Binging with Babish: Chicago-Style Pizza from The Daily Show


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with BabishHace 9 días

    Someone get Trevor Noah to go on a rant about low-carb protein bowls, I'm trying to lose some weight over here.

  2. toyota yaris

    toyota yarisHace 4 días

    Trevor noah is a bitch

  3. leelee w

    leelee wHace 4 días


  4. Somebody Once told me

    Somebody Once told meHace 4 días

    You are a sinner

  5. nathan600r

    nathan600rHace un hora

    Oh fuck Jon Stewart

  6. Smart John Marston

    Smart John MarstonHace un hora

    Are u cog gray

  7. heartbreakeryori

    heartbreakeryoriHace 3 horas

    8:34 u wanna get?

  8. Kurenai Zera

    Kurenai ZeraHace 3 horas

    I may be out of line here, but I really don't see what's so special about New York Style pizza. It's basically a giant slice of Little Caesar's. It's a huge triangle of cheese and thin but soft dough with a bunch of greasy ass cheese that is somehow so greasy that it makes literally everything else greasy and gross.

  9. Andy Sutcliffe

    Andy SutcliffeHace 4 horas

    I'm curious what it'd be like to use a muffin tray and make miniature versions

  10. Cory Sechrest

    Cory SechrestHace 4 horas

    If you ever come to the Windy City, definitely recommend checking out Pequod's sometime! So good

  11. Sabu Jauhari

    Sabu JauhariHace 4 horas

    You should make this Chicago pizza pot pie please do it I wanna know how to make it properly

  12. seneca savoie

    seneca savoieHace 5 horas

    Make detroit style damnit

  13. Robert McDaniel

    Robert McDanielHace 5 horas

    I’m surprised I’m saying this, but Jon Stewart is right in this case. Why in the name of all that’s holy is the damn sauce ON TOP OF THE CHEESE?!

  14. S. Nifrum

    S. NifrumHace 5 horas

    I kinda wish you made your own Italian sausage What? It’d be a good way to babishify the recipe

  15. Markus Thekikako

    Markus ThekikakoHace 5 horas

    «The cheese and toppings are ubiquitous» hahaha

  16. Kana Beats

    Kana BeatsHace 6 horas

    oh dang babish has heartburn! poor babish

  17. dmitche06

    dmitche06Hace 6 horas

    So when its time to simmer the sauce, is it simmered for 20-30 min over medium heat or low heat?

  18. t c

    t cHace 7 horas

    I’m from Chicago but don’t like deep dish I prefer the thin crispy home run inn pizza

  19. Dewan Frazier

    Dewan FrazierHace 8 horas

    You did well, that Sausage kinda looked like Giordano's Pizza!

  20. DEbUnk nETwoRK

    DEbUnk nETwoRKHace 11 horas

    I live in cali and I 100% agree California style pizza is horrific

  21. ttgk

    ttgkHace 11 horas

    Deep dish pizza is the best

  22. Leanne Chambers

    Leanne ChambersHace 11 horas

    “Not as good as New York?” New York Pizza is flaky, thin, burnt hell, anyone who says otherwise can fight me irl

  23. Evita

    EvitaHace 14 horas

    Do people actually eat this?

  24. themaninthebowtie

    themaninthebowtieHace 16 horas

    New Yorkers get so offended by anyone eating anything besides a New York style slice but sometimes you want a little variety in your pizza, sometimes you don't want to have to deal with roughly half a gallon of grease coming off of your pizza and onto everything.

  25. Way J

    Way JHace 17 horas

    Well here's the funny story about "uncooked marinara sauce", cultural differnces and etc. I am Russian and somwhere around 2005 "such rhing as pizza" got to our small town. And 10 yo me, crawing for pizza annoyed my mom quite a lot. She saw it, tasted it, and outraged because she realized she can cook it herself, and even better than they do in the restatunt. She made it in thick layer on dough, because that was easier for her. And added "lecho", which is used as sauce mostly, and very popular on caucasus. Well this lecho does not have precise reciepe, that's why my mom always makes marinara sauce without knowing it. I was eating chicago wtyle pizza at home withoyr knowing it for more than 6 years.

  26. Anthony Mink

    Anthony MinkHace 18 horas

    30 to 35 people can eat this pizza?!? I don’t think I can slice it that many times

  27. Nosy Egg

    Nosy EggHace 18 horas

    new york pizza sucks as much as chicago. everything pales in comparison to naples pizza

  28. Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Vegetarian Soylent-GreenHace 18 horas

    Sauce wHouewerrre.

  29. ganga chana

    ganga chanaHace 19 horas

    add butter not oil

  30. ganga chana

    ganga chanaHace 19 horas

    go to Emetts for gooooooood deep dish

  31. Bettie Turner

    Bettie TurnerHace 20 horas

    we have a place here called "Chicago Pizza" and they have an amazing deep dish pizza, and here isn't marinara on top of it. It's amazing. And they use all fresh ingredients.... mmm... think that's gonna be dinner tomorrow....

