1. thomas mossop

    thomas mossopHace un hora

    Where do you get your knife?

  2. Hoonigan

    HooniganHace 13 horas

    abi kim bunlar ne oluyo ya EFSO

  3. Nathan Knipp

    Nathan KnippHace un día

    The nature in the background was stunning, and that food looked immaculate!

  4. mihyfotomodel

    mihyfotomodelHace un día

    Good cooker, i like your knife design!

  5. Victor González Palicio

    Victor González PalicioHace un día

    Si hacemos pequeñas incisiones en la aponeurosis perimetral, evitaremos que nuestro "shank" quede como zapato de turco.

  6. Leland McClure

    Leland McClureHace un día

    You make the BEST cooking videos! Such talent and skill!

  7. KenjUnga Keenan

    KenjUnga KeenanHace un día

    great great recipe and master chef_ congratulations .may be 5 hours are too much .

  8. Mauricio Julian Fernandez Labouret

    Mauricio Julian Fernandez LabouretHace un día

    muy buen video! donde es ese lugar =) ?

  9. flavio chab

    flavio chabHace un día

    Five hours??? I do not believe. Two and half maybe to eat meat not coal.

  10. Humberto pereira

    Humberto pereiraHace un día

    Me seu muita fome vendo este vídeo!

  11. jje five

    jje fiveHace un día

    Всё конечно шикарно,но весь процесс,как из фильмов про маньяков))

  12. Pedro Perez

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  13. San Fran

    San FranHace 2 días

    Freddy Kruger ,cooking with the hoodie , creepy

  14. imiherman

    imihermanHace 2 días

    All the time ween i see you im hungry good work !!!

  15. vipul koli

    vipul koliHace 2 días

    Why am I getting a grim souls vine 😵 Leek soup and stake!!! Anyone? ...😋

  16. JH W

    JH WHace 2 días


  17. الخليج العربي

    الخليج العربيHace 2 días

    كم تبلغ قيمة السكين مع أدواتها ولكم جزيل الشكر

  18. Денис Коркотян

    Денис КоркотянHace 3 días

    За лесные грибы ставлю палец вверх)

  19. Bofa Deez

    Bofa DeezHace 3 días

    This is exactly the type of content that youtube was made for. So glad I found this channel

  20. Roerkert

    RoerkertHace 3 días

    Not 100% sure, but I think the shiitakes on the tree had been placed there by the makers of the video. Because the natural distribution of Lentinula edodes is in Asia. ( Or the video was made in an asian forest ;) But still: great video and tasty food. Could almost smell it :)

  21. Виталий Дертиев

    Виталий ДертиевHace 3 días

    Сука как маньяк

  22. Narimene Argi oghlo

    Narimene Argi oghloHace 3 días

    magnifique and beautifull

  23. 胡丹丹

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  24. khanawut sorn

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  25. Chiesele Mariño

    Chiesele MariñoHace 4 días

    After a tiring day at work, your videos are my relaxing pills!! Kudos ❤

  26. Alen Yegiyants

    Alen YegiyantsHace 4 días

    How do you know if those mushrooms are good yo eat?

  27. باسم الشمراني

    باسم الشمرانيHace 4 días

    this is a unique world on this earth Buco is it a cow or a zebra 🌏

  28. Rzn.•

    Rzn.•Hace 4 días

    Nem fudendo que demorou 5 horas para ficar pronto

  29. Andre Felipe

    Andre FelipeHace 4 días

    Né, esse maluco cozinhou usando um palito de fósforo pra demorar esse tempo, só pode.

  30. Bayu Rhegiana

    Bayu RhegianaHace 4 días

    Eargasm and foodgasm combined 👌🏻

  31. Johann Sebastian Mastropiero

    Johann Sebastian MastropieroHace 4 días

    5 horas para cocinar un ossobuco!!?? Que era de mamut??

  32. Hạt Thóc

    Hạt ThócHace 5 días

    great video, i like that too

  33. BMER

    BMERHace 5 días

    Tentador,,,,, un majado o un arroz especial para tirarle esa salsa x ve muy bien.......

  34. Puangkhae Khamjampa

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  35. Tuan Doan

    Tuan DoanHace 5 días

    Thằng này màu mè quá.nau thì nấu ăn thôi mà may làm quá lố

  36. Island Mike

    Island MikeHace 6 días

    I just cant get over the face hiding..its so gay.lmao


    RAZOR SHAKILAHace 6 días

    Auto ngiler cuy😍

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  39. tyler durden

    tyler durdenHace 7 días

    5 hours!?!?!

  40. Ravi Basnet

    Ravi BasnetHace 7 días

    its all about the camera and editing. These kind of food can be made at home. And i am sick of that spastic knife.

  41. lili yanty

    lili yantyHace 8 días

    dia ni masak apa pun nampak sedap...

