair of underwear" lmao soooooooo hard!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Solène G.

    Solène G.Hace 8 días

    Is it all scripted or do they improvise what they are saying ?

  69. Ashia Jung

    Ashia JungHace 8 días

    namjoon is so loud 😂😂😂

  70. Nylixx Cx

    Nylixx CxHace 8 días

    2:43 I like this part!!!

  71. taehyung army

    taehyung armyHace 8 días


  72. Jungkook97 BTS

    Jungkook97 BTSHace 8 días

    V:I haven’t been able to concentrate ever since you arrived . I’ll only concentrate on you from now on . Suga:Go back to concentrating on your studies . Me:bultauroune

  73. Random fan Person

    Random fan PersonHace 9 días

    5:23 look at namjoon in the background 😂😂

  74. Hina Meiz

    Hina MeizHace 9 días


  75. Hina Meiz

    Hina MeizHace 9 días

    I'm Jungshook. Suga is such a cute girl!

  76. Daniela Roškar

    Daniela RoškarHace 9 días

    I'm done....

  77. illyce _bloodrayne

    illyce _bloodrayneHace 9 días

    *-mainhe billboard.. mianhe worldwide-*

  78. Sasha Wolfie :3 editor

    Sasha Wolfie :3 editorHace 9 días

    I can't even tell it's suga because he look like a real girl 😂😂😂

  79. Tupou Vaiola

    Tupou VaiolaHace 10 días

    I feel bad for Yoongi so much. RIP Yoongi

  80. viky A.R.M.Y

    viky A.R.M.YHace 10 días

    5:21 parece que Hoceok se emocionó mucho 😂😂😂😂😂

  81. Princess Plays Fortnite

    Princess Plays FortniteHace 10 días

    Suga is so good acting like a girl

  82. •• 진핟_iKon

    •• 진핟_iKonHace 10 días


  83. maya's adventures

    maya's adventuresHace 10 días

    I'm gay for yoonji 😂

  84. Nove Vills

    Nove VillsHace 10 días

    Bat Ang ganda ni yoogi 😂

  85. Ansherina Mercado

    Ansherina MercadoHace 10 días

    Not complete :(

  86. ddd AR

    ddd ARHace 10 días


  87. Hadeel Khalid

    Hadeel KhalidHace 11 días

    اكو عرب بالطيارة 😉؟

  88. Basashi Gaming

    Basashi GamingHace 11 días

    RapMon is SO desperate in this video.... it makes me feel really bad...

  89. Mayumi Castro

    Mayumi CastroHace 11 días


  90. KrAzY Person

    KrAzY PersonHace 11 días

    Suga be like: I get it. I'm hot. Go away.

  91. Zelda's Gaming

    Zelda's GamingHace 11 días

    what's the name of the video and how do i watch videos on v live?

  92. Farah Aziz

    Farah AzizHace 11 días

    Is that Adora's little sister? hahahha

  93. Kim Pham

    Kim PhamHace 11 días

    Look at my avatar for YOonji =))) LOL


    ßÛÑŇÝ HÓŇƏÝ ŠÚČĶĹƏ !Hace 11 días

    Jungkook: put this on its cold Suga: no, i like your shirt better *thats so smooth 😂*

  95. Just an average person

    Just an average personHace 11 días

    Why you sad¿

  96. Bunny Smiles!

    Bunny Smiles!Hace 11 días

    This is like an ff except in reality 😂😂😂😂😂

  97. CARA fern

    CARA fernHace 11 días


  98. Sukriti CV amazing voice cuteee Khushi

    Sukriti CV amazing voice cuteee KhushiHace 11 días

    Where is Jin hyung part?😍😍😍😍😍😦😦

  99. Sukriti CV amazing voice cuteee Khushi

    Sukriti CV amazing voice cuteee KhushiHace 11 días

    I love this to cute to handle

  100. Gabb RM

    Gabb RMHace 12 días

    4:11 Yoongi was so pretty 😍