Bowyer and Newman go at it on pit road after All-Star Race


  1. Fun stuff 24

    Fun stuff 24Hace 19 días

    He could at least let him get out of the car first! And take that helmet off.

  2. billy kirby

    billy kirbyHace 19 días

    bower is such a pussy

  3. Nathan Dennis

    Nathan DennisHace 20 días

    Bowyer probably did that because if he waited for Newman to get out of his car his pit crew would of already been there.

  4. HotrodADV71

    HotrodADV71Hace 20 días

    Why didn't the chicken shit take off his helmet 😉

  5. Lynx Dominance

    Lynx DominanceHace 21 un día

    Yeah, I’m “sure” that did a lot of damage to him with a helmet on. Bowyer is such a Douche...

  6. Fish Productions

    Fish ProductionsHace 21 un día

    "Did you see them hitting one another?"

  7. Bryan Pinto

    Bryan PintoHace 21 un día

    What way he go Where is he lol

  8. Clint Jacops

    Clint JacopsHace 22 días


  9. Tim Walgren

    Tim WalgrenHace 23 días

    Frickin hillbilly

  10. Steve Cooper

    Steve CooperHace 23 días

    Boywer is a chicken sh*t. He has a big mouth and no balls . He needs a beat down and Newman is the toughest one out there.Nobody will take him on unless he's strap in are they leave the helmet on.

  11. Doodle Bob

    Doodle BobHace 21 un día

    Bowyer kicked his ass snowflake deal with it

  12. wiperwil1

    wiperwil1Hace 24 días

    Where is the fight.All i seen was a idiot hitting a window net.The NASCAR fights are not any good either.Same as the race

  13. Werlanne Mercês

    Werlanne MercêsHace 24 días

    Clint Bowyer is wrong. He come down above on Newman, and was lucky because he could taked a punch to learn how to drive. That's why he did not take off his helmet. Rsrs....

  14. Calvin Taylor

    Calvin TaylorHace 24 días

    Clint bowyer is a fucking asshole

  15. packlesswolf1

    packlesswolf1Hace 24 días

    Pussy ass boywer cant even fight him like a man

  16. Dale Cherry

    Dale CherryHace 25 días

    That was a bitch move on Bowyers part. He was at fault on that move.

  17. SaskReconAirsoft

    SaskReconAirsoftHace 25 días

    I lost it when D.W. said, "HE'S LIKE A MACHINE."

  18. Apache Walker

    Apache WalkerHace 25 días

    That's a B-Move.

  19. subseven

    subsevenHace 25 días

    He should press charges. That is assault.

  20. Mandi Urich

    Mandi UrichHace 25 días

    1 word ohfffffff

  21. GypsySlide

    GypsySlideHace 26 días

    Oh, wow... let's watch cars go around in a circle for a couple of hundred miles. NASCAR is perfect for Americans, slow, simple, and you can be fat!

  22. SHA8UTIE

    SHA8UTIEHace 25 días

    It was a great race, you should have watched it.

  23. Bradley Erickson

    Bradley EricksonHace 26 días

    I honestly think it is time for professional athletes to start paying a heavier toll for fighting. I am a physician and I deal in life and death in the ICU under the most extreme of the human conditions with often times very violent people. I have been punched, kicked, pinched, bit, cut, spit on, pissed and shit on, called every name in the book in several languages and never once have I ever been able to strike back. You know why? Because if I did I would be immediately fired, reported to the state and national database and likely have a hard time finding work. And that is for the violent people. If I hit a coworker, especially a subordinate, I most certainly would not be able to find work as a physician. This behavior is unacceptable.

  24. Lashorna Washington

    Lashorna WashingtonHace 26 días

    no fighting on pitrow

  25. Jer Watson

    Jer WatsonHace 26 días

    NASCAR- You posted the all star race and its NOT available in CANADA WTH?!?!?!

  26. steve edens

    steve edensHace 26 días

    As a short track local weekly driver my self in division 1 modified at my home town track. I have had this happen to me as well. I was belted in helmet on the hole 9. All I could think is what a chicken sh++ move. By time I could get out of the car security was all over. Lost all respect for you Sir......

  27. Sherif710

    Sherif710Hace 26 días

    Bowyer out here punching like the T-800

  28. hal payne

    hal payneHace 26 días

    Yea real wussie move attacking someone while they are in the car wearing a helmet with those Girly Haymakers.

  29. hal payne

    hal payneHace 26 días

    They are trying to save a Dying Sport.This stage crap.The stands use to be full.

  30. EklipsedDarkness

    EklipsedDarknessHace 26 días

    Boycott Toco for sponsering a snowflake bich!

  31. B I

    B IHace 26 días

    Man the fighting with a helmet on is a giant pussy move and on national TV your kids will see that later on and know what kind of a pussy you are

  32. Wayne Hill

    Wayne HillHace 26 días

    I used to always laugh at people that would throw a punch at me while wearing my football helmet. Thank-you very much, that will be a sore hand for you and 15 yards for my team.

