BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V


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    Đep quá

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    lets kill this love

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    Amo blackpinck 💖🖤💖

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    i love u

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    Lisa the best dance 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Am I the only one who noticed the heart shape trap

  18. [[Good Looking People Belong Together]]

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    Doofy Vlogs And Gaming no lol I noticed it too but I think a lot of ppl don’t cuz they only mentioned “bear trap”

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    who's with me? stream everyday my co blinks

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    I love jeenie

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    I love black pink

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    Why so many dislikes??

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    l Love

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    Lalisa madoban cantik bangat

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    I Love blkpink

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    Aku suka kamu Ros😍😍😘😘

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    I love you 🌹 rose

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    Saya suka rose Saya di Indonesia welcome to Indonesia

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    Algun dia sere el 5 integrante de blackpink

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    Love you lisa

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    Huge respect to the crew, the editor, the filmer. You guys are so wow.

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    So what so what

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    kawai lisa and jiso

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    Blackpink I love you 😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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    Tuyệt quá

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    Black pink forever

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    *I love BlakPink*

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    В 0:04 скажите, как её зовут!?

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    I love you blakcpink

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  51. wanndahouse 20

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    January 2016 Twice: we are the best kpop group August 2016 Blackpink: wait a minute, who are u?

  52. Jendeukie&pasta LalisaChichu

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    wanndahouse 20 that is not funny

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    Pls guys vote for BLACKPINK

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    Wanna see some magic? 0:09 and 0:14 Jennie’s shorts 😂💕

  56. Otaku 4ever

    Otaku 4everHace un hora

    Wanna see some magic? 0:09 and 0:14 Jennie’s shorts 😂💕

  57. Otaku 4ever

    Otaku 4everHace un hora

    Wanna see some magic? 0:09 and 0:14 Jennie’s shorts 😂💕

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    Let's life this love

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    (1:31) Director: okay girls I need you to look fierce. Jisoo: *"SMILE"*

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    Do you love Jennie? Like= Yes Comment= No

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    @Vanna Ligad What does 'salamat' mean in filipino? in indonesia 'salamat' similiar to 'selamat' which is mean 'congratulations'

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    Actually im filipino like this if you a filipino salamat- thank you😮😀

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    Lol haha thank you for comment

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    We all love BLACKPINK.

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    I love Jennie, thank you for comment and like i love you all😎😍 hehehehe

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    do you love four members? 👍like yes 💬comment no

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    It's Nice blackpink

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    Ugly girls. they had plastic surgery

  69. Life doesn't come with instructions

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    Their life, their will. Who are you to judge?

  70. Anunya Bowo

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    How can they be still ugly even tho they had plastic surgery?

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    kiill this live

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    Blackpink คนไทยจร้าาาาาาาา lisa😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Saranghae Lisa~

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    Hwaiting BLACKPINK~

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    kill this love

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    blek pinc

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    I remember they had 22 mil subs when this video had uploaded during that time :000 now it grew a lot and they are almost going to reach 27 mil!!! I guess they will reach 30 mil before 2020 >w< !

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    I love blink

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    weird song... what a weird generation

  83. Life doesn't come with instructions

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    @Eky Reztartz I see.

  84. Life doesn't come with instructions

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    @Eky Reztartz sorry your words don't offend me. I kept my point. Rest is on you whether you would keep your comments like that in the future. The population is huge. Ik there are many opinions coming from here and there. Idc about what your opinion is. I just can't respect it if you keep it in a disrespectful way. You didn't disrespect but I just said you have a different taste and the "weird generation" thing wasn't meant to be mentioned.

  85. Eky Reztartz

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    @Life doesn't come with instructions yes, you may be right. cause i can be wrong, and possibly rude but, anyway, i'm still entitled to my comment : )

  86. Eky Reztartz

    Eky ReztartzHace 9 minutos

    @Life doesn't come with instructions not really, just saying my opinion, like everybody else even though mine was different. But hey, if my words offend than i must say sorry, but don't you think we can always have many views on the same topic?

  87. Life doesn't come with instructions

    Life doesn't come with instructionsHace 13 minutos

    @Eky Reztartz ik how the mind of an immature kid works. I am doing the best I can to make your thinking more flexible.

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    I love lisa

  89. Thuy Trịnh Lê

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    I love blackpink

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    I❤yo u lisa

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  92. My Beautiful day

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    Jennie is my Love

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    Blackpink vary vary nice

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    Then here comes uR bias wrecker wrecking you like always

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    This is how many people love Blackpink

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    sart Idol Lisa

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    I love u

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    *CONGRATULATIONS BLACKPINK AND BLINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *June Brand Reputation Rankings for Individual Girl Group Members:(BLACKPINK)* #1 JENNIE #3 JISOO #14 ROSE #24 LISA *BLACKPINK IS THE REVOLUTION*

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    Con lol . Blink toàn đũy

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    I love you all.

  104. J.

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    Jennie and Jisoo said that there will be many stuffs coming I think we’ll get either solo or comeback sooner than we thought...

  105. J.

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    Multi GG Stan during their Sydney concert

  106. Multi GG Stan

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    Really?! When did they say this?

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    I like it

  108. Miss Jazzlived

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    577K People who dislike this has a severe eye problem. They need to see a doctor. 😊

  109. Multi GG Stan

    Multi GG StanHace 41 un minuto

    Or a hearing problem. Either way, they need medical attention 😂

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    F*ck blackpink nailed it👏🏻

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    We"ll always be with Blackpink

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    Rose parts are the best than other girls like if you agree😃😄😀😊☺

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    Amo a lisa es la jisoo es la fea

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    Wow!!! This song f**king good!!!

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    Jisoo so pretty

  117. Kim Hatake

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    Mano eu amo muito essa menina💕

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    kgiwjwifiwu 🖤💖

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    Dont Spam gblk!