BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer 'Epiphany' Comeback Trailer


  1. Romualdo Cesar Wong Chavez

    Romualdo Cesar Wong ChavezHace un hora

    why? this is so amazing Jin your voice is beautiful is of angels ;-) ❤❤

  2. A Sophia

    A SophiaHace 2 horas

    Through hard stand alone times when no one believed in them they had to learn to love themselves and they've shared to the world that loving yourself is necessary in order to love others , bts is the reason why I love myself I'm so proud of them and I love them with all of my heart 😢💜💜💜

  3. aisyah usman

    aisyah usmanHace 2 horas

    I am very sad if jin goes from BTS ARMY, no need to go to become a military officer, I am very sad if BTS members are incomplete😭😭😭

  4. SuchAGoat BTW

    SuchAGoat BTWHace 2 horas

    I love v so much I met backstage and he hugged me and it was so amazing!!!!😍

  5. tjlove1004

    tjlove1004Hace 2 horas

    46 530 195

  6. Lara Victoria Rodríguez

    Lara Victoria RodríguezHace 2 horas

    46.5M GO GO GO almost 50M for this beautiful song

  7. Felicia Maya

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  8. Suga Guerra Mendoza

    Suga Guerra MendozaHace 4 horas

    I loved..😭😭😭😭😭👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  9. BTS7WondersOfTheWorld

    BTS7WondersOfTheWorldHace 4 horas

    46,527,974 (0617 1813) Don't miss SAVE ME countdown to 400M party right now!

  10. BTS-JULIA Bts

    BTS-JULIA BtsHace 4 horas

    I'm still here for u my beib... *Kim seokjin* Who is with me?

  11. chayany sousa

    chayany sousaHace 5 horas

    Foi uma amiga que me falou sobre eles só vi uma musica é já sou uma arme com muito smor amo vc meus néns😍😍

  12. Army Kooki

    Army KookiHace 6 horas

    Kim seok jin😍❣️🇰🇷❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️sarange

  13. Hansuke Mitsuki chan

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  14. Seokjin Kim

    Seokjin KimHace 6 horas

    could y'all please watch this once a day?? or maybe when u have time... it's August soon, LYS: answer will have her first anniversary and this intro deserves all the love. Thank you for your time

  15. ჭღClaraArmyღჭ Bts

    ჭღClaraArmyღჭ BtsHace 6 horas

    ♡μ_μ) 😍😍

  16. Diana Diosa

    Diana DiosaHace 6 horas

    jin oppa, without a doubt you are talented.

  17. blink방탄

    blink방탄Hace 6 horas

    WHAT IS JIN ??? SATNS : BTS 's mom , the best vocal , dad of jokes , best visual , worlwide handsome , the cutest hyung ever

  18. Diana Diosa

    Diana DiosaHace 6 horas

    I am a cold person that I am not crying easily with any song. but with this song if I've shed tears. I wonder why? 🤧

  19. Julissa Acevedo

    Julissa AcevedoHace 7 horas

    I Love 😍 💖 💝💝💝💘 BTS

  20. Ma Rosario

    Ma RosarioHace 8 horas


  21. Edith Pinto

    Edith PintoHace 8 horas

    521.189 💜

  22. Sarah Amjad

    Sarah AmjadHace 8 horas

    Jin you are visual king an amazing amazing singer and a good dancer I love you so much I will always support you 💜❤😚😭😢

  23. Patrick star

    Patrick starHace 9 horas


  24. uma army louca

    uma army loucaHace 9 horas

    아름다운 나는 BTS를 좋아한다. 너 너무 아름다워서.

  25. orbitksj

    orbitksjHace 10 horas

    main vocalist kim seokjin !! you'll always be my amazingly talented main vocalist and superstar

  26. orbitksj

    orbitksjHace 10 horas

    seokjinnie!!!!! there's truly no one like you. you're unique, precious and super super talented !! love u bby

  27. Chim Chim Mochi

    Chim Chim MochiHace 10 horas

    can someone please translate what was displayed in text in the end?

