BANDERSNATCH (2018) ALL Endings Explained (Including "Secret")


  1. 2J DestroBoy

    2J DestroBoyHace un día

    U don't have to speak that loud man

  2. David Spicer

    David SpicerHace 3 días

    This dudes explanations are longer then the movies. Yes i know im exaggerating.

  3. Alexander Av

    Alexander AvHace 6 días

    Did anyone see this hairy demonic thing in one of their story lines

  4. Luis Chavez

    Luis ChavezHace 6 días

    I let the whole movie play by itself, It went through every ending except for maybe two minor choices But I think I messed up at the number sequence. I feel like the ratings given to the game might be another code and letting the movie play on its own might give you the order for it but I let it play without entering anything and the movie ended after that

  5. Luis Chavez

    Luis ChavezHace 6 días

    Also earlier in the film Colin says he went through every possible ending which seems like a hint and he just disappears after some of the choices which is never resolved so I feel like there’s something more there

  6. Jennifer Wright

    Jennifer WrightHace 11 días

    Can you do a review on the movie "Don't let go"

  7. bigdadpark

    bigdadparkHace 15 días

    U missed an ending u can chose to not jump but let the other dude jump.....

  8. Brandon K. Cobb

    Brandon K. CobbHace 18 días

    I didn't know it was interactive. I saw every ending

  9. Ubiquitous K

    Ubiquitous KHace 19 días

    Double that then 5... so 10

  10. Ashley Soto

    Ashley SotoHace 19 días

    Deleted deteled

  11. It's always sunny in Goa

    It's always sunny in GoaHace 21 un día

    I think i got all the endings except 2 mentioned including the secret one

  12. JOSH2625

    JOSH2625Hace 23 días

    They thought all this through but.... didnt think through the fact that tea on your keyboard doesnt break your computer.

  13. Kevin .Strong

    Kevin .StrongHace 23 días

    What about the ending where you try him your watching him on Netflix?

  14. sammië Ŕösexx3

    sammië Ŕösexx3Hace 23 días

    I was very impressed when this came out.... But after the second time watching and playing it i was bit disappointed coz of the final outcome... Wish they made another 1 soon with a bit more diversity

  15. DrPoetry1

    DrPoetry1Hace 24 días

    I'd love to see another version of Bandersnatch, like a timeline where you can choose which path you want to take: Between a closeted homosexual, a newly initiated gang member, a thief, etc.., Also, a version where you can decide between a drug addict's life, but you can make the decisions on whether this person takes hard drugs, or just marijuana. Black Mirror has a lot of potential with their choices.

  16. SimplyStimulating

    SimplyStimulatingHace 26 días

    Damn five hours I wonder how much I watched when I originally watched it

  17. SimplyStimulating

    SimplyStimulatingHace 26 días

    When I watched this it was absolutely phenomenal and very entertaining now I’m watching this after watching banner snatch a while ago

  18. SimplyStimulating

    SimplyStimulatingHace 26 días

    Extremely interesting

  19. SatanS Favorite

    SatanS FavoriteHace un mes

    Elon Musk

  20. SatanS Favorite

    SatanS FavoriteHace un mes

    Joe Rogan Alex Jones conversation comes to mind

  21. ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    ChikoMontez XsherijataunaHace un mes

    If I punch the mirror and don't end up in my childhood bedroom irl someone is going to have some explaining to do

  22. ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    ChikoMontez XsherijataunaHace un mes

    The leap of faith talk was kind of right. He jumped off, he can start the game/movie over with the flick of the wrist in a remote. ijs

  23. Miguel Albertson

    Miguel AlbertsonHace un mes

    Can you do a review on Train to Busan

  24. coleyco

    coleycoHace un mes

    I swear if this is not like undertake but not a movie I don’t know what this is

  25. Waltz of a maniac

    Waltz of a maniacHace un mes

    I’ve played it so many times. I’ve gotten the ending where he travels back in time through the mirror & goes with his mom, the one where he kills his dad and the dog digs it up and he’s arrested, the one where he kills his dad and a man sees him, so he has to kill him to, and he gets arrested, the one where Colin comes over after Stefan has killed his dad, and you have the choice to kill Colin or let him go, but if you let him go (probably the same ending if u kill him), you end up in jail, the one where you type in PAX, and the demon PAX kills you. There are so many

  26. Tay

    TayHace un mes

    Didn't realize toss the pills meant consume them! Gotta love Britishisms 🤣😂😅 Was anyone else confused when it said flush the pills or toss the pills?I assumed toss the pills would have put it in the trash can and he would have found it later or something..

  27. vixxy 05

    vixxy 05Hace un mes

    I loved playing/watching Bandersnatch

  28. Sean Noonan

    Sean NoonanHace un mes

    Didn’t relize I got the secret ending until now lmao I thought it was normal

  29. Sean Noonan

    Sean NoonanHace un mes

    Didn’t relize I got the secret ending until now lmao I thought it was normal

  30. Randomchannel57

    Randomchannel57Hace un mes

    Wait, how are the audience making choices in the movie?

