BANDERSNATCH (2018) ALL Endings Explained (Including "Secret")


  1. Martim Lopes

    Martim LopesHace 15 horas

    Fxck. I just went straight to the secret ending. Though it was just a wtf ending

  2. SpoonCat

    SpoonCatHace un día

    every time I bury dad, Kitty comes over even if the previous scene showed Colin or Thakur was coming over. I think it's a glitch?

  3. Innocent troll0

    Innocent troll0Hace un día

    Someone make a chart of what happens

  4. Missingno. :3

    Missingno. :3Hace 2 días

    fuck netflix it doesn't make it obvious that you came to an ending and makes you click "to get a different ending" i thought it was just a part of the whole thing :////// ruins the experience

  5. David PlusUltra

    David PlusUltraHace 4 días

    Anyone watch through without making any choices?

  6. D-Block Raps

    D-Block RapsHace 5 días

    My man you missed so many

  7. Hali Marlow

    Hali MarlowHace 5 días

    I let colin jump and then a bunch of stuff happened but i never got to see how colin was interwoven in the story really... like i thought he was aware of the going back in time and I wanted to see how.

  8. Jillian Rachael

    Jillian RachaelHace 5 días

    You forgot that if you have Colin jump off the balcony and choose to bury your dad, either the neighbor's dog finds your dad's body or Thakur comes over and discovers you and you have to kill him too. And if you choose to bury your dad after you've chosen to jump off the balcony or go to Dr. Haynes instead of forcing Colin to jump......Colin discovers you at your house after you've murdered your father. And you're given the option to either kill Colin or let him go. Letting him go gets you another bad review and in jail and killing Colin gets you a 5 star review and still in jail. There's also a ending (that I don't remember how I got to, but you have to select the option where Colin jumps off the balcony) where Colin's wife/girlfriend Kitty goes to Tuckersoft and tells Thakur Colin is missing and something is wrong. And even though Stefan finishes the game, he still ends up in jail. And there's an option to type in the password Pax for the locked cabinet and you encounter the demon Pax who kills you. There's also a version of after you kill your dad, you go to call Dr. Haynes but you have to remember her number and it makes you type it in. But you get the 5 stars and still end up in jail. There's soooooo many endings and outcomes though. It's ridiculous. I played for 4 hours last night and got all the endings mentioned in this video (except for the secret) and the ones I wrote in this comment.

  9. Alexandra Vodomerova

    Alexandra VodomerovaHace 6 días

    He is StEfan!Gosh.

  10. Kandy Mdachii

    Kandy MdachiiHace 7 días

    You forgot the scene where the Author of Bandersnatch actually stabs Stefan in a dream.

  11. Jillian Rachael

    Jillian RachaelHace 5 días

    @Kandy Mdachii whaaat? Dude, I swear......this movie is crazyyyy.

  12. Kandy Mdachii

    Kandy MdachiiHace 5 días

    Jillian Rachael Jillian Rachael the choice where you get to pick up the book or the photo frame. If you pick up why book 3x times the third time is where JFD stabs Stefan in the stomach and he wakes up to realise it’s a dream!

  13. Jillian Rachael

    Jillian RachaelHace 5 días

    What??!!! How did you get this scene??

  14. killeing

    killeingHace 8 días

    I wish there was at least one happy(er) ending out of all of this where nothing ends badly for the main guy

  15. Skinny Freak

    Skinny FreakHace 8 días

    my favourite ending is when you, the psychiatrist and your dad fucking kill eachother

  16. Jackaroni

    JackaroniHace 9 días

    Reminds me of undertale and Stanley parable

  17. vectress

    vectressHace 9 días

    This and The Thing 1982 have the best cinematography I have ever seen in the sense of unveiling information visually. Showing you clues and exactly what the director wanted you to see in the exact moment they want you to see it. There are plenty of visual clues about what will happen in other choices that you haven't yet selected.

  18. Penny Violet

    Penny VioletHace 11 días

    I didn’t even realize the girl in the end was Colin’s daughter

  19. Troy Addict

    Troy AddictHace 12 días

    One of the best I seen so far in a while I was hoping it’ll be amazing

  20. Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good

    Mr.Stark I don’t feel so goodHace 13 días

    The first time I played I got the “secret” ending.....

  21. Sam

    SamHace 13 días


  22. Aleksa Zdravkovic

    Aleksa ZdravkovicHace 13 días

    That shirt

  23. 👑Auriella👑

    👑Auriella👑Hace 16 días

    whaaaaaaaaaaat bitch im from the uk and I chose sugar puffs they're waaaaaay better!

  24. Lil Pineappler

    Lil PineapplerHace 18 días

    What’s the point of watching movie when you can just watch foundflix?

