Brad Pitt: Award Acceptance Speech | 26th Annual SAG Awards | TNT


  1. Jenn D

    Jenn DHace un día

    So happy he’s out of the spell and fog of Jolie and back onto focusing on himself, women sucked the life out of him and still it wasn’t good enough for her

  2. mohamad abdallah

    mohamad abdallahHace un día

    Hahah so funny 😂😂😂

  3. Eunice Brown2

    Eunice Brown2Hace un día

    Congratulations to my friend Brad 🥰😘❤❣❣❣❣

  4. Dldlaaaaaaaaaa

    DldlaaaaaaaaaaHace un día

    Look how Reese is proud of Jennifer❤️

  5. Anoynomous Anoynomous

    Anoynomous AnoynomousHace un día

    It's at this moment Angelina Jolie realized she has f$$k up.

  6. Juliana Rose

    Juliana RoseHace un día

    Glad he mentioned the feet , it is a really obvious fetish , one I personally don’t like , but what can you do , I still think a Tarantino film could be great without it , it’s just there for his own fantasies & perversion , it’s not the thing that drives the audience , the audiences enjoy the amazing writing , visceral charaghters ,violence & other things , would anyone really leave a Tarantino film disappointed that there wasn’t a foot shot ?

  7. halfwaydowntheroad

    halfwaydowntheroadHace un día

    Yes, Brad, it's a worthy endeavour.

  8. Debbie Roach

    Debbie RoachHace un día

    He looks happier than I’ve seen him in years!!!❤️

  9. a p

    a pHace un día

    It was not right say about private life, wife etc. In every relationship its 2 ways of responsibility. Maybe he thinking hes a perfect I don't now. But he was in relationship, he got kids. He need keep private hes opinion.

  10. God of Evil

    God of EvilHace un día

    ....... As a great man once said. "The World is a stage and the stage is a world of entertainment." And that is what these men and women bring to the world..... constant entertainment... Without each and every person in that room..... the world.... would be half of what it is.

  11. Sutter keely

    Sutter keelyHace un día



    QUITUTINCI TVHace un día

    Why put Joe Pesci in Black and White as if he died?

  13. David Slaner

    David SlanerHace un día

    Great speech

  14. commentonaa

    commentonaaHace un día

    Coolest mf* in Hollywood...

  15. dark jedi

    dark jediHace un día

    Prepare for the Oscars Brad! ❤️

  16. dark jedi

    dark jediHace un día

    Finally an award for stunt double! ❤️

  17. Rafael Cuthbert

    Rafael CuthbertHace un día

    Very deserved!


    WOFAI ELOMAHace un día

    0:10 Sec why Tom Hanks look like he was superimposed😂😂

  19. hasan korkmaz

    hasan korkmazHace un día

    He's like fine wine

  20. Donkey Kong

    Donkey KongHace un día

    How ironic that both he and Jennifer Aniston won an award, LOL!



    Good morning Brad, not only your game saves this film probably a few more outstanding artists, but you deserve this award because cinema is one of the most beautiful plays I know and can do wonders, this is the tenth muse and like all her sisters live in the forest grove on the banks of a sleepy stream next to my shadow ....... see you later ....................

  22. Sasha T.

    Sasha T.Hace un día

    He only gets all these awards because the movie industry wants to show that they are on his side in this divorce drama. Looks like they want to bash Angelina Jolie. Having him commenting and joking about it is not classy at all. It‘s just poor behavior and lockerroom talk really.

  23. SYB

    SYBHace un día

    Hitler is in the audience.

  24. Mm k

    Mm kHace un día

    Many ovarries exploded

  25. burgerpatty

    burgerpattyHace un día

    That close-up on Jennifer Aniston though at 2:23 😂

  26. Mm k

    Mm kHace un día

    He's funny and he knows it😍😍

  27. Mm k

    Mm kHace un día

    He's hotter than ever without that witch

  28. henrik echers

    henrik echersHace un día

    Ages like fine wine, and is an amazing actor - congrats

  29. burgerpatty

    burgerpattyHace un día

    Adam Driver is overrated.