  28. siN siN

    siN siNHace 10 horas


  29. ملاك اميرة الحزن 2001

    ملاك اميرة الحزن 2001Hace 12 horas


  30. Sony Heisnam

    Sony HeisnamHace 12 horas

    Jin i m so proud of are the best

  31. XxLittle KookiexX

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  32. Aiyana Pierceforlife

    Aiyana PierceforlifeHace 12 horas

    Do you like/love Jin? Yes- comment Yes- Like Yes- Dislike Yes- Looking at this comment

  33. TAE'sPurpleHeart .Singularity100M

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  34. namjoon

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  35. Jeon Taehyung3mil :v

    Jeon Taehyung3mil :vHace 13 horas

    Doy you love jin😢😢

  36. Kåi Kommentates

    Kåi KommentatesHace 13 horas

    yall, yall mf sleeping 🤧

  37. Irene Kaye Macalanda

    Irene Kaye MacalandaHace 14 horas

    i purplee u seokjinniee. thank youu for inspiring me always.

  38. stream DNA n Piri, Thanks!

    stream DNA n Piri, Thanks!Hace 14 horas

    46,511,one zero zero

  39. Trang Trang

    Trang TrangHace 14 horas

    I love u Jin forever

  40. Sherin Channel

    Sherin ChannelHace 14 horas

    석진을 사랑하는 분

  41. MaYa B

    MaYa BHace 15 horas

    we can do this army 50M before august!!!!!!

  42. 210bang74

    210bang74Hace 15 horas

    처음 들었는데..... 눈물은

  43. Vanshi _007

    Vanshi _007Hace 15 horas

    Kudos to you if you come here daily.

  44. José Geraldo

    José GeraldoHace 15 horas

    Amo bts 😘😘😘 jinmim ,Suga,Jun ,rm , Jin , j-hope , v😍 amo bts 😊

  45. José Geraldo

    José GeraldoHace 15 horas

    EU queria falar em coreano e EU queria a brasar eles

  46. Yuyu ya

    Yuyu yaHace 15 horas

    /wanna focus on theory /hearing 1:06 part Okay, i cant focus with anykind of theory again.


    FVGTRW ASDFHGHace 15 horas

    Let’s go50M

  48. Алиса Ерошина

    Алиса ЕрошинаHace 16 horas

    Дорогие ребята из BTS я очень надеюсь что вы прочитаете этот комментарий. Недавно я узнала о смерти Джонхёна потому что о его группе узнала не давно (уж прочтите).Потом послушала его клипы и песни. Я поняла на сколько он был хороший человек. Но он покончил жизнью из-за того что не смог что-то донести до фанатов. К чему я веду дорогие ребята я вас очень прошу не делайте глупостей не убивайте себя. Если вы устали просто обратитесь к фанатам. Или покиньте свою работу ВЫ САМЫЕ НАСТОЯЩИЕ ЛЮДИ. И вы должны понимать что если вам тяжело мы (ARMY) поддержем и отпустим! Вы ЛЮДИ не делайте глупостей которых нельзя. Жизнь дала вам много тяжёлых испытаний. Но на то она и Жизнь. У обычных людей жизнь тоже с испытаниями просто меньшими. Я ОЧЕНЬ НАДЕЮСЬ ЧТО ЭТО ПРОЧТУТ САМИ BTS BTS에서 친애하는 사람 난 정말 당신이 이 코멘트를 읽을 수 있기를 바랍니다. 얼마 전에 그의 밴드에 대해 알게 된 전현무의 죽음에 대해 알게 되었다(읽기). 나는 그가 얼마나 좋은 지 깨달았다. 그러나 그는 팬들에게 말할 수 없었기 때문에 자신의 목숨을 앗아갔습니다. 내가 사랑하는 사람을 이끄는 것에 나는 아주 많이 바보 같은 일을하지 말라고 부탁드립니다 자신을 죽이지 않습니다. 피곤하다면 팬에게 연락하십시오. 또는 당신이 정말로 사람들을 당신의 일을 떠나. 그리고 당신은 당신이 어려운 경우 우리 (육군)를 지원하고 놓아 것을 이해해야합니다! 당신은 사람들이 당신이 할 수없는 바보 같은 일을하지 않습니다. 인생은 당신에게 많은 힘든 시간을 주었다. 그러나 그것이 인생의 것입니다. 평범한 사람들은 또한 시련을 겪은 삶이 적습니다. 나는 이것이 사미 무엇인지 아주 많이 BTS Dear guys from BTS I really hope you will read this comment. I recently found out about Jonhyun's death because I learned about his band not long ago (already read). I realized how good he was. But he took his own life because he couldn't tell the fans. To what I lead dear guys I very much ask you not to do stupid things do not kill yourself. If you are tired just contact the fans. Or leave your work YOU REALLY PEOPLE. And you have to understand that if it's hard for you we (ARMY) will support and let go! You PEOPLE don't do stupid things that you can't. Life has given you many hard times. But that's what life is for. Ordinary people also have fewer lives with trials. I VERY MUCH WHAT THIS IS SAMI Bts

