Blueface Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


  1. Complex

    ComplexHace un mes

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  2. Sebastian Rodas

    Sebastian RodasHace 5 días


  3. aoki johnson

    aoki johnsonHace 16 días

    Complex y’all need to get Cardi B on Sneaker Shopping

  4. Investigator India

    Investigator IndiaHace 19 días

    Complex I like watchin ur vids

  5. marcus laner

    marcus lanerHace 21 un día

    Complex reecy the rapper up next

  6. zachdoesallofdat stuff

    zachdoesallofdat stuffHace 2 horas

    5:07 you fuck wit em yea they busin there dope they busin they busin

  7. DDomino Geronimo

    DDomino GeronimoHace 3 horas


  8. Mirrah Yasmeen

    Mirrah YasmeenHace 22 horas

    "I like blue"😂😂😂

  9. M N

    M NHace un día

    The host sounds like jimmy kimmel

  10. Noah croom

    Noah croomHace un día

    Complex: the red ones are good Blueface: but i like blue Comeplex:oh yeah i forgot Me:bruh how you forget his name is BLUEface

  11. Noah croom

    Noah croomHace un día

    Aye! Blueface

  12. Ricardo woods

    Ricardo woodsHace un día

    Blueface looks like the type person who would return those shoes back to Complex 🤣🤣

  13. 20,000 subs with 0 videos

    20,000 subs with 0 videosHace un día

    Why this man look like nick cannon

  14. J

    JHace un día

    cashier sexy af damn im surprised he aint spit game

  15. NBA_ MIGO

    NBA_ MIGOHace un día


  16. Mysterywing 18

    Mysterywing 18Hace 2 días

    hes a "crip" buys all red Jordans🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. Jamal Davids

    Jamal DavidsHace 2 días

    Nigga outfit look like black latex gloves

  18. A

    AHace 2 días

    As a chronic mumbler... I finally understand what people are saying when they say I mumble 😂😂😂

  19. Ben Harrison

    Ben HarrisonHace 3 días

    I think he likes blue.....Do you agree?

  20. PANTHER Army

    PANTHER ArmyHace 3 días

    Complex guy:Is it it anyone u look up to now Blue face:(Starts mumbling) Complex guy:don’t understand a shit but ok

  21. kylei eby

    kylei ebyHace 3 días

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Blueface:I like blue yeah ight!!!!

  22. Mo Al

    Mo AlHace 3 días

    I feel like some of the cashier woman are forced to not make to much contact with the rappers for some reason

  23. jujasnames j

    jujasnames jHace 3 días

    The hell is wrong with this guy?

  24. gummy yummy

    gummy yummyHace 3 días

    Ay blueface still got his dinner in his mouth

  25. Mr. CreepyPants

    Mr. CreepyPantsHace 3 días

    Blueface sounds like how he raps... stupid

  26. Edward Garcia

    Edward GarciaHace 3 días


  27. Expertgamer247

    Expertgamer247Hace 3 días

    Famous crip *buys red Jordan’s*

  28. roro2k

    roro2kHace 4 días

    Need subtitles like dat🤣

  29. JensPw

    JensPwHace 4 días

    Yeah aiiit

  30. Moises Martinez_Martinez

    Moises Martinez_MartinezHace 4 días


  31. Professor B

    Professor BHace 4 días

    Is he normal?? I can't understand what he is saying

  32. Oh ye ye Oh ye ye

    Oh ye ye Oh ye yeHace 4 días

    I feel like every time blueface goes somewhere he has to inform us who he is by crip walking

  33. Oh ye ye Oh ye ye

    Oh ye ye Oh ye yeHace 4 días

    0:28 i didnt know that

  34. Joseph Morales

    Joseph MoralesHace 5 días

    Blue face what is your real name mine is catalaya

  35. RyZe_ EnVi

    RyZe_ EnViHace 5 días

    English has left the chat.

