BTS and Jimmy Fallon Do the Fortnite Dance Challenge


  1. germaine knows

    germaine knowsHace 33 minutos

    "perfect!" says by my hope

  2. germaine knows

    germaine knowsHace 33 minutos

    Probobly ts obvious that v plays fort te go taehyung and suga aaaaa

  3. Fariha Ali

    Fariha AliHace un hora

    When jimmy said I’m in the band I hated that because they are enough even if that was a joke

  4. عاشقة شقشق

    عاشقة شقشقHace un hora

    وااات تفاااك كلسع جلطه

  5. Shanti Sree

    Shanti SreeHace un hora

    Jimmy Fallen @ 02:05

  6. park seismin

    park seisminHace 3 horas

    I think only jimin can do the electro shuffle

  7. CoolDragonGuy :D

    CoolDragonGuy :DHace 4 horas

    My Idols!!💜💜 Jeon Jungkook!!💜💜💜💜 And Kim Taehyung!!💜💜💜💜 Ilove Them Soo Much!💜 But Idont Think My Parents Will Allow Me tk Attend Their Concert 😭

  8. Wilhel S.

    Wilhel S.Hace 5 horas

    So Gwara gwara is the "idol dance"?

  9. TheMoonRises WhenTheSunDescends

    TheMoonRises WhenTheSunDescendsHace 5 horas


  10. Ako

    AkoHace 6 horas

    they didnt yell as much when jimmy started dancing, feels bad man

  11. Karina Mendoza

    Karina MendozaHace 6 horas

    Im back in 2019 bc is one of The best activities they had in USA They are all so funny

  12. Crystal Blue

    Crystal BlueHace 7 horas

    "Perfect!" - J-Hope

  13. Robert Thibodeaux

    Robert ThibodeauxHace 9 horas

    Those girls just gave me ear damage like shut up

  14. jenna MSP tran

    jenna MSP tranHace 10 horas

    1;16 b r u h

  15. kiransingh 2201

    kiransingh 2201Hace 12 horas

    I have my exam after 4 hours and instead of resting I'm doing this. Well it's fine cause it's important so fuck that

  16. Karly Yo girl

    Karly Yo girlHace 13 horas


  17. Singers D

    Singers DHace 14 horas

    Suga can you please give me those clothes?

  18. xSquishySugax

    xSquishySugaxHace 15 horas

    *2:14** why does V remind me off an old grandpa or something, especially with that arm 😊*

  19. mariana huinca

    mariana huincaHace 17 horas


  20. Sofia Vlogs

    Sofia VlogsHace 18 horas

    YOONMIN!! 1:08 ❤️❤️😍

  21. eneeen Aishatheenmohamed

    eneeen AishatheenmohamedHace 19 horas

    Jin best bias Best mates dance

  22. Olcha Chambal

    Olcha ChambalHace 20 horas


  23. leon XD :v

    leon XD :vHace 21 un hora


  24. ISToleKoOkiEsCoOkIEs💜

    ISToleKoOkiEsCoOkIEs💜Hace 22 horas

    It looks to me that Tae and Jimin and Jungkook play fortnite 😂😂😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜😂😂😂😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  25. yoongigloo

    yoongiglooHace 22 horas

    jungkook: humps floor

  26. Eruo Tae Wife

    Eruo Tae WifeHace un día

    Tae my husband beauty 💕💕💕💜

  27. ImLilyMichelle

    ImLilyMichelleHace un día

    Smooth Moves should've been in the video

  28. Phd Dango

    Phd DangoHace un día

    I ain't no bts fan nor hater but did smooth moves come out when this did? Cuz If so I'm disappointed that they didn't dance it Edit: I wanted to see them dance true heart power

  29. jimin ssi

    jimin ssiHace 15 horas

    they didnt choose thmselves lol,,you see this came out on september

  30. Burhan Yıldırım

    Burhan YıldırımHace un día

    hayret türk army yorumu bulamadım.d

  31. skull Krusher

    skull KrusherHace un día

    Where's default dance

  32. Andres Abanto

    Andres AbantoHace un día

    I love you BTS!!

