Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW


  1. gall anonim

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  2. Stas Karatayev

    Stas KaratayevHace 10 horas

    Бэтмен на минималках

  3. Ryan Shea

    Ryan SheaHace 10 horas

    When you understand what bane meant about end of the western way of life

  4. Vulcan 14

    Vulcan 14Hace 10 horas

    The latest installment of everyone’s favorite show, Get Woke Go Broke.


    GILGAMESHHace 12 horas

    remember when iris west said "we are the flash."? I thought nothing can be worst than that. they really surprised me.

  6. Tank

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  7. egoy34

    egoy34Hace 12 horas

    does she slide the pole too?



    Ik this trailer is trash but what happend to batman I think that will be a better movie

  9. Fact Check

    Fact CheckHace 13 horas

    Total trash 😂😂 If they want to save this trash, make another series about this trash stating that The Joker is the Mastermind behind it to destroy Batman.

  10. Smilingbear

    SmilingbearHace 14 horas

    As of the time of this post, another 50k dislikes have been removed, bringing the grand total since this was released to nearly 200k dislikes removed.

  11. Sage The Gamer

    Sage The GamerHace 14 horas

    This belongs in the T R A S H

  12. Mr Grim

    Mr GrimHace 15 horas

    Wait not only is the trailer itself cringey but the hair she has when wearing the bat suit is not actually her real hair but literally just fake hair sewn to the cowl? 😂😂😂 wtf

  13. Zoherh Shoobi

    Zoherh ShoobiHace 15 horas

    Why do they think strong wemon must be lesbian?

  14. ryryman2004

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  15. emma duncan

    emma duncanHace 20 horas

    Oh look how predictable the comment section is overfilled with insecure boys, who feel threatened by strong women, even the fictional ones, even more scary women who have no interest in men sexually, that really freaks them out. And just so you know, Ruby Rose, could have no problem stealing your girlfriend, and give her the orgasam, you couldn't.

  16. Mr Grim

    Mr GrimHace 14 horas

    It's just so cringey the way they're going about I'll give you a list of badass female characters loved by all people ,yes including guys, because they were just simply badass and not trying to force down people's throats that they were women because they didn't have to...and they weren't just "badass for a woman"...they're just badasses period because their characters were done right: - Sarah connor from the terminator movies - ellen Ripley from Aliens - beatrix kiddo from kill bill - xena the warrior princess - buffy the vampire slayer (both movie and show) - wonder woman - mulan - jyn erso from rogue one - furiosa from mad max - and last but not least The Boss aka The Joy...its not from a movie or show but from a very popular video game franchise called metal gear...if you have time, read up on her lore...for me, shes the badass of all badasses of any female character in all of pop culture media or genre...ABSOLUTE LEGEND in my eyes. There are many more badass female characters from across all form of media and pop culture because they were well written...this batwoman just reeks of political agenda wokeness bs cringefest when she clearly doesn't have to be..just be a badass with a well fleshed out character and story...that's it... the direction they're going with this show...this ain't it chief

  17. Juicy Smellit

    Juicy SmellitHace 19 horas

    Calm your 🇹i🇹s sweetie, you're acting hormonal.

  18. Wawan Hernawan

    Wawan HernawanHace 20 horas

    She's women but acting tough like men? Wtf how's that make any sense?

  19. Cloud VII

    Cloud VIIHace 22 horas

    Gay, black guy, lesbian, trans....what..... Batgirl has a black girlfriend Ariel The movie is black Supergirl has a black guy The Flash has a black girlfriend Joker the movie has a black girlfriend The Arrow has a black sidekick Spiderman has a black girfriend Leftists groups out of control and destroying it..

  20. Christina Duran

    Christina DuranHace 22 horas

    god but that lip bite..🤤

  21. Sod White

    Sod WhiteHace 23 horas

    Go be a trespasser somewhere else.

  22. HunterBlood34 HunterBlood34

    HunterBlood34 HunterBlood34Hace 23 horas

    There's only one batman and he's a MAN you SJW SNOWFLAKES!

  23. Artistically

    ArtisticallyHace 23 horas

    Batwoman was an actual character before the CW version. It's just that this version is obviously pushing an agenda.

  24. Sod White

    Sod WhiteHace 23 horas

    When this tanks and gets cancelled, it won't be because she was a woman. It'll be because it's hot garbage.

  25. Kevin DOPE

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  26. Joe Higgins

    Joe HigginsHace un día

    Why do they hire these 5 - 5'3ft women as the badass lead role...kind of difficult to take a petite hero seriously when it looks like even I could take her on lol

  27. Ares Of Fresno

    Ares Of FresnoHace un día

    The whole point of Batman is he is a symbol of hope for Gotham. A rallying cry that the citizens can get behind. He doesnt flaunt gender or identity for recognition, he is nameless/faceless to be a symbol of hope. CW wants all the actors of fake Gotham to know it was a strong, independent woman who saved the day. You erase the symbol of hope and replace it with a greedy, self centered, arrogant and desperate lead. She might as well be a gender-bent Joker who had a change of heart

  28. Denis Yaipén

    Denis YaipénHace un día

    No le gusta a 439k machistas

  29. droan999

    droan999Hace un día

    Francis Coppla keeps putting out five baggers!

