BAD BOYS FOR LIFE - Official Trailer


  1. Germi Stephens

    Germi StephensHace un día


  2. D Hill

    D HillHace un día

    Imagine a crossover with Bad Boys, Miami Vice Jamie Foxx, Training Day Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills cops. Maybe Ice Cube Ride along with Kevin Hart

  3. Dark Side

    Dark SideHace 3 días

    I luv thisss

  4. Zoee White

    Zoee WhiteHace 4 días

    @1:32 Best line so far! How can you not laugh?

  5. Siphelele Mzaza

    Siphelele MzazaHace 4 días

    How deep did you think you got in his soul

  6. antony moran 123

    antony moran 123Hace 5 días

    Time for the modern day people to find out what a real movie is

  7. Colin Farrell Fan 23

    Colin Farrell Fan 23Hace 5 días

    The trailer is a lot better when it's from one of the actors. In this case, Will Smith.

  8. Colin Farrell Fan 23

    Colin Farrell Fan 23Hace 5 días

    If it says "For Life" or "Forever" then it will stay that way. No one mess with that sh*.

  9. Nana Copson

    Nana CopsonHace 6 días

    Yayy can't wait. My all time favorite comes out on my birthday 🎂☺️. It will be my birthday dream to get an autograph from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. MR NYC

    MR NYCHace 6 días

    No theresa randle

  11. O OO

    O OOHace 6 días

    Send them all back ..

  12. siryu300

    siryu300Hace 9 días

    Very good movie, I will definitely go to see her, you are one of the best actors in the world. Eres el puto amo.

  13. Tony Wagner

    Tony WagnerHace 12 días

    I'm watching the bad boys for life on fire stick now it's bad

  14. BRAD'Lii

    BRAD'LiiHace 19 días

    Gab Union?

  15. Katherine Aguilar

    Katherine AguilarHace 20 días


  16. MerkinMuffly

    MerkinMufflyHace 21 un día

    Glad to see they got BeetleJuice to replace Martin Lawrence in this movie.

  17. SUPERBEE392

    SUPERBEE392Hace 21 un día

    **is trying to look badass shifting that little paddle thing in the new 911**

  18. Jah_DeanYT

    Jah_DeanYTHace 24 días


  19. GrassBlock

    GrassBlockHace 29 días

    This should be the new GTA 6 Trailer..

  20. Dominick Boren

    Dominick BorenHace un mes

    Will Smith why did you delete Skeleton Bones Ghoulies channel

  21. matt g

    matt gHace un mes

    Welp another movie to add to my collection

  22. Naj Madison

    Naj MadisonHace un mes

    You know its a good movie when you see Will Smith on the advertisement. You know shits about to go down when Will has his serious face on.

  23. Jay McBride

    Jay McBrideHace un mes

    So Willie from Phillie and Martin Martiney where's those reboots of the Fresh Prince of Bel air and Martin.

  24. Raymond Bermea

    Raymond BermeaHace un mes

    One final thrill ride. This is gonna get action packed to the extreme. Get your adrenaline ready. January 17.

  25. RIN

    RINHace un mes

    3 dude I want to see in this movie. Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and Thomas from Yes Theory.

  26. red planet

    red planetHace un mes

    looks boring though, which is bad if even the trailer couldn't get you hype out.... honest opinion not meant to disrespecting anyone

  27. jonny martinéz

    jonny martinézHace 2 meses

    Qué bonito carro voy a ver tu película

  28. KingKacchi

    KingKacchiHace 2 meses

    Been waiting for this movie since 2003 :)

  29. jan prats

    jan pratsHace 2 meses

    I came here for yes theory :D

  30. Jay

    JayHace 2 meses

    Jeez I need to re run 1 & 2 😂


    ROBBIE REDRUMHace 2 meses

    This is great. Rush Hour 4 needs to be announced though.

