BANDERSNATCH (2018) ALL Endings Explained (Including "Secret")


  1. LikeUhVillain

    LikeUhVillainHace 11 horas

    Huh. When I watched it I wasn't sure if I had hit what was supposed to be the "ending" but I did see the one where Pearl is trying to recreate the game so I suppose I did make it to the end.

  2. Nobody From Nowhere

    Nobody From NowhereHace un día

    This is the kind of content netflix should be making. It's something a movie or TV can't do.

  3. I am a melon

    I am a melonHace 2 días

    I watched this movie and i loved it so much there was one ending that i cried after watching. Oof If you have seen it you know what ending i mean.

  4. Defaultyy Ops

    Defaultyy OpsHace 2 días

    there was another ending, where if you choose to bury your dads body, cloin comes to your house and you can kill him or let hi go. i got that ending on my second time watching the movie, i choose to let him go. not gonna spoil the rest, watch the movie

  5. Xx raptor Playz xX

    Xx raptor Playz xXHace 2 días

    TUCKER SOFT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  6. zariah tracy

    zariah tracyHace 3 días

    i got a way different ending... this is crazy

  7. jonny barnard

    jonny barnardHace 3 días

    Your shirt is trippin me out bro, maybe its jus my cracked screen lol anyone else see it moving all weird?


    KASH MONEYHace 4 días

    i got almost all of the other endings and just kept going back until the actual end credits ending i got was the bandersnatch audio on my first run lmao

  9. DaKermitFrog

    DaKermitFrogHace 4 días

    11:20 - 12:30 i don't remember seeing any of this... >_

  10. Paul J. Cecere

    Paul J. CecereHace 4 días

    Anything similar to The Truman Show is awesome

  11. Kasey Butcher

    Kasey ButcherHace 5 días

    Is no one going to mention the fact that the fucking Bandersnatch shows up if you let Colin jump?

  12. Amina Ally

    Amina AllyHace 5 días

    I liked it!!! 😄✌

  13. beezzarro

    beezzarroHace 5 días

    Sorry but I have to downvote. The title says "endings explained", not "entire plot explained". We're all here to get right to the endings because most of us have seen it while the rest just want to know the endings. You also haven't covered all the endings... Jesus, deliver what you advertise

  14. Amy Gao

    Amy GaoHace 5 días

    Idk why I watch these. I get the endings of the movies but it's so fun listening to someone else talk about it too

  15. cyanide jack

    cyanide jackHace 6 días

    This bored me.

  16. Fugitive Fetus

    Fugitive FetusHace 6 días

    Your calling him a “measly mopheaded man child”?

  17. Mellifluous

    MellifluousHace 6 días

    Are you trying to speak like the guy in bandersnatch that reviews the games? Because i was watching without looking amd holy shit you sound like him. At least on some words or how you change pitch like he did maybe. Weird.......

  18. Mike Tierney

    Mike TierneyHace 9 días

    It kinda seems like it's taken a little inspiration from undertail

  19. Estrela García

    Estrela GarcíaHace 11 días

    I got the perfect score the first time, wtf


    TEA SPILLHace 12 días

    Honestly this film was just a huge mind fuck that left me with a lingering headache 😞

  21. mark deaconu

    mark deaconuHace 13 días

    i got the secret ending on the first watch lol idk how im so lucky

  22. Leia McAlister - Young

    Leia McAlister - YoungHace 13 días

    The ending where you get 5 stars and it shows colins daughter all grown up was actually the first ending I got. Is that weird?

  23. kinetikx

    kinetikxHace 14 días

    Let me point you toward someone who doesn't come across as a loudmouth ESreporter idiot and has a much better take on this movie: Stop supporting these useless and annoying youtubers who come across like basic cable tv presenters who are tailoring their annoying "lowest common denominator" personalities to people who have absolutely no taste. Fuck this guy.

  24. Brandon

    BrandonHace 14 días

    When I did this. He butchered his dad, spared colin (after somehow coming back from jumping off a balcony. Idk) made a 5 star game and got arrested years later.

