Best Friend - Animation Short Film 2018 - GOBELINS


  1. Эпический геймер

    Эпический геймерHace 16 horas

    This is the R/Iamfourteenandthisisdeep subreddit condensed in 5 minutes

  2. Selome Gezachew

    Selome GezachewHace 19 horas

    It's scary to even imagine about the future if we're gonna turn out like this :(

  3. Elena Migliorini

    Elena MiglioriniHace un día

    This felt so real

  4. Ashy Stars

    Ashy StarsHace un día

    best friend is like a drug

  5. Muhammad Sarang

    Muhammad SarangHace un día

    Pet would a better option

  6. MourSeyBemo

    MourSeyBemoHace un día

    Ok Boomer

  7. John Edwards

    John EdwardsHace 2 días

    I love happy endings.

  8. Pineley

    PineleyHace 2 días

    OK boomer

  9. Crazystuffyousee

    CrazystuffyouseeHace 2 días

    All he needed was some money, alcohol, and drugs, and poooofff.....instant friends. Until it runs out.....

  10. Aries The Ram

    Aries The RamHace 2 días

    Shouldn’t just have given him the case of eyedrop-drugs

  11. Ren Gacha

    Ren GachaHace 2 días

    Saddest part is that he maybe doesn't have a best friend And he almost commit suicide Because he's lonely and he discovered ( Best Friend ) And he didn't want to be lonely like the past so he bought it.

  12. Amanda_ Charsy

    Amanda_ CharsyHace 2 días

    Geeze i hope this wont happened in the future

  13. Lavender

    LavenderHace 2 días

    The way world is going this situation is not too far into the future.

  14. Xelos

    XelosHace 2 días

    Drugs are bad.. M'kay?

  15. sydneylol

    sydneylolHace 2 días

    I’m just seeing this now but the whole time I was in the edge of my seat! Very well done!!

  16. ok cool

    ok coolHace 3 días

    *F U C K H*

  17. Whom you ask

    Whom you askHace 3 días

    5:07 my OCD is going to kill me-

  18. Ratatopo2000.0

    Ratatopo2000.0Hace 3 días


  19. Ji Hye Park

    Ji Hye ParkHace 3 días

    When technology makes you lonely.

  20. Tutoriales daag1315

    Tutoriales daag1315Hace 3 días

    Black Mirror or Love Death and Robots

  21. Nightcoregirlygirl

    NightcoregirlygirlHace 3 días

    I sort of see this as being addicted to drugs kind of thing, cause people go crazy.. and you should hopfully ge what i mean.

  22. Madison Harris

    Madison HarrisHace 3 días

    Really good story the style was nice and kept me interested till the end

  23. KittiKat Kreations

    KittiKat KreationsHace 3 días

    You show this to me NOW? In 2020?! ESreporter

  24. Ruth K

    Ruth KHace 4 días

    I was looking for a short film to show my year 4's. This is not the one hahaha.

  25. Hanter

    HanterHace 4 días


  26. Anubis The God

    Anubis The GodHace 4 días


  27. Kevin Eastman

    Kevin EastmanHace 4 días

    Sounds like late stage capitalism to me

  28. Albieris Fernández

    Albieris FernándezHace 4 días

    esto significa que un drogadicto no deja de ser drogadicto?

  29. Archangel 88大天使

    Archangel 88大天使Hace 4 días

    This is very depressing

  30. Mr. Corkhead

    Mr. CorkheadHace 4 días

    wtf this is so messed up

  31. Kαwαusσ pinkü

    Kαwαusσ pinküHace 5 días

    I think Arthur feels lonley so maybe that's why he bought that friend machine thing

  32. Georgina Asangre

    Georgina AsangreHace 5 días

    I love how this animations have a deeper meaning to them.

  33. Goat Lord

    Goat LordHace 5 días

    Que acabo de ver

  34. I have 15 subs lol

    I have 15 subs lolHace 5 días

    *_When it's 2164 and you still have no friends_*

  35. Ben Hughes

    Ben HughesHace 5 días

    this is just a glorified "phone bad" message

  36. Auraflowers23*

    Auraflowers23*Hace 5 días

    How tragic

  37. ShadowFlamme3000

    ShadowFlamme3000Hace 5 días

    Can I get one ... ;-;

  38. Queen Honeyboo Child

    Queen Honeyboo ChildHace 6 días

    Me reads the title with best friend: BAesT FeRiAnD OK I spelt it incorrect ly by purpose to show how it sounds lol

  39. Isaiah Faamausili

    Isaiah FaamausiliHace 6 días

    This is stuffed

  40. Назар Рахимжанов

    Назар РахимжановHace 6 días

    18+ 18 +

  41. Glory of the Messiah

    Glory of the MessiahHace 6 días

    The real best friend is Jesus.

  42. Thomas Thomas

    Thomas ThomasHace 6 días

    This is obviously me if this is ever invented

  43. Dress Mann

    Dress MannHace 6 días

    This is sort of like heroin

  44. Dougi Central

    Dougi CentralHace 6 días

    We all just want friends. People to care about and people to love. Trust me

  45. Koaasy

    KoaasyHace 6 días

    i need one of those, sign me up!!!!

  46. joao vitor nascimento

    joao vitor nascimentoHace 6 días

    Like a Love, Death & Robots

  47. saturn *:・゚

    saturn *:・゚Hace 6 días

    I hate that the caption of the video says "in a near future" like they know something

  48. saturn *:・゚

    saturn *:・゚Hace 6 días

    Here it is, the future of drugs 🐸

  49. Norbert The Bearded Dragon

    Norbert The Bearded DragonHace 6 días

    At first I thought Arther was a Vampire

  50. nukacoaal

    nukacoaalHace 6 días

    This is funny, because my name is Arthur and I have no friends either.

  51. Roy Veldboom

    Roy VeldboomHace 6 días

    What you've all just seen and been wowed by is a rare example of truly adult animation--not in the Ralph Bakshi sense with explicit content, but reflecting adult concerns and tastes. Now, when someone finally makes something like this commercially viable, that will be a good day.

  52. Eva Mimi

    Eva MimiHace 6 días

    jo que triste pero lo más triste es que seguro que en un futuro acabaremos todos así

  53. Alle Candy

    Alle CandyHace 6 días

    So like Schizophrenia inducind eye drops? Srry not trying to be offensive, but I don't really know the difference...

  54. Young Lung

    Young LungHace 7 días

    He's actually a cocaine addict

  55. Al Kolesnikoff

    Al KolesnikoffHace 7 días

    Скоро все, кто думает что телефон это что-то больше, чем телефон, так жить будут... Очень не завидно

  56. Rayna

    RaynaHace 7 días

    This brought so much more anxiety in my life

  57. Reyx

    ReyxHace 7 días

    How is this animated so well omg

  58. няшка няша

    няшка няшаHace 7 días

    Парень страный

  59. Sayn

    SaynHace 7 días

    I take sertraline tablets everyday for depression and idk why it's so relatable

  60. UgLY PeRSoN

    UgLY PeRSoNHace 7 días

    I wish i had friends