  25. aaron lao

    aaron laoHace 19 días

    am i the only who thought after choosing netflix you and dr haynes will go smash ? instead of a kung fu fight?

  26. Niclause Bayon

    Niclause BayonHace 19 días

    i just did this and it was interesting.

  27. Girish Patil

    Girish PatilHace 19 días

    What is the actual runtime of this? I saw one with 5hrs and another with 1.5hrs

  28. Ahmed adnan

    Ahmed adnanHace 19 días

    i think that we are the pax demon because in the tape that stefan watched about the author it said that the author was being controlled by pax the demon. and if you get to the part where the game was being run you can see a yellow man appear with the choice "kill agent" and "back off" i think that the agent represented stefan's dad and the bandersnatch game is really the movie. or that to get the "best ending" you have to not make any choices and let the timer run out so you would go through all the endings. that may defeat the idea of free will but that may be the whole point behind this.

  29. Stu

    StuHace 19 días

    I'm not sure if anyone else noticed but when you first play the movie from the beginning, it says the total running time is over 5 hours. In other words, there's 5+ hours of footage in total, combining every scene and ending. That's a hell of a lot for a 90 minute movie.

  30. Caleb Simmons

    Caleb SimmonsHace 23 días

    Am I the only one that felt bad for the dudes dad

  31. Ally Torres

    Ally TorresHace 24 días

    Okay but where tf did colin disappear to? And what about the ending where you kill colin or let him go?

  32. Chronos

    ChronosHace 24 días

    im not a fan of black mirror but i liked this one

  33. This isn't My real name

    This isn't My real nameHace 25 días

    Haha. The news paper says “dad chopped up in 8-bits”

  34. moon

    moonHace 28 días

    To be honest, I tried getting all the endings but I kept getting the same ones so I'm just looking up the endings

  35. moon

    moonHace 28 días

    My favorite is the one where they're all actors

  36. Daniil Shashenkov

    Daniil ShashenkovHace un mes


  37. SkCray Ace

    SkCray AceHace un mes

    That ashtray... it's conveniently there everytime you need it to bash Stefan's dad...

  38. Soham Adhikari

    Soham AdhikariHace un mes

    Detroit : Become Gamer

  39. abhimanyu panwar

    abhimanyu panwarHace un mes

    I chose to make him go with her mother although I knew he was going to die but he would have been happy

  40. Mesa Hadzimusic

    Mesa HadzimusicHace un mes

    al fakat ti mater jebem svih 17 minuta

  41. Mesa Hadzimusic

    Mesa HadzimusicHace un mes

    mater ti jebem

  42. Gammareign

    GammareignHace un mes

    Bandersnatch is monster in Lewis Carroll's poem Jaberwocky.

  43. bill logo

    bill logoHace un mes

    bandersnatch of the black mirror addition , well, it kind of sucked

  44. Dorvita

    DorvitaHace un mes

    The so called secret ending is the very first ending I got tbh was shocked that was the secret one lmao. Absolutely brilliant interactive show I have to admit.

  45. Keitra Sanders

    Keitra SandersHace un mes

    If they were to ever make a movie about Chris Benoit the character Stephan should potray him

  46. Gelo Villanueva

    Gelo VillanuevaHace un mes

    I've gotten all 4 ending

  47. Funhouse Film Reviews

    Funhouse Film ReviewsHace un mes

    What about the therapists phone number ending? Anybody find the secret phone number?

  48. Funhouse Film Reviews

    Funhouse Film ReviewsHace un mes

    @One Dixie Cup Just For You I think there is. I lay my theory out in this video thoughts?

  49. One Dixie Cup Just For You

    One Dixie Cup Just For YouHace un mes

    Is there a secret phone number? All I ever knew was the obvious one

  50. Shindo

    ShindoHace un mes

    Who else got secret ending with the first try ?

  51. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the DevilHace un mes

    Yeah, cutting him up was the happiest i could get him. Also you really hate the kid in the suit. Lmao.

  52. TheGoldenDrakon

    TheGoldenDrakonHace un mes

    If I remember correctly, if you first find the conspiracy files in the cabinet, and then tell him through PC what you are, you get option 'pac". I don't remember what it did but it though.

  53. One Dixie Cup Just For You

    One Dixie Cup Just For YouHace un mes

    The father walks in and Stefan thinks his father is controlling him. Stefan kills him, and then Rit comes over to play the whole "Kill Rit" or "Let Rit Go" options.

  54. Jordan Walker

    Jordan WalkerHace un mes

    What if time is written in stone? and God has chosen our words, thoughts, and actions and we don't even realize we're acting out words from the book of life? What if the universe repeats itself and that's why we have Deja Vu?

  55. fritz jungmayer

    fritz jungmayerHace un mes

    Jep took the Frosties

  56. Se7en

    Se7enHace un mes

    The ending where Stefan dies in his Doctor's office kind of reminds me of The Butterfly Effect's ending (the one with Ashton Kutcher). Am I the only one?

