Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair


  1. Lecs P

    Lecs PHace 4 horas

    I LOVE THIS MAN!! Grown up watching him all the time and still do

  2. Lecs P

    Lecs PHace 4 horas


  3. Eric Johnson

    Eric JohnsonHace 7 horas

    titanic isn't a survival movie!

  4. Chandler Saunders

    Chandler SaundersHace 7 horas

    So you couldn't get someone who didn't make a show based on a false premise?

  5. isabel Kree

    isabel KreeHace 7 horas

    My gym teacher was on this show

  6. Literally Shitler

    Literally ShitlerHace 7 horas

    Wasn't this guy proven as a fraud a few years back?

  7. Mamadou

    MamadouHace 8 horas

    He seems pretty smart, to my surprise.

  8. Booba Fapp

    Booba FappHace 9 horas

    Hes such a cool guy, so humble, respectful and hella funny

  9. Old Goblin

    Old GoblinHace 10 horas

    He would die cuz he didn't drink pee or elephant poo

  10. Brandon Holtz

    Brandon HoltzHace 11 horas

    I love this

  11. 1147cc

    1147ccHace 11 horas

    Only realistic film that's truly epic.... ALIVE

  12. Rob Tierney

    Rob TierneyHace 11 horas

    Love to hear Bear on the movie The Martian... "Yeah, that one time when I visited Mars, that happened to me too... " lol

  13. 1howellste

    1howellsteHace 11 horas

    Jesus: *gets nailed to the cross* Bear Grylls: Now this actually a situation I have experienced many times

  14. RandomAnonym

    RandomAnonymHace 3 horas


  15. whynottalklikeapirat

    whynottalklikeapiratHace 12 horas

    Hmm ... a video about Bear Grylls having been in situations before ... I've actually been in this situation before ...

  16. Guilherme Tavares

    Guilherme TavaresHace 13 horas

    This guy is such a fraud.

  17. Pustin Y.

    Pustin Y.Hace 13 horas

    *this is epic.*

  18. Joe Bryant

    Joe BryantHace 14 horas

    Survival videos reviewed by a man who can't survive 5 minutes in the wild without going to a hotel.

  19. SC EM

    SC EMHace 14 horas

    Yeah, well see how well you “survive” Divorce Court maggot boy. Then we’ll talk.

  20. Drake Sanders

    Drake SandersHace 15 horas

    No 127 Hours? Lame

  21. Milan Miljus

    Milan MiljusHace 16 horas

    I just now realized he is British as soon as he opened his mouth, and I've been watching his show forever...

  22. Mestre da Cidadela dos Cucks

    Mestre da Cidadela dos CucksHace 17 horas

    here in brasil the guy who dubs goku, is the same that dubs bear

  23. Raymond Lo

    Raymond LoHace 18 horas

    He was also part of the acting ... :P

  24. Krydolph

    KrydolphHace 19 horas

    I wanted them to show the martian, and hear how he had been that situation too.

  25. Im Jax

    Im JaxHace 19 horas

    Video of the titanic “I’ve actually been in this situation”

  26. Cri Ghi

    Cri GhiHace 19 horas

    his show isn't realistic either lol

  27. antigraceful

    antigracefulHace 20 horas

    I'm surprised he didn't touch on the slightly unrealistic depiction of Rob Hall not wearing face protection. I guess when you're watching that, and remembering it, it's just not something you care to point out. I mean, it's done for cinematic effect obviously. We don't want to watch a movie of a bunch of actors talking through head gear. I also had a hard time not crying in this movie. Very touching. Although I wasn't thrilled about how Krackauer was depicted. He had a much bigger role than the movie made it out to be.

  28. Corbin Wylie

    Corbin WylieHace 21 un hora

    “I actually saw Rob up there” WTFF

  29. Coinraker

    CoinrakerHace 16 horas

    Lots of people who climb Everest talk about all the dead bodies you see up there.


    JUNIORMICHHace 21 un hora

    How Mr. Hotel gonna review survival movies?

  31. 2sdd

    2sddHace 21 un hora

    croc action ok u can take croc like this down but no comment on her neck being storng enough to not being pulled to the water? ;d

  32. just jatin23

    just jatin23Hace 22 horas

    Ah yes titanic, the most realistic survival movies ever

  33. Noah's Ark

    Noah's ArkHace 22 horas

    You guys know he's just an actor right?

  34. EmuBench

    EmuBenchHace 22 horas

    *Random pee-pee joke*

  35. Nora Girl

    Nora GirlHace 22 horas

    Him about every situation: "yeah I lived that situation too!" Uuuuh, how old is Bear Grylls? Props to Bird Box, the only movie that made Bear Grylls go "uuuuh" and not being able to say "I've been in this situation before!" turns out, Bear Grylls never was on rapids while blind-folded! Tsss, what an amator

  36. Lycan Thrope

    Lycan ThropeHace 12 horas

    oddly enough ive been in similar situation took a boat down a rapid with a friend of mine, we werent blindfolded and used the ores as stakes rather than proper ores. we almost tipped over but it worked. Do not recommend doing it... we were like 16 so well over 11 years ago now and thinking back that were such a stupid thing to do.

