Bride To Be Gives Birth Unexpectedly Three Days Before The Wedding | I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant


  1. Holly

    HollyHace un día

    Just imagine claiming to be a virgin til your wedding night then you have a baby days before.

  2. Writing Account

    Writing AccountHace un día

    born at sixmonths i was supposed to be born on march 23 i was born at january 9

  3. Karen Bogdan

    Karen BogdanHace 2 días

    Here is another reason why I will never have kids as I grow up

  4. Sabrina Oldham

    Sabrina OldhamHace 2 días

    Poor girl three days before

  5. Deborah Watson

    Deborah WatsonHace 3 días



    **SAVAGE ARMY BRO **Hace 4 días

    Listen ur pregnant and dont have wine when ur pregnant oh my gosh such a dummy

  7. nicole king

    nicole kingHace 2 días

    She didn't know idiot

  8. Tina Habib

    Tina HabibHace 4 días

    else saw that guy 6:40

  9. It's Sunshine's Vlog

    It's Sunshine's VlogHace 4 días

    I'm very scared that I missed my period for almost 1/2 month and I remember my boyfriend is far from me, I think my period comes late since I irregular 😦😟 but I didn't think I'm preggy 😬

  10. CJ O'C

    CJ O'CHace 4 días

    Why doesn't anyone in these shows go to the doctor to check up on their symptoms? Babe you've not had a period for six months...

  11. Yuri The Fox

    Yuri The FoxHace 5 días

    I hope this doesn't happen to me ;-;

  12. Christa Douglas

    Christa DouglasHace 6 días

    I love that he just came home and asked her not a big huge engagement just simple and full of love

  13. Taylor Brooks

    Taylor BrooksHace 7 días

    Constructive criticism: that thumbnail was not ok lol

  14. Olvia Lee

    Olvia LeeHace 7 días

    Why would she smoke & drink as she looks pregnant? No expected mother should do that! It’ll damage the baby!

  15. Devayne Vanity

    Devayne VanityHace 5 días

    She didn't know she was pregnant that why.

  16. Marian• WHY DONT WE

    Marian• WHY DONT WEHace 8 días

    Why didn’t she just go to the doctor...

  17. Skye Scallan

    Skye ScallanHace 8 días

    How do pregnancy tests be negative when their pregnant?

  18. net alliv

    net allivHace 8 días

    so its better to have appointment with doc

  19. Danni djkm19

    Danni djkm19Hace 8 días

    Most pregnancy tests are negative after 20 weeks of pregnancy because the hcg concentration goes down when the placenta is fully grown.

  20. _Primary Fox_

    _Primary Fox_Hace 9 días

    Fun fact: My mom had me at 39 ✌️

  21. Grilled Pancake

    Grilled PancakeHace 9 días

    kakyoin in jojos bizarre married life: i DiDnT KnOW i WAs PreGNAnt

  22. Mommy Kitty

    Mommy KittyHace 10 días

    If there is anyone who will be quick to tell a girl she's fat, it's her mom. LoL!

  23. Fernanda Mitchell

    Fernanda MitchellHace 11 días

    I'm STILL as single as a pringle and ain't gonna mingle but I mingle with Pringles😅😅😅😅🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅

  24. summer ,

    summer ,Hace 11 días

    That dumb ass so that fait line!!!

  25. Silicon Valley

    Silicon ValleyHace 12 días

    I always wonder how can people be that naive???

  26. Lost in Space

    Lost in SpaceHace 12 días

    I was on Birth control and sometimes just went months without having a period I ended up pregnant and didn't realize it until I went to the er because I thought I had food poisoning

  27. Donna Peterson

    Donna PetersonHace 13 días

    Glad they're ok but jeez go to the doctor, don't take a plastic sticks word for it.

  28. Sweetie Pie

    Sweetie PieHace 14 días

    Liar she cheated it's called denial didn't want to admit the fact that you cheated and she's pregnant by someone else. .babies move in your gut.. it happened to me I was in denial. I will admit that I thought I was pregnant but I just wish that I wasn't when in fact I was and wishing I wasn't will not make it go away

  29. Hannah Sutton

    Hannah SuttonHace 15 días

    Lol my boyfriends step mum gave birth 3 days before her wedding but she knew she was pregnant Lol

  30. Marwa Baraka

    Marwa BarakaHace 15 días


  31. Marwa Baraka

    Marwa BarakaHace 15 días

    Mort le ventre bébé dans le ventre

  32. All That Shines

    All That ShinesHace 15 días

    Why u shouldn’t have premarital sex. 😂 You just might end up with a baby few days before your wedding 😂

  33. hereonly2comment

    hereonly2commentHace 16 días

    Their first mistake was having sex before marriage

  34. Natia Paw

    Natia PawHace 17 días

    Imagine smoking and drinking wine not knowing ur pregnant like :(

  35. Kevaun Mitchell

    Kevaun MitchellHace 19 días

    Full video please I miss watching this show

  36. Ashley Cryinq

    Ashley CryinqHace 19 días

    She doesn’t look pregnant 👀

  37. webyourstuff1

    webyourstuff1Hace 19 días

    What a blessing!

