BMW Motorcycle Engine Assembly


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    ドイツ人の職人気質が本当にわかり nice video

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    Pride of German engineering , metallurgy , engine performance and truly dedicated mechanics.

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    Where is engine man 😂😂


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    Superb sir ji great work 👍👍👍👍

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    La G310 R tambien es igual?

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    Nice work

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    Luego decimos que son caras....

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    awesome videos😎👍

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    12:55...wait did this guy smiled?...I hope he didnt got fired.

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    LO XD

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    BMW? Never!!! Very insecure!

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    اعشق هاي المصانع مال محركات منيتي اشتغل بيها

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    automate everything for reliability.

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    BMW Motorcycle Engine Assembly

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    Nine T Pure, mi cuarta BMW. K1200 R, K1300 S, F700 GS y ahora la Nine T!! Motos BMW ¡¡El placer de las sensaciones!!

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    The Germans are a successful people

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    Nice job

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    do you leave your happyness at the door? or is the boss just a ....., come on look alive! you build BMW machines! wich brings happiness to thousands!!

  23. Phillip van Vuuren

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    i have yes, steel industry , my basic was high but the company is now ruined, and my standard of living did go up. But that is something you get used to after a while hey+Harry Zampetakis

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    +Phillip van Vuuren you haven't worked in a factory for basic salary I suppose... I drive luxury cars for a living, on basic... Some months per year... I look happy when I have guests in the car... Rest of the time I don't care how much the car costs... or how I look.. Just want to return home, relax and get ready for the next trip.. Absolutely understand these guys...

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    +Harry Zampetakis It has been studied numerous times in big industry, your statement is false, you are welcome to look it up. Proven numerous times. That is a very old way of thinking.

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    Happiness is brought to the workers by their salary... not the product they make...

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    6 pistons 😵🚀🚀

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    This has to be the most soul killing job on the world.

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    Yeah, but it‘s also very well payed. And that‘s usually how that works.

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    Namenhafte Qualität: Deutsche Technik

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    un travail de professionnels bravoo

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    over the rainbow...♪♪♪

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    what was going on in that last process spinning up with tubes connected?

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    The tubes connect to intake holes and exhaust holes each side , then drive the crankshaft ,measure the pressure or vacuum , . In the same time measure how much torque to drive the crankshaft ,these data shows the valves and piston rings whether working properly. they don't need connect the engine to the computer,no need for coolant system. Only. 8 tubes can test the engine.

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    Olá. Tenho uma f1000 94. O carro fica estancando quando desliga, alguém poderia diagnosticar o problema?


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    Meu sonho sempre foi trabalhar na CCE, tentei enviar meu curriculum recentemente mais o site esta indisponível.

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    Good job.

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    magnifik montage

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    6:20 s1000rr assembly

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    Why is paint on the surface of the part?(What's mean red color?)

  43. Andrei Indru

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    It's just a control sign. To show that the worker verified that parts of the engine. But it's becoming a reflex after some time...

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    Laptop si unyil gak ada apa apanya 🙏🙏 Indonesia menyimak 🇲🇨💙💙

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    at the end no one will buy BMW motorcycle, it costs a fortune

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    it's amazing how all that wear and torque can be a applied to a chain for years and 1,000's of miles of operation

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    Made ini germani is good

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    I want to see Yamaha motorcycle engines made

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    sometimes when i want to slap my coworker's face because he his talking again about his ex girlfriend, i'm dreaming about doing this kind of a job. Just working, alone with the machinery, concetrated.

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    The fact that it is obviously sanitized to create an effect which is appealing to non-engineering punters does not detract from the viewing pleasure.

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    This is the [mute assembly line]. A true happy work place.

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    you dont think they talk of camera ? even here they actually talk if you listen. Dont be silly.

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    I need a job

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    Cara muito incrível sensacional...meu sonho comprar uma BMW nova zero primeiro a dirigir nela

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    Extreme expensive line (with very limited staff) to build expensive product with very limited and controlled longevity. This is what ruins our world.

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    German Technology, the best ....

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    Bmw meine liebe marke❤

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    Mortorcicle or car? What motors?

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    BMW수평대향 engine?

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    German stuff

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    I can't speak English... 😃😃😃😃

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    the handshaking was awkward

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    oooh my lord to do this job it can make me happy than every things in the world

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    Legendary German efficiency

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    management: what else can we improve? pencil pushers: let's remove the chairs and have them brainstorm while standing. management: good idea!

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    13:58 solid clap

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    Q legal.Gostaria de trabalhar numa fábrica dessa

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    Que organización , que disciplina , toda la tecnología al servicio del hombre. Gracias por compartir.

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    8:50 The Japanees assembling a's fashinating!

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    Bio robots.....

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    Bio slaves.

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    bmw ist in duetschland …….welhes stadt

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    Coisa mais linda de se ver, esse do emprego dos meus sonhos.

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    I love this!!

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    Always Honda ;)

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    Arbeitsdrohnen im Dienst, erschreckende Bilder...

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    Loved my 06 R12gs. Fantastic motor. Too bad the final drives and their never needed servicing decision caused a bunch of failures.

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    Asmr right here lol

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    I look for you

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    Das ist gut

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    Who makes the machines that makes the machines?

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    mau dong jadi mekanik

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    Idêntico a fabrica shineray Alagoas

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    Maestro Scooty ka bhi bnana

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    Shrvan Mishra

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    Os alemães são os caras mesmo.

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    vry nic

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    I've worked in a Cummins engine factory.

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    pantesan mahal, yg turun engineer semua. kerjanya juga ga bisa cepet. kalah sama tenaga kerja indonesia. 1 shift menghasilkan ratusan bahkan ribuan unit.

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    Eine sehr ruhige Fabrik !!

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    É apaixonante .. quero trabalhar aí.. parece tudo dá certo de primeira não tem nada errado não tem stresses .... Muito obrigado pelo vídeo... A profundidade da minha ciência é pouca para julgar o vídeo a fundo... obrigado... Essa tecnologia tem no Brasil???? Abraço..

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    Meu deus as pessoas só pensão e julgar affs

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    kkkk Dificilmente vai dar errado, tudo sistemático. Gosto do jeito alemão de construir/montar/consertar as coisas.

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    deve ser muito bom trabalhar numa empresa dessa

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    Is this for 1000rr

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    I asambled a Sachs engine with one piston and with two speed, from zero, in less than 3 minute. Was a scooter engine, not like this one , but how I see it almost same as in video but just with one piston. Nice clutch

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    Some are not wearing gloves

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    I love this work 😍

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    I notice they have a stand up meeting and a stand up table. Very straight to the point, quick and fast meeting.

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    Should automate everything for reliability. Human ca easily forget to install one single part but machine never will.


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    a clean process.

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    Chamsaft without bearing???

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    Ow guys! Take me to you. I wanna work on this factory! I work on Peugeot citroen Mitsubishi in Russia and here is no European order and quality! This is cause the factory is headed by Russian Vanya who can not steal!

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    Does anyone know if GS body parts will fit my RT? I want to change it's looks.

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    Precision and Pride in the Product. Wunderbar!