BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL


  1. Kim Perez

    Kim PerezHace 51 un minuto

    They’re so perfect!!💜💜💜

  2. Diana Valdivieso

    Diana ValdiviesoHace un hora

    Okay, I’m on my 30’s but my niece introduced their music to me and I am stuck with this song!!!!

  3. Kristen

    KristenHace 3 horas

    ?Lol, who did not watch the first 4 seconds at least 7 times?

  4. kendall ledford

    kendall ledfordHace 5 horas

    i honestly feel bad for doubting bts all this time, they’re music is so good and they’re hot as hell😌❤️

  5. Tu Sabes

    Tu SabesHace 9 horas


  6. Leone

    LeoneHace 9 horas

    I keep watching the boy with luv videos because I love their choreography!!!

  7. h d

    h dHace 9 horas

    They snatched my wig right off!

  8. tasha

    tashaHace 9 horas

    from 2:07 till the end JK’s backing vocals are insane

  9. Evangelia Smith

    Evangelia SmithHace 9 horas

    My mom watching this: “Are they gay?!”

  10. TecGamer326

    TecGamer326Hace 14 horas

    Who is that girl in the background, Hasley?

  11. Swcs Fever

    Swcs FeverHace 12 horas

    She is Melanie Fontana, who wrote this song.

  12. Golden CatFish

    Golden CatFishHace 15 horas

    0:53 J-hope is so happy lmao

  13. markmh835

    markmh835Hace 16 horas

    Hmmm....... not sure about this. Looks like a low-impact aerobics routine I did last week. 😳😒

  14. Hello there 69

    Hello there 69Hace un hora

    This is one of their easy and simple choreographies. They have done dance routines much more complex than this one.

  15. ferdunno !

    ferdunno !Hace 18 horas

    So many amazed locals in this comment section !

  16. Ryan Dee

    Ryan DeeHace 22 horas

    They made me to like KPOP.

  17. IZzwizZY

    IZzwizZYHace 23 horas

    2:17 best moves. Not a fan of BTS though, just saying.

  18. Jenifer Hernandez

    Jenifer HernandezHace un día

    These beautiful souls deserve everything they've worked so hard for. 🥰

  19. Aniya

    AniyaHace un día


  20. A I

    A IHace un día

    Sounds like back up singer is speaking korean

  21. 박Kylie

    박KylieHace un día

    "One day, some groups will be better than BTS, but no group can be bigger than BTS." - A stranger who sat down next to me.

  22. Corz Mari

    Corz MariHace un día


  23. coffee with salt

    coffee with saltHace un día

    i really like this version of BWL, hope somebody will remix the original track in this way

  24. Joudi Elisabete

    Joudi ElisabeteHace un día

    Bts : sing and dance at the same time whit stable voice Some idiots in the comments : BuT tHeY uSe BaCkGrOuNd VoCaLs Bitch I-

  25. Aaron Paul

    Aaron PaulHace un día

    Love the live band

  26. Ada & Yaya

    Ada & YayaHace un día

    I’ve been watching their performances since morning. My data is done

  27. sonicyell

    sonicyellHace un día

    Kpop suck👊

  28. Anne Dutch

    Anne DutchHace un día

    2 months later, i'm still coming back to this performance

  29. Laineidkk

    LaineidkkHace 2 días

    I want the instrumental for this performances bad

  30. Stu Pot

    Stu PotHace 2 días

    what the fuck is up with SNLs acoustics.. legit i dont think anyone who performs live on snl sounds good and its not the artist fault at all! its like everything is too quiet. Same shit happened when eminem performed on here. so annoying cuz u know that they perform better than the quality the show gives..

  31. brokenhearts

    brokenheartsHace 2 días

    this is absolutely best bwl performence look at them they are so happy while performance

  32. Talo Ackeishia

    Talo AckeishiaHace 2 días

    That guy with pink hair . he has a damn huge stage presence.they are good considering with that small stage.

  33. Joudi Elisabete

    Joudi ElisabeteHace un día

    Oh thank you so much his name is park jimin 👌🏻😊💜

  34. redel37

    redel37Hace 2 días

    the irony: a boyband of seven elements that need background vocals...

  35. Lillyanna Taehyung

    Lillyanna TaehyungHace 2 días

    redel37 The boy band invited the American song writer of their song to sing the Chorus and Harmonizations. The lady is Melanie Fontana. The background singers don’t know Korean! Hello, they are Americans! She stated BTS sang live for all their parts on her Twitter page! Why would SNL invite no talents there? Please do your research before bashing!

