The Best Rap Songs Of 2019 So Far


  1. Hip-Hop Universe

    Hip-Hop UniverseHace un mes

    Transition Universe is back!!! Let me start off by saying that a large portion of songs made it on the list because of the beat (first half of the video). You can probably guess which songs I actually like, the majority of those songs are in the second half of the video. But for those songs that didn't make the list: I once again was forced to leave out songs due to copyright. Here are some examples: Racks In The Middle, RNP, Rodeo, Remember The Name, Coming Home. If you want me to praise you and your songs, you have to make sure to not take down my videos... simple as that. So tell your artists to leave your boi alone. But yeah, I included songs that have simple lyrics but good beats. I still prefer lyrical rap but at the same time I don't want to discredit great producers that make hits. They're doing a good job, but rappers should still improve their lyrics. The lyrical songs are in the second half of the video. The first half was included because of the beat (and for 10 year olds who will throw a fit if I leave them out). But everybody has a different definition of "best songs". I tried to create a video for everybody, not just people who think the way I do about the mainstream...The transitions are slick as always, some have a connection/deeper meaning to it. Have fun analyzing it. I had to leave out a lot of songs because of copyright. Which songs are your favorites? Is 2019 a good year for Hip-Hop? Who is the king of rap in 2019? Like, share & subcribe for more! You can watch my "Best Rap Verses Of All Time" video here: Check out the playlist for more rankings:

  2. RiFAAU 10

    RiFAAU 10Hace 3 días

    You gotta problem with juice wrld and X?

  3. Yellowest docter

    Yellowest docterHace 5 días

    Longest comment ives ever seen...

  4. itsyourboyberny

    itsyourboybernyHace 6 días

    The fact you put songs on the list cause of a beat is sad and I have no respect rap is not only a beat

  5. Christopher Collins

    Christopher CollinsHace 7 días

    Any songs u like from first category?

  6. Shariah White

    Shariah WhiteHace 8 días

    Tl;dr srry 😂

  7. Travis Shindler

    Travis ShindlerHace 35 minutos

    So far?

  8. Your Dad

    Your DadHace 45 minutos

    Devil's Work - Joyner Lucas that is a true song

  9. Darko Rasul

    Darko RasulHace 2 horas

    Lupe Fiasco - Run Game🔥🔥💯💯

  10. Prod By Venom

    Prod By VenomHace 2 horas

    People finally showing love to NF 🙏🏾 but you should listen to wintertime- ybn cordae and a thousand words- ybn cordae they are my favorite songs from his album

  11. Juni Juni

    Juni JuniHace 5 horas

    Where is skiiiiii bro

  12. Crespo

    CrespoHace 6 horas

  13. CrazyAnimating Series

    CrazyAnimating SeriesHace 8 horas

    No eminem, you dont deserve to this list now

  14. Azzo

    AzzoHace 8 horas

    Best Rapper in History: 1.Tupac 2.Tupac 3.Tupac Amaru 4.Tupac Amaru Shakur 5.Makaveli

  15. AJ

    AJHace 8 horas

    Best Rap Songs remix

  16. Nabaneet Sharma

    Nabaneet SharmaHace 9 horas

    What a shame for rap

  17. Fasil Kingi

    Fasil KingiHace 9 horas

    All these songs are gay show us some real hiphpo bro

  18. Hein Hendricks

    Hein HendricksHace 10 horas

    Most of them are sh!t

  19. Ayoo_Jerry408

    Ayoo_Jerry408Hace 13 horas

    The whole selection turned into a joke once I saw cardiovascular bronchitis 🤢🤢& old town road?😒

  20. Asian Badass

    Asian BadassHace 13 horas

    Old Town Road... ??

  21. Jonathan Snyder

    Jonathan SnyderHace 14 horas

    Wait the trippie redd song and ISIS were literally like synced and hes not in the original isis video, secret collab?

  22. machito and angels adventures Cordova

    machito and angels adventures CordovaHace 15 horas

    1:10 transition

  23. Microsoft-Pepper

    Microsoft-PepperHace 15 horas

    oLd tOwN rOaD really

  24. Sanjay Sohal

    Sanjay SohalHace 15 horas

    As a Stan I’m happy to see 3/4 of Eminem songs made to the list what’s your fav I love bang

  25. TheVloging BEAST Andgameing

    TheVloging BEAST AndgameingHace 16 horas

    I meant 1:55

  26. TheVloging BEAST Andgameing

    TheVloging BEAST AndgameingHace 16 horas

    Rest in piece biggie 1:54 don’t forgot about 1;55 and X 1:56

  27. Doran Warner

    Doran WarnerHace 18 horas

    Devils work is sad 😔

  28. Trillix

    TrillixHace 18 horas

    No one is gonna talk about this transition... same beat and flow 1:10

  29. Philip Oyeleye

    Philip OyeleyeHace 20 horas

    No ski no comethazine no playboi or at least gunna

  30. Zaratio

    ZaratioHace 21 un hora

    2:00 TFFF

  31. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusHace 21 un hora

    Splash splash your opinion is trash

  32. Debbee Coone

    Debbee CooneHace 21 un hora

    Devils work❤

  33. Debbee Coone

    Debbee CooneHace 22 horas

    I guess we all have different opinions....😂😂😂

  34. SınXSıde

    SınXSıdeHace 23 horas

    This beats are harder than walmart's bread...

