BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL


  1. Shizo Veswuh

    Shizo VeswuhHace un hora

    Their dancing!!!!!😍😱😍

  2. lovemeorhatemecrazy

    lovemeorhatemecrazyHace un hora

    Love them!

  3. EXO Af

    EXO AfHace un hora

    jungkook's adlibs at the end added 1000 years to my life

  4. k

    kHace un hora


  5. Dooly King

    Dooly KingHace un hora

    This sweet lovely song is dedicated to ARMY fans and that's why it has happy vibes all over. The dance is choreographed in easier steps so all the ARMY fans can simply join and dance with them and just have fun. Such a sweetest heartfelt sentiment from the boys.

  6. zhnami yoo

    zhnami yooHace 2 horas

    and kim seokjin, why are you so so so handsome?? I'm fall in you.

  7. صول موسيقااا

    صول موسيقاااHace 2 horas

    في احد عربي..ممكن تردد القناة

  8. zhnami yoo

    zhnami yooHace 2 horas

    always amazing

  9. BWI KIM

    BWI KIMHace 2 horas

    #45 ESreporter in vietnamese

  10. Gabriela Cristina Almeida Mello

    Gabriela Cristina Almeida MelloHace 2 horas

    Eu igual uma retardada falo "I want it"

  11. blue mold

    blue moldHace 2 horas

    I came here at least twice a day n maximum 5 times in 24 hours. I seriously can't get over this.

  12. 인애 황

    인애 황Hace 2 horas

    아.. 정국한테 넥타이 박제시켜주세요 완전 섹시하네

  13. mongchimm

    mongchimmHace 2 horas

    Come here to read all the positive comments. As an army since 2013, I'm getting emotional reading all the comments appreciating their talents because if you're with bts since earlier together with me, you will know their ups and downs and how hard for them to be who they are today. Thankyou so much for all the love, really! I'm a proud Army. Always am! :')

  14. Baby Girl

    Baby GirlHace 2 horas


  15. aisha gomez

    aisha gomezHace 2 horas

    Did anyone notice maknaeline is in black shoes and hyung line in white .. 😎😎😎 that's cool men

  16. Eunice Goh

    Eunice GohHace 2 horas

    go watch the mv:))

  17. Bluue Charky

    Bluue CharkyHace 2 horas

    These boys are worldwide famous Except for Jin and jk 🙄

  18. Bluue Charky

    Bluue CharkyHace 2 horas

    Jin’s friken worldwide handsom and jk is an international playboy (bunny)

  19. Mr James May

    Mr James MayHace 2 horas

    My face is red!! Think I’ll be cringing for about a week!

  20. Lucy H

    Lucy HHace 2 horas

    I know those beautiful guys' sweats and tears for this stage. they've been always on fire and so energetic on the every stages. And so respectful and humble for their fans.

  21. Ai Nur

    Ai NurHace 2 horas

    Always stabil , best music and song and best vocal

  22. Vivia Nayotami

    Vivia NayotamiHace 2 horas

    I love the way Jungkook improved it

  23. Edgar Arenas

    Edgar ArenasHace 2 horas

    Clean cut, no tats, no cussing, no bling. K pop. I dig it.

  24. Nayeli Frias

    Nayeli FriasHace 2 horas

    Thanks for checking them out!

  25. undeny

    undenyHace 2 horas

    I don't listen to boybands anymore but no playback/pre-recorded stuff means you have my respect as a listener. You are a true artist!

  26. I've got strength

    I've got strengthHace 2 horas

    Please, check out their songs, they don't sing that much about typical romantic stuff, most of their songs are on different topics, and very versatile, different music genres. They have so much depth, not a typical boyband. This album is inspired by a book on psychology "Map of the soul", previous Love Yourself albums discuss love and self-acceptence from different points of view, before that "Wings" is inspired by Hesse's book, please don't miss out on BTS just because they are being called a "boyband"

  27. Nayeli Frias

    Nayeli FriasHace 2 horas

    undeny They also participate in the writing and production of their music, so they are true artists indeed 👍🏼

  28. Dear Yeon Woo

    Dear Yeon WooHace 2 horas

    I think BTS are robots

  29. cxghhh cfg

    cxghhh cfgHace 2 horas

    dep trai qua fan dau

  30. Super Hannie News

    Super Hannie NewsHace 2 horas

    The fact they're singing live WHILE dancing is amazing itself. It's very difficult to catch their breaths between each moves and harder if the lines are longer. They did amazing.

