Blueface Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


  1. Complex

    ComplexHace 4 meses

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  2. River Jackson

    River JacksonHace 2 días

    Ayo and teo next

  3. Kassandra Thomas

    Kassandra ThomasHace un mes

    Complex don’t let me go back in the game again

  4. cnaasty visuals

    cnaasty visualsHace un mes


  5. cnaasty visuals

    cnaasty visualsHace un mes

    Tay Tay h

  6. Nina Peterson

    Nina PetersonHace un mes

    Blueface can u please get me some shoes

  7. Young Saiga

    Young SaigaHace 13 horas

    Who here after he slept with 1000 women

  8. Dylan Garcia

    Dylan GarciaHace 15 horas

    It was all about the all white air forces back then. Bruh it still is

  9. stillCoLd SAMP/MTA

    stillCoLd SAMP/MTAHace un día


  10. Skype Status

    Skype StatusHace un día

    Joe: "what are ur favorite shoes?" Blueface: "yea ight"

  11. Vedha Das

    Vedha DasHace un día

    All I hear is mumbling when he talk. For real.

  12. Some Guy

    Some GuyHace un día

    If you listen carefully, you can hear his necklaces colliding together. 😅

  13. ANIMEFAN2121

    ANIMEFAN2121Hace un día

    He wore red

  14. Nathan Ryan

    Nathan RyanHace 2 días

    imagine wearing a belt just to sag

  15. Q

    QHace 2 días

    Why didn’t blue face try to slide on the cashier lady

  16. It's vCrxcs

    It's vCrxcsHace 2 días

    Hey blueface what shoes do you like? blueface:"enfjkwubkcdajkcecwec"

  17. Samantha Kelly

    Samantha KellyHace 3 días

    I love the way he talks he makes me laugh lol

  18. Lego kid

    Lego kidHace 3 días

    I understand what he saying lol

  19. Lego kid

    Lego kidHace 3 días

    He seems like a dude you would like to hang out with

  20. Betty Solano

    Betty SolanoHace 3 días

    Jesus I can’t fuckin understand one word Blueface says.

  21. Tengo Chorro

    Tengo ChorroHace 3 días


  22. Smartkid2387

    Smartkid2387Hace 4 días

    First time I was tempted to go straight to the sneaker buying.

  23. Xxfortnite WardogxX

    Xxfortnite WardogxXHace 4 días

    Blue faces first words I don’t f**k with it

  24. Dupree Wilson

    Dupree WilsonHace 4 días

    273 for some cortez? Yeah aight

  25. abstractZ

    abstractZHace 4 días

    He's high as fuck

  26. Geoffrey Ingram

    Geoffrey IngramHace 5 días

    I know what he’s saying, y’all trippin🤦🏽‍♂️

  27. Its Speedy

    Its SpeedyHace 4 días

    Geoffrey Ingrasjss heiqjwhb riudd dey bussin?

  28. badman ygm

    badman ygmHace 5 días

    Ye I fuck w the raches

  29. Quepsy

    QuepsyHace 5 días

    He’s high AF!!😳

  30. Kata Bzozzs

    Kata BzozzsHace 5 días

    me after weed : 2:30

  31. Stikrzz

    StikrzzHace 6 días

    A crip getting red shoes 🤨

  32. Michael Wozniak

    Michael WozniakHace 6 días

    What shoe is standing out for you? Blueface: these bussin *picks up WOMENS ice blue 1’s*

  33. fooshy

    fooshyHace 6 días

    “Their cool, I like blue.” -blueface 2019

  34. ßl Ack

    ßl AckHace 7 días

    I've never heard of mumble talking

  35. Flame

    FlameHace 7 días

    shut up blueface

  36. Undead Stacy

    Undead StacyHace 7 días

    On the deadlocs

  37. Justin Gutierrez

    Justin GutierrezHace 8 días

    This dude trah, how he got money!?

  38. matt

    mattHace 8 días

    Complex: u like these? Blueface: yuyuuu ye Cortel yyeee, blu day coo

  39. basketballplayer101 02

    basketballplayer101 02Hace 8 días

    What is this guy even saying? All I hear Is murmurmurmurmur

  40. itsnxah

    itsnxahHace 8 días

    On another of complex overpricing their shoes so they can rip off celebs

  41. A-Dizzle M-Shizzy

    A-Dizzle M-ShizzyHace 8 días

    1:11 Grandma:aww show mom and dad the noise you made me Me:

  42. Daniel Dimino

    Daniel DiminoHace 8 días

    I still love Air Force 1s to me they will never ever go out of style ever... I have some new white pairs and 1 pair of all black ones i love Air Force 1s a whole lot and theyre reasonably priced imo

