BLACKPINK Talks "Kill This Love", Coachella & How They Formed


  1. nunun rahmah

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    I'm smiling Everytime watching jisoo to talk in english she's so precious


    EZBRUHHace 12 horas

    Jisoo is so innocent


    EZBRUHHace 12 horas

    This is actually so awkward

  4. Ibrahim + Life

    Ibrahim + LifeHace 17 horas

    18:35 Jisoo is like "OH HELLL NAHHHH"

  5. HT KB

    HT KBHace 19 horas

    Awn, Lisa is so humble and simple.

  6. spdn 12

    spdn 12Hace 20 horas

    Translate indo oi

  7. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh KumarHace un día

    Jisoo is more open in Korean shows !!

  8. K T L

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    Jennie looked like she wanted to spill sooo much tea in this interview😭

  9. Cheristie Anna

    Cheristie AnnaHace un día

    they are so perfect :3 blackpink is a good role model to build a self confident in ourself

  10. Nicole Ancel

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    So who else was shocked when Ashton Erwin was mentioned? Any 5sos Fam heeeere? Only me? K, i got myself hahaha

  11. Erin Cox

    Erin CoxHace un día

    I really have to attribute this video for making me become a Blink. Since finding it I've binged so many videos, so many fan compilations and of course Blackpink House. Thanks Zach!

  12. Maria Tnnaxi

    Maria TnnaxiHace un día

    I just stare jisoo from the beginning to the end love you jisoo ❤😘

  13. Michelle Hernandez

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    jisoo is seriously making me question my sexuality. 😭😂

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    Can't stop listening ROSÉ speaking English 😍😍🥰😍😍🥰😍🥰

  15. Pinki Kumari

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    I really don't like How Rosè looks like she get an another attitude while speaking English and she doesn't talk about Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa like the way Jennie kept including members also when *"Rosè said some of my members went to her concert"* Like srusly girl u can just say "Jennie and Lisa went to her concert" and what do u mean "SoMe oF MY MemBeRs" u are just a group of 4 not of 8, 10, 17....members!🤐 Sorry but not Sorry I think she has got some attitude this year!!😞😩

  16. Emoji slime and asmr

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    Sometimes rose sounds like wengie

  17. William Doyle

    William DoyleHace 2 días

    4 gorgeous women.

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    11:11 i love lisa's english so much

  19. Mochi mochi

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    Love you all bp.

  20. kjracing

    kjracingHace 3 días

    This interview is saved by the wonderful girls. the guy sucks.

  21. Dami Agunbiade

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    You seem to be tbr only one saying that as that's not why everyone thinks. Most think he did a fantastic job. And I agree with them. Don't m ow what your talking about.

  22. BITCH

    BITCHHace 3 días

    kjracing hell no the guy made all of them feel really comfortable.This was by far the best interview

  23. TaeTaeisBae

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    Jennie's eyebrow raise and smile is so cute lmao 1:14

  24. Marineth Cabacis

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    I feel jisoo feeling awkward.. i still love you!

  25. stevenmcl1

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    Huh, an aussie accent. Never would have guessed.

  26. Ada Elli PLAYS!

    Ada Elli PLAYS!Hace 4 días

    The other 3 members: I wanted to be a kpop artist since I was young, so I perused it and auditioned to YG ENT. Rosè: My dad told me to.. I think he was sick of me like, singing on the top of my lungs every night on my piano at like 12 am

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    Lisa es mi bias❤️❤️🇦🇷🇦🇷

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    The interviewer even made me feel awkward

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    This is the fourth time for me watching this interview

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    Gawd I love these girls

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    Jennie is seriously the most beautiful human ever.

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    LOL 😂🤪🤪🤪😃🎀🦋✨🌷🌈🎉🌻🛍🎊🎡🌟🎡🎠🎠🕊🦢🦊🌹🌿

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    Zach Sang~!!!. LOVE the interview, you've prepared !. Thank you SO~MUCH for this video of the wonderful show.

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    น้ำตาจะไหล ฟังไม่ออกเลย😂😂😂

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    jisoo can understand english and what they're saying but just can't speak it fluently!:)

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    It's so satisfying to hear Rose speak English. I can sit here and listen all day.

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    JI....SOO.... holy.. way too cute haha

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    Cute jisoo.

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    Proud BLINK from Denmark 🇩🇰 💕

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    what the hell is wrong with this zach or whatever person ew

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    Zach is whipped over Lisa

  46. Ankita Pathak

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    I am an army and not a blink but I did notice one thing at 7:00 Rose was trynna give a high 5 to jennie but jennie didn't notice..This always happens to our rm😂😂😂 lmao😂

  47. Ankita Pathak

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    +Anna Solo Ohh!! Sorry..hehe

  48. Anna Solo

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    Ankita Pathak pretty sure she’s making a gesture to show how young Jennie was

  49. helen official

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    My heart was melt looked Lisa

  50. Eliza Brienne Romero

    Eliza Brienne RomeroHace 6 días

    Hey Zach! You're actually the only American interviewer whose talks with idols I can tolerate AND enjoy at the same time. I hope you conduct this same set-up with BTS because I know the whole fandom will be more than grateful.