  36. Franklin from Grave st

    Franklin from Grave stHace 5 días

    I had a feeling he was going to get blue shoes

  37. Rachet._.Queen

    Rachet._.QueenHace 5 días

    Put on captions

  38. m_umix

    m_umixHace 5 días

    He actually bought something that was red


    LUIS FLORESHace 6 días

    These kids are stupid these days spending alm that money on shoes , but i guess you got it spend it why not

  40. RiFtyourmum_ gayy

    RiFtyourmum_ gayyHace 6 días

    Yeah Hell yeah Yeah ite Yeah Hell yeah Yeah ite And he mumbles alot

  41. Caiden Butler

    Caiden ButlerHace 6 días

    Do kodak black

  42. Josh Guerrero

    Josh GuerreroHace 6 días

    He almost sounds like mearball from aqua team hungrr force.

  43. JC WW

    JC WWHace 6 días

    He talks like he’s got cotton balls in his mouth

  44. Don Cheto69

    Don Cheto69Hace 6 días

    Nobody: Blue face:jehehejejeh

  45. Diego Samano

    Diego SamanoHace 6 días

    First person I’ve seen pay with cash and all hundos instead of a card💸

  46. Tanis

    TanisHace 6 días

    Tf is this dude saying

  47. Kimberly Rogers

    Kimberly RogersHace 6 días

    I am more like a greenface 😂😂

  48. kaapstad kid

    kaapstad kidHace 6 días

    Blueface reminds me of me when I take a shit and I'm pressing

  49. MiniMight

    MiniMightHace 6 días

    If you from the west, you can understand him perfectly

  50. Greendippey Aj and more

    Greendippey Aj and moreHace 7 días

    6:26 I didn’t know blueface was Daequan😂💀

  51. Jay Jay

    Jay JayHace 7 días

    He said “ oOoOo “😂

  52. Jexx Manalo

    Jexx ManaloHace 7 días

    what's the cashier's IG?

  53. Richard

    RichardHace 7 días


  54. david johnson

    david johnsonHace 7 días


  55. princepernell#10

    princepernell#10Hace 7 días

    Why dis nigga dressed like he in jodeci

  56. Bill Nye

    Bill NyeHace 7 días

    1hit wonder

  57. X

    XHace 7 días

    Nigga speaking cursive

  58. Everything4405

    Everything4405Hace 7 días

    6:24 what did he say?

  59. victoria gaillard

    victoria gaillardHace 7 días

    Nobody: Literally nobody at all: Blueface: BOPPPPP‼️‼️‼️😜😜😜

  60. tam phan

    tam phanHace 7 días

    That is the ugliest face tattoo

  61. Alfonso Munoz

    Alfonso MunozHace 7 días

    These later episodes are getting boring. The guests don't even like sneakers at all.

  62. William Paseler

    William PaselerHace 7 días

    U should ask nle Choppa to come shop

  63. xXuidmod

    xXuidmodHace 7 días

    Guy: You like these Blueface: ahdkwkqsvasjqq yeah aight

  64. FUNFrenchy

    FUNFrenchyHace 7 días

    All I hear is hmmhmmsmmamilikebluemmmmmmm

  65. Blazing Stingray

    Blazing StingrayHace 7 días

    5:54 when you stub your toe

  66. Hermanosponce9

    Hermanosponce9Hace 7 días

    He's the only celebrity that I know has not payed with a card. That dude got racks on him.

  67. SupremeJay 808

    SupremeJay 808Hace 7 días

    If an autistic person were to rap this is a good representation

  68. Gus

    GusHace 8 días

    He fucking weirdo 💀


    SUPERPEUUHace 8 días

    01:35 I like blue Ha Ha

  70. Tanya Marshall

    Tanya MarshallHace 8 días

    He sound like he high all the time

  71. Alyssa Lomax

    Alyssa LomaxHace 8 días

    I love u blue face

  72. College Dej

    College DejHace 8 días

    These videos are really sleek and engaging. Easy to get sucked into them

  73. Brianna Delgado

    Brianna DelgadoHace 8 días

    Damn he paid pure hundreds like if that was the first person u saw pay with hundred dollar bills 💵💰

