BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' Official MV


  1. Anushka Singh

    Anushka SinghHace un hora

    army make vi3ws more than 200 M In this week............because some artist have achieved in 2 weeks we have to show our fandom .........fighting

  2. 1674

    1674Hace un hora

    It must be expensive to have a stylist making sure your hair color never fades, not even for a day.

  3. Chelzia Bautista

    Chelzia BautistaHace un hora

    Who still streaming right now???

  4. EXO Saranghayeo

    EXO SaranghayeoHace un hora

    3 days left we need 200M in these days.Stream mm

  5. Anjali Mandal

    Anjali MandalHace un hora

    Let's make 10m guyzz ❤️❤️

  6. L T C R M V

    L T C R M VHace un hora


  7. Eray

    ErayHace un hora

    *Suga* I think that's enough to say.

  8. Vi Chúc

    Vi ChúcHace un hora

    great, excellent, wonderfull

  9. Jeka Evil/BATTLEGOD

    Jeka Evil/BATTLEGODHace un hora

    Ура вы мои любимые!!!!!!

  10. Min Yoonji

    Min YoonjiHace un hora

    we've got 6 hours to break the record of taylor swift "the fastest to get 200M" !!

  11. Thơm Đỗ

    Thơm ĐỗHace un hora


  12. Ict hung yen

    Ict hung yenHace un hora

    Iooooooooooooooz! Fake love

  13. An2thonyLP

    An2thonyLPHace un hora

    BTS Overrated

  14. swi Pmy

    swi PmyHace un hora

    Shut up!

  15. Mishy

    MishyHace un hora

    *If all of them had black hair😍*

  16. Samantha Eunice Espiña

    Samantha Eunice EspiñaHace un hora

    What's happening the view count is so slow

  17. Chris

    ChrisHace un hora

    Looking through the comments all I see is "streaming" and "views"... is this really all it's about nowadays?! That's kinda sad... Great and catchy song! :)

  18. Jennifer Lawrence Official

    Jennifer Lawrence OfficialHace un hora

    omgggg i wuvvv youu

  19. Haphi Dang

    Haphi DangHace un hora

    Bts vo dich va army

  20. nikpuresic nikpuresic

    nikpuresic nikpuresicHace un hora


  21. Jona Rivera Grande

    Jona Rivera GrandeHace un hora


  22. Han Ryu

    Han RyuHace un hora

    Happy First Win at Music Bank Boy With Luv vs Army With Luv

  23. Bíborka Oszoli

    Bíborka OszoliHace un hora

    I tought that Halsey will sing more than this 😐

  24. Claire Rouge

    Claire RougeHace un hora

    Does anyone notice.. About taehyung' s foot... In 1:22??

  25. vidya bharatae

    vidya bharataeHace un hora

    Claire Rouge meeee lol

  26. My Kiều

    My KiềuHace un hora


  27. كاكاشي سان

    كاكاشي سانHace un hora

    How arme went kill the youtube كم ارمي تريد قتل اليوتيوب

  28. Phoenix77 yes

    Phoenix77 yesHace un hora

    I am not interested in free views and likes on ESreporter. Only popularity but zero profit. Does anyone know now how many original physical and digital album BTS that has been sold now? how much the profit? (pirated not included)

  29. Wahmen respector

    Wahmen respectorHace un hora

    lol I keep coming back to this video every second of everyday since it dropped :D Who can relate army!

  30. Borahae Borahae

    Borahae BorahaeHace un hora

    I love me some poetry kings

  31. L T C R M V

    L T C R M VHace un hora


  32. tae tae V

    tae tae VHace un hora

    BTS and Armys can do it....Fighting and go..go.... go..........

  33. mia s

    mia sHace un hora

    Who's still here for 200M?? Fighting!

  34. Parineeti Yeh

    Parineeti YehHace un hora

    Army help me. I have just created a twitter account.. i don't have 10 followers how i am going to vote for bts tomorrow???

  35. Era BVB

    Era BVBHace un hora

    Get added to an indian army group chat. They have many. Just search for it on twitter

  36. Nina Arnaud

    Nina ArnaudHace un hora

    lets go !

  37. Kook Tae

    Kook TaeHace un hora

    164.830.918 5tingggggggggggggg

  38. Virginia Linelly Sanchez Taslim

    Virginia Linelly Sanchez TaslimHace un hora

    36M lets get it in 2 days ARMYs!

  39. Tabark Habeeb ومازال الامل

    Tabark Habeeb ومازال الاملHace un hora

    مبارك لجميع الارمي فوز بانقتان اليوم

  40. Audrianna Heart

    Audrianna HeartHace un hora

    170M soon lets get it!!

