BTS Extended FULL Interview! | Radio Disney


  1. Narut9

    Narut9Hace 5 horas

    RM: “I want to be a Dad” while surrounded by his sons.

  2. AllieCat

    AllieCatHace 9 horas

    RM is absolutely adorable. He doesn't get nearly enough love. 😍❤

  3. Taehyung Lovely

    Taehyung LovelyHace 13 horas

    When JIN say English, always say "you know?"😂😂

  4. Sunny 174000

    Sunny 174000Hace 20 horas

    When namjoon wanted to be a dad that broke heart :'c because there are people who wont accept their relationships and or their producers I think, in general it made me sad

  5. Rinchan V95

    Rinchan V95Hace un día

    7:55 V : "do you wanna ride?" JK : "Yeah" V : "I'm ready" JK : "I want it" .... Me : 👀

  6. serendipity

    serendipityHace un día

    you expect me to hear jungkook say "ten years ago" so fluently and not expect me to fangirl? GOOD JOB JUNGKOOKIE, YOU'RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE ;(

  7. Lamija Alijevic

    Lamija AlijevicHace un día

    Lol picture in thumbnail describes every member perfectly

  8. Shakambari Ganesh

    Shakambari GaneshHace un día

    9:58 tae😂😂

  9. Sreeja Nizam

    Sreeja NizamHace un día

    I'm pig Oink oink..! 😂😂😂

  10. YanOh

    YanOhHace 2 días

    11:13 uwu👌

  11. Purply Blue

    Purply BlueHace 2 días


  12. Ivanna Rodriguez

    Ivanna RodriguezHace 2 días

    10:51 Todos: woow jk Yo: el planeta:(

  13. GachaLife Rose

    GachaLife RoseHace 2 días

    Awww rap monster wants to be a dad😭😭☺️😊🥺🥰

  14. Tracy

    TracyHace 2 días

    jimins girly laugh ughh

  15. Zainab Munir

    Zainab MunirHace 2 días

    V was really offended by suga😂

  16. Anaam just anaam

    Anaam just anaamHace 2 días

    11:12 Why do sitcoms even try to be funny when they know they ain't ever gonna top this

  17. Jennie is BAE

    Jennie is BAEHace 3 días


  18. Quelia Wellson

    Quelia WellsonHace 3 días

    The way V said *roasted*- my heartu is omg!😂💜 Edit: 8:01 btw was Jungkook about to sing *7 Rings* and then stopped ?😂

  19. Sunakshi Sodhi

    Sunakshi SodhiHace 3 días

    Best dancer: jhope

  20. Sunakshi Sodhi

    Sunakshi SodhiHace 3 días

    Why jimin laughs so much? As if he is thinking something crazy n different?

  21. Bangtan Alice

    Bangtan AliceHace 3 días

    old jhope: I like hamburgers and sprite! now: *I LIKE SPAGHETTI AND SPRITE* *the sprite obsession will never change for him.*

  22. Olivia Catherine

    Olivia CatherineHace 3 días

    I think Jim would maybe like playing Summerfest in Millwaukee! It’s kind of festival-ish. It has some stadium like stages but it’s a little different from what they normally perform on.

  23. Mila Golokoz

    Mila GolokozHace 3 días

    4:37 so are we all just going to ignore the fact that hobi did the woah

  24. JazzyXOX

    JazzyXOXHace 3 días

    Namjoon: I want to be a dad Yoongi: you can Omg that was so cute!

  25. pornessian parrapio

    pornessian parrapioHace 3 días

    For whole video, I was saying: please RM do not drop that glass thing or whatever it is

  26. Lauryn Brianna

    Lauryn BriannaHace 3 días

    Kook looks like he's concentrating so hard to answer the "what did you want to be when you were little?" question. and then Hobi's little "Yesterday" that he says. I CAN'T!!!!

  27. alyssa torres

    alyssa torresHace 3 días

    Ok but Vs face after he says Asparagus Roasted sends me every time 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 it’s so hilarious 😂

  28. Krati Upadhyay

    Krati UpadhyayHace 4 días

    9:02 😭😭

  29. Gloria Filomena apelu Emile

    Gloria Filomena apelu EmileHace 4 días


  30. _.Thatgurl._

    _.Thatgurl._Hace 4 días

    Namjoon as a dad. Lucky kids.

  31. SweetMagTv

    SweetMagTvHace 4 días

    9:57 Tae: - Suga: steals mic Tae: *the amount of salt and disrespect*

  32. Yeyemasheyeye

    YeyemasheyeyeHace 4 días

    Jungkook: Im sorry for not being able to remember the title of the song. Namjoon: he just loves Billie Eilish. Savage Namjoon.