  57. justice is served

    justice is servedHace un mes

    Holy shit!! I think they made different versions of this movie..cause I didn't get the scene where Stefan fought his psychiatrist and his dad....

  58. One Dixie Cup Just For You

    One Dixie Cup Just For YouHace un mes

    It's just one of the endings you can get

  59. ThatCrackerJack

    ThatCrackerJackHace un mes

    I never got the choice to take the pills, it only let me flush them or throw em out :/

  60. Edwin Watts

    Edwin WattsHace un mes

    Guys when you make the screen small and look at fonudnflix’s shirt it looks weird

  61. Insurgent Productions

    Insurgent ProductionsHace un mes

    You missed the part about Collin jumping off the roof and Stefan seeing the monster and waking up

  62. Insurgent Productions

    Insurgent ProductionsHace un mes

    That is so weird at the part where you get the code TOY I only got the options PACS and PAX, and it was a totally different thing. He saw that his dad was experimenting on him and stuff. If anybody else got that, please let me know and tell me any speculations on what you think it means

  63. Mason Sauer

    Mason SauerHace un mes

    He’s right frosties is objectively the best choice

  64. LikeUhVillain

    LikeUhVillainHace un mes

    Huh. When I watched it I wasn't sure if I had hit what was supposed to be the "ending" but I did see the one where Pearl is trying to recreate the game so I suppose I did make it to the end.

  65. Nobody From Nowhere

    Nobody From NowhereHace 2 meses

    This is the kind of content netflix should be making. It's something a movie or TV can't do.

  66. I am a melon

    I am a melonHace 2 meses

    I watched this movie and i loved it so much there was one ending that i cried after watching. Oof If you have seen it you know what ending i mean.

  67. ShockZ

    ShockZHace 2 meses

    there was another ending, where if you choose to bury your dads body, cloin comes to your house and you can kill him or let hi go. i got that ending on my second time watching the movie, i choose to let him go. not gonna spoil the rest, watch the movie

  68. Xx raptor Playz xX

    Xx raptor Playz xXHace 2 meses

    TUCKER SOFT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  69. zariah tracy

    zariah tracyHace 2 meses

    i got a way different ending... this is crazy

  70. jonny barnard

    jonny barnardHace 2 meses

    Your shirt is trippin me out bro, maybe its jus my cracked screen lol anyone else see it moving all weird?


    KASH MONEYHace 2 meses

    i got almost all of the other endings and just kept going back until the actual end credits ending i got was the bandersnatch audio on my first run lmao

  72. DaKermitFrog

    DaKermitFrogHace 2 meses

    11:20 - 12:30 i don't remember seeing any of this... >_

  73. P C

    P CHace 2 meses

    Anything similar to The Truman Show is awesome

  74. Kasey Butcher

    Kasey ButcherHace 2 meses

    Is no one going to mention the fact that the fucking Bandersnatch shows up if you let Colin jump?

  75. Sweet Butterfly

    Sweet ButterflyHace 2 meses

    I liked it!!! 😄✌

  76. beezzarro

    beezzarroHace 2 meses

    Sorry but I have to downvote. The title says "endings explained", not "entire plot explained". We're all here to get right to the endings because most of us have seen it while the rest just want to know the endings. You also haven't covered all the endings... Jesus, deliver what you advertise

  77. Amy Gao

    Amy GaoHace 2 meses

    Idk why I watch these. I get the endings of the movies but it's so fun listening to someone else talk about it too

  78. cyanide jack

    cyanide jackHace 2 meses

    This bored me.

  79. Fugitive Fetus

    Fugitive FetusHace 2 meses

    Your calling him a “measly mopheaded man child”?

  80. Mellifluous

    MellifluousHace 2 meses

    Are you trying to speak like the guy in bandersnatch that reviews the games? Because i was watching without looking amd holy shit you sound like him. At least on some words or how you change pitch like he did maybe. Weird.......

  81. Mike Tierney

    Mike TierneyHace 2 meses

    It kinda seems like it's taken a little inspiration from undertail

  82. Estrela García

    Estrela GarcíaHace 2 meses

    I got the perfect score the first time, wtf

  83. Lil hoe peep

    Lil hoe peepHace 2 meses

    Honestly this film was just a huge mind fuck that left me with a lingering headache 😞

  84. mark deaconu

    mark deaconuHace 2 meses

    i got the secret ending on the first watch lol idk how im so lucky

  85. Leia McAlister - Young

    Leia McAlister - YoungHace 2 meses

    The ending where you get 5 stars and it shows colins daughter all grown up was actually the first ending I got. Is that weird?

