Increibles Inventos Que Debes Tener En 2018


  1. Cris Pereira

    Cris PereiraHace 15 días

    I usually mute the music in these videos but this one is fuckiin awesome especially with headphones

  2. Ultramajik

    UltramajikHace 4 meses

    Lay on the floor and put a black bag on your head... why the hell didn't I think of that?

  3. Sam Tay

    Sam TayHace 4 meses

    6:56 just make sure you are not next to a bully.

  4. IURIi ILiN

    IURIi ILiNHace 8 meses

    Велосипед РОССИЯ -ЛУЧШИЙ!!! Safe yourself and children on the road. Bicycle RUSSIA - the BEST!!!​

  5. Mnu Racing

    Mnu RacingHace 9 meses


  6. Patrick Chubey

    Patrick ChubeyHace 9 meses

    Ha ha, the pop theatre is the dorkiest thing I've seen this year, and weirdest. Notice how the person is completely isolated? This product promotes personal isolation. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but having a man cave with an ultra big screen and surround sound seems like the way to go if you want your friends and family around you to enjoy a movie or football or whatever. Looks like the pop theatre is just perfect for someone who deliberately wants to separate themselves from the rest of the human race, but I would really hope that most of us still enjoy social contact with other people. Honestly, that dorky thing is just sad.

  7. Likort

    LikortHace 9 meses

    Ни одно из изобретений не нужно мне

  8. Sandro Dias

    Sandro DiasHace 10 meses

    essa propaganda masterclass so enche o saco...

  9. Dicking ton

    Dicking tonHace 10 meses

    1920's "we will have flying cars in the future" . 2018."we would like to introduce the poptheatr, yep, not only it makes you look like a fucking elephant,but it can also charge your portable device" . Jontron-"I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!"

  10. Ваня Пупс

    Ваня ПупсHace 10 meses

    когда сделают ГОНДОН с USB разъёмом?

  11. Magic-Pool GFX

    Magic-Pool GFXHace 11 meses

    Salut ! Super vidéo et n'hésitez pas à aller voir ma chaîne pour me dire ce qui est bien ou ce qui ne l'est pas, Merci beaucoup !

  12. christian angelo makiling

    christian angelo makilingHace 11 meses


  13. christian angelo makiling

    christian angelo makilingHace 11 meses

    wow its cool

  14. Shumer Shumer

    Shumer ShumerHace 11 meses

    Всякую хрень придумают!

  15. Tran Huyen

    Tran HuyenHace 11 meses

    Cuc ban phim do ban o dau vay

  16. Slava 13

    Slava 13Hace 11 meses

    Под водой дышат воздухом с насоса велосипедного?

  17. Marek Dubský

    Marek DubskýHace 11 meses

    Intoro music? (Also 50th comment)

  18. Adriana Ribeiro Araujo

    Adriana Ribeiro AraujoHace un año

    Gostei da monocleta

  19. Sting Ray

    Sting RayHace un año

    man Taucht und Plötzlich ist die Luft weg, oder wie wird die Resttauchzeit kontrolliert??

  20. Nagella Jean-Baptiste

    Nagella Jean-BaptisteHace un año

    1. Video cool. 2. Video reminds me of Wally the space kid cartoon with that robot From reading the comments below. I couldn't stop laughing. and now my head hurts. Thanks for the laugh. Worth it. LoL 😂😁. Okay, the tube to stick your head in to watch a movie. That was funny. For that I mines well buy a virtual glasses and stick the phone in there and watch the movie. Oh wait they have those right. I know they have it for the games. LoL 😂.

  21. Ficoress G

    Ficoress GHace un año


  22. Tha Flex Machine

    Tha Flex MachineHace un año

    0:47 who made that piece of music? I keep on hearing it on different high tech video

  23. El autismo retardio

    El autismo retardioHace un año

    Imagine having to use your phone to use your shoes This post was made by shoelaces gang

  24. MrTenDollarMan

    MrTenDollarManHace un año

    7:54 I swear the god, If i see someone using this shit on the park or anywhere else, i will crush his nose with my iron fist.

  25. d.a c.h

    d.a c.hHace un año

    Wonder if I can get the unicycle free on a disability check

  26. Caner Öztan - Bay Mantık

    Caner Öztan - Bay MantıkHace un año

    Videodaki motosiklet navigasyon cihazına ulaşmam lazım. Lütfen yardım

  27. oksanasdad

    oksanasdadHace un año

    1. As if we're not lazy enough. 2. Glorified alarm clock... mated with Google Home 3. Thing that has been around in one form or another for years... 4. GPS? Really, in 2018? 5. Completely unnecessary... if you're a fisherman you already have something like this. 6. Fancy lens... oooooh. Might as well buy a camera. 7. Another way to efficiently waste time on your phone... that blocks 15% of your screen. 8. Kid did this with a shoebox years ago... 9. Someone stuck a fitbit in an ugly shoe... 10. Finally something useful for ag or manufacturing 11. Yeah, they moved the tank to the front and shrank it... probably will kill someone. This is a pretty pitiful list of garbage. Necessity was NOT the mother of these inventions...