  37. TheVentoPro

    TheVentoProHace 23 horas

    TITANIC - one of the most famous SURVIVAL MOVIE!

  38. mcmcmcgyver

    mcmcmcgyverHace un día

    I wanted his opinion on The Martian. Bet he hasnt been in that situation. Good vid tho

  39. trollzorable

    trollzorableHace un día

    Didnt mythbusters show that the pointbreak one was possible?

  40. PixxlNebula

    PixxlNebulaHace un día

    Not even gonna lie he should’ve done the mountain between us

  41. Americanpatriot777

    Americanpatriot777Hace un día

    Na, I lost faith in Bear Grylls when he recommended building a makeshift sled to slide down the side of a mountain on. (To save time getting down the mountain while risking possible immobilizing injuries. Take your fake survival advice somewhere else lmao.

  42. roninbudo

    roninbudoHace un día

    nice JAMES BOND tom ford jacket what was that $1500

  43. Jimmy Bradd

    Jimmy BraddHace un día

    Any movie: in our movie this happe- Bear: Yh done that

  44. Arexx

    ArexxHace 9 horas

    c l r/wooosh

  45. c l

    c lHace 10 horas

    +Rosa Are you saying he didn't climb Everest? That he hasn't plunged himself into icy waters, that he hasn't slept inside a camel? Because it was all caught on camera and available to watch for free, so what proof do you have that he's fake? Or is that just your dumbass, ignorant opinion. question mark.

  46. Rosa

    RosaHace 15 horas

    lol because bear grylls is very legit question mark

  47. nicholas idk

    nicholas idkHace un día

    Is he the improvise.adapt.over come. Guy?

  48. Ambiano Music

    Ambiano MusicHace un día

    **Everyone joking in the comments about Grills for being in all the situations before** B.G. - This is very familiar... I’ve been in this situation before

  49. Shahbaz Shakil

    Shahbaz ShakilHace un día

    It's just movies chip but real hero is speaking about it👍

  50. Clay Oakley

    Clay OakleyHace un día

    And the only thing I can do, is to drink my own pee

  51. David Henriquez

    David HenriquezHace un día

    Watches Dragon Ball Super: Broly Bear Grylls: I’ve actually been in this situation once

  52. Peter Gašperan

    Peter GašperanHace un día

    06:30 telll that to Wim Hof

  53. Strahinja Zivkovic

    Strahinja ZivkovicHace un día

    Man eats a normal meal Bear:"This brings back good memories"

  54. boo boo the fool

    boo boo the foolHace un día

    i love he

  55. Homeboys FC

    Homeboys FCHace un día

    Where is rambo

  56. SpeedyBerst

    SpeedyBerstHace un día

    This man has experienced every possible danger known to man kind

  57. Joe Bryant

    Joe BryantHace 14 horas

    The man's a Walt. He doesn't do a thing without a script and a hotel nearby.

  58. Eli Dskills

    Eli DskillsHace un día

    Watches the play Hamlet Bear Grylls: I have survived a situation like this before

  59. Rampajour

    RampajourHace un día

    cool stuff

  60. VoodooMan

    VoodooManHace un día

    Everybody trolling Grylls for how fake he is : Grylls : I've been in that situation before !

  61. Ms.MonicaPyle

    Ms.MonicaPyleHace un día

    Ok these jokes are getting ridiculous.. but I still laugh

  62. Cactus Jack-Sama

    Cactus Jack-SamaHace un día

    This mans been in every situation of his life

  63. kawiina

    kawiinaHace un día

    este weon no envejece que wea

  64. aldair vanegas

    aldair vanegasHace un día

    Bear Grylls does a review on how realistic his show is Bear: Not realistic

  65. Jonny Ashley

    Jonny AshleyHace un día

    So true

  66. austin cramer

    austin cramerHace un día

    I had that same dream about waking up inside the carcass of a camel 🐪 weird.

  67. 3 Amir

    3 AmirHace un día

    *Watches a JFK shooting footage* Bear Grylls: I've actually been in this situation quite a few times....

  68. TheEmraldMaster21

    TheEmraldMaster21Hace 9 horas


  69. Equinox EDM

    Equinox EDMHace 2 días

    bear grylls once grill a bear

  70. Nathan .s

    Nathan .sHace 2 días

    Never thought I would hear bear grylls say “sketchy” lol 😂

  71. Navajo Auckland

    Navajo AucklandHace 2 días

    Big nose!! Means a big uncut .... Edward x

  72. davidpowell86

    davidpowell86Hace 2 días

    This guy is such a farce… always has a camera crew with him and doing retakes to get that perfect shot. Les Stroud, Survivor Man, is legit. Out there with nothing but a handheld camcorder.

  73. SpenceM89

    SpenceM89Hace un día

    It's because he's already been in the situation before 😉

  74. Ashley Torres

    Ashley TorresHace 2 días

    Why did they do that to Michael? Lol

  75. Hilary Benoit

    Hilary BenoitHace 2 días

    I have a uncle who died on Everest in the 1980’s.