  38. Laquisha Torres white

    Laquisha Torres whiteHace 20 días

    How the hell did you not know your pregnant...

  39. 배핸아

    배핸아Hace 21 un día

    If she was suspecting it enough to take multiple home pregnancy tests why did she never fucking go to the doctor while she was continuing to drink and smoke and eat unhealthy shit?

  40. Ena Kohanna

    Ena KohannaHace 21 un día

    I was 4 pound a 8 ounce when I was born and 2 month early 28 but cant have kids cuase I chose to have a tubligation due to I have adhd,lam,tsc and epilepsy and didnt wanna pass it down or any other medical problems in my family

  41. Brandi

    BrandiHace 21 un día

    Sense when do they put you under for a c section??

  42. 泡Bubbles 泡

    泡Bubbles 泡Hace 21 un día

    Girls... if you miss your ARE pregnant. *what if a guy kidnapped you, drugged you AND TOOK YOUR VIRGINITY :OO* I’m joking obviously... Ehehe.... ;)

  43. Maya Foster

    Maya FosterHace 21 un día

    Can we talk about that thumbnail! 🤢

  44. V.C Gizm0

    V.C Gizm0Hace 23 días

    Hope the baby survived


    DEMSWILLLOSEHace 23 días

    Like 40 you can't get pregnant 😅

  46. 20 21

    20 21Hace 25 días

    How can she doesn't know 😣😣😣

  47. Hannah Faith

    Hannah FaithHace 25 días

    Lisa: *drinks wine* Mom: are you pregnant? Lisa: *almost chokes on wine*

  48. Itzel Andrade

    Itzel AndradeHace 26 días

    My mom was pregnant with me at 42, my bother at 44. My sister had her second kid at 40. She found out she was a week about giving birth after a regular doctor check up. We had to buy a bunch of baby stuff for her in a matter of a couple of days. Now she has a 20 yr old, 5 yr old and a 3 yr old.

  49. Kam Playzs

    Kam PlayzsHace 26 días

    Why does everyone look different when their talking than when their in the scene

  50. callieoops

    callieoopsHace 23 días

    Obviously, there were no cameras around when this was taking place! They are telling the full story of something happening AFTER it happened! Actors playing the parts!!!!!

  51. Kam Playzs

    Kam PlayzsHace 25 días


  52. Kinuoxx

    KinuoxxHace 25 días


  53. Tropical Pancakes

    Tropical PancakesHace 26 días

    You are ugly

  54. Raya Bond

    Raya BondHace 26 días

    :( that sad

  55. Kiana-leigh Oakes

    Kiana-leigh OakesHace 27 días

    I feel like these people are not the same from the actual video, they dont look the same

  56. Shanean Washington

    Shanean WashingtonHace 28 días

    If I turn 35 and not having a boyfriend. I would just adopt

  57. Joules Akello

    Joules AkelloHace 29 días

    Why not go to the hospital really 🙄

  58. Laura Crafton

    Laura CraftonHace 29 días

    No prenatal care at her age yikes. Home pregnancy tests aren't reliable you always go to a doctor.



    ** 0:18

  60. LaLa Smith

    LaLa SmithHace 29 días

    Some women don’t produce hcg and need an ultrasound

  61. LaLa Smith

    LaLa SmithHace 29 días

    She looks way younger than 40

  62. Morgan Butcher

    Morgan ButcherHace un mes

    Doctor: *pushes on woman’s stomach* Women: screams out in pain Doctor:* pushes on women’s stomach again*

  63. Ashlynn Smith

    Ashlynn SmithHace un mes

    I would have that thought I was pregnant anyways and have kept doubting everything else that tells me different. And she did look somewhat pregnant.

  64. Bailey Lewis

    Bailey LewisHace un mes

    My mom had me at 42 and didnt have any problem making me!

  65. Spirit Martin

    Spirit MartinHace un mes

    Very sad