Browns vs. Jets Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019


  1. John Brown

    John BrownHace 14 horas

    The Jets are really bad considering they lost to the Browns. The same team that got destroyed by the Niners.

  2. jefffowlerr

    jefffowlerrHace un día

    I'll order a fumble at taco Bell lol


    DKLONGHORNHace 2 días

    Reminds me a bit too much of the eagles, but with more black.

  4. Bernard Mario

    Bernard MarioHace 5 días

    Mayfield is the worst quarterback

  5. Dre pro gamer master

    Dre pro gamer masterHace 8 días

    Lol I play football

  6. Erik Johannsen

    Erik JohannsenHace 8 días

    God they need to get this Monday night commentary group figured out, these two terrible

  7. John Herrera

    John HerreraHace 9 días

    The browns are the best team on

  8. Declan O'Connor

    Declan O'ConnorHace 11 días

    Loved watching a 1 on 1 game between le'veon bell and odell beckham jr

  9. Randy Martinez

    Randy MartinezHace 12 días

    You got to have faith

  10. Randy Martinez

    Randy MartinezHace 12 días

    I am always going to have faith in my New York Jets until the day I die

  11. enter a name here

    enter a name hereHace 14 días

    The jets look....oof

  12. Jack Neumeyer

    Jack NeumeyerHace 14 días

    2:03 Baker always bitching when he throws a bad pass

  13. Krusty Krab

    Krusty KrabHace 15 días

    Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. will be a great duo for Cleveland

  14. UKZ Homie

    UKZ HomieHace 16 días

    I wish leveon bell could play for Dallas or the Texans it would be cool he’s a very skilled player even tho we have zeke but he isn’t even getting much yards a game:/

  15. Jahseh Onfroy

    Jahseh OnfroyHace 18 días

    Boy got cracked

  16. TJ White

    TJ WhiteHace 19 días

    Is it just me or was falc throwing that game wtf

  17. Donwen Hong

    Donwen HongHace 19 días

    No one gonna be talking bout the Brown's kicker?

  18. Abdelhamid Kho

    Abdelhamid KhoHace 20 días

  19. P4F Ace

    P4F AceHace 20 días

    Baker overrated

  20. Wildabeast09

    Wildabeast09Hace 21 un día

    Damn I am sick of being a Jets fan why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. icecreamforcrowhurst

    icecreamforcrowhurstHace 21 un día

    Brady the 🐐

  22. Preston Chandler

    Preston ChandlerHace 21 un día

    Barely? It was 23-3 chill out.

  23. Andrew Jones

    Andrew JonesHace 21 un día


  24. The Greatest Trollmonger

    The Greatest TrollmongerHace 21 un día


  25. Alien_D3XTER _yt

    Alien_D3XTER _ytHace 21 un día

    Who’s here only for obj??

  26. Emmanuel Abore

    Emmanuel AboreHace 22 días

    look at OBJ having fun

  27. Brian

    BrianHace 22 días

    It's sad watching Leveon waste the rest of his prime on this garbage franchise. Reminds me of Barry with the Lions.

  28. unIzi

    unIziHace 22 días

    Half of these hits would make the NFL biggest hits compilations


    ANDY JONESHace 22 días


  30. DJ Legendario

    DJ LegendarioHace 22 días

    Oof, the Jets are still the Jets, who knew?

  31. jasmine Taylor

    jasmine TaylorHace 22 días

    Odell was toasting the jets defense 🔥🔥

  32. Andrew Jones

    Andrew JonesHace 22 días


  33. Nelson andres

    Nelson andresHace 22 días

    Mal ,mal los jets

  34. MLixz

    MLixzHace 22 días


  35. Danny ODell

    Danny ODellHace 22 días

    Am I the only one that thinks that Baker Mayfield did not look to good. Correct me if I'm wrong

  36. J Bandz

    J BandzHace 23 días

    Can Odell ever get a Qb that has an o line 😢

  37. kush1985

    kush1985Hace 23 días

    Jets should merge to giants.. Newyork don't need this pathetic team..

  38. Hassan Abdi

    Hassan AbdiHace 23 días

    Damn 8:47 to 8:50

  39. mebrok elbanna

    mebrok elbannaHace 23 días

    How they do Jamall like that! That hit wasn’t even bad 🤣🤣

  40. Prince Playz_Yt

    Prince Playz_YtHace 23 días


  41. Kevin Pugh

    Kevin PughHace 23 días

    Who is that commentating? I really like him.

  42. Ozair Hussain

    Ozair HussainHace 23 días

    Bell earned my respect for how hard he played

  43. Jehovah Israel Armstrong McGuire

    Jehovah Israel Armstrong McGuireHace 23 días

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  44. Jehovah Israel Armstrong McGuire

    Jehovah Israel Armstrong McGuireHace 23 días

    Give Earth and heaven all The money Amen

  45. Najee Watson

    Najee WatsonHace 23 días

    Obj and Myles Garrett vs Bell and Adams

  46. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiHace 23 días


  47. Darius Serrano

    Darius SerranoHace 23 días

    I love how Trevor just falls to the turf the second he sees a defender coming for him. Doesn't even try to evade. He's like Kyle Orton, except that Orton was about 15 years older. Edit: Nevermind, I see why he was. And the one time he didn't, he got his ankle obliterated.

  48. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiHace 23 días

    Wait, Adams actually got fined for that hit at 1:36? Jesus that’s just sad

  49. Christoph

    ChristophHace 23 días

    Ifo ur defense is healthy we will FEAST !! itll be very scary.. And if Robbie,Bellamy,Crowder, Bell start eating !!!! its a wrap!! Come on Falk

  50. Mike Voss

    Mike VossHace 23 días

    How about a Browns Ravens AFC Championship game this year?

  51. Mike Voss

    Mike VossHace 18 días

    Yea I guess your right but would be a nice change. Ending score would probably be 6-3 ravens huh?

  52. Show Genius

    Show GeniusHace 21 un día

    Mike Voss if we forgetting about the patriots and chiefs right?

  53. MikeHenderson X

    MikeHenderson XHace 23 días

    Baker look like he was off some woods. They in Cleveland blowing after practice.

  54. MikeHenderson X

    MikeHenderson XHace 23 días

    Lol this game was trash.

  55. Cartier231

    Cartier231Hace 24 días

    High School Football 😩

  56. Lido Daytona

    Lido DaytonaHace 24 días

    Cleveland State Of Mind 3 "Greedy"

  57. Heir Fang

    Heir FangHace 24 días

    Jamal Adams said to nick chubb, who r u?

  58. Heir Fang

    Heir FangHace 24 días

    Miles garret is already in the pro bowl courtesy of the jets offensive line votes

  59. Heir Fang

    Heir FangHace 24 días

    That leveon bell spin move looked straight out of a madden animation list.

  60. Heir Fang

    Heir FangHace 24 días

    That #19 missed leveon who could have gotten 15 yds

  61. Heros Brothers

    Heros BrothersHace 24 días Simple goal

  62. Deep hug

    Deep hugHace 24 días

    Bell go end up doing straight wildcat formations 😂the way his Qb keep getting hit

  63. Nololo Popolo

    Nololo PopoloHace 24 días

    Brown's #13 is a killer catcher. Mayfield doing great so far. Brown might make it into the Play Off this yr if they can stay playing at high level.

  64. XxMiTcHiIxX

    XxMiTcHiIxXHace 24 días

    Wait, Adams actually got fined for that hit at 1:36? Jesus that’s just sad