  36. manuella gonzales

    manuella gonzalesHace 2 días


  37. Fahriya Rahman Pritha

    Fahriya Rahman PrithaHace 2 días

    Oohmygosh all of their moves & Jungkook's last chorus is soo smooth awwwh BORAHAE

  38. itstheG

    itstheGHace 2 días

    Damn they are good

  39. traveldoc123

    traveldoc123Hace 2 días

    n9 this NW song, Boy with Love was designed to introduce the mainstream American market to BTS. This performance on SNL and the music video featuring American pop star, Halsey, has an eye popping visuals and colors like all their videos and a very catch pop hook that keeps you humming the chorus. The rap and dance are choreographed perfectly to show their versatility. This will double their audience into the mainstream music world!

  40. dragon ball ANIME

    dragon ball ANIMEHace 2 días

    sssssssssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooooooooooooooooo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt go on, heroes love bts sarneo

  41. F A

    F AHace 2 días

    Jhopes jawline invasion from 3:07

  42. Sheena Boisvert

    Sheena BoisvertHace 2 días

    I am forever grateful to Saturday Night Live for introducing me to these amazing guys! I know I am way late to the game, but better late than never I guess! I cannot get enough of these guys now and the army has been so welcoming, BTS has the greatest fans in the world!!! 😍🙌🏻💓

  43. Sa Faith

    Sa FaithHace 2 días

    Perfect from start to finish!

  44. Victoria Moran

    Victoria MoranHace 2 días

    Props to the live band

  45. Victoria Moran

    Victoria MoranHace 2 días

    I'm here for Cosmo and Wanda lol but they did so well for such a small stage

  46. Min Yoonji

    Min YoonjiHace 2 días


  47. MsHestia Maruyama

    MsHestia MaruyamaHace 2 días

    Im so obsessed with them now since when they sang this song.

  48. traveldoc123

    traveldoc123Hace 2 días

    MsHestia Maruyama it's like a drug. How many BTS videos have you watched since then?

  49. ROBIN minj

    ROBIN minjHace 2 días


  50. traveldoc123

    traveldoc123Hace 2 días

    Watch the music video with Halsey and turn on the closed captions to see the English lyrics . This will change your mind. Let us know what you think after you watch it. Also watch the Mic Drop remix with Steve Aoki music video too. You may change your mind.

  51. Joudi Elisabete

    Joudi ElisabeteHace 2 días

    ROBIN minj if you don't understand them you can check out the lyric video whit subtitles + you don't have to put comments like this if you don't like them move 😊

  52. Residual Value Gaming

    Residual Value GamingHace 3 días

    I literally watch this everyday

  53. athena dinunzio

    athena dinunzioHace 3 días


  54. Pink

    PinkHace 3 días

    They never have any mistake in their dance routine . Its amazing

  55. Juulia Vakli

    Juulia VakliHace 3 días

    Kinda random but I loooove Jimin's hair color

  56. alice Jungguk

    alice JunggukHace 3 días

    Biggest boy group in the world and who introduce me and my relatives into the Kpop world.. thanks #SNL

  57. Sreesh Cr

    Sreesh CrHace 3 días

    Best boy band seen till date!!

  58. The weird gacha maker

    The weird gacha makerHace 3 días


  59. alice Jungguk

    alice JunggukHace 2 días

    I understand that he's trying to promote his favourite group here under the shadow of BTS... BTS paved the way for KPOP

  60. traveldoc123

    traveldoc123Hace 2 días

    Well, if they get on SNL, no problem. They are great too!

  61. Joudi Elisabete

    Joudi ElisabeteHace 2 días

    No one care about you and your black pink This is bts so move and why you are so pressed lmao

  62. Min Yoonji

    Min YoonjiHace 2 días

    then unsubscribe

  63. Yan Cz

    Yan CzHace 3 días

    Childish Army stop pretending to be gp is really cringy U all make army look wack PLEASE STOP WITH THIS BS!

  64. Scott Riddell

    Scott RiddellHace 4 días

    Free full movies on ESreporter

  65. rainbow-bromance

    rainbow-bromanceHace 4 días

    The band version. Dear goodness.

  66. Somii

    SomiiHace 4 días

    How many times do I see this video?? Perfect performance ever!

  67. Jane Skei

    Jane SkeiHace 4 días

    I love watching Jimin dance......he’s so exact and can tell he’s a pro.

