BEFORE I WAKE (2018) Ending Explained


  1. Mediocre Salad

    Mediocre SaladHace 14 horas

    I remember watching this movie outside in a tent with my friends and just screaming a lot cuz it was late

  2. Master Man

    Master ManHace 18 horas

    Thumbs down and didn't watch because of the double ads. Complain to Google.

  3. A Very Gay Butterfly

    A Very Gay ButterflyHace 2 días

    Wow, this story was actually so good

  4. Isaac Solis

    Isaac SolisHace 2 días

    This movie use to be called the The Canker Man or something like that. What happened?

  5. Hector Pacheco

    Hector PachecoHace 2 días

    I cried so hard @ the end

  6. Hodeeny

    HodeenyHace 2 días

    I love this channel because I can watch movie less than 20 min

  7. danny Torres

    danny TorresHace 2 días

    The kinky man 💀

  8. Dayday Chyna

    Dayday ChynaHace 3 días

    Kevin Hart uncle moment, "let's go get this cancer". Wow. So people died cuz the kid was confused

  9. Miles Quinto

    Miles QuintoHace 3 días

    This reminds me of Guardians of the Galaxy (the beginning)

  10. Cobra Kaj Critic

    Cobra Kaj CriticHace 3 días

    Kanker means cancer in dutch so you know

  11. Cobra Kaj Critic

    Cobra Kaj CriticHace 3 días

    Ik ben Nederlands dus ja. 👍👍👍

  12. Leche de caballo

    Leche de caballoHace 3 días

    Holy crap. James is like a beholder! And a reality warping god. That's kinda scary.

  13. Memelord 25

    Memelord 25Hace 3 días

    Not both of them just her

  14. Elijah Tobin

    Elijah TobinHace 4 días

    The concept of this movie is amazing

  15. NightxD memes

    NightxD memesHace 4 días

    I could've sworn this man was called the cancer man

  16. MPassultNVP :

    MPassultNVP :Hace 4 días

    Some child's are gifted

  17. Arched Kraken

    Arched KrakenHace 4 días

    Any Dutch person saw The kanker man twist coming (In the Netherlands cancer is pronounced kanker)

  18. shane gil

    shane gilHace 5 días

    Is that Georgie??.. he looks familiar

  19. wayeneastwerd42

    wayeneastwerd42Hace 5 días

    Jesse has deferent collard eyes.


    UMBRIFEROUSHace 6 días

    Not saying you dont deserve the revenue because you do, but im getting double ads on all videos and its annoying as fuck. I love your content though, keep up the great work.

  21. Just Sol

    Just SolHace 7 días

    They should have brought back Mark.


    INTING LULHace 7 días

    Don’t let him go online, EVER!

  23. Jacob Kangelidis

    Jacob KangelidisHace 8 días

    Id like to state that mark is actually uncomfortable and against what his wife does almost the whole movie, u can see it in his mannerisms, he clearly wants to move forward, build a new life with Cody, but his wife cant ley go of the past

  24. Malachi-Elijah Fountain

    Malachi-Elijah FountainHace 8 días

    Ik wat the end is my aunt told me but i want to see the rest of the movie

  25. hewstopia H. Christ

    hewstopia H. ChristHace 10 días

    We got a containment breach

  26. Count on me I get scared

    Count on me I get scaredHace 10 días

    the bully’s name was tate, not terry

  27. Ghost-kun Say Fuck U

    Ghost-kun Say Fuck UHace 10 días

    The people who had been consumed might had been still alive. Kid maybe had a limitless hyperspace within him. Or he is some sort of teleportation portal into the Aether.

  28. Avery Rogers

    Avery RogersHace 11 días

    Holy hell this shit is scary but also gratifying with the possibilities of porn but also porn and horror flics because there’s good stuff and then there’s stuff that even the casual perverts find disgusting

  29. AkuTenshiiZero

    AkuTenshiiZeroHace 11 días

    It always bothers me how these movies act like sleeping pills are goddam anesthesia. Seriously, where can I get these pills, the ones I buy only make me a little drowsy.

  30. Teneani

    TeneaniHace 11 días

    I love when directors bring reality warpers into a real-world setting.

  31. Amethyst Rosse

    Amethyst RosseHace 12 días


  32. Amarok

    AmarokHace 12 días

    That moment when we learn who the Canker Man is. I cried.

  33. V0RIX

    V0RIXHace 12 días

    Kanker means cancer in dutch, too sad man 😢

  34. idunbeezasmart1

    idunbeezasmart1Hace 13 días

    While Cancer Man is terrifying, at least he is not real. The same cannot be said about Cankle Woman. They are VERY real and FAR too numerous.

  35. imma wes main

    imma wes mainHace 14 días

    the drugs are probaly hypnocil

  36. L W Munger

    L W MungerHace 15 días

    okay i thought i understood why i have the nightmares i have and why i have the weird dreams i have BUT YOU JUST MADE IT MORE COMPLICATED IT'S TAKEN 7 YEARS FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND MY NIGHTMARES AND DREAMS BUT NOW YOU JUST MADE IT SO I HAVE TO REDO EVERYTHING!