  33. blah blah

    blah blahHace 27 días


  34. SHA8UTIE

    SHA8UTIEHace 26 días

    blah blah just Clit

  35. Age Pru

    Age PruHace 27 días

    Yeh then you see them at each other's bbq next weekend


    1031KRONTZ GERMERICANHace 27 días

    Bower is a bitch

  37. smtbigelow

    smtbigelowHace 27 días

    So Bowyer keeps his helmet on and still cant lay hands on Newman with him trapped in his car? Bowyer is a bitch!

  38. CipherBytes

    CipherBytesHace 27 días

    Somehow when you beat someone's ass up in sports, it's not assault.

  39. Flying Filipino

    Flying FilipinoHace 27 días

    That was ghey as fvck.

  40. ZNX 14

    ZNX 14Hace 27 días

    Oof oof oof oof

  41. packerd00

    packerd00Hace 27 días

    Friggin annoys me when the drivers keep their helmets on.

  42. michael parker

    michael parkerHace 27 días

    Sissy swings

  43. Eric Cartman

    Eric CartmanHace 27 días

    #46 on trending street

  44. David Kapinos

    David KapinosHace 27 días

    Always wanted to do this to people who cut me off 😂😂😂

  45. Frosty Cranmer

    Frosty CranmerHace 27 días

    I'm embarrassed for Clit Bower. Take your helmet off and let him get out of the car at least. Clit couldn't beat up half of Ryan if the other half was helping him.

  46. Stevie Joe Sampson

    Stevie Joe SampsonHace 27 días

    Fords driver argues while Nascar votes a Hendricks car in again for five years straight.

  47. B

    BHace 27 días

    Clint 'Rock em Sock em' Bowyer 😆😆😆😆😆🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜👷

  48. oliver barnaby

    oliver barnabyHace 27 días

    First time i have seen a nascar video on trending

  49. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Hace 27 días


  50. Wade Suhr

    Wade SuhrHace 27 días

    NASCAR is so lame now that even the fights are sad to watch.

  51. glassjaw624

    glassjaw624Hace 27 días

    Take your helmet off pussy

  52. Da Racer

    Da RacerHace 27 días

    He said he like a machine

  53. Josxyz74vvTV

    Josxyz74vvTVHace 27 días

    Didn't Michael Waltrip do something similar once lol? It's funny because after all those "punches" Newman just emerged completely unscathed and confused.

  54. That Dude Named Dale

    That Dude Named DaleHace 27 días

    NASCAR trending on ESreporter? Hell yeah we need more of this

  55. dokerjams

    dokerjamsHace 27 días

    Clit will always be a chicken shit for doing all of that with his helmet on. Ryan Newman may not be one of the best drivers out there but he's paid his dues and then some and he's a rugged MOFer wish he would have taught that crybaby a lesson

  56. Matt gaming

    Matt gamingHace 27 días


  57. Amy Sullivan

    Amy SullivanHace 27 días

    Saw bowyer's tampon fall out running over to scratch his eyes out plus waltrip saying wow wow it's exciting maybe this is why your sport is dead

  58. GrayEagle48

    GrayEagle48Hace 27 días

    I went to a boxing match and a stock car race broke out. Catch up with me on youtube. Editorial page:

  59. aaron Faulkner

    aaron FaulknerHace 27 días

    Newman would definitely win in a fight with this pussy Bowyer.

  60. Richard Attenborough

    Richard AttenboroughHace 27 días

    Boyers a bitch

  61. Hammer0f Thor

    Hammer0f ThorHace 27 días

    I guess Boyer’s elbow was itching. Of anyone on that track to confront, it wouldn’t be Newman. He could plant Bowyer and wait until spring for him to come up. You could see how scared Newman was of him when he walked right up to him with no helmet. Even the pit crews didn’t try to restrain Newman not wanting to loose a limb.

  62. jc1424

    jc1424Hace 27 días

    wtf nascar is trending

  63. Oscar jimenez

    Oscar jimenezHace 27 días

    @Tenno Tube2 This is Amazing for Nascar

  64. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Hace 27 días

    I know wtf

  65. 88camaroTT

    88camaroTTHace 27 días

    Newman is not the guy you wanna go toe to toe with.. That was just childish, my little brother hit harder than that when he was 10

  66. gotdibz

    gotdibzHace 27 días

    Hockey 🏒 in cars now

  67. Andrew G. Kent II

    Andrew G. Kent IIHace 27 días

    Lmfao!! Bowyer coming with some pussy cheap shots! Newman could have easily whooped his ass. Well done Cunt Bowyer.

