BAD BOYS FOR LIFE - Official Trailer


  1. Karon Holcomb

    Karon HolcombHace 2 horas

    One last time?

  2. Leo Tv

    Leo TvHace 6 horas

  3. Sye Sye hi

    Sye Sye hiHace 7 horas

    I love you❤Will Smith💋

  4. Fiszer Animuje HD

    Fiszer Animuje HDHace 8 horas

    Hey will i have the question.Why you didn't play in the newest men in black?

  5. Yes !

    Yes !Hace 9 horas

    소니... 음... 이것도 불매의 일환으로 쳐야하는가...

  6. Dre Kusarii

    Dre KusariiHace 10 horas

    Looks wack

  7. Country City

    Country CityHace 12 horas

    yawn 😴 same ol' same liberal garbage that belongs straight up to the dump 🚛 🙄👎🏼 billon dollar liberal studio's has been running out of ideas since day 1 folks they need (country city) in hollowood since im the only REAL white southern republican artist out there who can save the business

  8. bowoR

    bowoRHace 12 horas

    Good boy for afterlife

  9. PM

    PMHace 13 horas

  10. Kazooie best waifu Hands down.

    Kazooie best waifu Hands down.Hace 14 horas

    Why do good girls like bad guys?

  11. Yasir Sulehri

    Yasir SulehriHace 15 horas

    oa goryo tay kalyo meryo salyo

  12. ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive

    ALX Armed Liberation XecutiveHace 15 horas

    Give up

  13. Jonathon Zdraveski

    Jonathon ZdraveskiHace 15 horas

    Did they just stereotype every action film into one movie....

  14. Gaga Bibi

    Gaga BibiHace 16 horas

  15. Sultan Sheikh

    Sultan SheikhHace 16 horas

    Just tell me release date ....

  16. Mr. Burgandy

    Mr. BurgandyHace 16 horas

    Someone tell me how Will Smith looked old as could be in MIB 3 in 2012 and looks 20 yeas younger in this movie????

  17. しあ

    しあHace 17 horas


  18. Dodge

    DodgeHace 17 horas

    whats the weirdest video u ever watched? i watched plankton like proper hard man scrap in aldi car park go at mr krabs n no fists were thhrown only bones m8

  19. Sphola Sikhosana

    Sphola SikhosanaHace 17 horas

    U r already a group the two of newcomers...forever

  20. Kenny Lucena

    Kenny LucenaHace 17 horas

    I'm your fan, I want to meet you and hug you. I'm from São Paulo, Brazil

  21. Owen Downey

    Owen DowneyHace 17 horas

    I bet the plot will be: They hunt down bad guys. Fail. Get fired/quit. Find new intel that the other cops don’t know. Go rogue and hunt down bad guys. Succeed and get their jobs back.

  22. Chris Klein

    Chris KleinHace 17 horas

    When was this video uploaded?

  23. Reel Life

    Reel LifeHace 18 horas

    Will and Martin are the only blacks in the movie! smh

  24. OFZ 9

    OFZ 9Hace 19 horas

    Fat boys fat boys, what you can do ? It's over man , enough .

  25. Love Payne92

    Love Payne92Hace 20 horas

    Add my ESreporter

  26. Dayanna Caldas

    Dayanna CaldasHace 20 horas

    I am Love Will!! (soy nueva en el ingles -_- otra vez)

  27. Engi9

    Engi9Hace 20 horas

    Can someone release this remix🤩

  28. Dr Wolfgang Oria

    Dr Wolfgang OriaHace 21 un hora

    @Will Smith sería lo máximo seria ver un crossover con Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) y Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy)

  29. kaamil shaikh

    kaamil shaikhHace 21 un hora

    2:11 bjron spotted 😂

  30. Pretty Proper Hair

    Pretty Proper HairHace 22 horas

    Maybe its just me, but they weren't connecting and the trailer didn't sell me on going to see this!

  31. • Starlight •

    • Starlight •Hace 22 horas

    Will Smith haven't changed a bit omgggg

  32. mcroy ape

    mcroy apeHace 23 horas

    Mans got fat wtf

  33. Elliott Holland

    Elliott HollandHace un día

    is that John Goodman 0.39

  34. Афон Слепцовский

    Афон СлепцовскийHace un día

    Time is merciless

  35. SkreltNL

    SkreltNLHace un día

    Gonna be a weak ripoff judging by the trailer.

  36. Warrior

    WarriorHace un día

    Martin lawrence his face too fat looks like big mama 3 lool 😂💔

  37. henkenheimer

    henkenheimerHace un día

    I wonder if in the final version of the game will smith will not catch the helicopter ladder

  38. Luke

    LukeHace un día

    So excited


    LINCOLN CHRISHace un día

    Ohhh yeah BAD BOYS BAD BOYS WHAT YOU GONNA DO ohhh yes 👍❤ !!!!!!!!!!

  40. Joy Blessing

    Joy BlessingHace un día

    So excited to see this movie!

  41. 카이짱냥덕후

    카이짱냥덕후Hace un día

    Aladdin is crazy korea~!!! $$D

  42. Mr. Propane

    Mr. PropaneHace un día

    Martin looks sick

  43. Airbus Driver

    Airbus DriverHace un día

    Looks like the start of another Fast & The Furious franchise...

  44. YLMA V

    YLMA VHace un día

    I just want to know if my Boii regy ever brought Megan back on time 🤣🤣 smh

  45. Brandon Brown

    Brandon BrownHace un día

    Martin has changed and it shows

  46. Benj D.B.S.

    Benj D.B.S.Hace un día

    all i can say is........................... Damn !

  47. joblagz

    joblagzHace un día

    somebody please convince jackie chan and chris tucker to finish filming rush hour 4



  49. Sherrill Collins

    Sherrill CollinsHace un día

    Looks good... will be going to see it💪🏻

  50. July Ava

    July AvaHace un día

    Friday 4 this time Chris Tucker returns

  51. richifullgothic77

    richifullgothic77Hace un día

    Puta madre me quieto volver chango 😱😱😱😱😱😱💪💪💪💪💪💪

  52. KarlyRose

    KarlyRoseHace un día

    I am so excited for this movie. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are two of my favorite stars. I'm stoked man about his. Light this up blue if you're excited like I am.

  53. Jasmine

    JasmineHace un día You need to hear this.

  54. ریحان ارشد

    ریحان ارشدHace un día

    O' hell yeah ! Lawrence and Smith are back again... Bring it on, baby 🔥

  55. Margaret Crawford

    Margaret CrawfordHace un día

    Stop slating Martin are you all slender and fit ... Bet not

  56. Jasmine

    JasmineHace un día

    It comes out on my birthday!!! I can't wait :-)

  57. Jagmohan

    JagmohanHace un día


  58. El perro CaLiEnTe

    El perro CaLiEnTeHace un día

    Bad boys yeahhh

  59. عالم الالعاب

    عالم الالعابHace un día yes this him

  60. Jonathan Iglesias

    Jonathan IglesiasHace un día


  61. niki014

    niki014Hace un día

    Omg that movies are my childhood xd Can't wait

  62. Romulo Garcia

    Romulo GarciaHace un día