  37. Aleisha Green

    Aleisha GreenHace 15 días

    Cody shouldnta been used & exploited. The users created their own hell.

  38. RoRa26

    RoRa26Hace 16 días

    Kanker is canser in holland so in the begin I was thinking was it canser Or kanker

  39. soviet Russia

    soviet RussiaHace 17 días

    I dont dream

  40. AmbientDreamer

    AmbientDreamerHace 18 días

    3:53 "Chilly-Willies UGH!"

  41. Eat Me

    Eat MeHace 18 días

    A feeeemmmily picture

  42. Tokyo Smoke

    Tokyo SmokeHace 19 días

    Yo, wait... I'm fucking myself in my dreams?

  43. Chris218

    Chris218Hace 19 días

    Damn these videos are addicting!

  44. Derty Dert

    Derty DertHace 19 días

    Look guys,the thumbnail is Donald trump without makeup on

  45. The Lonely Lump

    The Lonely LumpHace 21 un día

    I’d love to see a squeal with Cody as an adult using his powers for good

  46. I Want The Sweet Release Of Death

    I Want The Sweet Release Of DeathHace 21 un día

    I laughed so damn hard when the credits music started.

  47. Cali K.

    Cali K.Hace 21 un día

    Sequel please!!! Where the dad comes back and Cody can control his "gift" PLUS Cody can sleep blissfully. THAT is a joyful ending. Perhaps Jess wants the husband to "look after Shaun" and in her mind, she'll be with them someday but for now, Cody needs her.

  48. Juan Aguilar

    Juan AguilarHace 23 días

    Can u review pinnochios revenge and rumplestiltskin

  49. Amber Rees

    Amber ReesHace 23 días

    The sleeping pills were technically prescribed so child services had no right or grounds to take him away.

  50. Hotmoezarellacheese

    HotmoezarellacheeseHace 25 días

    so cancer was the bad guy the whole time

  51. Subscribe to instantly die

    Subscribe to instantly dieHace 25 días

    So the kinkerman is Oogie Boogie

  52. The_Real MC

    The_Real MCHace 27 días

    Watch, he’s gonna be the hero in Brightburn, the hero of that universe.

  53. priyonto sikder

    priyonto sikderHace 11 días


  54. dumb dumb special

    dumb dumb specialHace 27 días

    Dead meat and found flix cross over

  55. Lemon Leaf

    Lemon LeafHace 28 días

    Bro he just has the reality stone inside him and in the end he created. The butterfly with the reality stone

  56. tofu

    tofuHace 28 días

    0:46 kinky man?

  57. Wishful Thinking

    Wishful ThinkingHace un mes

    I would pray that this kid would never watch IT or Stranger Things.

  58. Adam Bartlett

    Adam BartlettHace un mes

    that kid is gonna have a gnarly mid life crisis

  59. MP Toast

    MP ToastHace un mes

    kankerman, vmbo'er

  60. Onlymadeto Watchadultcontent

    Onlymadeto WatchadultcontentHace un mes

    If I had that power instead of a monster the world would have a superhero who........ destroys....... Monsters, yeah the world would still have monsters but there would be a superhero to defeat them

  61. s_lx

    s_lxHace un mes

    Ooooh. It’s the Cancer man. 😥

  62. donna george

    donna georgeHace un mes

    How about the possession of emily rose !?!

  63. Tatiana Gois

    Tatiana GoisHace un mes

    In the movie when the explanation of what the canker man really was and the backstory of Cody's mother made me cry and feel so bad for poor little Cody. Ughh, just heartwrenching. At least the movie ends with him in a happy home and him with hope that he can bring the people back to life again

  64. MoonPies 24

    MoonPies 24Hace un mes

    This reminds me of that episode of the Twilight Zone where the kid can make bad stuff happen to his family, and since he’s making up these bad things, they’re usually really crazy. I hope people know what I’m talking about!

  65. 52footballoak

    52footballoakHace un mes

    This was a good movie. There was a episode on the X-Files that have a similar story to were the boy nightmare would become real and hurt people.

  66. Koen Yl

    Koen YlHace un mes

    In the netherlands canker or as we call it kanker is the actual word for cancer

  67. StyxFr Lyfe

    StyxFr LyfeHace un mes

    i swear I heard you say kinky man

  68. H2rogue

    H2rogueHace un mes

    What if he had a wet dream

  69. John Morales

    John MoralesHace un mes

    Umm, I’m not story writer, but you didn’t explain the ending? The ending was explained in the movie and all you did was give us a quick summary of the movie

  70. kelli glore

    kelli gloreHace un mes

    This movie was definitely better than some other horror movies I've seen. The actors were good but the ending did seem kind of cold when it came to the husband. I can see where the mother was wrong in using cody but unless you have lost a child, you will never understand that pain and guilt. She was wrong in using the boy for her own want of seeing her son and her husband did seem to care about cody more than she did. I would have wanted my husband back home and not wished everyone else a happy ending except my self. Maybe that was the unselfish part. Her son had his dad and wasn't alone anymore.