  30. 李李李

    李李李Hace un día

    Was his acceptance speech before or after Jennifer Aniston’s

  31. Yaran Magid

    Yaran MagidHace un día

    李李李 there is a video where he is backstage looking at her ecceptance speech, it was cute

  32. Yaran Magid

    Yaran MagidHace un día

    李李李 before Jenns

  33. Danilo Diniz

    Danilo DinizHace un día


  34. dahDougieBoy

    dahDougieBoyHace un día

    Jeeez. From one (Globe) ceremony to the next. These people sure know how to pat themselves on the back and celebrate each other.

  35. Danilo Diniz

    Danilo DinizHace un día


  36. moonlighter6

    moonlighter6Hace un día

    BEST speech of the night.

  37. League of Why

    League of WhyHace un día

    How the f is he winning over Pacino and Pesci over and over again, I love the guy but he played average in OUATIH

  38. Blooperer

    BloopererHace un día

    "Thank you margot robbie's feet.."😂😂😂😂

  39. Shrubchucker

    ShrubchuckerHace un día

    Film Actors Guild

  40. Scott Summers

    Scott SummersHace un día

    He's not afraid to take a jab at himself 😂😂😂

  41. Vantage Horizon

    Vantage HorizonHace un día

    Mr Bradd Pitt said something that resembled Swami Vivekananda spec has in Chicago with opening lines of Brothers and sisters ofAmerica.

  42. Mohit Kalro

    Mohit KalroHace un día

    Nice to see Brad win. He did one hell of a stunning turn in angst ridden astronaut dealing with abandonment issues in Ad Astra as well.

  43. 103bat

    103batHace un día

    Brad Pitt, one of the greatest. Up against 2 of the greatest actors of all time, and won. Damn that must feel good

  44. Jackster'z Minecrafts

    Jackster'z MinecraftsHace un día

    This was one of the funniest and most amazing speeches in award history ever!

  45. NancyEllen Woods

    NancyEllen WoodsHace un día

    Great speech!

  46. oh my

    oh myHace un día

    Gracious blessed hunky human being💎👏

  47. Uzma Ahmed

    Uzma AhmedHace un día

    what a wonderful speech. u r the best brad

  48. Aleksey Kovacs-_-

    Aleksey Kovacs-_-Hace un día

    Now I want him on JRE

  49. Yasir Akbar

    Yasir AkbarHace un día

    yukhh worst actor ever... wht acting he knows .. awards are jokes

  50. decentradical

    decentradicalHace un día

    I know guys in their 20's who look older than him.

  51. thirtythreeflavors

    thirtythreeflavorsHace un día

    Benjamin buttons is Benjamin buttoning.

  52. Miller

    MillerHace un día

    Too long.

  53. Aldo Cartagena

    Aldo CartagenaHace un día

    America's are the best.

  54. Sherdils PAF

    Sherdils PAFHace un día

    Brad you and I are two peas in a pod. I love you 💕💋 Haha..great sense of humor baby ❤😘

  55. Robbie Lee

    Robbie LeeHace un día

    Wow, he beat Al Pachino...

  56. thxalex

    thxalexHace un día

    Beautiful speech

  57. Jayne Brennan

    Jayne BrennanHace un día

    dang he's still so handsome

  58. thxalex

    thxalexHace un día

    No homo but man he is so damn charming

  59. Ashok Vardhan

    Ashok VardhanHace un día

    Jenifer aniston his ex wife was clapping after he made the wife joke.

  60. Juan Infante

    Juan InfanteHace un día

    Class act

  61. Renato Amaral de Miranda

    Renato Amaral de MirandaHace un día

    They should have zoom on Jennifer face when he said his tinder profile 😂😂😂 girl guess second time is not a charm 😂😂 and her is the Thanks to is own kids 🤨 guess be funny and popular means more 😶

  62. Rob B

    Rob BHace un día

    How is he 56 years old?!