  31. Dwi Purwana

    Dwi PurwanaHace 2 horas

    #5 6

  32. Super Hannie News

    Super Hannie NewsHace 2 horas


  33. aldrin willy

    aldrin willyHace 2 horas

    My teenage soul has returned...😘❤❤❤❤🇵🇭

  34. sununtha inputon

    sununtha inputonHace 2 horas

    I love you!!! 💞😘

  35. Tin Hamor

    Tin HamorHace 2 horas

    Thy look so happy while performing specially Tae😂🤗

  36. Jacqueline Colette

    Jacqueline ColetteHace 2 horas

    I wouldn’t consider myself a “fan” of BTS as I don’t keep up with them but whenever they drop a new song or video, I always check it out. They’re so charming! ✨

  37. Tin Hamor

    Tin HamorHace 2 horas

    Yaaaaaaa kim Taehyung😍😍💜

  38. kaixvxツ

    kaixvxツHace 2 horas

    What shoe was jhope wearing

  39. Puffling In The Water

    Puffling In The WaterHace 2 horas

    I love how I'm seeing people talking about the Dyonisis performance even here, the power of that stage was Intense!!!

  40. trang do

    trang doHace 3 horas


  41. BTS TXT

    BTS TXTHace 3 horas

    BTS KINGS OF KPOP BTS LEGENDS BTS PAVED THE WAY RM: You and We are each other's fans and each other's idols. BTSxARMY 'PURPLE heart'

  42. Mohit Trivedi

    Mohit TrivediHace 3 horas

    1:23 that dance step us superb 😍 falling for *jimin* Love ya *tae* + *bts*

  43. sofiamd1

    sofiamd1Hace 3 horas

    I'm so OBSESSED with this song it's been stuck in my head. But I don't understand what they're saying can somebody please translate???

  44. Nayeli Frias

    Nayeli FriasHace 2 horas

    All you have to do is turn on the captions ✨ ->

  45. I've got strength

    I've got strengthHace 2 horas

    Just go to their MV and turn on captions

  46. Moon Goddess

    Moon GoddessHace 3 horas

    These guys are dressed like Jet Li if he sang 😍

  47. sofiamd1

    sofiamd1Hace 3 horas

    Love the dance moves!!! The song is so catchy I'm obsessed. Never heard of them before this SNL performance. Please invite Bollywood /Hindi performance on SNL

  48. sofiamd1

    sofiamd1Hace 3 horas

    The one with the pink hair is just so pretty

  49. Pereha Ikram

    Pereha IkramHace 3 horas

    Ugh Jin slayed this

  50. Malcontent

    MalcontentHace 3 horas

    I'm not knocking these guys, but why are the women there screaming for a bunch of gay dudes? Do they think they are straight?

  51. I've got strength

    I've got strengthHace 2 horas

    +Malcontent I hope you check out more of their music. They sing about life honestly, and they constantly encourage their fans through their songs. I have to say they are very sexual in one MV, but that's them depicting a story inspired by a book. Their videos may be confusing because they are storytellers who use symbolism everywhere, in music, lyrics, videos, photos, clothes and so on. Being a BTS fan means thinking a lot :)

  52. Malcontent

    MalcontentHace 2 horas

    +Nayeli Frias Thank you for the heads up. Like I said I was not being disrespectful of them. I actually liked there performance. I hope my English is good enough?

  53. Nayeli Frias

    Nayeli FriasHace 2 horas

    Malcontent Nope I’ve never seen them that way. I’m aware that there’s a quite common stereotype of Korean male idols supposedly looking like women but I’ve never had that experience before. They all look like men to me. Just because they are not overtly masculine doesn’t mean they’re feminine either. They act like any regular guy? The only difference is that self care is pretty big in South Korea among both men and women.

  54. Malcontent

    MalcontentHace 2 horas

    +I've got strength Thank you for telling me that. I'm in Germany and these guys look like gay dudes. I was not being disrespectful of them.