  68. Athle Lee

    Athle LeeHace 4 días

    I can't over BWL SNL stage... live band so beautiful with the babies UwU

  69. Half funny half weird All stupid

    Half funny half weird All stupidHace 4 días

    Funny cat does video for mating hahaha share if you believe

  70. dj bak

    dj bakHace 4 días

    Bts is not hansome and their voice is mosquito~~~~

  71. Gradwach

    GradwachHace 4 días

    Ich liebe Euch Jungs

  72. Gamer's Club

    Gamer's ClubHace 4 días

    Emma stone is wow😍

  73. clara costa

    clara costaHace 4 días

    amor inpulsivel eu aqui no brasil e eles no outro lado do mundo mais um dia vou realizar um sonho de toda A.R.M.Y ir no show deles meus principes amo vcs deixa like quem e ARMY

  74. clara costa

    clara costaHace 4 días

    tão lindos quem gostou deixa like

  75. RMarchives 94z

    RMarchives 94zHace 4 días

    Wow wow!!! I was watching them delivering the UN speech. It was impressive. These young men deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. They bring people together with their music. Young and old, man and women, different genders and different races, these young men's are true artists. They deserve recognition. We should nominate them for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  76. 김바다

    김바다Hace 4 días

    정말 멋있어~~~! 왜 이렇게 멋있는거얌 푹 빠졌어

  77. Jakob Eyyy

    Jakob EyyyHace 4 días

    Lmfao, why the fuck bts sounds like woman’s 😂😂

  78. Joudi Elisabete

    Joudi ElisabeteHace 2 días

    traveldoc123 omg thank u sm that's what I want to say 💕😊

  79. Joudi Elisabete

    Joudi ElisabeteHace 2 días

    Jakob Eyyy but the way you say your opinion is not Good and u know bts get so much hate on comments under this video that's why :)

  80. traveldoc123

    traveldoc123Hace 2 días

    Jakob Eyyy we don't hate you, but using obscenities do not help you explain why you dislike BTS. They sing more other songs with less falsetto, what you called "woman" sounding, higher pitched voice than there own. We see trying to explain to you why they are so good. Please check out their other songs in music videos to understand their breadth of musical styles. I recommend Mic Drop remix with Steve Aoki, and Fire for rap, dance and EDM. Also Fake Love for a more dramatic song Idol for a big production featuring Nicki Manaj. Boy with Love is a good mainstream pop song with a catchy hook to start featuring Halsey in the music video you need to check out. We just want to invite you to BTS and love yourself! No hate here.

  81. Jakob Eyyy

    Jakob EyyyHace 2 días

    Joudi Elisabete I don’t,,, it’s like everyone hates me cause a said something

  82. Joudi Elisabete

    Joudi ElisabeteHace 2 días

    Jakob Eyyy Skjsksjsk then why you hate on them 🤔

  83. Cherilyn Lompon

    Cherilyn LomponHace 4 días


  84. հՏ NITØ

    հՏ NITØHace 4 días

    I know I'm late. But I'm here. :)

  85. Ikram Nour

    Ikram NourHace 4 días


  86. fuck shit

    fuck shitHace 4 días

    Cardi b loves bts bruhhhhhh

  87. A. M. B.

    A. M. B.Hace 5 días

    I'm just here for the high kicks

  88. Dan and Am

    Dan and AmHace 5 días

    I regret not watching this when they first appeared on snl. Love

  89. jung ah lee

    jung ah leeHace 5 días

    Nice camera work

  90. Camila Puglia

    Camila PugliaHace 5 días

    Sigo asombrada de lo encantadores que se vieron acá, todos se lucieron. Además la cámara casi todo el tiempo enfoca a los 7, así tiene que pasar mas seguido!

  91. dark slayer 11

    dark slayer 11Hace 5 días

    Where's halsey? 😥😥😭😭😭😭

  92. traveldoc123

    traveldoc123Hace 2 días

    Background singer filled in her part.

  93. kim chi

    kim chiHace 4 días

    They performed it with Halsey in Paris last weekend 😊 Here's a fancam:

  94. Kirti Mishra

    Kirti MishraHace 5 días

    Ok everyone is lovely. But V and Jimin and Jungkook is so perfect. Can't take my eyes off of Jungkook. His live voice is so pretty.

  95. infiresos ‵‵

    infiresos ‵‵Hace 5 días

    This is probably the cleanest and most wholesome comment section I've been! 💜🤙

  96. Jasmin JF

    Jasmin JFHace 5 días

    This is so energetic. I loved it.

  97. Jasmin JF

    Jasmin JFHace 4 días

    @Ikram Nour I definitely will, thank you for the recommendations. Plus, you guys are the sweetest 💛

  98. Ikram Nour

    Ikram NourHace 4 días

    Glad you enjoyed it , hope you check out more of their songs & performances like spring day , fake love, fire , dope , mic drop , dna , idol , run , just one day , truth untold , danger ... Hope you enjoy & thanks

  99. OFW HOT Topics

    OFW HOT TopicsHace 5 días

    That's hardwork right there! Success will surely be keep on coming.