  43. Nicole Lester

    Nicole LesterHace 8 días

    Right here yeah aight

  44. Tarius Poole

    Tarius PooleHace 8 días

    Blueface: yeah I like blue

  45. Mi Mi

    Mi MiHace 8 días

    Nobody: Blueface: i lIkE BluE

  46. xGachaGangsterGabbyx

    xGachaGangsterGabbyxHace 8 días

    The next song should be called "I like blue" then "yeah aight" lool

  47. Reese Blue

    Reese BlueHace 9 días

    Is his name Blueface I read Dumbass

  48. Reese Blue

    Reese BlueHace 9 días

    Damn rappers used to mumble in songs now Bluface stepped it up with can’t even speak English. If I was paralyzed and his song was playing even I’d stand up and turn his shit off 😂😂😂😂

  49. Sky Too Lit

    Sky Too LitHace 9 días

    Low key y’all need episode of g herbo polo g lil durk and 147 calboy

  50. Adoy Ahmed

    Adoy AhmedHace 9 días


  51. marie arikai

    marie arikaiHace 9 días


  52. Basxic Lam

    Basxic LamHace 9 días

    the fact that bluefacebaby when he paid he had all 100 dollar bills ;-; that called me broke 😜😂😳😰😭😭

  53. IAmFuze

    IAmFuzeHace 9 días

    Joe: So, you like these? How long have you been into them? Blueface: ifndsux ffududnnfivml fjdipldm Joe: Yeah, definetely.

  54. Kowalski

    KowalskiHace 10 días

    *[Everybody disliked that]*

  55. Jayla Wright

    Jayla WrightHace 10 días

    His feet brooo

  56. eee eee

    eee eeeHace 10 días

    this disabled flatworm more boring than watching a girls volley ball game

  57. JRC ____

    JRC ____Hace 10 días

    This is how many times Blueface said “Bop” \/

  58. Kanwar Parmar

    Kanwar ParmarHace 10 días

    Bruh the cashiers don’t care how famous the person is, they just stand there lol and act dead 😂

  59. The Dream

    The DreamHace 10 días

    Blue I need some tips for football

  60. Gc Gaming

    Gc GamingHace 11 días

    Man said lemme get these hmmmmm I fuck wit these like it was a candy shop

  61. Ya Yeet

    Ya YeetHace 11 días

    I like blue but he wear red lol

  62. El Chino

    El ChinoHace 11 días

    This nigga speaking in cursive or something

  63. Official_CiMiS

    Official_CiMiSHace 11 días

    I feel like blue face was destined to be famous

  64. Jmoz_3415 :p

    Jmoz_3415 :pHace 11 días

    Lol Joe was trying so hard to interview Blueface but it wasn’t working 😂

  65. 100000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS

    100000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOSHace 11 días

    He gonna get off size sneakers

  66. Pejcz

    PejczHace 11 días

    2:15 half a year or 6 months had me dead

  67. Calthecool

    CalthecoolHace 11 días

    Nobody: Blueface: *I like blue*

  68. Calthecool

    CalthecoolHace 11 días

    Blueface baby, *Y E A I G H T*

  69. GZUZ

    GZUZHace 11 días

    He's such a dumb ass xD Everytime he open his mouth he just sound dumb xD and honestly I'm not hating on him it's just facts

  70. anime trash

    anime trashHace 12 días

    shoes are overpaid

  71. TheTimTwins

    TheTimTwinsHace 12 días

    *”I like blue”* *”they cool”* *yeh.” *ahahaha*

  72. Jason_150

    Jason_150Hace 12 días

    I like blue they cool

  73. blue face don't mach beat 6six nine9 trash btw

    blue face don't mach beat 6six nine9 trash btwHace 12 días

    Blue face says half a word then hums

  74. XtReMe Sniper

    XtReMe SniperHace 12 días

    0/10 his face is not blue

  75. Shout

    ShoutHace 12 días

    Rappers from the mumble rap era even talk mumble. Why they can't just open a mouth while talking.

  76. Douglas Davis

    Douglas DavisHace 12 días

    Everybody knew you, but you didnt know everybody. Show some humility asshole. I had to click this video to find out who the fuck BLUE FACE is. You choose music over football because its easier. You wont last. LAZY

  77. Sloppy 72

    Sloppy 72Hace 12 días

    Shoes host: blue face how was your childhood Bluefacet: ummhjsks mujga uhvusmns

  78. MxSxvge

    MxSxvgeHace 12 días

    He said hell yeah a lot😂

  79. ll Nax

    ll NaxHace 13 días

    Blueface sounds like he has foam in hes mouth

  80. Alexei Smirnoff

    Alexei SmirnoffHace 13 días

    “We gonna see what he’s feeling, what he’s not and hopefully he buys some sneakers”

  81. Eusebio Guzman

    Eusebio GuzmanHace 13 días

    Can you guys get scarlxrd

  82. Sundae

    SundaeHace 13 días

    OuuuuuuUuuUuUuUuUuUuUuuuuUu. BOP

  83. Russell Johnson

    Russell JohnsonHace 13 días

    Blue face bought the worlds ugliest sneakers 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. Katherine Rivera

    Katherine RiveraHace 13 días


  85. Hades

    HadesHace 13 días

    Dude spoke in playboicarti

  86. Hamlet Hakobyan

    Hamlet HakobyanHace 13 días

    Why the fuck is this nigga mumbling