  55. I've got strength

    I've got strengthHace 2 horas

    +Malcontent South Korean society is very traditional actually and being gay is a scandalous thing. They look like K-pop idols and it has nothing to do with sexual preferences. Stage makeup, clothes for performance, it's what comes with a job. People of the same gender are generally more touchy in S.Korea, it also doesn't mean anything, so if you see Korean men hugging, placing a hand on a leg of another person and even slapping butt, it has totally different context than in the West.

  56. Ciel Chiishoryo

    Ciel ChiishoryoHace 3 horas

    I must say BWL is one their easieast choreo but they still slayed the stage. I love how they looked so happy singing and dancing. They are indeed 'a boy with luv' 💜💜💜 Also, many thanks to those people who appreciates the talents of our boys. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 There's more to them than this, so if u have time, you may check their performance and BANGTANTV hehe.

  57. S L

    S LHace 3 horas

    Omg i’m so happy to read all the positiv comment! There are non-army peoples who love this! I am so proud to be a army!!!!!!💜💜 * French army who don’t speak English so sorry..*

  58. Blair Calvin

    Blair CalvinHace 3 horas

    This is so cute. their voices while dancing is something, not every artist can do that so effortless. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  59. Delia B

    Delia BHace 3 horas

    I’m a relative new Army, they just make my day happier and brighter! 😘

  60. sofiamd1

    sofiamd1Hace 3 horas

    They're all so pretty... Are they all really guys?? Are any of them trans or gay?

  61. Emily Lim

    Emily LimHace 2 horas

    sofiamd1 - They're all well-groomed and healthy males. I guess people thought so coz they're always clean shaven and they take good care of their skins using face masks regularly. They practise their choreograhy hard so maintaining a slim figure like any professional dancers or ballerina.

  62. I've got strength

    I've got strengthHace 3 horas

    +sofiamd1 okay. Although they don't look feminine to me, except for one member, and for him, I would say, it depends on a situation, whether he looks feminine or not.

  63. sofiamd1

    sofiamd1Hace 3 horas

    +I've got strength they just look really feminine and I was curious. It's not meant as hate

  64. I've got strength

    I've got strengthHace 3 horas

    Being gay doesn't equal being pretty at all, what a misconception

  65. laywithluv j

    laywithluv jHace 3 horas

    Yes they are all men


    POLTAK CHANNELHace 3 horas

    Hello BTS

  67. trang thanh

    trang thanhHace 3 horas

    Love jungkook

  68. Katrina San Jose

    Katrina San JoseHace 3 horas

    I’m an EXO-L but this song is a bopppppp! 🙌🏼👏🏼

  69. Josephine Gabriella

    Josephine GabriellaHace 3 horas

    I'm an ARMY and I just wanna say the song is more better without the drum

  70. 화양연화의 꽃아미

    화양연화의 꽃아미Hace 3 horas

    미소에 녹아내린다...😍

  71. Diyana Sanal

    Diyana SanalHace 3 horas

    3:19 - 3:36 - Jin center - YES

  72. kookie nj

    kookie njHace 3 horas

    jungkook A~~~~~~😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  73. cherryblossomlover

    cherryblossomloverHace 3 horas

    SNL has been blessed

  74. Nevia John

    Nevia JohnHace 3 horas

    The voice cracks thoo.....😓😓😓😓

  75. NAI

    NAIHace 3 horas


  76. NAI

    NAIHace 3 horas

    Oh my my my~i'm in luv with jin and kook

  77. NAI

    NAIHace 3 horas

    Stan talent stan JINKOOK 🤟

  78. NAI

    NAIHace 3 horas

    That jungkook adlibs and seokjin vocal wow im in luv 🤟 oh my my my~

  79. NAI

    NAIHace 3 horas

    Why i like this more than mcd lol

  80. NAI

    NAIHace 3 horas

    Seokjin and jungkook breath a talent 🤟

  81. Ar Sal

    Ar SalHace 3 horas

    That’s REALLY “DEABAK” Can u tell what’s DEABAK i think it means DOPE? God I really don’t know sorry ah\:

  82. Tajah Esbend

    Tajah EsbendHace 3 horas

    I smiled throughout the entire video 🌸

  83. Jessica Atkins

    Jessica AtkinsHace 3 horas

    I've now watched this 203 times. I can't wait to see them at MetLife next month! They're so talented ❤

  84. F'cking Paradise

    F'cking ParadiseHace 3 horas

    I am gonna be honest ... I love them but they sound TIRED . I understand they are dancing but this is not one of their best live .

