Beat Battle with Hailee Steinfeld


  1. Джейкоб Блек

    Джейкоб БлекHace 57 minutos

    Hailee Steinfeld крут! красивая девушка


    SHAHREEN ELAHEEHace 8 horas

    what is the name of the last song in the second round sang bi Hailee Steinfield

  3. seryygei k

    seryygei kHace 14 horas

    Хейли, самая обаятельная и удивительно привлекательная девушка современной эстрады. Я люблю ее .

  4. Lia Fortuño

    Lia FortuñoHace un día

    No ones going to mention how Jimmy could remember the lyrics to most of the songs?! And then she starts sing and it‘s like bam!

  5. Abdijabar Djama

    Abdijabar DjamaHace un día

    Can we appreciate how f talented the roots r

  6. Meow Meow

    Meow MeowHace un día


  7. Alexandra Vizcarra

    Alexandra VizcarraHace 2 días



    SHAHREEN ELAHEEHace 2 días

    What is the name of the second song

  9. Neha Raghunathan

    Neha RaghunathanHace 2 días

    I think it’s called no scrubs

  10. Сергей Гараев

    Сергей ГараевHace 2 días

    Россия 🇷🇺 есть кто !? Или я один тут

  11. Muhammad Umar Siddiqi

    Muhammad Umar SiddiqiHace 2 días

    She’s rlly underrated, she’s got a brilliant voice like ❤️❤️

  12. Rita tim

    Rita timHace 3 días

    She's so adorable

  13. Денис Чиков

    Денис ЧиковHace 3 días

    Hi i m from Russia i have good content for you

  14. abdullah macarimbang

    abdullah macarimbangHace 3 días

    Hahahah delicate by taylor swift

  15. טל טפר

    טל טפרHace 4 días

    She is so hot. And she is in my age, so maybe.... Na forget it

  16. julian kiriakidis

    julian kiriakidisHace 4 días

    hailee is hotter then the blazes of hell what the frick when did that happen

  17. Koookiemin

    KoookieminHace 4 días

    What is the song on 3:37

  18. Peter Crunch

    Peter CrunchHace 4 días

    she has the greatest smile

  19. Yosmyl

    YosmylHace 5 días

    What is the song name at 0:54 Please ??

  20. tony troy

    tony troyHace 5 días

    1. Taylor Swift - Lyrics delicate 2. TLC - No scrubs 3. Pet shop boys - What have I done to deserve this (I don't know this song - You're too young :D) 4. Ed Sheeran - Shape of you 5. Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Round 2) 6. Camila Cabello - Havana (That was mine! Jimmy!) 7. Maroon 5 - Girls like you 8. Shaggy - It wasn't me 9. Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody 10. Smash Mouth - All star 11. Miley Cyrus - Wrecking ball (Round 3) 12. Bee Gees - Night fever (astonishing verison) 13. Hailee Steinfeld - Love myself Cheers ;)

  21. DLHQ :D

    DLHQ :DHace 15 horas

    tony troy woah thx

  22. Meenu Goyal

    Meenu GoyalHace 2 días


  23. Omkar Nimbalkar

    Omkar NimbalkarHace 5 días

    Hailee Steinfeld ARMY see👉

  24. Meow Meow

    Meow MeowHace 6 días


  25. broky 16

    broky 16Hace 6 días

    я не понимать нефига, но прикольна!

  26. هالزي wajd

    هالزي wajdHace 7 días

    4.12 song?

  27. PutiTheCat

    PutiTheCatHace 7 días

    Hi Jimmy, I just found out that you have a very wide knowledge when it comes to genre I like, how about you and I become friends?

  28. Helen Bellen

    Helen BellenHace 8 días

    I wish Hailee makes a full version of night fever

  29. DTE XRPMX 123

    DTE XRPMX 123Hace 8 días

    Riff-Off😂😂😂 Pitch Perfect joke


    SS ROYALE ARENAHace 8 días

    Let her sing Jimmy!😂

  31. kuz4b

    kuz4bHace 9 días

    If you dont think she was passed around to get the job in true grit.. then you wont believe how many times shes been passed around to get here today.. without a drink and drug problem.. bless her

  32. zaying Hui

    zaying HuiHace 10 días

    She sounded flat

  33. #3

    #3Hace 10 días

    Jimmy, in front of the band, looks like a slave owner..

  34. iamsh4r10

    iamsh4r10Hace 11 días

    That second beat was 🔥 and her Whitney cover was so damn good

  35. Hannes Esterhuizen

    Hannes EsterhuizenHace 11 días


  36. Viktor Horvat

    Viktor HorvatHace 12 días

    She is amazing 👍👍👍

  37. Sleeping Soundly

    Sleeping SoundlyHace 12 días

    Beat Battle with Selena Gomez. Please?

  38. 『ム尺乇乇几』

    『ム尺乇乇几』Hace 12 días

    She should really do a cover of Night Fever

  39. Daniel Louden

    Daniel LoudenHace 13 días

    Sexy outfit

  40. ebon thomas

    ebon thomasHace 13 días

    I like her pretty and good actor 😁

  41. andyhyun Kim

    andyhyun KimHace 13 días

    Wanna be friend with this girl

  42. yare agui

    yare aguiHace 13 días


  43. yare agui

    yare aguiHace 13 días