BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) Ending Explained + Analysis


  1. Sam Parker

    Sam ParkerHace 2 días

    It seems possible that agnes got an abortion, if the same language was used? Maybe it was Billy's baby Ps could you maybe look into the movie on shudder called the theater bizarre?

  2. keeganshigh

    keeganshighHace 2 días

    How can something originate something but not be the first to do that thing? Dipshit.

  3. Dan Cliffton

    Dan ClifftonHace 8 días

    pretty good movie doesnt get extra gross but stays creepy pretty much the whole time

  4. Carolyn6510

    Carolyn6510Hace 11 días

    Hahahahaha.... I didn't hear a word of that. I was too focused on the Cat!

  5. RollingxBigshot

    RollingxBigshotHace 13 días

    Thanksgiving with the killer turkey

  6. Mojah Street

    Mojah StreetHace 14 días

    Agnes call someone when she entered the room. who?

  7. Red &Only

    Red &OnlyHace 17 días

    Your super move of catfu is powerless against me......I noticed the movie n memorabilia change in your set. What is that movie May?


    JOO CHIAN, TINGHace 18 días

    so scary when the cat moved !!!

  9. Mimi Sardinia

    Mimi SardiniaHace 23 días

    There was something creepy by the fact that I looked away from the screen and when I looked back, there was a cat! Yes, I looked back and the cat raised it's head, but still!

  10. One Piece Guy

    One Piece GuyHace 27 días

    i hoped that i can read some opinions about the movie, but everyone just writes about the dumb cat

  11. Nikyta Nahid

    Nikyta NahidHace 29 días

    So we are just going to ignore the kitty in the back ? 😶❤

  12. DarkRubberDucky

    DarkRubberDuckyHace un mes

    Wait wait wait wait wait... The police left a traumatized woman in the same house as a half dozen bodies? What the hell? Also, from what Billy keeps saying, it sounds like some rape/killing in his family.

  13. Gi Freeman

    Gi FreemanHace un mes

    He called cause he killed Peter

  14. Luis Salgado

    Luis SalgadoHace un mes

    What about thanksgiving?

  15. Leteus Aurantiaco

    Leteus AurantiacoHace un mes

    The cat is the only reason you need to watch this

  16. Tori Lynn

    Tori LynnHace un mes

    Alice sweet Alice (holy terror)

  17. SNOW Gaming

    SNOW GamingHace un mes

    honestly i had only ever seen the black xmas movie and never the origional black christmas

  18. HasPrivilege

    HasPrivilegeHace un mes

    you forgot breaking bad

  19. Gypsy_ Heart

    Gypsy_ HeartHace un mes

    You are so damn smart. I'm so glad you have this channel

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    *c a t*

  21. Winchester INC.

    Winchester INC.Hace 2 meses

    You know, I almost always take the stance that old movies suck. People like to claim that they’re “classics” and that I’m missing out somehow. Today, my ESreporter friend, you have made me want to watch an old movie. You get the thumbs up for the video and an extra one in my comment. 👍🏽

  22. Lou Lolliyum

    Lou LolliyumHace 2 meses

    Your cat is so fixated on one thing in that room, it won't stop looking at it... WHAT IS IT LOOKING AT!?

  23. jimmyl324

    jimmyl324Hace 2 meses

    Love this movie your videos !

  24. Gogito Kid

    Gogito KidHace 2 meses

    I knew you were good, but puss in boots really?!?

  25. Pikachuzaver

    PikachuzaverHace 2 meses

    God bless the cat.

  26. - Fidget -

    - Fidget -Hace 2 meses

    As soon as you said bloodshed the cat shot up

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    Vote ConservativeHace 2 meses

    Abortion Is Wrong. It’s Cruel. Abortion disgusts me. Abortion Is So Cruel. Abortion is wrong. Abortion makes me sick!!!!! I’m A Big Conservative, I’m a very big conservative and I became a conservative to campaign against abortion.

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    THERES A KITTY !!!!!!

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    Alexis HIHace 2 meses

    Oh! Like that one was on netflix🤔 Open House right or something

  30. Aquamelon 008

    Aquamelon 008Hace 2 meses

    He should have started the video with his cat in his lap patting it like a corny movie villain

  31. Billy

    BillyHace 3 meses

    Why is that bit of dialogue about possibly checking the attic not on the blu ray? It makes the police force look slightly less incompetent if there is a reason why they didn't.

  32. Adam Edge Copeland

    Adam Edge CopelandHace 3 meses

    All of my attention was on the cat

  33. mia cross

    mia crossHace 3 meses

    ur cat is rlly fuckin cute

  34. Joshua Smith

    Joshua SmithHace 3 meses

    You forgot Thankskilling....”gobble gobble mother fucker”

  35. Edmar Fecler

    Edmar FeclerHace 3 meses

    I guess all the adventures with Mandy and Grim really fucked with Billy's head.

  36. Tania Sandoval

    Tania SandovalHace 3 meses

    Look at the cat

  37. Depressed Feline

    Depressed FelineHace 3 meses

    cat cat cat cat cat cat

  38. Sleepy Egg

    Sleepy EggHace 3 meses

    foundflix and dead meat should collab

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    0:15 OMH THE CAT IS SO CUTE ♥️😍😂

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    4:26 is where it starts.