  25. Sempai Gamer san

    Sempai Gamer sanHace 15 días

    is this a game or is this movie who is like a game also that movie just nailed it on theather OWO

  26. MemeCollectorIIV

    MemeCollectorIIVHace 15 días

    Idk if you went over this but the girl who try’s remaking the game is “Pearl” Collins daughter

  27. Newlly Ryan

    Newlly RyanHace 16 días

    Thanks for going in on this. I didn’t have the patience

  28. NickCampbellful

    NickCampbellfulHace 16 días

    "Mopheaded man child in a suit" sounds pretty bitter to me

  29. felipe silva

    felipe silvaHace 16 días

    Any one got the ending were he's game was a success, and some one from the future just tried to do a serie based on his game, but ended up going crazy like him. That was the perfect ending, realizing that there's no real paths to choose.

  30. Poop Looser64

    Poop Looser64Hace 17 días

    Why would anyone have more than one box of cereal at a time

  31. The Tranquil Tiger

    The Tranquil TigerHace 17 días

    Could it be possible that he had such a vivid flashback that when he dreamt the train crashing his mind was convinced it was reality and for that moment, that was his "go yo the light"moment. Then he died in the crash and he was simply satisfied of life, his brain just hit the emergency stop.

  32. FR 1076

    FR 1076Hace 17 días

    Why would chopping up his dad after he killed him take less time than burying him in the garden, which apparently enabled him to finish the Bandersnatch game? That doesn't make sense.

  33. Cookitwith Lemon

    Cookitwith LemonHace 17 días

    Second dark place reference in just your videos I've binged today, even seeing a still of Liz hits me in the memory feels. Used to watch it on a loop at such an important age.

  34. Lizmol Antony

    Lizmol AntonyHace 18 días

    Well... Deadpool must be proud of this series... 😅

  35. Jordan Sherman

    Jordan ShermanHace 18 días

    Serious question... I could only get to 2 different endings. The one where he dies with the mom and the one lady who “creates netflix” in the future. Why can’t I get to other endings??



    Ah my brain i can smell its fried aroma



    Why not choosing to kill the suitjerk

  38. Gavin West '22

    Gavin West '22Hace 19 días

    You Totally missed Stephan dying by the Pax demon it was nuts.

  39. Mr. G

    Mr. GHace 21 un día

    Just watched this tonight with my brother. we got the "suit dick" giving those 5 stars on our 1st try, and I must say I appreciated the experience tho in the beginning I was very skeptical about the quality of this "movie". Had to change my mind. Also liked your vid ofc. On a side note, and just out of curiosity, what accent do you speak? As a non-mother tongue I had some trouble keeping up with your speech. Cheers!

  40. accquizzer

    accquizzerHace 21 un día

    I think the best ending ("best" in the sense of canonical, not happy) is that perfect 5/5 out of 5 rating on the game. Stefan follows the exact same path as Jerome F. Davis. The documentary mentions Jerome F. Davis's wife spiked his drink with psychedelic drugs, which Colin does to Stefan (if you choose that path, which I believe is canonical). The documentary mentions he becomes obsessed with branching paths to make his story complete, and Stefan experiences the same with the game. Both Stefan and Colin start seeing PAX. Both of them end up decapitating the family member closest to them. That ending also leads to Stefan having a breakthrough with his psychiatrist. He says he realizes that he can't give the player absolute free will, so he pretty much controls the player with the illusion of free will, which is what the movie does to Stefan. Furthermore, that ending skips ahead to Pearl making Bandersnatch for Netflix (which, if you think about it, is more meta than revealing to Stefan you're watching him from Netflix), only to find out she's taking the same path. The moral of story is that anyone who gets involved with Bandersnatch loses control of their free will, hence why it's the best ending.

  41. Andrew Beez

    Andrew BeezHace 22 días

    Sorry mate wrong path

  42. Alfredo Valenzuela

    Alfredo ValenzuelaHace 22 días

    Wait so if there is a lot of Alice in wonderland stuff in it does that mean Colin's wife was meant to look like the mad hatter from the movie

  43. Bennosparigus

    BennosparigusHace 24 días

    i thought the part where Collin jumps off the balcony was just bizarre asf

  44. Unofficial Meme

    Unofficial MemeHace 25 días

    Endings 7 and 8 are my favorite. I love the joke endings.