  41. Yuning Bogor

    Yuning BogorHace un hora

    Jgn di hapus lagi lah,, gilak kali

  42. Mohamed akram Abslbaki

    Mohamed akram AbslbakiHace un hora


  43. Tang Nghiep

    Tang NghiepHace un hora


  44. fortnite freak Skysoft

    fortnite freak SkysoftHace un hora

    2:26 tae sings high #taekook

  45. Ngoc Phuoc Nguyen Thi

    Ngoc Phuoc Nguyen ThiHace un hora

    Ép youtube đóng băng hoài à

  46. jungkook plus taehyung

    jungkook plus taehyungHace un hora

    We did our best army well done for 164M even though youtube deleted like 22M

  47. Mia Mia

    Mia MiaHace un hora

    Hello everyone...

  48. cathy healy

    cathy healyHace un hora

    Any1 know if watching the video but upping the speed still counts as a vi3w

  49. Era BVB

    Era BVBHace un hora

    Doesn't. Must watxh it normally

  50. Kelly Candia

    Kelly CandiaHace un hora

    No it doesn't count if you up the speed. It needs to be at normal speed.

  51. Lei Cayetano

    Lei CayetanoHace un hora

    US Pop Radio #28 Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) (+1) *new peak* - Spins: 2653 (+379) - Audience: 15.694M (+1.701) KEEP SOARING HIGH ARMYLEGENDS AND BTSKINGS!

  52. The statue Jin kisses in Blood Sweat Tears MV

    The statue Jin kisses in Blood Sweat Tears MVHace un hora

    Happy first win!!!!

  53. F O U L E Y

    F O U L E YHace un hora


  54. elderfieldfreya

    elderfieldfreyaHace un hora


  55. Asrah Army

    Asrah ArmyHace un hora


  56. Jayshree Jane

    Jayshree JaneHace un hora

    BTS is just AMAZING..I'm not a great fan of songs but BTS videos made me hear their songs and their songs changed my entire view about the world..BTS made me LOVE MYSELF..So i will stay as an ARMY till the end of the path my boys walk..

  57. 1000 subscribers without any videos

    1000 subscribers without any videosHace un hora

    ESreporter : deletes views ARMY : You playing with FIRE

  58. nhanh Thi ARMY mãi Yêu BTS

    nhanh Thi ARMY mãi Yêu BTSHace un hora

    Thời gian trôi nhanh quá ......

  59. 7 jxmin

    7 jxminHace un hora

    come on army!! Please in 5 HOURS 200 MIL !!

  60. Charies Estrella

    Charies EstrellaHace un hora

    What's wrong with you youtube huh, if you will not delete millions of views you will freeze it hays

  61. Diệp Anh Nguyễn

    Diệp Anh NguyễnHace un hora


  62. jimin park

    jimin parkHace un hora

    Cay DNA

  63. solange

    solangeHace un hora

    165 go go

  64. مصطفى علي

    مصطفى عليHace un hora

    خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة خرة

  65. Vkook nhà Bang Tan

    Vkook nhà Bang TanHace un hora

    TRong đây có ai là army việt ko vậy ?

  66. nhanh Thi ARMY mãi Yêu BTS

    nhanh Thi ARMY mãi Yêu BTSHace un hora

  67. Jaybee Jeon

    Jaybee JeonHace un hora

    Konti na lang. Road to 200 M

  68. Mr Tae tae

    Mr Tae taeHace un hora

    It's good to see them happy and bright here and in mikrosmiskimos*spelling😂* after all that I need u fake love and the crying and sadness but I really really really really miss that era like very much So umm I just went through all the comments and all of them have like ubove hundred so I wonder if I can get them too cause I never go upbove 5😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  69. M. W

    M. WHace un hora

    BWL got its first music show win! Congratulations!!

  70. May Shereen

    May ShereenHace un hora

    3:28 love the fact that jin ran to RM first 😂

  71. Kim TaeHyung

    Kim TaeHyungHace un hora

    for bts up 200 million views

  72. irene cortés

    irene cortésHace un hora

    Min yongi i love you

  73. Kim Tae Tae Hyung

    Kim Tae Tae HyungHace un hora

    Yêu BTS

  74. Borahaeist Boragays

    Borahaeist BoragaysHace un hora

    Let's break the record army

  75. Arati Verma

    Arati VermaHace un hora

    Happy One Week anniversary Armys!!!!!!!★★★★★★★

  76. Wayne Greenville

    Wayne GreenvilleHace un hora

    Lets reach 175M vi3ws todayyy . COME ON GUYSSSSSSSSSSS WE CAN DO ITTTTTTTTTTT . 200M views in 9 days 12 hours

  77. JungJung Kook

    JungJung KookHace un hora

    Any Yoonminions here?

