BEFORE I WAKE (2018) Ending Explained


  1. Jannys Vanity

    Jannys VanityHace 21 un hora

    This is the second movie this kid plays an orphan adopted, and in a mystery movie, the other one called shut in.

  2. Chase Tingley

    Chase TingleyHace un día

    Why is this kid in every movie

  3. MANAT33 V2

    MANAT33 V2Hace 2 días

    Cody is baby Jesus

  4. LooiYw

    LooiYwHace 3 días

    What the hell, the movie stole my name, Shaun

  5. Squiggly Poem 27

    Squiggly Poem 27Hace 5 días

    What if Cody day dreams

  6. VC26

    VC26Hace 5 días

    He does it at the end of the film. Jessie (mom) tells him there's no limit to what his power could do as it grows. Then he closes his eyes & conjures up a butterfly while he's awake.

  7. Squiggly Poem 27

    Squiggly Poem 27Hace 5 días

    Watch out for when Cody becomes a teenager

  8. james mauk

    james maukHace 5 días

    You know with the power like that he could be a superhero and his super name would be Sandman😉

  9. Chili Women

    Chili WomenHace 5 días

    I don't undestand the end

  10. Chili Women

    Chili WomenHace 5 días

    That's so sad :(

  11. Brown Boi

    Brown BoiHace 6 días

    *the kinky man*

  12. Rick Van Dam

    Rick Van DamHace 7 días

    Litter the kankerman means cancer man in Dutch

  13. Rick Van Dam

    Rick Van DamHace 7 días


  14. Everett Williams

    Everett WilliamsHace 8 días

    I love how the monster name is just cancer mispronounced

  15. TRIIAD

    TRIIADHace 9 días

    Damn this must be rough

  16. Yub Fan Boi

    Yub Fan BoiHace 9 días

    When I saw the movie, i cried when the mother said the father got the greatest gift of all, and he was in heaven with his son *sniff* I cried a lot

  17. VC26

    VC26Hace 5 días

    I am glad it wasn't just me! I watched this for the first time last night, and did not expect this emotional ending. I was teary when it showed his caner-ridden mother saying goodbye to him. But when it shows Mark with his son again, the tears started glowing harder.

  18. Karim and kamron

    Karim and kamronHace 9 días



    COOLSKELETON95Hace 9 días

    This kid is gonna become a superhero when he's a teenager. Without a doubt

  20. Fatz. Taba

    Fatz. TabaHace 10 días

    Call Alexander Xavier their is a new mutant in town

  21. 100% Free

    100% FreeHace 10 días

    What is his gift? I mean the fuck

  22. Nick E

    Nick EHace 10 días

    I hope he can.

  23. IamwhoIam

    IamwhoIamHace 11 días

    skip to 13 minutes, he just explains the whole movie before that. Wasted my time

  24. Chase Adcox

    Chase AdcoxHace 11 días

    Cody said the canker man ate his mom and in the end Cody said that his mom died from cancer so maybe Cody means cancer man

  25. Karl The Snarl

    Karl The SnarlHace 11 días

    I no joke, had Cody’s exact sheets

  26. Trinity Konikson

    Trinity KoniksonHace 11 días

    Wow. That ending was actually kinda sad.

  27. Kim BlaQue

    Kim BlaQueHace 12 días

    This was a heartbreaking movie

  28. FaceFULL Of sheet

    FaceFULL Of sheetHace 12 días

    Sole survivor: Shaun is really you after 60 years

  29. fifi nominal aka Deb

    fifi nominal aka DebHace 13 días

    I suffer from chronic insomnia. Always have, it sucks. I would like to thank you in person if I could but that would be creepy and weird to seek you out just to do that so ill have to do it here. Thank you so much for these videos! Not only do I really enjoy them and ALWAYS watch the ones you like (we agree a surprisingly high number of times :)) but I find your voice very relaxing. With the screen dark and your voice in my ear, I have actually fallen asleep!! Its great, just fantastic! So thank you so much! Of course you realize this now means you can NEVER stop and may have to make a couple videos a day but Im sure you wouldn't mind to accommodate a fan right? lol No seriously......THANK YOU!

  30. Online Outlaw

    Online OutlawHace 13 días

    Kankerman is just a naked sans

  31. Kiritsugu Emiya

    Kiritsugu EmiyaHace 14 días

    Adult cody : Reality can be whatever i want

  32. Kiritsugu Emiya

    Kiritsugu EmiyaHace 14 días

    Pssst hey cody do you know what a *SUCCUBUS* is

  33. Christina Littleton

    Christina LittletonHace 14 días

    What the hell would Cody dream up if he watches either Gegege no Kitaro or Happy Tree Friends?