  31. SomeRandomBoi YT

    SomeRandomBoi YTHace un mes

    Woah, they made a movie about Doctor Strange's actor?

  32. Rylok

    RylokHace un mes

    Yay Darkplace!!!

  33. Aaron Madulara

    Aaron MadularaHace 2 meses

    chabuddy g finally turned profit with a video game company

  34. James Eubanks

    James EubanksHace 2 meses

    So hold me mom...

  35. Shit, nice!

    Shit, nice!Hace 2 meses

    is that a page from Akira behind Colin @8:21 ?

  36. Panicnew

    PanicnewHace 2 meses

    lsd is not a hallucinogen its a psychedelic

  37. kaaiitlin

    kaaiitlinHace 2 meses

    when you chop up your father and hide the body just to get that 5 star rating

  38. nina tate murphy

    nina tate murphyHace 2 meses

    this is probably the most creepy movie I’ve ever watched. It’s really fucks with your mind

  39. Joe Cronin

    Joe CroninHace 2 meses

    What if this movie was made just to distract us from reality and making reality look like fiction.

  40. AngusRocker22

    AngusRocker22Hace 2 meses

    Great run down, man! I was watching on my phone and needed to come back late, but you lose your spot completely and can't fast forward on the phone this was the next best option.

  41. Kafu Lester

    Kafu LesterHace 2 meses

    netflix? wrong. actually watching on foundflix

  42. Vegan Faerie

    Vegan FaerieHace 2 meses

    The safe opened for me when I chose PAC one time

  43. I am Greatness

    I am GreatnessHace 2 meses

    This relates to life because we don’t have a choice at the end of the day we are all being controlled that’s why they made the term “go with the flow”

  44. FrenchBaguette

    FrenchBaguetteHace 2 meses

    15:23 If you look a the bottom right of the page there is a reference to the episode 15 million merits ;)

  45. FrenchBaguette

    FrenchBaguetteHace 2 meses

    15:23 If you look a the bottom right of the page there is a reference to the episode 15 million merits ;)

  46. gidzoELITE

    gidzoELITEHace 2 meses

    In the beginning the dad says the dog diggin in their backyard would be the death of them. In the dark ending he buries the dad in the yard. Only to be found out because the dog was still digging there

  47. David Parry

    David ParryHace 2 meses

    There MUST be at least one more other ending based on the breakfast cereal choice...

  48. MegKBaker

    MegKBakerHace 2 meses

    Colin's speech was basically a whole meta explanation of bandersnatch

  49. MegKBaker

    MegKBakerHace 2 meses

    I'm going back down the rabbit hole that is bandersnatch now that I was able too restart it on my app

  50. Iki Niuhulu Green

    Iki Niuhulu GreenHace 2 meses

    When it first started and options came up to accept or refuse. I was like yeah right. Then they ask again because i didnt choose one. I was like No way!!! Til it came to choose his breakfast i threw my phone away, shook thinking fuck they wtg me??😳😱 Now here i am wtg youtube about bandersnatch just to ease myself that im not going crazy😫

  51. almosteasy69

    almosteasy69Hace 2 meses

    Bandersnatch sounds like sme weird sexual orientation that people make up just to be difficult

  52. Bruce Vieira Lopes

    Bruce Vieira LopesHace 2 meses

    Nobody mentioning the odd dream of the author stabbing Stephan ?

  53. Bruce Vieira Lopes

    Bruce Vieira LopesHace 2 meses

    “Me and my friends from the future kicked your ass”

  54. Scurvy Dan

    Scurvy DanHace 2 meses

    As someone who sometimes needs to take pills for my brain to function and thus be able to create (I'm a painter), I fucking hate this episode. Of black mirror I mean, your channel's cool.

  55. Alondra Navarro

    Alondra NavarroHace 2 meses

    When my brother and I got to the part where we could “talk” to Stephan, we started to freak the fuck out. Also, something I just told my brother upon seeing the endings “we should have fought the therapist”

  56. Jerome F. Davies

    Jerome F. DaviesHace 2 meses

    there is another secret ending with the book author

  57. S B

    S BHace 3 meses

    “We fucked up your day something proper didn’t we!!??” 🤣🤣🤣 that’s my favorite ending

  58. The Mighty Womfox

    The Mighty WomfoxHace 3 meses

    Its like undertale

  59. Ragnarok R

    Ragnarok RHace 3 meses

    I never ever heard of this movie... But thank you Found Flix for explaining it so wonderfully!

  60. NinjaNick 32123

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    That shirt you wore really messed with my eyes

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    My keyboard is tea-proof