  76. Dioross Orozco

    Dioross OrozcoHace 19 horas

    Hilary Benoit my grandfather died on farm in 2001

  77. WristStrap

    WristStrapHace 2 días

    Says the guy who ate gourmet dinners in between takes

  78. Blue Black

    Blue BlackHace 2 días

    It would be funny if they put his show on

  79. Gladiamdammit

    GladiamdammitHace 2 días

    I'm Bear Grylls and I have no idea. I stay in a hotel every night.


    ADAM MOHAMAD ALIHace 2 días

    "Sees the sun become a blackhole" Bear Grylls: Yeah, been there a few times. "It actually happened when I was in the British special forces


    JUNIORMICHHace 10 horas

    "...But then i stayed at night at a hotel tho"

  82. damon-st

    damon-stHace 2 días

    A liar trying to reviews fairy tales...

  83. ViSioN Nuker

    ViSioN NukerHace 2 días

    Bear did it in exchange for blueberry pancakes.

  84. Paul

    PaulHace 2 días

    how is bear still alive

  85. Naiae Vang

    Naiae VangHace 2 días

    Watches Survivorman Bear Grylls: I’ve actually never been in this situation before.

  86. Justin Fox

    Justin FoxHace un día

    Les Stroud is the best.

  87. ukguy

    ukguyHace 2 días

    meh it doesn't matter what crazy clip you can find, you know Bear has already been in that situation a number of times.

  88. Joe Bryant

    Joe BryantHace 14 horas

    +G B And a script. The man's a Walt.

  89. G B

    G BHace 16 horas

    Yes but only if there is a 5star hotel close by

  90. Milos Gavric

    Milos GavricHace 2 días

    His eyes. They are mesmerizing

  91. Yakup

    YakupHace 2 días

    All Bear Grylls needs is some proper equipment and he will survive anything

  92. keyproductions100

    keyproductions100Hace 17 horas

    Bear Grills doesn't need any proper equipment...…... proper equipment needs Bear Grills.

  93. Mycalling621

    Mycalling621Hace 2 días

    I bet he knows all to well how they do it.

  94. Goo Fy

    Goo FyHace 2 días

    *anything* Bear grylls: You know I’ve actually been in that situation before

  95. Jimmy Tom Nielsen

    Jimmy Tom NielsenHace 2 días

    Watches 2 girls 1 cup with Bear Grylls: Bear turns and says " This situation I've been in quite a few times" *sips yellow liquid and continues to watch*

  96. CheddarBeezy

    CheddarBeezyHace 2 días

    Apparently he has done every one of these things in the scenes 😂 get out of here

  97. Zach Hewitt

    Zach HewittHace 2 días

    There about as real as his show..🤷🏼‍♂️

  98. Ambitious Nick

    Ambitious NickHace 2 días

    What situation has he not been in lmao. Respect

  99. Josh Reeves

    Josh ReevesHace 2 días

    Yea I see rob hall up there a year later

  100. Bertie Mullis

    Bertie MullisHace 2 días

    Bear grylls slept in a hotel when he was filming the camel episode

  101. David Fernandez

    David FernandezHace 2 días

    Ok ESreporter. I watched it. Leave me alone.

  102. Steve W

    Steve WHace 2 días

    *Thanos snaps fingers* "I've been in this situation before"

  103. Melvin Collins

    Melvin CollinsHace 2 días

    Bear Grylls is a con artist or Brit, same difference.

  104. Nick Moor

    Nick MoorHace 3 días

    Bear Grylls gets you killed Ray Mears gets you skilled

  105. Alvareux

    AlvareuxHace 3 días

    Wait, you’re judging how realistic they are when you slept in hotels during your “man vs wild” show?

  106. YO ILLuSiOnZ

    YO ILLuSiOnZHace 3 días

    No 127 hours??

  107. Ryan Hilliar

    Ryan HilliarHace 3 días

    I wonder if Bear Grylls is an EPIC gamer

  108. X Wolf Gamer

    X Wolf GamerHace 3 días

    4:09 but time seems to slow down when on adrenaline.

  109. Creacher Creature

    Creacher CreatureHace 3 días

    The camel story was absolutely disgusting, not bc of the carcass but bc I do not believe in this person's ethics so the camel was probably killed for that.

  110. Who is

    Who isHace 3 días

    ‘The edge’, duh

  111. Daniel Loomis

    Daniel LoomisHace 3 días

    Why is he an judge on fakes when he fakes his stuff to lmao

  112. Silver Karnivor

    Silver KarnivorHace 3 días

  113. World of Dad

    World of DadHace 3 días

    The guy who stays in 5 star resorts reviewing survival movies is like a guy who only eats taco bell reviweing Mexican cuisine.

  114. André Roronora Zoro

    André Roronora ZoroHace 3 días

    Lmao at the office clip.

  115. Megan Baxter

    Megan BaxterHace 3 días

    Uhhh...its realistic that the woman didn't get pulled in the water by a crocodile that drowns much larger things than humans?

  116. Bailey Borders

    Bailey BordersHace 3 días

    it's all a lie ; - ;

  117. GuitarWithEarth

    GuitarWithEarthHace 3 días

    People in prison I was in the situation before