  34. Vastos

    VastosHace 14 días

    either have him sleep outside the house make him a little housing compartment in the backyard or leave the house when he sleeps 😁

  35. fhgbv

    fhgbvHace 15 días

    Embodiment of Azathoth

  36. Jacob Aselton

    Jacob AseltonHace 16 días

    I left my pc to go practice piano and had left the video paused at 11:27. I had forgotten I had left this video paused. Mistakes were made.

  37. Joshua

    JoshuaHace 12 días

    Jacob Aselton sucks

  38. David Cornier

    David CornierHace 17 días

    Scp reality bender

  39. Sambo Rambo

    Sambo RamboHace 17 días

    *Drowning in a tub?*

  40. ramdom florida guy

    ramdom florida guyHace 17 días

    he protecc he attac but most importantly he want his mommy back

  41. Duc Nguyen

    Duc NguyenHace 17 días

    Kinkerman sounds like something from a wet dream not a nightmare

  42. Woozie

    WoozieHace 17 días

    11:19 *AWw HELL NAWH*

  43. Zach Jensen

    Zach JensenHace 17 días

    Can you do an old movie, it's called XTRO?


    IAN DUCAOHace 18 días

    his wet dreams intensifies

  45. Chase Harnack

    Chase HarnackHace 18 días

    If you think about it. This movie is kind of sad.

  46. Maxwasagooddog

    MaxwasagooddogHace 18 días

    Before I wake Therefore I’m woke I asked for a coke And got a Pepsi I said yes And got magic dream powers And now I’m awake

  47. Matilda Da Gacha Newb

    Matilda Da Gacha NewbHace 19 días

    What about his real dad?

  48. Tammy Lutz

    Tammy LutzHace 19 días

    So i guess it is the kancer women

  49. hiphopapotamus j

    hiphopapotamus jHace 19 días

    Cody is really Franklin Richards

  50. Joe Hall

    Joe HallHace 19 días

    That house is going to get super weird once Cody hits puberty.

  51. Woozie

    WoozieHace 17 días


  52. Eric Brown

    Eric BrownHace 20 días

    This is like some Steven king stuff

  53. bloodraptor3000

    bloodraptor3000Hace 21 un día

    Why the step father had to suffer what the step mom did? Why? Kinkerman should have taken her instead honestly

  54. VC26

    VC26Hace 5 días

    That's what I wanted. Mark (the father) actually cared about Cody & tried to bond with him. Reading him stories, painting his room & building his race-car bed together. The mom used him as a replacement, then started using him to get her son back, which Mark called her out on. Would be 100% better if the father lived with Cody & solved the mystery. Let mom "supposedly" go to be with the son. Completely unlikable character.

  55. Gunnar Abel

    Gunnar AbelHace 21 un día

    The kinkerman actually looks really cool

  56. Anime shot

    Anime shotHace 21 un día

    I swear I see the lady in A LOT of horror movies

  57. King O Squids

    King O SquidsHace 21 un día

    Cant wait for this kid to have a wet dream

  58. Angeldusk

    AngelduskHace 21 un día

    Eh Jacob Tremblay

  59. shittymusicreference

    shittymusicreferenceHace 22 días

    Nice try we all know the kid has a stand lil nigga using bohemian Rhapsody

  60. Obey Da cow

    Obey Da cowHace 22 días

    My brain hurts Ow

  61. Holy knight Percival

    Holy knight PercivalHace 22 días

    The part where the kanker man bends over backwards with his face with his eyes looking at the person I just died laughing. XD

  62. Oscar_FML

    Oscar_FMLHace 23 días

    If this movie had a better budget would of been a box office hit

  63. Emi Lia

    Emi LiaHace 26 días

    7:14 . *Look Sora* 🌸

  64. Tornado Phantom

    Tornado PhantomHace 26 días

    3:37 U BEEN MARKED!!!!!!!!!

  65. Daniela Nicolae

    Daniela NicolaeHace 26 días

    Hello! An interesting horror movie to talk about is "Les Affames". I'm curious about what you think

  66. Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis

    Rex AKA Alberts NemesisHace 26 días

    Before I wake, I want at least 8 hours of sleep

  67. The pixel pro bros

    The pixel pro brosHace 26 días

    Kinkerman looks like sans

  68. Amelia Phillips

    Amelia PhillipsHace 27 días

    Who watches this and dead meat instead of the actual movie

  69. jay Moham

    jay MohamHace 28 días

    the kanker sore

  70. Don’t be Mad

    Don’t be MadHace 29 días

    This movie was garb

  71. Nameless King

    Nameless KingHace 29 días

    He is literally the strongest character. Ever. Or at least he has the potential

  72. Cody Marion

    Cody MarionHace 29 días

    That's my name

  73. Siren Nexus

    Siren NexusHace un mes

    This is made by the same guy who created the abomination known as Gerald’s Game? Holy shit! I’m surprised that this turned out so well!