  51. Kat A.

    Kat A.Hace 6 días

    The girls should also get lessons in how to express themselves and be able to communicate well. We are dying to know how and what they think... I❤LISA.. I❤BLACKPINK.

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    zach: you play the drums right? i read that online jisoo: thank you

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    Jisoo:Im fine damn so cute

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    I can listen to Rosé talk for hours. Her voice is so pleasant.

  55. ms030497

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    Jisoo need learn english, she is the funniest in the group, i love her

  56. Bianca Martinez

    Bianca MartinezHace 6 días

    Other Kpop people: I have wanted to be a singer my whole life Rose: so my dad kicked me out because he hated my singing

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    I love black pink

  58. Aeiline Kipgen

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    Every time I watch their interview I’m always like ,” Lisa please Lisa please please please please speak speak speak...” I love her English more than rose and Jennie

  59. Sophia Lam

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    Rose sounds like Wengie 💜🖤 but I love rose voice on it's own. Its so unique and beautiful♡

  60. berry merry cakemas

    berry merry cakemasHace 7 días

    apparently my boy ashton was in a blackpink video huh

  61. berry merry cakemas

    berry merry cakemasHace 7 días

    apparently my boy ashton was in a blackpink video huh

  62. berry merry cakemas

    berry merry cakemasHace 7 días

    that question "what is it about black pink" everyone looks at rosé and I'm like 🤣

  63. berry merry cakemas

    berry merry cakemasHace 7 días

    that question "what is it about black pink" everyone looks at rosé and I'm like 🤣

  64. berry merry cakemas

    berry merry cakemasHace 7 días

    that question "what is it about black pink" everyone looks at rosé and I'm like 🤣

  65. Combiflexx24hours TPN

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    U can really see how Zach loves and is passionate about his job🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭

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    Jennie in 23:05 be like * thats not my job its my producers *

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    Is only me that heard jennie say "dick" in 4:56

  72. sakuraiii negai

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    Opps 4:53

  73. yugensing

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    0:17 blackpink in their natural habitat of eating ahaha

  74. Cool Kid

    Cool KidHace 8 días

    you don't have to worry because can't speak english, Jissoyaa. Jennie and Rose are beside you!

  75. Chloe Chong

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    Jisoo (thinking in her head) - Umm what are they talking about? Someone help me... I will just agree with them or should I?!?!?! 😂

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    Best interviewer of kpop 👏

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    Zach sang you rock!

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    when they start talking about the dance immediately Lisa becomes interested and more involved in the conversation, so sweet


    EXCUSE MEHace 8 días

    Rose Jisoo Lisa Nini

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    oh God, I just LOVE those four precious human beings ❤

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    His asking way to blackpink is so annoying😒 n boring please show some excitement face n asked the question to them 😐😑😶😶

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    No one: Literally no one: Zach to Lisa: BEAUTIFUL !!!

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    I love Rosé’s English 😭😭

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    I love how this interview just flowed comfortably, he really studied up for for this. I appreciate this so much! Thank you for being nice and accomodating to our girls.

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    Lisa eating at the start XD

  86. Destiny

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    25:08 Rose confirms her and other members have a solo coming up

  87. fahiraazra

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    i was thought its gonna happen

  88. Kiesha Ponce

    Kiesha PonceHace 9 días

    I really need an answer for this question Q: They started to auditioned at a young age and a trainee but do they still need to study?, or like are they homeschooled?

  89. HesSH

    HesSHHace 8 días

    its totally case by case but commonly they attend school but not everyday or every class

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    i have the exact same cat pillow that Rosé has:)

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    Blackpink 💞💕💕💕

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    You need to thank their music selection is so dope... that why songs getting hit..

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    What a great interview.. 👌

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    15:01 OMGGG SHE IS SOOO CUTE 😭😭😍😍😍

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    Lisa you are amazing My baby girl😏💜💜💜

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    22:28 I'm into Lisa doing ASMR

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    Rosé's voice is so sexy when she is speaking English

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    BlackPink- Kill This Love Parody on my channel ❤️ Waiting for some Blinks 😉

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    Can Zach turn into a gremlin? Coz I want him to multiply & do all the interviews, esp for K-Pop

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    Zang sang and BLACKPINK is the best !!!!

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    4:53 when jennie said little dif- the captions say little d**k


    KILL THIS EARTHHace 10 días

    Lisa : " *I don't know maybe someone just followed me* " What a savage Queen Maknae 👑💘😂

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    Omg Lisa's laugh is awesome

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    *Jisoo feel embarrassed, i feel pity for her.*

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    Awww.. im so blessed to hear lisa speaking english

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    Rosé: 90% “like” 10% “other words”

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    I love jisoo... I feel pity for her... how she looks round



    I'm in love with Lisa's jakett

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    Lisa please be little bit more confident.