  32. Ung Molika

    Ung MolikaHace 2 meses


  33. Leigh Emerson

    Leigh EmersonHace 2 meses

    Every time I see Martin Lawrence I can’t stop laughing 😂, Will just as awesome ☺️

  34. Karl Brown

    Karl BrownHace 2 meses

    "Now that's how you spose to drop a trailer, from now on that's how you drop a trailer"

  35. 1 Bad Jesus

    1 Bad JesusHace 2 meses

    COME ON Lawrence!! ... you had 6 MONTHS to get into (at minimum) SEMI-Shape before filming started! THAT'S ridiculous!!

  36. 1 Bad Jesus

    1 Bad JesusHace 2 meses

    You sure this is Michael Bay's new mov... 0:02 ... NEVER MIND.

  37. frannex ngugi

    frannex ngugiHace 2 meses

    The movie will be 👌👌👍💯, I just did the first Bad boys for life trailer parody

  38. Ikas Redmi Note 6 Pro

    Ikas Redmi Note 6 ProHace 2 meses

    Now Genie is Bad Boys 😆

  39. Kathryn Mcdade

    Kathryn McdadeHace 2 meses

    0:39 I spot a stuntman

  40. ESAR JR

    ESAR JRHace 2 meses

    love you boss

  41. Raimundo Mistérios

    Raimundo MistériosHace 2 meses


  42. k a

    k aHace 2 meses

    P Diddy - Bad Boy For Life

  43. GameBoy

    GameBoyHace 2 meses

    #Badboys3 Bad boys 3 official trailer >

  44. unk nown

    unk nownHace 2 meses

    Who are waiting for reappearance of REGGIE in BADBOYS 3 ? 😂

  45. Yolanda Ortiz

    Yolanda OrtizHace 2 meses

    Me. encantan. las. películas. policiacas. Y. que. tengan. mucha. accion

  46. Paul Kreisler

    Paul KreislerHace 2 meses

    Martin Lawrence ain’t doin too hot.

  47. Phantom God

    Phantom GodHace 2 meses

    Fast and the furious now

  48. Jake Ajith

    Jake AjithHace 2 meses

    They will have to digitally age will smith

  49. Manuel the Colombian Vyonder 2003

    Manuel the Colombian Vyonder 2003Hace 2 meses

    After filming “Gemini Man” in Cartagena, Colombia, Will Smith films the brand new “Bad Boys for Life” movie in only both Atlanta, Georgia, United States and Miami, Florida, United States.

  50. Mikayla kowalski

    Mikayla kowalskiHace 2 meses

    i can’t wait me and my dad are going to see it when it comes out😂❤️

  51. Hassan Balhas

    Hassan BalhasHace 2 meses

    Waaaaaaaaaht Bad Boys 3 🤯 nice

  52. Estelle Massaa

    Estelle MassaaHace 3 meses

    Can't wait !!!

  53. Scott

    ScottHace 3 meses

    The dude that's not will Smith looks terribly swollen in the face.

  54. John Chester

    John ChesterHace 3 meses

    Quote: were not just black were cops too, well pull ourselves over later, HAHAHAHAHA!😂

  55. Kimberly Snider

    Kimberly SniderHace 3 meses

    Dang Martin done got thiccccccc

  56. Kriztofer Plitzkin

    Kriztofer PlitzkinHace 3 meses

    Mike LAAAARYYY...

  57. Izzy Halliwell

    Izzy HalliwellHace 3 meses

    It's about got damn time! I've been hoping for this!

  58. she a fangirl

    she a fangirlHace 3 meses


  59. SamSquatch Rivera

    SamSquatch RiveraHace 3 meses

    Tells a lot about people real life personalities,both never have to work a day in there life and came back again to make it happen. Ya money helps IMO it's not just that,Chris Tucker learn from your peers don't forget where you came from. It's not like Chris is putting out Blockbusters,Jackie Chan should tell Chris no Rush Hour 4 if you don't do Friday!

  60. Norma Rivas

    Norma RivasHace 3 meses

    Can`t wait

  61. Red 4KT

    Red 4KTHace 3 meses

    Bad boys bad boys watchu gonna do watchu going do when they come for you BAD BOYS BAD BOYS WHHAT YOU GONNA DO WATCHI GONA DOOO WHEN THEY COME FORR YOUUU BAD BOYS