  100. Jackie

    JackieHace 5 días

    Please give BTS their own skit next time :) I would love to see BTS have fun at shows where they can relax, joke, and poke fun without getting in trouble for it. They're still getting used to American culture

  101. Derek Hauk

    Derek HaukHace 5 días

    So these guys are always BTS, right? This isn't like one of those idol groups where they switch out between like 30 performers?

  102. traveldoc123

    traveldoc123Hace 2 días

    You mean like Menudo back in the '80s? 😂

  103. hialyssah

    hialyssahHace 5 días


  104. Erwin

    ErwinHace 5 días

    Yes, always the same 7 since the start.

  105. piggyporkchop101

    piggyporkchop101Hace 5 días

    They have no voice

  106. Katt Seng

    Katt SengHace 4 días

    piggyporkchop101 I’ll send u a box of qtips

  107. Gabriel Gomez

    Gabriel GomezHace 4 días

    piggyporkchop101 What’s it like being deaf?

  108. Victoria Victoria

    Victoria VictoriaHace 5 días

    you definitely should listen to their vocal song “the truth untold”

  109. fuck shit

    fuck shitHace 5 días

    R u a deaf? Bruhhh

  110. I want a cup of *tae* with *suga* and a *kookie*

    I want a cup of *tae* with *suga* and a *kookie*Hace 5 días

    They are so talented down to earth and humble boys! I am so happy seeing how succsesful they are and no money and fame didn't affect their beautiful souls💜 I mean just look how fun they are having there I am soft😭💜

  111. Rainna

    RainnaHace 5 días

    I like how they intermix languages to help all be inclusive. 😊

  112. Lâm Phan

    Lâm PhanHace 5 días

    bts muôn năm

  113. S t r a w b e r r y M i l k

    S t r a w b e r r y M i l kHace 6 días

    The fact they're literally jumping and still sound like angels, ya girl could never

  114. byay

    byayHace 6 días


  115. Caroline

    CarolineHace 6 días

    I find myself coming back for this one even after 2 months of it release! Amazing performance!

  116. Tamika Sanders

    Tamika SandersHace 6 días

    After numerous views of being amazed with the choreography and vocals ofBTS , I just realized how great these musicians are❣️❣️❣️

  117. Ikram Nour

    Ikram NourHace 4 días

    Hope you check out more of their songs even the older ones their whole discography is amazing , thanks

  118. Yov Weop

    Yov WeopHace 6 días

    One of my favorite SNL performers this season.

  119. Ikram Nour

    Ikram NourHace 4 días

    Glad you enjoy it , hope you check out more of their songs with subtitles & performances like mama & MMA , also their lyrics are very inspiring watch spring day with explanation , fake love , euphoria , idol , butterfly ... Thanks & sorry for the long comment

  120. traveldoc123

    traveldoc123Hace 6 días

    This song is your gateway drug to BTS. Just take one hit and you’ll want more! I’m hooked! 😂

  121. Whalien 52

    Whalien 52Hace 6 días

    Amo mucho esta presentación 💜

  122. real me

    real meHace 6 días

    I just came to drop it here that these 7boys are now the Record Academy members.

  123. WILL S

    WILL SHace 6 días

    3:07 background singer fell in love with RM 😂

  124. Miranda Laspesa

    Miranda LaspesaHace 6 días

    when no sang the fan chant so you did it your self

  125. carolina maya

    carolina mayaHace 6 días

    this was the video that made me interested in them (I already had some songs on Spotify but I didn't care about them), just bc of Jimin, and I really thought I would never learn to tell them apart, I was so wrong.

  126. Ikram Nour

    Ikram NourHace 4 días


  127. zin y

    zin yHace 6 días

    great performance

  128. Tim Donavan

    Tim DonavanHace 6 días

    oh look asian gays. FAIL!!! delete this crap

  129. Joselyn Roca

    Joselyn RocaHace 2 días

    Love yourself 😘😘😘💜💜💜💜💜 and stream Map of the soul : Persona 😎😎😎

  130. 민호주

    민호주Hace 3 días

    bts perfect face.. 😍

  131. 민호주

    민호주Hace 3 días


  132. Katt Seng

    Katt SengHace 4 días

    Tim Donavan ewww tim donavan 👈🏽delete that mofo

  133. Pepper Piper

    Pepper PiperHace 5 días

    oh look, your comment is the title of your s*x tape. what a fail hahaha try a better one loser

  134. I 40

    I 40Hace 6 días

    정국이 자기 파트 아닐때도 웃는표정

  135. HOPE

    HOPEHace 6 días

    The camera work at SNL and the voice were the best in the US tv . Bb should take some notes

  136. Nur Lellaa

    Nur LellaaHace 6 días


  137. Tae Miu Kim

    Tae Miu KimHace 6 días