BLACKPINK Talks "Kill This Love", Coachella & How They Formed


  1. Vanya Sefiyanti

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  2. olivia foxwood

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    4:55 ESreporter okay buddy?

  3. kevin aska

    kevin askaHace 12 horas

    kasian jisoo cengengesan doang 😂

  4. Jihyo is My twice Bias

    Jihyo is My twice BiasHace 13 horas

    Rose sounds british

  5. Mucefita Donelly

    Mucefita DonellyHace un día

    I'm sorry, do these girls have a mental disability? The semi coherent one is the long haired blonde, coherent yet not smart. I feel sorry for Zach.

  6. Jasmine

    JasmineHace un día

    Zach: so, what is the writing process like? You guys ever try and produce your own music? BP: *wii music intensifying*

  7. andrea

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    *Stream dddd to one billion! Say yes to girls, say no to boys*

  8. bbb2013

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    so jennie isn’t originally a vocalist, wow

  9. ALI Aziz

    ALI AzizHace un día

    awkward as hell

  10. Sarah P

    Sarah PHace 2 días

    I love Jisoo’s raspy voice ❤️

  11. mayra flores villegas

    mayra flores villegasHace 2 días

    Rose lets Jennie talk to her, stopping her when she speaks, you are the opaquator of the group🙄😒

  12. Elise Green

    Elise GreenHace 2 días

    Jisoo- Shy & Adorable Lisa- Talks really well but loved those white chocolate m&m's Jennie- Shy but will talk when she has something to say Rose- GDay mate! How's u fucking going? You wanna go down into the out back and put a shrimp on the barbi

  13. Aqshal Maulana

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    Jisoo marry me ya, nanti aku ajarin bahasa Inggris

  14. Aqshal Maulana

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    Sini jisoo aku ajarin bahasa Inggris


    FER HERNANDEZHace 2 días


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    I noticed how perfect jeenie's face is....and those eyes!!!!!!!!damn💞💞

  17. ariana grande fan

    ariana grande fanHace 2 días

    I felt like jisoo and Lisa should speak more

  18. Multifandom sucks because of stupid imma fans

    Multifandom sucks because of stupid imma fansHace 3 días

    Rosé:I was a terrible singer Me:If your voice is terrible,what about mine?A curse or something😅

  19. SIA KIM

    SIA KIMHace 3 días

    귀여워 지수..

  20. Tasheena Scarth

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    Rose is a very good spokesperson for the group

  21. Yuda Defriana

    Yuda DefrianaHace 5 días

    I like Lisa's expression when she says "what no way", it looks so cute.

  22. Silvia

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    😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

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  24. i'm bitch, nice to meet you

    i'm bitch, nice to meet youHace 5 días

    I love that guy, he made all the members feel included. 😤❤️

  25. azlina sulistio

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    I think Jisoo can understand but can't speak it

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  28. Brillia Nogena

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    Pause it at 0:18 and you can see Jisoo feeding Lisa🥰🥰

  29. ed shereene

    ed shereeneHace 6 días

    Rose's legs are sooo thin daaaamn. Doesn't look healthy

  30. ns kharbanda

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    Guys maybe rose is not eating look at her knees they are so slim I am worried about her please be fine rose

  31. kras kap

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    maybe you should watch 'blackpink's house"

  32. LunarSpace

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    Jisoo looked so confused tho. But she kind of understands. Hopefully they'll teach her some more English. It's fine if she speaks Korean tho. She's so cute she got excited talking about Blackpink 💞

  33. Daisy Peepz

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    one of the best interview of blackpink!

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  35. Sabreena Khan

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    This dude is hardcore crushing on them.

  36. Orbs Domingo

    Orbs DomingoHace 7 días

    When Lisa said, "I don't wanna think about anything" I felt that 😂

  37. Fahmi Zakaria

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  38. Felicity Darcy

    Felicity DarcyHace 8 días

    12:13 is soo cute to me. They make my heart go boom boom😭💗🖤

  39. Gạch Hong Vlog

    Gạch Hong VlogHace 9 días

    14:29 speak it out ROOSE

  40. Daily Gaming Grinds

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    If your bias is Lisa, I dare you to reply.

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  42. Miftakhul Fikri

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    You're all smart girls. Fluently speak english. Love u all

  43. editsxkimi

    editsxkimiHace 9 días

    Not trying to kill the mood but Rosé's legs kind of scare me...I know she's naturally skinny but I hope YG lets her get on a diet to help her gain some weight in the future :(

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  45. Sheryl Paredes

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    Real Talk: I love Jennie's accent and way of answering the question though straight to the point. I also like Rose's accent, but I hope she minimizes the word 'like'. I think it would more precise if she'd answer straight to the point.

  46. Force Cat

    Force CatHace 10 días

    Lisa acts kinda weird idk

  47. Remington_L

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    I live for Dan low key fanboying over them 😂

  48. SecretCommie

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    Zach said they were all anorexic and being tortured by Kpop. He judge their lives?? Inappropriate.

  49. Monsta M

    Monsta MHace 4 días

    Well it’s kind of true tho🤷🏻‍♀️

  50. rosiechan

    rosiechanHace 10 días

    Wait, really? When and where did hey say that?