  33. Moon+_+

    Moon+_+Hace un día

    Quien bergas es jim

  34. Sasopi Productions

    Sasopi ProductionsHace un día


  35. neal teney

    neal teneyHace un día

    It is obvious that bts is better then jimmy because they are good dancers

  36. ToughCookieGacha

    ToughCookieGachaHace un día

    Me and my class watched this

  37. Ashraf Ali Asif

    Ashraf Ali AsifHace un día

    Can someone please tell me what brand shoes is jin wearing?

  38. Ana Julia

    Ana JuliaHace un día

    did joonnie slap the hypothetically pony? LMAO

  39. Megan M uwu

    Megan M uwuHace un día

    Can we take a second to acknowledge Yoongi's tidy?

  40. samuel pachuau

    samuel pachuauHace un día

    They are really good at dancing

  41. Maxxinn

    MaxxinnHace un día

    1:42 when this first aired I was standing in front of my tv in the living room while my parents were asleep and I ended up hurting my ankle trying to dance along to this very part

  42. Luc Do

    Luc DoHace un día

    for the shuffle, jimin is me trying to follow the the dna dance but sadly ending up with a friken shuffle

  43. Grinch Bishop

    Grinch BishopHace un día

    0:30 perfect!

  44. SmØkéU CrÄqUé

    SmØkéU CrÄqUéHace un día

    I'm C R Y I N G 💀

  45. honey honey

    honey honeyHace un día

    OMG this is amazing video hahaha they dancing super 👏👏👏 too funny man😂😂😂😂

  46. Jewel Cloud

    Jewel CloudHace un día

    Rm looks like a dad

  47. Armins Wife

    Armins WifeHace un día

    this is so pure

  48. Ale Alexandra

    Ale AlexandraHace un día

    Where is smooth moves?😂

  49. jimin ssi

    jimin ssiHace 15 horas

    lol this was back on september

  50. Claudia Perez

    Claudia PerezHace un día

    Los amo

  51. toka dz

    toka dzHace un día

    I am ARMY

  52. Sksksksksksksksksksksksksksks XD

    Sksksksksksksksksksksksksksks XDHace un día

    Why didn’t they do smooth moves XDDDD jk jk

  53. Thanh Ngo

    Thanh NgoHace un día

    The floss dance is easy

  54. Ahmani Velasco

    Ahmani VelascoHace 2 días

    What the hell... BTW is like none human 😂

  55. jimin ssi

    jimin ssiHace 15 horas

    its BTS

  56. aLoNe DarK NiGht

    aLoNe DarK NiGhtHace 2 días

    Jimin shiiii ❤❤👈👈👍👍😂😂

  57. ѕмσℓ ѕнιяσ

    ѕмσℓ ѕнιяσHace 2 días

    I like how the fangirls are screaming for the BTS members, but not for Jimmy, Poor him.

  58. hunterX gamer

    hunterX gamerHace 2 días

    Never trust edited comment


    RAGHAD MORADHace 2 días

    جين كيوت ياربي 💜💜💜

  60. Nicole Montealto

    Nicole MontealtoHace 2 días

    Hahahhahahahha BTS enjoys being with Jimmy

  61. Binibining Ann

    Binibining AnnHace 2 días

    So cute wtfff 😩❤️❤️

  62. Shiwangi Bhushal

    Shiwangi BhushalHace 2 días

    Is this the cutest thing I have watch 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  63. Parkkk Jiminnn

    Parkkk JiminnnHace 2 días

    I’m dying when they all danced around him😂😂

  64. Josh Dormaier

    Josh DormaierHace 2 días

    I swear Tae killed me at 1:30

  65. Ivara

    IvaraHace 2 días

    2:06 Jimmy: *falls * BTS: floss worship or what every the hell is happening Yoongi: what the actual fuck happened?