  42. Victor González Palicio

    Victor González PalicioHace 8 días

    Hola! Acá estoy rascándome el higo sobre la roca!

  43. Eder Batista

    Eder BatistaHace 8 días

    Very good!!!

  44. megat azmeer

    megat azmeerHace 8 días

    Is it really slow motion or just acting to be slow ?

  45. 구마

    구마Hace 8 días

    아니 왜 손가락으로 먹노

  46. Luciano Bonifacio

    Luciano BonifacioHace 8 días

    muito bom, so faltou uma musica de fundo.

  47. Zillur Rahman

    Zillur RahmanHace 9 días

    Ur videography always amaze me..

  48. markus linnemann

    markus linnemannHace 9 días

    All this equipment in the nature ? Do You beleive this all ? Is^nt this an illusion of cooking in the nature? ML

  49. Schmalspurhengst

    SchmalspurhengstHace 9 días

    Treating all the ingredients like a magician! It's wonderful!

  50. sniper douglas

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  51. sniper douglas

    sniper douglasHace 9 días

    lezeira do carai vei

  52. Naka

    NakaHace 9 días

    Font used for the ingredients name?

  53. Sean Zadsalamat

    Sean ZadsalamatHace 9 días

    Me:What you season your steak with , salt pepper ? Him: Nah corn starch

  54. Carlos Simmons

    Carlos SimmonsHace 9 días

    When did micheal Myers start cookinn

  55. Ronan Lima

    Ronan LimaHace 10 días

    Teaching how to be poisoned by mushroms and put The forrest on fire 🤘

  56. David Valdez

    David ValdezHace 10 días

    Looks so good!


    NAROTTAM GHOSHHace 11 días


  58. Jovan Jocic

    Jovan JocicHace 11 días

    5 hours?? Really?

  59. AlinLaden

    AlinLadenHace 11 días

    always is a pleasure to watch him using that knife. Amazing.

  60. Furn427

    Furn427Hace 12 días

    that's not parsley root, it's parsnip

  61. Khadiri Tariq

    Khadiri TariqHace 12 días

    It's remind me of the moroccan dish 'tajin'

  62. Cory buffalo

    Cory buffaloHace 12 días

    Quiet food porn

  63. muhamad rosadi

    muhamad rosadiHace 12 días

    Please shareloc 😍

  64. muhamad rosadi

    muhamad rosadiHace 12 días

    Genius man...

  65. Mauro sosa

    Mauro sosaHace 13 días

    En Difinicion Un Paraiso Deje de Vomitar en el Piso. Esto es una Cosina De Locos

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    that's so satisfatory.

  68. Suara Mahaguru

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    peh... 5 jam kena tggu... kempunan dulu la..

  69. Rojo George

    Rojo GeorgeHace 15 días

    Without salt food is nothing

  70. Charles B

    Charles BHace 15 días

    You got me into butter, i now fry my steak in butter then throw it on the grill for a quick minute.

  71. Charles B

    Charles BHace 15 días

    I love no talking in your videos, the sounds of nature and the sounds created by your actions make for a realism that allows you to experience being there.

  72. yt junior

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  73. B TB

    B TBHace 15 días

    Almazan ty żeś jest Polak.?

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    Five hours later

  77. Josie Blanco

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    Beautiful video beautiful sound yam cooking so AMAZING

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    Wow amazing 👌🌸

  79. Daryl Yumol

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    actually hes Allan Walker


    ABDUL FAZILHace 17 días

    Ur dish was awesome 👌 but ur presentation is poor😄👎👎👎👎

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    Stress: ok time to leave again

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    Que demais

  84. Krupeenew

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    Where is the town or city that he do in this clip?

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    this gay is really hard


    MANISH DEWATWALHace 18 días


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    John Joshua SulitHace 19 días

    Best osso buco is the one made by hannibal

  88. Towela ☀️

    Towela ☀️Hace 20 días

    How do they know that those are the good mushrooms?

  89. david sableng

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    Recorder and vidio good

  90. Ahmed ojaimi

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    Am fasting you just make my day longer great cocking

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    Cocking?! Dude really

  92. vigneswar k s

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    Where is the place It's looking awesome

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    The best porn video i have ever watched

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    Greatfull background junggle soundtrack nice idea combination

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    O my god! It's a floating hoodie!

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    Sobrang ganda nito.🇵🇭🇵🇭

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    Brat sve super samo sto ne kapiram tvoje slow-motion pokrete :)))

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    Konsam JamesHace 23 días

    Good one. Really enjoyed. Although one thing is missing. A nice chilled beer.

  100. Eddy Dishart

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    More spice on the "jedi" than the food

  101. Robbi Purba

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    Damn...make me hungry...

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    es una poronga eso, el osobuco es para el puchero manga de muertos conchetos

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    Суууукаа мне кусочеееееек. Сюда быстрооооооо дай