  49. Ines Bj

    Ines BjHace 17 horas

    Thank u so much jin 💜 I love u 💜

  50. Seokjin Kim

    Seokjin KimHace 18 horas

    could y'all please watch this once a day?? or maybe when u have time... it's August soon, LYS: answer will have her first anniversary and this intro deserves all the love 💜😘 Thank you for your time

  51. jin jin

    jin jinHace 20 horas

    jin ❤️

  52. Melissa Sanchez

    Melissa SanchezHace 20 horas

    I love you so much jinnie

  53. maraa anjani

    maraa anjaniHace 20 horas

    I the one i should love in this world😣

  54. 0T7 BTS

    0T7 BTSHace 21 un hora

    Let's get 50M vi3ws for our worldwide handsome

  55. football4ever

    football4everHace 21 un hora

    Jin i love you

  56. Sayma Rayeen

    Sayma RayeenHace 22 horas

    I want see jin bulletproof fancam he act like movie real cop what a attitude...😘 And dance like hotter machine Ohhhhhhh he is so hot in bulletproof plz request apple tape or jin kiss lets go....... he act so hot

  57. Okta Via

    Okta ViaHace 22 horas

    i love jin

  58. tae H rice

    tae H riceHace 23 horas

    who's here with me???

  59. SMB Lazer

    SMB LazerHace 23 horas

    2:00 the thunder fits well

  60. sarang hae

    sarang haeHace 23 horas

    This is a masterpiece. Jin is the best singer.

  61. يزن الغامدي

    يزن الغامديHace un día

    You know how to sing

  62. tjlove1004

    tjlove1004Hace un día

    46 496 316

  63. dafne pacheco

    dafne pachecoHace un día

    Hermosa esta cancion me toco el corazon 😍 ❤

  64. Thayla Pantoja

    Thayla PantojaHace un día


  65. Amada Saucedo

    Amada SaucedoHace un día

    Uno de mis bias😍

  66. Prince Zack

    Prince ZackHace un día

    Stream xxxtentacion Sad armies

  67. DaGalacticPikachu 1

    DaGalacticPikachu 1Hace un día


  68. Maria dalva Mandes de Carvalho

    Maria dalva Mandes de CarvalhoHace un día

    Meu eu vo morre so de ve o jin

  69. Lucy

    LucyHace un día

    Este MV merece todo el apoyo, la letra y todo el esfuerzo que dio Seokjin para que este video muestre todo su talento 😊💜

  70. Jeon Zahyara A.R.M.Y

    Jeon Zahyara A.R.M.YHace un día

    im dead i love him voice nbdahshkhasbcknzsvjvzslkcnkjcugasjafsfkjeifygohfsdysiisdyiehdtiegui5fert *dead*

  71. •Moon Child•

    •Moon Child•Hace un día

    Underated king💖

  72. Xiomara Tucto Tacuri

    Xiomara Tucto TacuriHace un día


  73. Mari Medeiros

    Mari MedeirosHace un día


  74. 진현

    진현Hace 19 horas

    We here know Jimin loves Ji~ii~ii~in hyung. We love Jim-in, not out. But Jii~ii~ii~in still needs lots of veewers and real armys. ~^^♡