  33. bts kim taehyng

    bts kim taehyngHace 4 días

    You know? 🤣

  34. Jazmin Gonzalez

    Jazmin GonzalezHace 4 días

    I just noticed v was wearing a Celine shirt 6:19


    MIA LEWISHace 4 días

    6:18 my new favorite food

  36. MayVlog #

    MayVlog #Hace 4 días

    RM trying Jin to speak in english bec. maybe he knows that jin can speak it

  37. Marsh Alligator

    Marsh AlligatorHace 5 días

    No one: Not a single soul: Jin: *IM PIG OINK OINK*

  38. Namjoon’s World

    Namjoon’s WorldHace 5 días

    Jhope: I wanna be a tennis player Rm: but we never see him play tennis 💀😂😭

  39. Itz BelDIY

    Itz BelDIYHace 5 días

    People in interviews: *speaks English * Us : Ew their grammar is horrible Bts: *speaks English * Us: OMG IM SO PROUD THEIR ENGLISH IS BETTER THAN OURSS

  40. dafnesway

    dafneswayHace 5 días

    The sprite meme lives on.

  41. dafnesway

    dafneswayHace 5 días

    Yoongi: *so much as twitches* me: *pterodactyl screach*

  42. Archie Smith

    Archie SmithHace 5 días

    Food is often a really sensitive topic for k-pop groups or Koreans in general, so asking who eats more was probably not a good idea. Seeing as no one really wanted to point at anyone there and Yoongi twitching his head, it just seems like it was uncomfortable. We know one of them has had an eating disorder and, overall, what interest motivates such a question?

  43. Archie Smith

    Archie SmithHace 4 días

    @No One: Ahah, mate, kid me not

  44. No One:

    No One:Hace 5 días

    Eating is not taken that seriously in western culture and especially in America. You can see that in the obesity rates.

  45. Draco Malfoy

    Draco MalfoyHace 5 días

    What is the name of the day speaking english all the time ?

  46. Esther Ayenon

    Esther AyenonHace 5 días

    Kim namjoon aka RM he is the leader

  47. Xarrif Mendes

    Xarrif MendesHace 6 días

    i'M pIG oINk OinK

  48. #Tina 4ever

    #Tina 4everHace 6 días

    They completely give a different answer to a different question But that's adorable💝💝😘😘😘

  49. Sebastian Bellarmino

    Sebastian BellarminoHace 6 días

    J-Hope is a fun guys! Seriously lovely!

  50. bangtan baboosh

    bangtan babooshHace 6 días

    RM: what do you say? why do you eat so much? Jin: iM pIG oINk OiNk RM: ok, so we have a pig and six humans here. ( knowing Jin played as an actor for Peppa pig)

  51. olivia fay

    olivia fayHace 6 días

    7:54 i thought jk was gonna sing 7 rings when he said i want it lol

  52. Wajiha Khan

    Wajiha KhanHace 6 días

    I seriously want to know their style inspirations but they are never going to answer this question straight I wonder why they don't want anyone to know the truth behind their stylish looks

  53. Leah Underwood

    Leah UnderwoodHace 6 días

    I love how Joon got on everyone EXCEPT Yoongi to speak English.

  54. Inês Manso

    Inês MansoHace 7 días

    9:02 You’re my Dad (You’re my Dad) wugiwugiwugi

  55. Amira beylicious

    Amira beyliciousHace 7 días

    Omg, jungkook's voice got so much deeper when he speak English

  56. Azucena Robles

    Azucena RoblesHace 7 días

    Jin proclaiming himself as the best dancer 👍👏🏻👏🏻😻

  57. I eloped with J-Hope

    I eloped with J-HopeHace 7 días

    Experts say you shouldn't shower for more than 5 to 10 minutes. Can you guess how long it takes the average American to take a shower?...THAT'S RIGHT! ABOUT AN HOUR! WHY PEOPLE?!

  58. dijel

    dijelHace 7 días

    jimin was always late. now kookie is always late...👀

  59. Rowella Larioza

    Rowella LariozaHace 7 días

    Namjoon: Watching these guys is one of the most fun things anyone could ever have. Yaaaas!

  60. Cheyenne Xiong

    Cheyenne XiongHace 7 días

    Jungkook's English is so good now!

  61. Leon Rouge

    Leon RougeHace 7 días

    Does anyone know where the "Look at that" comes from? It's the best part of this xxxs

  62. Urielle Simo

    Urielle SimoHace 7 días

    So proud of seeing Jungkook doing the balaya dance😍 Edit: 4:41

  63. The Omega Fafnir

    The Omega FafnirHace 7 días

    Rm: I want to be a dad Me:*cough* YOU ALREADY ARE ONE AND YOU HAVE WIFE (Jin) WITH 5 CHILDREN