  71. ajrules450 AJ

    ajrules450 AJHace un mes

    awh I thought this movie would be scary I just watched it and i wasn't scared at all! I really want to find a horror movie that is rated PG-13 that will scare me. I have watched the sixth sense, lights out, and now before I wake as well, but they did not scare me. Does anybody have any recomendations of movies that are actually scary? (and PG-13 rated)

  72. Matthew Miller

    Matthew MillerHace un mes

    But what actually happened to the people that the canker man made disappear? Did they die? Did they all have cancer? Where did they go?

  73. Walkin' Tall

    Walkin' TallHace un mes

    Theres meds you can take that block dreams. My psychologist put me on them a few years ago due to nightmares/night terrors. I have ptsd, depression, anxiety due to years of childhood abuse. This kid.....needs a prescription ASAP!! lol

  74. Geo the Maku Gamer

    Geo the Maku GamerHace un mes

    This is honestly all the doctor's faults for letting him in the room with his mother while she looked like the moonlight man from Gerald's Game

  75. Th3 Crimson Gam3r

    Th3 Crimson Gam3rHace un mes


  76. olaft1

    olaft1Hace un mes

    That man looks like sans

  77. bourgeoisHellion

    bourgeoisHellionHace un mes

    Weird Sharkboy and Lavagirl reboot

  78. UltraGalaxyify

    UltraGalaxyifyHace un mes

    The parents seem a bit exploitative to me, knowing that Cody can dream up their son, and so they use their old photos and home videos to make him dream of him even more

  79. sha24gy

    sha24gyHace un mes

    Poor kid , trying to stay awake , so that people won’t get hurt.

  80. wasssuuuppp ?

    wasssuuuppp ?Hace un mes

    Jessie: Cody? Jessie: Who is this? Jessie: *points at a naked model* Cody: Just a dream😂

  81. wasssuuuppp ?

    wasssuuuppp ?Hace un mes

    Terry? TATE!!!!!

  82. flashinthehole

    flashintheholeHace un mes

    I just watched this movie 2 minutes ago on Netflix thought this was going the be a theory video of the ending but this was 16minutes of recap and 29 seconds about the ending Still watched the whole vid tho lmao i dont even know why

  83. Doctor Peppermint

    Doctor PeppermintHace un mes

    Make him read When Day breaks

  84. Tindrr

    TindrrHace un mes

    Literally just show Cody a Riley Reid video then boom things ain’t so scary anymore

  85. Mike Reyes

    Mike ReyesHace un mes

    I think the reason why Canker Man attacked Mark is because when Mark desperately tried to wake Cody up he slapping him, idk that's what it seems to me

  86. Dancing Lizard

    Dancing LizardHace un mes

    11:56 when mom says the pizza rolls are done

  87. vazak11

    vazak11Hace un mes

    Oooh neat stuff!

  88. Jacks toons

    Jacks toonsHace un mes

    Wazz up

  89. Jannys Vanity

    Jannys VanityHace un mes

    This is the second movie this kid plays an orphan adopted, and in a mystery movie, the other one called shut in.

  90. Chase Tingley

    Chase TingleyHace 2 meses

    Why is this kid in every movie

  91. MANAT33 69

    MANAT33 69Hace 2 meses

    Cody is baby Jesus

  92. LooiYw

    LooiYwHace 2 meses

    What the hell, the movie stole my name, Shaun

  93. Squiggly Poem 27

    Squiggly Poem 27Hace 2 meses

    What if Cody day dreams

  94. VC26

    VC26Hace 2 meses

    He does it at the end of the film. Jessie (mom) tells him there's no limit to what his power could do as it grows. Then he closes his eyes & conjures up a butterfly while he's awake.

  95. Squiggly Poem 27

    Squiggly Poem 27Hace 2 meses

    Watch out for when Cody becomes a teenager

  96. james mauk

    james maukHace 2 meses

    You know with the power like that he could be a superhero and his super name would be Sandman😉

  97. Chili Women

    Chili WomenHace 2 meses

    I don't undestand the end

  98. Chili Women

    Chili WomenHace 2 meses

    That's so sad :(

  99. Brown Boi

    Brown BoiHace 2 meses

    *the kinky man*

  100. Rick Van Dam

    Rick Van DamHace 2 meses

    Litter the kankerman means cancer man in Dutch

  101. Rick Van Dam

    Rick Van DamHace 2 meses


  102. Everett Williams

    Everett WilliamsHace 2 meses

    I love how the monster name is just cancer mispronounced

  103. TRIIAD

    TRIIADHace 2 meses

    Damn this must be rough

  104. Movies, Comics, and Comics Guy

    Movies, Comics, and Comics GuyHace 2 meses

    When I saw the movie, i cried when the mother said the father got the greatest gift of all, and he was in heaven with his son *sniff* I cried a lot

  105. VC26

    VC26Hace 2 meses

    I am glad it wasn't just me! I watched this for the first time last night, and did not expect this emotional ending. I was teary when it showed his caner-ridden mother saying goodbye to him. But when it shows Mark with his son again, the tears started glowing harder.