  68. hollowpoint45acp

    hollowpoint45acpHace 27 días

    Bowyer is a clown. Always has been. Always will be. That's why he drives for fatty

  69. Tyler cole

    Tyler coleHace 27 días


  70. Oscar jimenez

    Oscar jimenezHace 27 días

    #19 On Trending Last Night

  71. Mike G

    Mike GHace 27 días

    NASCAR ? This is still on? What channel? AMC?

  72. DNZ 1014

    DNZ 1014Hace 27 días

    Dude didn't even take off his helmet tho

  73. Coolish Stuff

    Coolish StuffHace 27 días

    What a little bitch! Yeah attack a guy who's still strapped into his car. #Bitchmove

  74. rticle15

    rticle15Hace 27 días

    Like getting punched by a butterfly.

  75. Superstar5923

    Superstar5923Hace 27 días

    Hey we on trending

  76. Theiwillsee

    TheiwillseeHace 27 días

    I would've grabbed and snapped his arm. Come at me!!!

  77. kuWreckzGaming

    kuWreckzGamingHace 27 días

    So he tries to take the OUTSIDE - CLIPS the back end - CRASHES - and blames the other driver? No offense but in competitive racing you still have to be safe. You made a bad call pulling in front of him without clearance.

  78. BGM Productions

    BGM ProductionsHace 27 días

    Ahhh we trending boissss

  79. Brian G.

    Brian G.Hace 27 días

    Wow. This is the first thing that has ever gotten close to interesting in the history of Nascar.

  80. SHA8UTIE

    SHA8UTIEHace 27 días

    Terry B Bowyer wrecked himself, retard.

  81. Oscar jimenez

    Oscar jimenezHace 27 días

    It's on trending

  82. Terry B

    Terry BHace 27 días

    Newman Wrecked The 14 For No Reason. They Both Lost The Race And Newman Has Not Won In Years

  83. Walker Mack

    Walker MackHace 27 días

    Nascar is trending??

  84. HaasFormulaOneFan

    HaasFormulaOneFanHace 27 días

    That guy threw more punches then UFC fighters

  85. Ricky Edwards

    Ricky EdwardsHace 27 días

    He should have grabbed one of his arms and broke it

  86. GeometryGalaxy

    GeometryGalaxyHace 27 días

    The video is black.

  87. RapGame HankMardukas

    RapGame HankMardukasHace 27 días

    Wow what a fucking pussy lol



    No assault charges ?

  89. Rumble Rider

    Rumble RiderHace 28 días

    Lmfao.. how ladys fight....

  90. alexander the awesome

    alexander the awesomeHace 28 días

    Yeee boi go ahead and light em boy show em how we git’ down

  91. kiddingme01

    kiddingme01Hace 28 días

    Some people need drama to feel relevant

  92. Tammy Amommy

    Tammy AmommyHace 28 días

    The title of the video says Boyer and Newman went at it. I didn't realize that getting attacked sitting in your car was "going at it."

  93. Vexoph

    VexophHace 28 días

    Streetfighter *Fight!*

  94. Wade Ramsey

    Wade RamseyHace 28 días

    What a couple of pussies. Helmet on sucker punches followed by a kinda heated conversation.

  95. Michael Martin

    Michael MartinHace 28 días

    Why is THIS on Trending?

  96. William Milliken

    William MillikenHace 28 días

    He would have kicked clint's ass..

  97. jjmurff

    jjmurffHace 28 días

    Take off that Helmet!

  98. Dave Dodge

    Dave DodgeHace 28 días

    Clint is a pussy. Ryan would destroy him.

  99. cujo0750

    cujo0750Hace 28 días

    Take your helmet off, PUSSY! !!!!!!

  100. ndstwo

    ndstwoHace 28 días

    Sucker punch and runaway.what a pussie

  101. Rod Strunk

    Rod StrunkHace 28 días

    Pussy Boyer

  102. Derek Santos

    Derek SantosHace 28 días

    Newmannnnn *Seinfeld voice*

  103. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel RodriguezHace 28 días

    Stupid white ppl pussy go to car with driver still inside to throw punches

  104. Juan ZineTiC LDM

    Juan ZineTiC LDMHace 28 días

    ufc on nascar/fox?

  105. tyler lewis

    tyler lewisHace 28 días

    Dang Nascar is still on apparently

  106. Tim Costigan

    Tim CostiganHace 28 días

    Another nascar sissy fight

  107. Rya N

    Rya NHace 28 días

    Dude was scared to take his helmet off

  108. Frankie Chileman

    Frankie ChilemanHace 28 días

    Uh-oh someone needs a timeout...🤣

  109. Jay Thrilla

    Jay ThrillaHace 28 días

    I don’t watch nascar so I can’t speak on a technical aspect of what happened. But why doesn’t the guy take his helmet off and stop acting like a pussy. Let the guy get out of the car before you start throwing punches you fucking coward.

  110. Beau Biker

    Beau BikerHace 28 días

    ILMAO Boyer leaves his helmet on and throws punches like a 5 year old girl. What a pussy.