  30. EricCantonaMUFC7 1999

    EricCantonaMUFC7 1999Hace un día

    Everything that is wrong with the world can be summed up in the content of this trailer

  31. Kevin Burgess

    Kevin BurgessHace un día

    Best in this series. Written by a guy who knows.

  32. Luiz Guimarães

    Luiz GuimarãesHace un día

    I believe this is the first time I dislike a video and it has to be this one. Next show is gonna be Pink Hood and Daywing.

  33. David Leidy

    David LeidyHace un día

    Bullshit! SJW Bullshit!!

  34. Nametard Jeff

    Nametard JeffHace un día

    Woooooaaaah what? She’s a..............FEMALE? WOAAAAHHHH SO SHOCKING!!!!

  35. McAroe

    McAroeHace un día

    Stunning and brave

  36. Ajay krishna M

    Ajay krishna MHace un día

    I hope they’ll rectify the problems

  37. Kris Erickson

    Kris EricksonHace un día

    "I will be an original and strong woman once the man builds the foundation for me to stand on and steal all of the credit." 🤣🤣🤣

  38. drummer703

    drummer703Hace un día

    This is why Trump won

  39. shperax

    shperaxHace un día

    Judging how 90% of people dislike this show entirely I'll be surprised if they even air it.

  40. bts vava

    bts vavaHace un día

    the trailer has more dislikes than likes & tbh i am not suprised why. the show is gonna flop

  41. aka Rantz

    aka RantzHace un día

    This was TRASH!!!!!!! Batman is a "MAN" For a reason!

  42. Az uş

    Az uşHace un día

    Wow, how anxious you all must be. Cause obviously you're all afraid for women rule the world. I feel sorry for all you haters. Get ready peeps, things getting started. And please don't choke on you're "masculinity" while hating. I want you all to see, when finally everything goes the right way. 😉

  43. Slap shot Studios1708

    Slap shot Studios1708Hace 21 un hora

    Az uş ah yes and oceans 8 and ghostbusters 2016 were also perfect movies that only got hate because of insecure men

  44. Juicy Smellit

    Juicy SmellitHace un día

    Sure sweetie, enjoy this Ghostbusters 2016 of current year.👌

  45. Rellko

    RellkoHace un día

    I miss 5 seconds ago when I didn’t know this was a thing. Also, did all of you know she was a woman? I was a little confused...

  46. Anonymous 321

    Anonymous 321Hace un día

    Jzzs that's so fckin trash

  47. Brandon Clark

    Brandon ClarkHace un día

    This is gonna be complete garbage💯

  48. Talent recap

    Talent recapHace un día

    why does this feel like just another feminism agenda...full of studio effect. ok won't recommend 10/10. like wtf!!! whats next???

  49. Horkfordshire

    HorkfordshireHace un día

    For the love of god, cancel this before it's too late.

  50. Horkfordshire

    HorkfordshireHace un día

    This is terrible.

  51. Andrew Helander

    Andrew HelanderHace un día

    The amount of neck beards who are offended by this trailer is hilarious. Your virginity is showing guys.

  52. andASD andA

    andASD andAHace un día

    Trash, I give it 4 episodes.

  53. Krishna Keshav

    Krishna KeshavHace un día

    What is this? Except flash and arrow I don't find any of these interesting. Don't degrade the legacy of Batman

  54. estote parati

    estote paratiHace un día

    After this crap I want to eat the soup with the fork.

  55. Lenixion

    LenixionHace un día

    The like to dislike ratio has restored faith in humility for me once again.

  56. Knight Sky

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  57. Jaylen Y

    Jaylen YHace un día

    Oh my gosh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  58. Artistically

    ArtisticallyHace un día

    This is basically Batwoman but if BuzzFeed made it

  59. 김보람

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  60. Thadd Corbett

    Thadd CorbettHace un día

    How can you have a Batwoman series without Batman? Wish they continued Gotham, but that doesn't mean I'm going to watch this trash.

  61. Jonathan Casillas

    Jonathan CasillasHace un día

    This is gonna suuuuuuuuuuck🤣

  62. Uzislayer19s queen

    Uzislayer19s queenHace un día

    Its surprising that this trailer has 6.3m views

  63. terah101

    terah101Hace un día

    If she said ''It will be... when it fit ME'' and ''I'm not about to let BATMAN take credit for MY work'', it would have been as bad. It's blatantly obvious they're forcing some radical feminist agenda in such a cringe worthy way.

  64. Occuria1

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  65. Gacha ._. Mafia

    Gacha ._. MafiaHace un día

    it would be better if we knew she was woman