  43. mustardsfire22

    mustardsfire22Hace 3 meses

    I just watched this video a couple weekends before Christmas and I looooved it. Wow. So much better than I expected.

  44. pup lover

    pup loverHace 3 meses

    You have such a strong and confident presentation yet, you didn't analyze anything. You just went through all the plot points and stated the obvious throughout. Come on, you can do better.

  45. None Ya

    None YaHace 3 meses

    Billy could have always been living in the house having never left when his family moved out or died or whatever...!

  46. Gindy Cato

    Gindy CatoHace 3 meses

    Lol you Guys realize the cat pops his head up when he said blood, lol

  47. carlos sandoval

    carlos sandovalHace 3 meses

    Friday the 13th is not a holiday movie pal

  48. jc Ambriz

    jc AmbrizHace 3 meses

    What about Easter? 🤔🤔🤔 or does that not count?

  49. sugary koi

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    please do an ending explained on leatherface

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    Give your cat a hug for me please

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    Barb is a big mood.

  52. The Taken Axis

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    The cat behind him was luring the victims.

  53. Sean Holland

    Sean HollandHace 3 meses

    The cat in the background when you say bloodshed 😂

  54. Susan Hepler

    Susan HeplerHace 3 meses

    Okay I have to be in the minority, because I absolutely hate A Christmas Story. I will take black Christmas over Christmas Story any day

  55. gameroftheyear1000

    gameroftheyear1000Hace 3 meses

    I don’t know why but Claire’s blank expression when she’s sitting in the chair creeps me out, especially in the scene where billy throws a temper tantrum and he violently rocks her. But all in all this is a exceptionally well made horror movie and is still in my opinion one of the best, the ending and the unknown identity of the killer are what sold me on watching this film. Merry Christmas everyone!

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    this is meant for Hanukkah.

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    Am i The Only One Who Didnt See The Cat In Their First Watch?

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  59. Eduardo Corrochio

    Eduardo CorrochioHace 3 meses

    I'm shocked that this movie's ending requires any kind of explanation. The climax is simple and clear ... no ambiguity, no head-scratching from the viewer. This video's title alone triggered my comment.

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    do a ending explained to bird box Like if you agree

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    Anonymous PersonHace 3 meses

    I see a copy of May in the background! Now that is a movie that needs a video done on it.

  62. Anthony Strong

    Anthony StrongHace 3 meses

    I think the killer is the other boyfriend. The one that plays hockey.

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    Pet your cat more

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    100% Need your cat in more videos

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    Brandi LynnHace 3 meses

    Is the remake any good ?

  66. Dana Springer

    Dana SpringerHace 3 meses

    In addition to the theory that the house belonged to him. Not only was he able to successfully get in and remain hidden but in the scene in which Barb was murdered he affectionately refers to her as Agnes. This may be hinting to the fact that this was his sister's room. Just a thought

  67. daniel seddon

    daniel seddonHace 3 meses

    That was a long explanation of ending

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    Nikki CarbajalHace 3 meses

    You Should Do "Clownhouse" 1989

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    Such a cute cat

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    Kitty, kitty, kitty 🐈🐈🐈

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    Do a Santa's Slay next

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    Best Canadian horror movie ever made hands down

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    That can’t is staring deep into my worthless soul 🐈

  74. Nietzsche's Heir

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    Wait a minute...Billy’s been using a cat’s meowing to lure his victims (or two at least). The cat is barely seen in the movie. You have a cat with you... *GASP* *YOU’RE BILLY! AND YOU TOOK THE CAT AND DYED HIS FUR!* (It’s a joke).

  75. Adopted By Kanye

    Adopted By KanyeHace 3 meses

    hi i liked the original

  76. Kirklynn Centore

    Kirklynn CentoreHace 3 meses

    Even though a remake of Black Christmas already happened in 2006. But I'd like to see another remake with India Eisley taking the lead role of Jess as her mother did.

  77. Warchief TTT

    Warchief TTTHace 3 meses

    there is a black christmas remake that is pure shit

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    Can you do black x-mas?

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    I like dat cat

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    Do the remake because I dont fully remember it since I was young but I swear I remember there was more than 1 killer and that he was a cannibal

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    Bird box

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    Since we're digging in the old vault for horro films...I'd love to see your take on the shining.

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    Loll the cat just stares into your eyes

  84. the girl in question

    the girl in questionHace 3 meses

    i think the killer was the father who showed up asking for his daughter.. he was one creepy mofo... he was able to find the sorority just by asking that guy and then he went on a murder spree...

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    Is there a boxing day horror movie?

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    Merry Christmas

  89. ledsith

    ledsithHace 3 meses

    This film is way overrated , and should not be credited for starting the slasher era ! Poor acting and even worse killer ! Crank calling , baby talking gibberish is NOT scary ! If any film deserves credit for the slasher era its Texas Chainsaw , which came out the same year as this poor excuse for a film !

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    I think it would be cool if you did a video on the Three Mothers from Argento’s films

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    but is there a horror movie about earth Day?

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