  66. ainsley exe

    ainsley exeHace 2 días

    this video is the epitome of bts crackhead culture

  67. Sara Skewes

    Sara SkewesHace 2 días


  68. nrfh _622

    nrfh _622Hace 2 días

    BTS !!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  69. Daniela Jaramillo

    Daniela JaramilloHace 2 días

    Stop with the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  70. Siasian Jb

    Siasian JbHace 2 días

    ❤❤Jungkook ❤❤

  71. Jessica Xperia

    Jessica XperiaHace 2 días

    0:36 q mierdingiris esta pasando? 😂

  72. Jessica Xperia

    Jessica XperiaHace 2 días

    0:32 Perfec (no se escribir ingles)

  73. Jessica Xperia

    Jessica XperiaHace 2 días

    0:27!🎶eso jimin eso🎶 Con ridmo ;-)

  74. Jessica Xperia

    Jessica XperiaHace 2 días

    0:24 j-hope es adorable 7w7

  75. Jessica Xperia

    Jessica XperiaHace 2 días

    0:09 j-hope que adorable 7w7

  76. Trash

    TrashHace 2 días

    hoseok did the robot better

  77. Jorge Gomez

    Jorge GomezHace 2 días

    Jungkook Is Dancin Excellent

  78. kookie build’s

    kookie build’sHace 2 días

    1:04 I spited out my chocolate I died watching that

  79. LPS Candyyy

    LPS CandyyyHace 2 días

    THEY LITERALLY GET EVERY SINGLE STEP RIGHT! Meanwhile I’m over here trying to do “The Robot” 😂

  80. Sandra R.

    Sandra R.Hace 2 días

    I'm so jelaus 2:08 😂💔

  81. Yueyan Lin

    Yueyan LinHace 2 días

    So gud

  82. Deepspring

    DeepspringHace 2 días


  83. Kajal Bharti

    Kajal BhartiHace 2 días

    Can we talk about suga at 1:58? I am all clear about who to choose as my bias!

  84. Samrat Anjum

    Samrat AnjumHace 2 días


  85. island pride

    island prideHace 2 días

    Woah take it easy Jin 😂

  86. Renata Goulart

    Renata GoulartHace 2 días

    Thatcher bg

  87. Felicity Love

    Felicity LoveHace 2 días

    *Mostly of the comments aren't a fan but being one..* *Wow...*

  88. Wilson Thamadeus

    Wilson ThamadeusHace 2 días

    I fuckin love how they flossed around Jimmy Fallon laying on the floor

  89. Gacha_Milly Playz Sarcia

    Gacha_Milly Playz SarciaHace 2 días

    Kookie (Jungkook) is the best at the worm

  90. h a e k y u n g

    h a e k y u n gHace 3 días

    *you ok, you ok?*

  91. Jena Teo

    Jena TeoHace 3 días

    idk why, but the dance they picked 4 Jin and Suga really suited them😅😅

  92. TAE ;3

    TAE ;3Hace 3 días


  93. SugaCubes Cubes

    SugaCubes CubesHace 3 días

    Tae tae doing the flapper EEEEEEEEE

  94. Valeria Flores

    Valeria FloresHace 3 días

    Is it just me or does jimmy act cool around bts???

  95. Kaia Becker

    Kaia BeckerHace 3 días

    Taehyung does the Reanimated dance better than the Fortnite character itself does. Change my mind.

  96. Amy Levicky

    Amy LevickyHace 3 días

    BTS FOR LIFEEEE😝😝😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤯🤯🤯🤯🤩🤩🤩🤩

  97. Jamie Yu

    Jamie YuHace 3 días

    Wow, Jimmy’s smart. Putting one of the favorited bands of the world with fortnight. It was amazing! 😂

  98. Jimin Gots Jams

    Jimin Gots JamsHace 3 días

    I wish they would dance on my grave

  99. Wengie Mochi

    Wengie MochiHace 3 días

    I’ve never stanned so hard in my life

  100. Sarahi Amdan

    Sarahi AmdanHace 3 días

    Well, who they think they're playing with

  101. Yiğit Karakoç

    Yiğit KarakoçHace 3 días

    C R I N G E L E V E L = 999999

  102. Stunning Anonymously

    Stunning AnonymouslyHace 3 días

    Yiğit Karakoç can you dance like them ? bitxh u thought

  103. Autumn Peck

    Autumn PeckHace 3 días

    Jimmy just runs after BTS at the end XD

  104. JorgeTubeHD

    JorgeTubeHDHace 3 días

    ive never seen so many shit together