  28. Lonnie Sargent

    Lonnie SargentHace un año

    That movie tent thing with the speaker...lolz no. And that shoe...omg that shoe...even the actor had to be careful walking in it.

  29. VRgateway

    VRgatewayHace 4 meses

    he looked so embarrassed wearing them.

  30. Deleted Channel

    Deleted ChannelHace 11 meses

    Elizabeth A Thies *_The Forbidden Shoe’s Quest_*

  31. Kamil Stusowicz

    Kamil StusowiczHace un año

    Nie muszę, po chuj mi takie gówno

  32. blahh557

    blahh557Hace un año

    Almost all junk.

  33. bob ur uncle

    bob ur uncleHace un año

    Personal Safety Please People!Who the hell is going to put your head in a tube in the park and watch a movie?SMH! I'm overwhelmed with jokes and horrible thoughts at the same time.

  34. Alexander Anderson

    Alexander AndersonHace un año

    Ничего нужного только маркетинг:)

  35. mohd zameer

    mohd zameerHace un año

    Where to buy all of the product?

  36. Dicking ton

    Dicking tonHace 10 meses

    Idk Amazon. I guess

  37. CMAenergy

    CMAenergyHace un año

    nothing worth having, And the music stinks

  38. Павел Натюрморкин

    Павел НатюрморкинHace un año

    Сборище какой то херни..

  39. Sean Booth

    Sean BoothHace un año

    Too many ads

  40. Nikita Thakur

    Nikita ThakurHace un año

    Last one was awesome for aquatic life experienves ;Last one does have some thing to hold it in mouth with providing easy hold handle stretching towards back of head

  41. Ticked kid Gamer

    Ticked kid GamerHace un año

    A freakin’ motorized unicycle Segway.

  42. The last iconoclast

    The last iconoclastHace un año

    A 10 minute commercial interrupted every 2 minutes by another commercial.

  43. Etih Indri

    Etih IndriHace 11 meses

    solawat nsbi

  44. Margo Wiersema-Nicolaï

    Margo Wiersema-NicolaïHace un año


  45. Agnese Ronca

    Agnese RoncaHace un año

    almeno diteci dove acquistare

  46. Pablo C

    Pablo CHace un año

    Un video sin narracion es mejor nada, muy mal video, es un video ni para sordos porque tendria señas

  47. erik zamil

    erik zamilHace 9 meses

    Esque quiere que lo vean en todas partes del mundo .Creo quere que este canal lo vean todos

  48. Illidan Stormrage

    Illidan StormrageHace un año

    I give and took my like away, till smartphones are created without electromagnetic radioactive field I won't agree to promote that camera

  49. Maarten de Koning

    Maarten de KoningHace un año

    Counsel evaluate comfortable rqtopq undertake finger narrative glance outcome.

  50. Deva Sundara

    Deva SundaraHace un año

    Saludos a todos, tantos inventos muy bueno y utiles pera para que, muchos buscan fabricar cosas desechables que no duran casi nada???? Yo por lo personal es un invento, creacion o descubrimiento inutil, no se qur piensen los demas.... otros solo se lucran de ello qur tonteria, no acaso es para el beneficio de todo????

  51. 수배

    수배Hace un año

    스코클 너무가지고 싶다

  52. Mach

    MachHace un año

    OMG this Consulting ads make me soo angry every video this scam Consulting guy who is dicksucker

  53. Bohdan Stepanyuk

    Bohdan StepanyukHace un año

    Спижжено с Tech Box

  54. dürfen

    dürfenHace un año

    8:48 Imagina caer sentado sobre eso.

  55. Petra Schoeneburg

    Petra SchoeneburgHace un año

    Alles nur Spielzeug. Nichts Sinnvolles

  56. good

    goodHace un año

    лазерная клава уже давно не новое изобретение да и не удобная

  57. Ra Floripa

    Ra FloripaHace un año

    Falta alguém narrando e informando onde adquirir os produtos e dando uma média de valar ...

  58. Sara Ahmad

    Sara AhmadHace un año

    Nice video

  59. Kenia Castillo

    Kenia CastilloHace un año

    "Increíbles inventos que debes de tener en 2018"

  60. Pan con Jamón

    Pan con JamónHace un año

    Third ?)


    TEXTI D3MOSHace un año


  62. pigeon channel pigeon world

    pigeon channel pigeon worldHace un año