  51. Lizbeth Lucas

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    This is like my first time watching this interveiw and when jennie said "my mom wanting me to move to the states....was is it Florida...." I was like yo wait a sec FLORIDA THAT'S WERE I LIVE!!!!! Edit: i'm happy jennie did what she loved to do for her rest of her life😊

  52. Gamer Chaeyoung997BP

    Gamer Chaeyoung997BPHace 11 días

    Rose is probably good at English because she's from Australia

  53. rosiechan

    rosiechanHace 10 días

    Rosé is actually fluent in English. It's pretty obvious. And actually, she was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia.

  54. Apis Vlog

    Apis VlogHace 12 días

    Love the fact that Jisoo doesn't speak english that much! That makes her so cute! Love you, Jisoo

  55. Ceren

    CerenHace 12 días

    You can hear my babys voice is not sounding well. She was sick ....

  56. mardhatillah aflyandri

    mardhatillah aflyandriHace 12 días

    Zach : how many times do you think you guys performed boombayah? Blackpink : ?!?!?!?! THE SHAAAADDEEEEE.. DO YOU HEAR THAT YG?

  57. Ariana MoonChannel

    Ariana MoonChannelHace 12 días

    Zach : How about doing the whole record in English ? Rose : Oh...I mean , we're down.😂 18:38

  58. nayelly narvaez

    nayelly narvaezHace 13 días

    HONESTLY THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION ON BLACKPINK!! "blinks" only have a few songs to stream, and it adds a lot of views. I personally dont think they deserve the views they get!! why?? watch there mr removed, they cant sing at all choreography is the exact same, not what your thinking, I mean even there hair flips are the exact jennie's lazy dancing when yg gives them a song to sing its not naturally from them!! example bts they make, produce their own music (rm, j-hope, and suga) people and more people are starting to notice it, and dont start thinking its hating, cuz its not! I once was a blink but not anymore please stream BTS - DNA they actually deserve it!!!

  59. rosé is a cute chipmunk not a goat

    rosé is a cute chipmunk not a goatHace 3 días

    I dont believe u became a blink.

  60. Lio J

    Lio JHace 8 días

    Cut your BS!

  61. Ken Michael Perez

    Ken Michael PerezHace 13 días

    You really believe that mr removed videos? Lmao. They distorted blackpink voices to sound bad. Ariana, Rhianna, etc. don't compose their own songs yet you only hate blackpink? Obviously you're a hater. Get a life. And ps, bts is so overrated.

  62. P. S.

    P. S.Hace 13 días

    *take a shot everytime rosé says like*

  63. Kristina Natalia

    Kristina NataliaHace 13 días

    that's what music should be, need the taste of freedom even it starts from Korean minds so we speak of a little bit of instant soul touch..

  64. oof idk

    oof idkHace 13 días

    jisoo bias wrecked me here despite not saying anything

  65. TheGoodwolfe

    TheGoodwolfeHace 14 días

    Amazing that Zach's interview with Blackpink, a K-Pop group, has over 4 million views!! No other interview is really even close!

  66. Gạch Hong Vlog

    Gạch Hong VlogHace 14 días

    Juicy by the way??? 14:55

  67. Park Liliana

    Park LilianaHace 14 días

    that man be wildin and loving blackpink “Beautiful girls” “Beauty,” “Lisa your beautiful hair” “Surrounded by 3 beautiful ladies”

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    Love BLACKPINK♥💗

  71. I am Mama Cheezcake

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    Zach seems like a freaking sk8ter boi

  72. heart g

    heart gHace 14 días

    I love so much BlackPink ...

  73. Karen D

    Karen DHace 15 días

    I have watched your interview with BLACKPINK so many times. I really enjoyed it. You both had some great and sincere questions. I'm glad that you also gave Jisoo and chance to answer. You didn't keep to general questions but asked ones that helped us learn more about BP. You guys are great interviewers. Thank you!

  74. Miss Park Chaeyoung

    Miss Park ChaeyoungHace 15 días

    I think Jennie song Solo is more than about breakup,its more about her able to live alone when 10 years old

  75. eakchai aumpamorn

    eakchai aumpamornHace 15 días

    11:25 lisa

  76. 최상영

    최상영Hace 15 días

    Rose : I got audition so that my father have good sleep. Lol

  77. OneShot OneKill

    OneShot OneKillHace 16 días

    Is zach blushing the whole interview? Or im just seeing things lmao.

  78. Jan Mat

    Jan MatHace 16 días

    rosie is a wife material, i love you rosie

  79. eira William

    eira WilliamHace 16 días

    You KNOW Zach really deep dived Hard when Blackpink themselves didn't know some stuff.....

  80. bobaliciously

    bobaliciouslyHace 16 días

    Zach: “Beautiful Humans, hello” Me: Starts cracking up

  81. fanGirl

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    15:01 jisoo speaks

  82. fanGirl

    fanGirlHace 16 días

    7:00 rose was going to give a highfive or what?

  83. en indy aya

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    got7 please

  84. Rizka Z

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    rosie accent omg

  85. Kevin Wagucu

    Kevin WagucuHace 17 días

    Rose really held down this interview. They would have flopped without her.

  86. KatyandAllie

    KatyandAllieHace 17 días

    Interviewer: Do you guys think you're the best? Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa giggle *Rose: oh uh maybe...*

  87. S O

    S OHace 17 días

    They are the best 🤩❤