  86. kinetikx

    kinetikxHace 2 meses

    Let me point you toward someone who doesn't come across as a loudmouth ESreporter idiot and has a much better take on this movie: Stop supporting these useless and annoying youtubers who come across like basic cable tv presenters who are tailoring their annoying "lowest common denominator" personalities to people who have absolutely no taste. Fuck this guy.

  87. Brandon

    BrandonHace 2 meses

    When I did this. He butchered his dad, spared colin (after somehow coming back from jumping off a balcony. Idk) made a 5 star game and got arrested years later.

  88. Sempai Gamer san

    Sempai Gamer sanHace 2 meses

    is this a game or is this movie who is like a game also that movie just nailed it on theather OWO

  89. MemeCollectorIIV

    MemeCollectorIIVHace 2 meses

    Idk if you went over this but the girl who try’s remaking the game is “Pearl” Collins daughter

  90. Newlly Ryan

    Newlly RyanHace 2 meses

    Thanks for going in on this. I didn’t have the patience

  91. Relugar_ Dudes

    Relugar_ DudesHace 2 meses

    Any one got the ending were he's game was a success, and some one from the future just tried to do a serie based on his game, but ended up going crazy like him. That was the perfect ending, realizing that there's no real paths to choose.

  92. Poop Looser64

    Poop Looser64Hace 2 meses

    Why would anyone have more than one box of cereal at a time

  93. The Tranquil Tiger

    The Tranquil TigerHace 2 meses

    Could it be possible that he had such a vivid flashback that when he dreamt the train crashing his mind was convinced it was reality and for that moment, that was his "go yo the light"moment. Then he died in the crash and he was simply satisfied of life, his brain just hit the emergency stop.

  94. FR 1076

    FR 1076Hace 2 meses

    Why would chopping up his dad after he killed him take less time than burying him in the garden, which apparently enabled him to finish the Bandersnatch game? That doesn't make sense.

  95. Cookitwith Lemon

    Cookitwith LemonHace 2 meses

    Second dark place reference in just your videos I've binged today, even seeing a still of Liz hits me in the memory feels. Used to watch it on a loop at such an important age.

  96. Lizmol Antony

    Lizmol AntonyHace 2 meses

    Well... Deadpool must be proud of this series... 😅

  97. Jordan Sherman

    Jordan ShermanHace 2 meses

    Serious question... I could only get to 2 different endings. The one where he dies with the mom and the one lady who “creates netflix” in the future. Why can’t I get to other endings??



    Ah my brain i can smell its fried aroma



    Why not choosing to kill the suitjerk

  100. Gavin West '22

    Gavin West '22Hace 2 meses

    You Totally missed Stephan dying by the Pax demon it was nuts.

  101. Mr. G

    Mr. GHace 2 meses

    Just watched this tonight with my brother. we got the "suit dick" giving those 5 stars on our 1st try, and I must say I appreciated the experience tho in the beginning I was very skeptical about the quality of this "movie". Had to change my mind. Also liked your vid ofc. On a side note, and just out of curiosity, what accent do you speak? As a non-mother tongue I had some trouble keeping up with your speech. Cheers!

  102. accquizzer

    accquizzerHace 2 meses

    I think the best ending ("best" in the sense of canonical, not happy) is that perfect 5/5 out of 5 rating on the game. Stefan follows the exact same path as Jerome F. Davis. The documentary mentions Jerome F. Davis's wife spiked his drink with psychedelic drugs, which Colin does to Stefan (if you choose that path, which I believe is canonical). The documentary mentions he becomes obsessed with branching paths to make his story complete, and Stefan experiences the same with the game. Both Stefan and Colin start seeing PAX. Both of them end up decapitating the family member closest to them. That ending also leads to Stefan having a breakthrough with his psychiatrist. He says he realizes that he can't give the player absolute free will, so he pretty much controls the player with the illusion of free will, which is what the movie does to Stefan. Furthermore, that ending skips ahead to Pearl making Bandersnatch for Netflix (which, if you think about it, is more meta than revealing to Stefan you're watching him from Netflix), only to find out she's taking the same path. The moral of story is that anyone who gets involved with Bandersnatch loses control of their free will, hence why it's the best ending.

  103. Andrew Beez

    Andrew BeezHace 2 meses

    Sorry mate wrong path

  104. Alfredo Valenzuela

    Alfredo ValenzuelaHace 2 meses

    Wait so if there is a lot of Alice in wonderland stuff in it does that mean Colin's wife was meant to look like the mad hatter from the movie

  105. Bennosparigus

    BennosparigusHace 2 meses

    i thought the part where Collin jumps off the balcony was just bizarre asf

  106. Unofficial Meme

    Unofficial MemeHace 2 meses

    Endings 7 and 8 are my favorite. I love the joke endings.

  107. - ashawna

    - ashawnaHace 2 meses