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  1. joe MAMA

    joe MAMAHace 42 minutos

    I luv how v plays the sax and i play the flute

  2. Shirley Edun

    Shirley EdunHace 18 horas

    Suga “you can” too cute

  3. Mirna Ramirez

    Mirna RamirezHace 21 un hora

    3:21 when RM says “he just loves Billie Eilish” They all nod their heads😂

  4. Swrjila B.

    Swrjila B.Hace un día

    0:28 Jin's that one desire fullfilled.. bacuse they performed at NY 2020 new yrs Eve..

  5. Another AvatarLover

    Another AvatarLoverHace un día

    Hobo: I LovE SpaGhettI aNd SpRitE

  6. 생원

    생원Hace 2 días

    And Sprite😆

  7. Army Once

    Army OnceHace 2 días

    No One: Not even a single soul: Jin:"I'm Pink Oink Oink"

  8. Karisma Manning

    Karisma ManningHace 2 días

    Grammy Performance ✅

  9. Brieanna Kirk

    Brieanna KirkHace 2 días

    Poor v they just skipped him😭😭😭

  10. Manasa Chitturi

    Manasa ChitturiHace 3 días


  11. Mishika Halder

    Mishika HalderHace 3 días

    I absolutely loveeeee Jimin's sense of fashion. He's really good at picking clothes and accessories that suit him and manages to sport them so beautifully.

  12. Christya Agustina

    Christya AgustinaHace 3 días

    So Seokjin said he wants to perform in somewhere outdoor right? Now soon we will see BTS performing in Grand Central Terminal in NYC. Well good job boys 💜

  13. Jess E

    Jess EHace 4 días

    jungkook is the best thing ever

  14. Tomon Jet

    Tomon JetHace 4 días

    I am a pig oink oink -wwhandsome Meanwhile RM being so done with him - so we a got a pig and six humans here 😂😂😂😂😂👍❤️

  15. Briana Nava

    Briana NavaHace 4 días

    Teahyung are u fine u seem sad

  16. Briana Nava

    Briana NavaHace 4 días

    Awww teahyung your sooooo cute

  17. euphxria

    euphxriaHace 5 días

    *'Watching these guys is one of the most fun thing anyone can have'* AAA SO ADORABLE

  18. Jessica Rosey

    Jessica RoseyHace 5 días

    9:56 poor v didnt speak a word and sugas like thank you.....

  19. Minkyoung Yoon

    Minkyoung YoonHace 5 días

    영어 많이 늘었네요. 항상 성장하는 탄이들♥

  20. Ankita Ghosh

    Ankita GhoshHace 5 días

    Namjoon wanted to be a dad awww..... That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard(◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

  21. Kritika Dehariya

    Kritika DehariyaHace 5 días

    11:15 Jin- I'm pig oink oink 😂😂😂

  22. Janiyah Francis

    Janiyah FrancisHace 5 días

    RM is so underrated... I’m not a kpop fan but if you guys are army or whatever then you should support them all equally and not leave RM out of everything!!!

  23. Châu Diệp

    Châu DiệpHace 6 días

    5:34 How cool and cute you are Jhope

  24. jelly bean

    jelly beanHace 6 días

    10:06 Yoongi 🥺🥺🤣

  25. KingdomheartsGuardian

    KingdomheartsGuardianHace 7 días

    I so wish I could have a microphone to tell them how special they are to me 😢😢😢😢😢

  26. Hannah Hersi

    Hannah HersiHace 7 días

    When Jin speaks English: First word->Worldwide Last word-> you knowWhen Jin speaks English: First word->Worldwide Last word-> you know

  27. Mochi’s Wife

    Mochi’s WifeHace 7 días

    BTS be like «i want it, i got it»

  28. Tia

    TiaHace 7 días


  29. kpop lover

    kpop loverHace 7 días

    5:34 J-hope: I love spaghetti and sprite Me: I do too Me: *dies*

  30. Brian Adams

    Brian AdamsHace 7 días

    Nobody else wants to talk about how the boys are teasing Jimin for being hungover I guess cuz that is priceless

  31. jo jo

    jo joHace 7 días

    9:07 you can 😭 just touching I love you suga

  32. jo jo

    jo joHace 7 días

    RM , you will be the best dad in the world 🥰🤩

  33. Danni Wills

    Danni WillsHace 8 días

    5:44 This left me shook. Like that accent thou

  34. Melanie Zamora

    Melanie ZamoraHace 8 días

    I want to be an architect so me a suga have similar likes ig but lol namjoon and btw my bias is tae ta e💜💜

  35. Telly Shadden

    Telly ShaddenHace 8 días

    Was RM thinking of Hwasa when he said he wants to be a dad? What a perfect union that would be! Yesss!