  74. Juan Aguilera

    Juan AguileraHace 8 días

    His mic need to be like on his ankle or something to hear him clearly

  75. Joyce M

    Joyce MHace 8 días

    A walking ad lib lmaooo😂😂ooohh bop

  76. Buzzy boy

    Buzzy boyHace 8 días

    He got some good shoes

  77. Shysty Nash

    Shysty NashHace 8 días

    $534 for some hurachees 🤦🏾‍♂️😂never

  78. AlexOX

    AlexOXHace 8 días

    Bruh he did not just say “bop” to the cashier

  79. AlexOX

    AlexOXHace 8 días

    This man be talking like he in the sims

  80. AlexOX

    AlexOXHace 8 días

    Took mumbling rapping to mumbling talking

  81. Angelica Ramos

    Angelica RamosHace 8 días

    Wait... BlueFace is a crip 🔵 but why did he buy red shoes???🔴

  82. Chris Dogan

    Chris DoganHace 8 días

    Wtf is he saying

  83. sayi

    sayiHace 8 días

    Lmao why just why only my people would go on a show and have to buy those shoes they should but them for him

  84. kevin scully

    kevin scullyHace 9 días

    So corney blue face is

  85. super saiyan god Sprite Cranberry

    super saiyan god Sprite CranberryHace 9 días

    YO BRUH blue can wear cortez'es if your a kid and you wear a pair of cortez then you gonna get jumped by a gang

  86. Kody

    KodyHace 9 días

    Is he a snitch?

  87. RIP X

    RIP XHace 9 días

    He speaks in mumble and raps in words

  88. Jaydan Rice

    Jaydan RiceHace 9 días

    A crip wearing red shoes...🤔hhhhhmmmmmmmm

  89. NINE Tyss

    NINE TyssHace 9 días

    Use me as a button yeah ight

  90. D'møn Ø

    D'møn ØHace 9 días

    Yea iight

  91. Jackie brown

    Jackie brownHace 9 días

    Came through dressed like eddie murphy

  92. Loretta McGehrin

    Loretta McGehrinHace 9 días

    Out of the 3 which is the best Blueface Juice WRLD Lil Yachty Reply to this comment and say who you like best.

  93. Brady Densock

    Brady DensockHace 10 días

    pause at 2:36

  94. Enlightened pool

    Enlightened poolHace 10 días

    This time next year folks are going to be like do you remember blue face I bet you won't remember none of his bars or lack thereof

  95. Ogkush 253

    Ogkush 253Hace 10 días

    Did he just call her a bop 😮🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋🤣🤣

  96. Cristian Arroyo

    Cristian ArroyoHace 10 días

    This nigga a fraud he aint no real crip RIP NiPSEY

  97. Soul Brotha #3

    Soul Brotha #3Hace 10 días

    5:54 Blueface giving mad respect to the Nipsey Hussle hurraches. RIP Nipsey Hussle

  98. Colquiitt

    ColquiittHace 10 días

    Blueface: they coo, I like blue Ya don’t say??

  99. im noodle

    im noodleHace 10 días

    Gonna Get hate for this, Idc. But his rhythm is good. His flow 🔥. But Everything Else, Punchlines,Lyrics Creativity are just too low. Ik he can make better lyrics

  100. ItsMaddox 42

    ItsMaddox 42Hace 8 días

    im noodle He’s not really a good rapper tho🤷🏼‍♂️

  101. john da goat

    john da goatHace 10 días

    How is his voice audio tuned

  102. Nathan Santos

    Nathan SantosHace 11 días

    He even mumble talk😂

  103. Kenny420

    Kenny420Hace 11 días

    I‘ma rip the audio off of this video & make a song with Blueface.

  104. Nick Furlow

    Nick FurlowHace 11 días

    I'm not trying to be funny but is he genuinely retarded?

  105. Dominic Medina

    Dominic MedinaHace 11 días

    I turned on captions cause I didn’t really understand half the words he said...