  45. - ashawna

    - ashawnaHace 25 días


  46. - ashawna

    - ashawnaHace 25 días

    “mop headed man child in a suit.” and “suit dick.” wow, that’s something

  47. Sydney

    SydneyHace 25 días

    Am I the only one who spent 5 hours watching every single possible ending on some streaming site not knowing it was supposed to be interactive?

  48. Erin Paterson

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  49. dev taylor

    dev taylorHace 25 días

    Unless I'm crazy, if you jump off the balcony twice the second review is slightly different.

  50. smart boy

    smart boyHace 25 días graph

  51. Rose Ryan

    Rose RyanHace 25 días

    The picture used for Bandersnatch with the repeated side view of Stefan's face gives me HUGE Junji Ito "Layers of Fear" vibes and I can't tell if I like it or not

  52. Christina Graham

    Christina GrahamHace 26 días

    How do you get him to pull out the bandersnatch game on the bus to hear the sound? If you don’t choose a cassette he just chooses he first cassette.

  53. Miłosz Skowroński

    Miłosz SkowrońskiHace 24 días

    You have to get all the major endings. You'll know when it's your last time playing because the recap will be very fast and Colin will actually skip you to a major branching path you haven't taken yet. After you finish, the full credits will roll on their own and the post credit scene will be shown, where Stefan is on the bus and he pulls out the Bandersnatch casette. After that the film will simply end.

  54. DJacob 1300

    DJacob 1300Hace 28 días

    10:53 but it doing let’s you unlock other choices that leads to an ending

  55. SpecialNewb

    SpecialNewbHace un mes

    Wife and I got the 5* game ending first. Then we had Pearl break the computer.

  56. Nathaniel Cobb

    Nathaniel CobbHace un mes

    the first ending i got was with collins daughter

  57. Js Xx

    Js XxHace un mes

    I loved pouring tea on the computer over and over. It doesn't change anything, but I figured if Netflix was gonna keep giving me that choice, why not pour tea out of a mug that keeps refilling?

  58. Anthony Delfino

    Anthony DelfinoHace un mes

    You skipped the abrupt ending where you tell Collin to jump to his death instead of jumping yourself during the LSD trip, and then you get attacked by Pax in his apartment.

  59. Laura Shuford

    Laura ShufordHace un mes

    Moral of the story: don't take your kids toys, it will result in your wife's death

  60. David Troia

    David TroiaHace un mes

    Wait.. Netflix has an interactive show where u can decide what path the character can go?!

  61. Jasher Fox

    Jasher FoxHace un mes

    Yes, just played through it, pretty good way to waste a couple hours.

  62. Caden

    CadenHace un mes

    Forgot about when you pick PAX on the safe in Stefan’s dad’s room and the Pax monster comes and attacks Stefan

  63. Bertel Kuhl

    Bertel KuhlHace un mes

    When I watched bandersnatch I was really confused so thanks for making this video 👍

  64. Nurf

    NurfHace un mes

    Is this a movie or a video game

  65. Nurf

    NurfHace un mes

    That Shirt tho

  66. Barreled Squid

    Barreled SquidHace un mes

    My favourite endings were the ones where he fights the therapist xD if you jump out of the window its fucking gold

  67. Papito Hernandez

    Papito HernandezHace un mes

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  68. Taylah Renee

    Taylah ReneeHace un mes

    Explain Flight 7500

  69. James Sanchez

    James SanchezHace un mes

    What I dont remember seeing the part where he fights his dad if he doesnt try to escape from the window.

  70. Memeasourus Rex

    Memeasourus RexHace un mes

    And,there was a third meaning.those one armed tan scary ass tyrants from code Veronica.

  71. LoneStone Gaming

    LoneStone GamingHace un mes

    I found 16 endings I think

  72. Ninya

    NinyaHace un mes

    The binary symbol was actually also from series 2 of black mirror,white bear

  73. dinn

    dinnHace un mes

    bandersnatch was so good tbh :,)

  74. ColourRedCalls

    ColourRedCallsHace un mes

    Why do you yell? You have a microphone

  75. ryanomega_316

    ryanomega_316Hace un mes

    Odd that you didn’t talk about the ending where Collin comes back to life and you have the option to kill him or let him live, but the film is a lot to take in so I get it.

  76. DarkRubberDucky

    DarkRubberDuckyHace un mes

    Markiplier did it better.