  35. twist games

    twist gamesHace un día

    Ladz in the hood?

  36. TheProEST

    TheProESTHace un día

    Bruh drake can’t say n word cuz he is fuxking white 0:48

  37. Borni

    BorniHace un día

    who can make a playlist of all song

  38. Erl Gay

    Erl GayHace un día

    Bang bang, who is here for Eminem

  39. Jessie Choy

    Jessie ChoyHace un día

    Love the Donald trump grave

  40. Levente berdock

    Levente berdockHace un día

    @ nailed the transition bro

  41. Carlton Banks

    Carlton BanksHace un día

    I swear all of tygas beats are the same

  42. Jay Ricci

    Jay RicciHace un día

    3:42 that timing was perfection

  43. D E G

    D E GHace un día

    Where f.n. Pop out and Kung fu

  44. Sauce Hehe

    Sauce HeheHace un día

    Take out the mumble rappers lol

  45. Bakeel Al Anesi

    Bakeel Al AnesiHace un día

    Shorts flow

  46. Inside Films

    Inside FilmsHace un día

    hey panini

  47. Marty Edwards

    Marty EdwardsHace un día

    Im a simple man i see blueface I click

  48. zaymoney dat nigga doe YT

    zaymoney dat nigga doe YTHace un día

    I hate migos

  49. Lilly Contreras

    Lilly ContrerasHace un día

    Disney channel

  50. Ashton wride

    Ashton wrideHace un día

    Remember the name

  51. Farx -

    Farx -Hace un día

    Most of them be like: mmnmmdmmmxmnhhdn

  52. Lisa Esposito

    Lisa EspositoHace un día

    3:42 is a LOOP from tik tok lol

  53. Noureddine Sai

    Noureddine SaiHace un día

    I miss the old school rap 0% Nude girls 0% super cars 0% mony stacks 100% talent

  54. Asian Badass

    Asian BadassHace 13 horas

    Noureddine Sai Old school rap had cars money and girls... delete your shit boy

  55. Christopher Collins

    Christopher CollinsHace un día

    People used to rap about money and bitches back in 90s too. But yeah they got talent.

  56. fn.cxlebb

    fn.cxlebbHace un día

    mony? 😂

  57. amina vwv

    amina vwvHace un día

    Trippie redd 💖😻😻😻😻💖💖💖💖💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  58. RichieCee

    RichieCeeHace 2 días

    Did someone burn all of the drum machines in the world and just make you all use the same fucking beat. Unoriginal ass horsecunt music for wankers

  59. MrMgh76

    MrMgh76Hace 2 días

    Without Nas Eminem Joyner and Logic plus a couple of others, rap is trap and mumble shit. The VAST majority of songs you couldn't tell it was a different person same beat and style ugh I miss the 90s

  60. DeVince DeLowry

    DeVince DeLowryHace 2 días

    This isn’t “rap”. This is something else. We barely had anything good this year. Sadly.

  61. DeVince DeLowry

    DeVince DeLowryHace un día

    Teshiky dude music was cancer this year

  62. Teshiky

    TeshikyHace 2 días

    You do know that just because some or even most of the hits weren't great doesn't mean it was a bad year for rap in general.

  63. bobo vieri

    bobo vieriHace 2 días

    that maybe a whole lot of genres but it ain't no song on this list even close to real rap

  64. Frivyy

    FrivyyHace 2 días

    Just me or some of these seem sped up??

  65. Anton Fourcade


  66. John Barrientos

    John BarrientosHace 2 días

    Eh.. Gold Roses is WAYYYY better with drake in it

  67. Zach Tonndorf

    Zach TonndorfHace 2 días

    Tyga is ass

  68. Ghost the Odd 2

    Ghost the Odd 2Hace 2 días

    11:40 Roddy Rich:i ain't got time no more. 11:42 Schoolboy Q:nigga times up! And i don't know why that was funny to me

  69. Stoutlagger

    StoutlaggerHace 2 días

    This is the best 2019 has to offer huh? 90% of these "artists" sound exactly the same. They're fake news. No talent.

  70. DeVince DeLowry

    DeVince DeLowryHace un día

    Andrew it isn’t called being an old head it’s called not liking shitty music

  71. Andrew

    AndrewHace un día

    ok oldhead

  72. DeVince DeLowry

    DeVince DeLowryHace 2 días



    SHOUT-OUTHace 2 días

    you missed one rapper and his name is NBA young boy

  74. DeVince DeLowry

    DeVince DeLowryHace 2 días