  74. Kristers Zelčs

    Kristers ZelčsHace un mes

    Door king of atlantas aquaman

  75. Natt Romanoff

    Natt RomanoffHace un mes

    Such a special movie, honestly!

  76. pahz place

    pahz placeHace un mes

    Maybe Cody's anger in losing his mother and seeing her in that state, used his power via whatever nightmare to bring back as well as take away at his discretion. It sounds like he was confused with the two being that he no longer had his mother, (and had to go from home to home to experience whatever made which would make him angry), and at the same time wanted to bring her back which basically produced the canker man (who basically was the vision of cancer and what it made his mother eventually look like.

  77. pahz place

    pahz placeHace un mes

    Which is why when one possess whatever ability that others do not it is imperative to not boast or make a freak show of it for those that will suck your blood dry to come running to do so. Although this is a movie (that I have not seen yet) the reality is, people are like this in real life and this childs gift really isn't to serve others, as if this were so they would be able to do what he does. It 's purely meant to serve him and if he chooses to extend it, it is his prerogative. to do so. Most do not even understand childhood, so it would be difficult for them to understand qualities as such. Being that dreaming is another level of consciousness that is/gives foresight as well as explains that which is unexplainable blessings to the naked eye. Most people can't even understand their own dreams and what it means, so how would they be able to understand others and who they are.

  78. John Aiken Harvy Buctolan

    John Aiken Harvy BuctolanHace un mes

    Let him watch butterflies.

  79. Forest BR34TH

    Forest BR34THHace un mes

    Came because the skeleton looed like delerium

  80. Shelli Blossom

    Shelli BlossomHace un mes

    i think the end is him learning to bring his dreams to life so he cam bring them back because he didnt really want to take them

  81. Leo Schuessler

    Leo SchuesslerHace un mes

    It’s not scary but it’s 😢

  82. SATAN & I

    SATAN & IHace un mes



    BROZONEHace un mes

    And then Cody becomes a teenager and dreams about Mia Khalifa

  84. tempest 115

    tempest 115Hace 9 días

    O h n o

  85. Megabot 650

    Megabot 650Hace un mes

    Somebody pls make a mod for garry's gmod featuring the monster from this movie, and make it absorb the victim

  86. Sierra Jay

    Sierra JayHace un mes

    This movie was released in 2016

  87. notoriginal video's

    notoriginal video'sHace un mes

    Don't watch porn

  88. Nate Guapo

    Nate GuapoHace un mes

    Now is this some way connected to bright burn



    Who else watches his videos because you’re too scared to actually watch the movie?

  90. Mako the Witch of Void

    Mako the Witch of VoidHace un mes

    geez, I was not ready for those tears...

  91. Fanatic

    FanaticHace un mes

    not totaly related to the movie, but all horror movie characters live in the biggest, creepiest houses in the history of creepy houses. is it to accelerate the plot? I need answers

  92. FEG Jeremiah

    FEG JeremiahHace un mes

    Kanker means cancer in dutch so thats a nice clue from the very start if you know the dutch meaning

  93. Oscar Gonzalez

    Oscar GonzalezHace un mes

    Holy shit the mom looked creepier than the cancer man

  94. Michael Schu

    Michael SchuHace un mes

    god damn just give this boy some kush you cant dream high

  95. Yo Bo

    Yo BoHace un mes

    HOLY SHIT it's that kid from Shut In

  96. Erbert Adonis

    Erbert AdonisHace un mes

    What if he dreamed of Infinity war?

  97. Liam Colotti

    Liam ColottiHace un mes

    After watching this my friend and I watched the babysitter and then I accidentally clicked on Barbie life in the dream house and awe watched it from 3-4 am and my god it was the funniest shit ever!!! Lol

  98. Liam Colotti

    Liam ColottiHace un mes

    The cancerman actually first appears in that first scene with the foster dad down the hallway to the right

  99. some random cat

    some random catHace un mes


  100. Dea Jay Carey

    Dea Jay CareyHace un mes


  101. Deia Cassidy

    Deia CassidyHace un mes

    I don’t understand. Cody’s mom died of cancer, and his first foster mom got sick and died. So how did the bully and Shaun’s foster dad die? I know his dreams turned into reality, so what was the explanation for the bully boy dying and for Mark dying?

  102. Devils Shadows

    Devils ShadowsHace un mes

    The last scene with the canker man in it was honestly the best part of the movie...

  103. Natsuki

    NatsukiHace un mes

    Half of the comments are talking about what they think of the movie and how its kinda sad and the other half if like "lol what if he has a wet dream"

  104. Victor Östling

    Victor ÖstlingHace un mes

    What happens when this kid has a wet dream.

  105. Fudge Bear

    Fudge BearHace un mes

    Let him play fortnite, and THEN

  106. Hamza X

    Hamza XHace un mes

    Cancer man was genius ❤️.

  107. DavePiez

    DavePiezHace un mes

    Jesse has blue and gray eyes