  78. Denise Borja

    Denise BorjaHace un hora

    Keep stre@ming ARMY! Let's go!

  79. BTS My life

    BTS My lifeHace un hora


  80. Liam Ben Ari

    Liam Ben AriHace un hora

    מי ישראלי? מי שישראלי לייק👍

  81. shrawani sharma

    shrawani sharmaHace un hora

    Army forever

  82. Yuning Bogor

    Yuning BogorHace un hora

    Fighting army

  83. Thessa Leigh Aranjuez

    Thessa Leigh AranjuezHace un hora

    164.8M vièws with 8.4M likes

  84. Pokemon Go

    Pokemon GoHace un hora


  85. amalia dwi lestari

    amalia dwi lestariHace un hora


  86. Kalseyyy __

    Kalseyyy __Hace un hora

    Faster armys please at least 10M today !!!

  87. Vi Sha

    Vi ShaHace un hora

    Hi ARMY *_I wanted to know if we could inform BigHit to prohibit other accounts post reaction or lyrics videos of the comeback for the 1st month or a particular duration_*

  88. Chinara

    ChinaraHace un hora

    some people say yt deleted 20m, please don’t lie yt deleted almost 30m

  89. duyên Trần Thị thanh

    duyên Trần Thị thanhHace un hora

    Love u

  90. Sara Ibrahim

    Sara IbrahimHace un hora

    Anyone here for Str22m party??

  91. Sara Ibrahim

    Sara IbrahimHace un hora

    Okay Let's do it

  92. V BTS

    V BTSHace un hora

    Mee :)

  93. 김지수

    김지수Hace un hora


  94. BTS My life

    BTS My lifeHace un hora


  95. Kim Seokjin

    Kim SeokjinHace un hora

    Morrendo de amores... Aaaaa

  96. Kanishma Ray

    Kanishma RayHace un hora

    Is anyone here just to enjoy the song and nothing else?

  97. Suma Sultana

    Suma SultanaHace un hora

    Guys pls strm as much as possible.

  98. Not the official Resh

    Not the official ReshHace un hora

    Suma Sultana yes

  99. Тумен Саая

    Тумен СааяHace un hora

    Боже,они красавчики,их клип по всей стране,зп 24 часа они набрали 2-3млн,молодцы!!!!^-^🤗🤯🤪😇

  100. Tabark Habeeb ومازال الامل

    Tabark Habeeb ومازال الاملHace un hora

    Please don't put emojis

  101. Ly Lê

    Ly LêHace un hora

    Đã 7 ngày rồi đấy mà view tăng ở mức k khả quan .

  102. VKOOK- Thỏ Béo

    VKOOK- Thỏ BéoHace un hora

    Ship vkook

  103. JungJung Kook

    JungJung KookHace un hora


  104. Not the official Resh

    Not the official ReshHace un hora

    VKOOK- Thỏ Béo omg same

  105. jungkook's wifeu

    jungkook's wifeuHace un hora

    who is the #1 ON TRENDING now because this M\V is #2 ON TRENDING?

  106. JM

    JMHace un hora

    More more more

  107. Mrs Jeon

    Mrs JeonHace un hora

    Army.. we're really slowing down..

  108. Mrs Jeon

    Mrs JeonHace un hora

    +Not the official Resh don't say sorry~ just continue $tr3@m*ng we will do it for our boys (purple heart)

  109. Not the official Resh

    Not the official ReshHace un hora

    Mrs Jeon I’m sorry

  110. Nga Han

    Nga HanHace un hora

    Hay đến nỗi xem 12233445567890 vẫn ko chán

  111. 최수 빈

    최수 빈Hace un hora

    Ko tua 1s nào

  112. Tung Lam

    Tung LamHace un hora


  113. Nastja Mavro

    Nastja MavroHace un hora

    I got my persona thing at a Britain SHOP so shook

  114. Hương Phạm

    Hương PhạmHace un hora


  115. Hmzrna 76

    Hmzrna 76Hace un hora


  116. Hmzrna 76

    Hmzrna 76Hace un hora

    Not the official Resh in my country it's already weekend

  117. Not the official Resh

    Not the official ReshHace un hora

    Hmzrna 76 it’s tomorrow morning

  118. Taehyung Bụng của

    Taehyung Bụng củaHace un hora


  119. Not the official Resh

    Not the official ReshHace un hora

    Taehyung Bụng của ikr he’s too handsome I.

  120. My Kiều

    My KiềuHace un hora


  121. BTSTohkkee🐰

    BTSTohkkee🐰Hace un hora