  85. 유흐나

    유흐나Hace 3 horas

    슈가오빠가ㅠㅠ 손키스르류ㅠㅠㅠ

  86. Rohana Ismail

    Rohana IsmailHace 3 horas

    Jimin blow my mind

  87. A N G E L A X

    A N G E L A XHace 4 horas

    They are doing so hard even if they are tired

  88. A N G E L A X

    A N G E L A XHace 4 horas

    I'm so proud

  89. Sheyla Martinez

    Sheyla MartinezHace 4 horas

    jimin, you beautiful human!!!

  90. Andrielly Pimenta

    Andrielly PimentaHace 4 horas

    Tá morri e agr?

  91. หาไร ทํา

    หาไร ทําHace 4 horas

    Im army

  92. Ho Aa

    Ho AaHace 4 horas

    빡센춤만 잘추는줄 알았는데. 무슨 구름위에서 추는것처럼 추네

  93. kiki kimao

    kiki kimaoHace 4 horas

    Jhope ♥️ Starts to rap im dead 😭🙏🏻♥️🥰🥰

  94. Nadira Afina

    Nadira AfinaHace 4 horas

    The blue haired guy facial expression during the whole performance just made me pregnant

  95. Софія Заяць

    Софія ЗаяцьHace 4 horas

    Есть кто руский

  96. Hannah Nguyen

    Hannah NguyenHace 4 horas

    So glad to see so many people recognize BTS. Been a fan since I watched Hwarang with Taehyung in it (one of the members). Then I heard Jungkook’s voice compilation video and the rest is history ;D

  97. shinbee1230

    shinbee1230Hace 4 horas

    blue hair guy taehyung oppa cute & sexy

  98. miriam moreno

    miriam morenoHace 4 horas

    Que hermoso😍😍😍

  99. vv tan

    vv tanHace 4 horas


  100. Marisa Bojiuc

    Marisa BojiucHace 4 horas

    Nice to see featured international music!

  101. Thủy Tiên Nguyễn

    Thủy Tiên NguyễnHace 4 horas

    Verry good😅😘❤❤ I LoVe BTS

  102. cindy v

    cindy vHace 4 horas

    The amount of positivity in these comments is filling me heart with joy! Imma melt from the uwu's.

  103. Shin Min Kyon

    Shin Min KyonHace 4 horas

    Y’all, I’m actually crying legit tears. These boys have come such a long way, and all these positive comments about how people who had never thought they’d like BTS commenting that they’re talented has genuinely gotten me so proud. They made it to SNL, Grammy’s, Billboards, and now they’re going to be performing at the Billboard’s this year. I’ve been with these boys since about 2016 or 2017 (which isn’t as long as some people) and I’m so happy to see that they’re finally getting the attention and recognition they’ve deserved since these little angels debuted. ARMY FIGHTING!!!

  104. ERIC King

    ERIC KingHace 4 horas

    알엠 제이홉 정국 슈가~~

  105. nonono nonono

    nonono nononoHace 4 horas



    ROHMAD SUHENDROHace 4 horas

    gila keren banget gyusss

  107. Sakhorn St

    Sakhorn StHace 4 horas

    #jikook #jiminssi #jiminie they’re almost the same voice

  108. Joan Aguilo

    Joan AguiloHace 4 horas


  109. Glory Asha

    Glory AshaHace 4 horas

    Many of BTS videos in this comeback are Trending in Indonesia. Proud of the talented handsome boys...boraheo Anywa, the mia drop performance is so lit bro

  110. Look at Jungkook

    Look at JungkookHace 4 horas

    I was there in the studio during the live taping of this and it was one of the most magical moments of my entire life

  111. Algen Malazarte

    Algen MalazarteHace 4 horas


  112. renz Bautista

    renz BautistaHace 4 horas


  113. Kook's bananamilk

    Kook's bananamilkHace 4 horas

    Comeback at bbma,comeback at snl next comeback at grammys👌

  114. ie l

    ie lHace 4 horas

    Jimin grabs my heart and shakes it

  115. Di Dini

    Di DiniHace 4 horas

    Love how they r smiling n enjoying throughout the performance

  116. Juniper Ghibli

    Juniper GhibliHace 5 horas

    It makes me so happy to know the largely diverse crowd BTS attracts. I love how there are so many new fans!