  75. R PC

    R PCHace un día

    Jin :P

  76. 방탄소년단아미 to BTS김석진

    방탄소년단아미 to BTS김석진Hace un día

    JIN ah~~i love you so much ❤💛💚💙💜🖤 I'm so happy ❤ I love this songgg. You is my life ❤❤❤love JIN💛💙💙💜❤

  77. Mariana Carvalho

    Mariana CarvalhoHace un día

    Jin que voz maravilhosa 💞

  78. Sofia Chaves

    Sofia ChavesHace un día

    Amoooo dms

  79. roro y

    roro yHace un día

    جين ناوي يموتنا من جماله وجمال صوتوه😭😭😭😭💓💓💕💕

  80. Hanan Haix

    Hanan HaixHace un día


  81. suga is a wrong man to play with

    suga is a wrong man to play withHace un día

    he have a such good voice I PURPLE YOU

  82. siN siN

    siN siNHace un día


  83. Luz BTS

    Luz BTSHace un día


  84. BerfinCeren Kalem

    BerfinCeren KalemHace un día

    Jin is sooooooo wonderful 😍😍

  85. Gesilene Moreira

    Gesilene MoreiraHace un día

    I love jin. Música ❤

  86. SABZ 997

    SABZ 997Hace un día

    Have you guys seen him in dimple in muster... His voice is AMAZING.. He is slaying with other vocals❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.. Love you Seokjin 💜💜 💜

  87. SABZ 997

    SABZ 997Hace 22 horas

    Exactly...👌 Don't know why people can't see and keep making him sad every year...but I'm satisfied as long as my JIN is happy😊💜💜💜

  88. Sayma Rayeen

    Sayma RayeenHace 22 horas

    Have guys seen jin bulletproof act and dance when he act so cool and hot like real cop And dance so hot plz request some one upload his fancam

  89. Judy by

    Judy byHace un día

    Yes 😍 indeed ❤💙

  90. Genesis Monroy

    Genesis MonroyHace un día

    seokjin legend💕

  91. Br Evis

    Br EvisHace un día

    more power to you JIN , ❤️

  92. Sarah Amjad

    Sarah AmjadHace un día

    50M ??

  93. Sarah Amjad

    Sarah AmjadHace un día

    Common everyone str**m hard

  94. os terminal

    os terminalHace un día


  95. xe tu

    xe tuHace un día

    46 478 529

  96. Abbas ali

    Abbas aliHace un día

    Jins voice so powerful

  97. rjin kim

    rjin kimHace un día

    Guys keep streaming ...50millions lets

  98. crazygirlsareawsome

    crazygirlsareawsomeHace un día

    I'm having a rough day but I hope you aren't and if you are I hope things move along in a way so you don't feel like you're being pulled too fast but I also hope you don't stay still. I love you so much. I'm hurting because I got too attached to someone, well I thought I did, but something happened and when I realized that I was so quick to detach myself, cleanly and coldly, as if though I never cared about them. I felt bitter at how easy my response was. I thought I had learned to love better. I guess I'm still learning. I know there's a small infinity between us and I'm happy you have that space to step away from the lights and cameras so I say this with no delusion of our relationship, but I truly do love you and I hope I keep growing so I can be the best fan, supporter, and best person I can be. I'm listening to your covers and Tonight too~ Your voice sounds like love,, haha I feel better already. I love you, Jin.

  99. Minatozaki Sana

    Minatozaki SanaHace un día

    2 0 1 9 ?

  100. stream DNA n Piri, Thanks!

    stream DNA n Piri, Thanks!Hace un día

    46,476,nine five eight

  101. Hotaru Tomoe

    Hotaru TomoeHace un día

    O my God, oh, two jin WOW I love it, it's beautiful

  102. squirrel han

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  103. 댄레[닉도금!]

    댄레[닉도금!]Hace un día


  104. Alfi Fa

    Alfi FaHace un día

    I always listen to this song every night I like jin's voice 💕💕💕

  105. hương nguyen thi

    hương nguyen thiHace un día

    forever love you jin ❤

  106. NanCT Haechan's

    NanCT Haechan'sHace un día

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