Brad Makes Grilled Stuffed Squid | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  1. Sagey

    SageyHace 45 minutos

    Me whenever I see Gaby in any BA video: 🥰🥰🥰

  2. Valerie Burkett

    Valerie BurkettHace 57 minutos

    I loved this. Please make more squid and octopus recipes from the rest kitchen! It’s so yummy but pretty intimidating to cook with if you’re not used to it.

  3. daniela ramirez

    daniela ramirezHace 2 días

    Is it just me or that first squid looked way too much like a used condom?

  4. Jaden Rodriguez

    Jaden RodriguezHace 3 días

    Blue hair super thicc

  5. Mary Allen

    Mary AllenHace 4 días

    Ok.... Brad-shaw- squid-meyer.........this was a really cool recipe..that I will def...make. BTW your knife skills are impressive...some of the best in the BA test kitchen. Keep on keeping on .....golden retriever..:-)

  6. James Garland

    James GarlandHace 4 días

    whoever does the captions or whatever you wanna call em keeps writing Chile instead of chili and it cracks me up in every video I see it in

  7. natasha

    natashaHace 5 días

    Mmmm! Stick one on a bao bun with some cilantro and a squeeze of lime *chefs kiss* 👌🏼 voila

  8. Nemanja Vidic

    Nemanja VidicHace 5 días

    grilled used condoms

  9. Abigail Cote

    Abigail CoteHace 6 días

    Oh damn, looks like Morocco's bringing up a new generation of supertasters

  10. Mercy Holmes

    Mercy HolmesHace 6 días

    Dada da da dada da da...braaads world!!

  11. Herosparklez

    HerosparklezHace 7 días

    Recipe PLEASE

  12. I Laughter

    I LaughterHace 9 días

    Clicked in half way...stuffed condoms?

  13. Saferno Reger

    Saferno RegerHace 9 días

    Nobody: ESreporter chefs: complex heat

  14. Matthewbraaten

    MatthewbraatenHace 9 días

    This is just so dry plain without the Vinny banter and editing. Also, I have to know! Did he allicify the garlic???? How am I supposed to know what allicin is if Brad doesn't explain it!

  15. Ville QQ

    Ville QQHace 9 días

    Just call it foreskin don't hold back 😭

  16. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMYHace 10 días

    Fu ree ka kee xDDD

  17. Raymond Tucker

    Raymond TuckerHace 10 días


  18. TheIkaika777

    TheIkaika777Hace 11 días

    Where’s the recipe?

  19. Gene Guilford

    Gene GuilfordHace 11 días

    Nice touch to have Mol chime in at the end.

  20. Toffe Nilsson

    Toffe NilssonHace 13 días

    It's From Scratch - Brad Leone. Call it whatever you want just make ramen from scratch, please!?

  21. Alex kruysman

    Alex kruysmanHace 14 días

    I love Gabby

  22. M O R T I S

    M O R T I SHace 14 días

    The way he pronounced furikake 😂 i love brad lmfao

  23. Kamran Hussain

    Kamran HussainHace 14 días

    His shows name should be “BRAD MEETS WORLD”

  24. WeNeedMorePyroLinkin

    WeNeedMorePyroLinkinHace 15 días

    Brad is annoyingly stubborn for wanting to teach people how to cook and do their own thing.

  25. jak potkon

    jak potkonHace 17 días


  26. Marco Niefer

    Marco NieferHace 17 días

    Gabby kills me!!!! First she needs to hang a picture... then she fixes in the background!!! THEN SHES HUNTING WITCHES??!?!?!?! I need Gabby in my life hahahaha

  27. Jacey Garden Wray

    Jacey Garden WrayHace 18 días

    I’d probably enjoy dat. Although, I do not like calamari. I’ve had it high end, low end, hole in the wall, home made, varying price ranges, all over the place, and it’s all only as good as the breading and dipping sauce, it’s otherwise flavorless, chewy, old, white, sea bubblegum. Kinda like our pusa.

  28. Conrad Dickinson

    Conrad DickinsonHace 19 días

    I cannot tell you how badly I want a Brad Leone cook book

  29. MTG5150

    MTG5150Hace 19 días

    Did BA ever publish this as a recipe?

  30. Travis Machado

    Travis MachadoHace 19 días

    Press that looks like a condom Hatfield

  31. Iluvrocket

    IluvrocketHace 19 días

    1. What happened to the hilarious editing, 2. The squid mantles look a lot like condoms and the act of pumping goo into them is a bit gross

  32. Jonas Butler

    Jonas ButlerHace 20 días

    Call this show It's Dead! with Brad Leone

  33. hexlax15

    hexlax15Hace 20 días

    yo write this up my man

  34. Josh Masri

    Josh MasriHace 20 días

    Seeing Gaby walk in with her hair cute af made my day

  35. HMan

    HManHace 21 un día

    This is screaming for a lemon juice splash!

  36. Zach Fleming

    Zach FlemingHace 23 días

    This week Brad makes stuffed Squid Condoms...

  37. Gordon Christopher

    Gordon ChristopherHace 24 días

    That knife tho *sploosh*

  38. HippoButtSecks

    HippoButtSecksHace 24 días

    Vinny would've had a field day editing this haha

  39. Sammy Danger

    Sammy DangerHace 25 días

    Give me that squid recipe! I need it!

  40. Sima Vule

    Sima VuleHace 25 días

    Squid isn't fish 1:08

  41. Dakarai Reed

    Dakarai ReedHace 25 días

    This is “It’s Alive” but, just a crossover ever event right?

  42. François Thomas

    François ThomasHace 27 días

    Ok guys, seriously, as I'm not from US at all, where does Brad's accent come from ? Like which state/city ? I know It's east US, but where exactly ? o_o ?

  43. Josh Roberts

    Josh RobertsHace 27 días


  44. liza cherian

    liza cherianHace 28 días

    No more Vinny 😕

  45. Komm Susser Tod

    Komm Susser TodHace 28 días

    9:15 used condoms yum

  46. Kinny

    KinnyHace 28 días

    i could taste this through the screen

  47. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro KujoHace 29 días

    Huh, piping the filling in,,,, sure looks like a used uhhhhhhhhhh

  48. Myu Wong

    Myu WongHace un mes

    These in a banh mi would probably be amazing..

  49. siphoned

    siphonedHace un mes

    I can’t be the only who thinks those unstuffed squid heads look like condomns

  50. heidi

    heidiHace un mes

    brad hardly ever measures and he still says a teaspoon of this or cup of this hdaghjkjsdl lol

  51. Derp

    DerpHace un mes

    Did Brad dab?

  52. Greazzy Butthole

    Greazzy ButtholeHace un mes

    9:18 yea just the lil bit of forskin 😂😂

  53. Casey Veatch

    Casey VeatchHace un mes

    brad makes used condoms

  54. FlonkFarryChair

    FlonkFarryChairHace un mes

    "No we're not putting then on a hot dog bun!" Five seconds later: "They're like little sausages."

  55. KillerDudez

    KillerDudezHace un mes

    9:20 Brad holding the squid up like that makes it kinda look like a condom

  56. Ineke

    InekeHace un mes

    Where is Vinny?

  57. Marjani Howard

    Marjani HowardHace un mes

    Brads knife skills are immaculate

  58. Joel Solomon

    Joel SolomonHace un mes

    what happened to all the post edit commentary????

  59. Enviotonin85

    Enviotonin85Hace un mes

    Squids are the most sustainable fish in the ocean? LOL....i dont even know squid are fish.

  60. koolio21able

    koolio21ableHace un mes

    Please kiss Chris