  32. twankyjoe

    twankyjoeHace 21 un hora

    God I love Chicago Deep Dish

  33. Nick O

    Nick OHace 21 un hora

    If I were to get the cheese from a deli, how thick or thin should I ask for the provolone and Mozzarella?

  34. Somedude Watchintv

    Somedude WatchintvHace 23 horas

    I miss Jon

  35. novababy

    novababyHace un día

    I’m sorry y’all I try to keep an open mind this is an affront to The Lord

  36. TheGmodMagician

    TheGmodMagicianHace un día

    I recognize that box anywhere! Mr. Bruno’s pizza, but where did you go? Little Ferry or saddle brook?

  37. Connor Cruz

    Connor CruzHace un día

    Why u bully California pizza.

  38. frank1nbeanz

    frank1nbeanzHace un día

    Why in the hell do you have tiny ass bowls? Lol

  39. Andrew Kennon

    Andrew KennonHace un día

    "parts like the Red Sea.." I chuckled too.. My mom says that... it was funny.

  40. Hunter Cammack

    Hunter CammackHace un día

    You should do the pizza from the Goofy Movie

  41. Canned Shrub

    Canned ShrubHace un día

    St.Louis style is the best Imos is amazing

  42. Justin Lawitz

    Justin LawitzHace un día

    Wait Is yeast a living thing?

  43. Anita Borozan

    Anita BorozanHace un día

    Yall Americans are on something I swear to god lmao

  44. C.C. ORR

    C.C. ORRHace un día

    Good video but shit pizza would never even want that thing lol

  45. FaiNted

    FaiNtedHace un día

    Its has a very E🅱ic cheese strech

  46. D34dBodyMan

    D34dBodyManHace un día

    I can never add sugar to a pizza I make. I dont want anything sweet. The tomatoes need to shine. The basil need to be the compliment.

  47. eman297 361

    eman297 361Hace un día

    I swear you want to catch some hands with the California comment lol

  48. Ismael Mendez

    Ismael MendezHace un día

    You got something against California

  49. Nicodemus Edwards

    Nicodemus EdwardsHace un día

    I used this recipe just this Monday. Awesome.

  50. Nikki Dink

    Nikki DinkHace un día

    Thanks for recipe for the BEST PIZZA EVER TO EXIST.

  51. Nikki Dink

    Nikki DinkHace un día


  52. Кирилл Сидоров

    Кирилл СидоровHace un día

    We need text on video

  53. IQSim

    IQSimHace un día

    Dude, just use a clean kitchen towel. Not some plastic stuff...

  54. Brendan Nguyen

    Brendan NguyenHace un día

    Deep dish pizza is not only not better than New York pizza, it's not pizza. It's a * casserole. I'm surprised Chicago hasn't thought to complete the deep dish pizza by putting canned onion rings on top. It's a cornbread biscuit, in which they've melted cheese on, and then, in defiance of God and man and all things holy, they poured uncooked marinara sauce atop the cheese. Atop. The cheese on top, the sauce naked, cold, on display like it's some sort of sauce

  55. Internet Adam

    Internet AdamHace un día

    As a Californian, I can say that NY pizza is really sweet. (At least the one I tried at Joe's Pizza was and literally everyone told me to try it there)

  56. Bella Digioia

    Bella DigioiaHace un día

    I’m from Chicago and I’m’s a complicated mix. But let me tell u Chicago pizza is superior by far

  57. Heroine Reychelle Moya 537

    Heroine Reychelle Moya 537Hace un día

    Now how about the recipes from we bare bears

  58. Amberscion

    AmberscionHace un día

    Deep dish pizza is an abomination. Stewart has it right: This is not a pizza, it is a casserole. Or maybe a really lousy dessert. The bread is soggy and limp, and the toppings are insipid and too sweet to be called an entrée.

  59. Yung Venuz

    Yung VenuzHace un día

    Mayonnaise and peas/Banana pizza doesn't deserve existence

  60. david

    davidHace 2 días

    that pizza is what i see in my sleep paralysis

  61. Boo-Yeah!!

    Boo-Yeah!!Hace 2 días

    Deep Dish > NY Pizza. NY Pizza is just bread with a millimeter of sauce and cheese. Might as well be cheezy bread.

  62. Apollo Serenus

    Apollo SerenusHace 2 días

    You should try a Detroit Style deep dish from Buddy's Pizza next time you're checking out the Detroit food scene.

  63. evan1238

    evan1238Hace 2 días

    As a Chicagoan, i will say that looks pretty legit. The thick crust is more of a Lou Malnatis approach, which is good, but I personally prefer the Giordanos approach which is a slightly thinner crust with more cheese and wayyy more sauce that is thicker and holds it's form...but to each their own