  77. flame army

    flame armyHace un mes

    When I first played this movie/game I got the secret ending on Accident

  78. fab

    fabHace un mes

    There's another ending with like this zombie thing that jumpscares you. Pretty shitty tho.

  79. Lambert

    LambertHace un mes

    where's Sans when you need him

  80. Catherine McNamara

    Catherine McNamaraHace un mes

    How do you unlock the pearl ending

  81. Mediacandy

    MediacandyHace un mes

    Did anyone get the bit where he Stefan chose the compilation tape on the bus and then when Colin asks him what he listens to, the says the Thompson Twins instead of the compilation? I got that once (I know it's not an ending) Up until that point every time he chose the compilation on the bus, when asked by Coling what he listens to he says compilation, and when he listens to the Thompson twins on the bus he tells Colin that he listens to the Thompson Twins?

  82. bottomtext

    bottomtextHace un mes

    Please don't talk so loudly, it made the video unwatchable as it hurt my ears.

  83. ColourRedCalls

    ColourRedCallsHace un mes

    I can't understand why people yell on their youtubes

  84. No Expert

    No ExpertHace un mes

    “Massive meta overload”. Nice.

  85. slimsalamander

    slimsalamanderHace un mes

    All the while, he was just creating RDR2

  86. Rd Castillo22

    Rd Castillo22Hace un mes

    definitely, I love the ending when I chose 'Netflix'. That's really a funny ending.

  87. Joseph Benavides

    Joseph BenavidesHace un mes

    I was watching the movie through a website and very much loved the movie came back to this after I watched it, and I had no clue that u can actually choose your decision! That’s amazing! I had no option to choose mine decision when I was watching it!!

  88. Chronos

    ChronosHace un mes

    My head hurts after watching it

  89. Divyansh Bhuwalka

    Divyansh BhuwalkaHace un mes

    The first ending explained was wrong. The man-child rated the game zero. Get the material straight

  90. Hugo The Spook

    Hugo The SpookHace un mes

    In this episode, we don't get a ending explained... We get more.

  91. Justin Kydd

    Justin KyddHace un mes

    This reminds me of Undertale

  92. Camille Malm

    Camille MalmHace un mes

    I think I was able to get all possible endings except getting on the train with mum. I knew that would kill Stefan in both timelines. I reached the credits without choosing it does that mean I got all possible routes completed? I feel like it took me 4 hours 😭

  93. FuzzyPineapple

    FuzzyPineappleHace un mes

    Now I’m left forever wondering if someone is controlling me *[Agree?]* *[Disagree?]*

  94. Brendan Cormier

    Brendan CormierHace un mes

    What was the game it was rereleased as after it was picked up by a new company? Or just rumors?

  95. Ivanoi Bido

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  96. ManWithoutAPlan

    ManWithoutAPlanHace un mes

    This is no where near all the endings

  97. Ryan Branigan

    Ryan BraniganHace un mes

    I got the 5* ending my first time through and honestly thought it was the best/intended ending but apparently not. Second favorite is the getting killed w/mom on the train

  98. Steven Rodriguez

    Steven RodriguezHace un mes

    There's so many different endings you'll go mass just trying to see them all

  99. Sabrina Islam

    Sabrina IslamHace un mes

    I got an ending where Stevan's dad's beheaded head was lying on top of his shelf as Stefan peacefully completed his game And also got reviewed 5/5 by that dicksuit

  100. Cade Boy

    Cade BoyHace un mes

    It took me more than halfway to realize I could actually use the remote

  101. Tea Siboni

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    OEDODRAGONHace un mes

    Kinda interesting, well it's interesting listening you talk about it, but I wouldn't wanna watch it myself.

  103. AmericanMetalhead100

    AmericanMetalhead100Hace un mes

    The frumious bandersnatch...

  104. Sinclair Andrews

    Sinclair AndrewsHace un mes

    I got this from a friend and neither of us knew it was Interactive. As our copy was just an hour and a half long.. cuts back and shows all the alternative endings.. I enjoyed it alot. Makes much more sense why it paused for a sec at the record store and computer and all that.. I didn't get to decide.. like him.. I just watched everything unfold.. and it was amazing.. especially the LSD scene... I love mind benders like that