  36. Swapnali Patil

    Swapnali PatilHace 8 días

    10:37. .......Jin bite Tae's finger.........😁💗💗 Lovely Taejin...

  37. Potterhead Mawle

    Potterhead MawleHace 8 días

    Fast foward to 2020 and #goals has been achieved! A grammy performance!!!!! Not what they completely deserved, but a performance nonetheless!!!! PURPLE YOU FOREVER AND EVER!!!

  38. Youniverse

    YouniverseHace 8 días

    10.05 shooky???


    I LIKE BANGTAN BOYSHace 8 días


  40. แม่หญิง อลิชา

    แม่หญิง อลิชาHace 9 días

    I also want to be tennis s for J hope

  41. แม่หญิง อลิชา

    แม่หญิง อลิชาHace 9 días

    I want to be Mom,and watching J hope play tennis its sound great lol.

  42. riya riya

    riya riyaHace 9 días

    9:45 JIN😂😝🤣😂

  43. Nay Unger

    Nay UngerHace 9 días

    Namjoon you can my dad 🥺

  44. Jimin N

    Jimin NHace 9 días


  45. Tae tae's Bunnykookie

    Tae tae's BunnykookieHace 9 días

    Question: What's your favorite meal from anywhere in the world? Suga: In-N-Out Jimin: Shake Shack J-HOPE: Spaghetti and SpRiTe! XD I can't stop laughing XDD

  46. Moutia Chaouk

    Moutia ChaoukHace 9 días

    10:38 watching Jin bitting V’s hand is the funniest thing😂🤣

  47. Maki -

    Maki -Hace 9 días

    You'll be a wonderful dad Namjoon

  48. Evie C

    Evie CHace 9 días

    To be honest, I think it'll be better if there's a translator with them during the show like this. so every of them have chances to express themselves more.

  49. Anai Flores

    Anai FloresHace 9 días

    Nobody is gonna talk about the fact that at 10:37 Jin bit V’s finger 💀🤣😭

  50. Hiro Mizuno

    Hiro MizunoHace 9 días

    2:45 and now they performed it at the Grammys 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 🔽if you’re also so proud of them!

  51. Maria Charlene Joseph

    Maria Charlene JosephHace 9 días

    Johore mad me laugh all the way to the end he’s so funny

  52. adidja adja

    adidja adjaHace 10 días

    Jungkook be like “BRUH!” @1:19

  53. Hayat Saied

    Hayat SaiedHace 10 días

    2:50 omgggg suga’s voice♥️✨

  54. Farhana K

    Farhana KHace 10 días

    RM : 9:05 i wana be a dad Me: WELL YOU ALREADY AREE

  55. Cara Barner

    Cara BarnerHace 10 días

    No one: J-hope: SPAGHETTI AND SPRITE! (◠﹏◠✿)✨✨✨✨✨

  56. Tanita Bridgeman

    Tanita BridgemanHace 10 días

    9:00 RM is a classic case of being careful what you wish for... he wanted to be a dad and now he has 6 kids for life!

  57. Akari아카리

    Akari아카리Hace 10 días

    Rm: we wanna do a grammy preformance 2019 & 2020: Ok Sure

  58. Mimi Riley

    Mimi RileyHace 10 días

    J-Hope is like me....everything has to have sprite with it🤣 Also.... Jungkook: maybe I choose steak Namjoon: and sprite? Jungkook: no, just steak 😂😂😂

  59. Aisha Ghouse

    Aisha GhouseHace 10 días

    Aug 16 2019: What are your goals? *Joon* : for me personally; a grammy performance...someday. Jan 26 2020: *Namjoon and bts on the grammy stage*

  60. Adelfa Tan

    Adelfa TanHace 10 días

    Hindi nan Kayo honest oki Lang fans gue thank you naging idol ko Kayo kahit Hindi Kayo too

  61. Kate MS

    Kate MSHace 10 días

    What made you say that?As if you don't know their personalities.