AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Official Trailer Reaction/Review


  1. The 0ne68

    The 0ne68Hace 5 días

    You actually got the 4th avengers movie title right a year earlier than anyone! Props

  2. Terrell Jenkins

    Terrell JenkinsHace 5 meses

    @6:44 You basically foreshadowed the title of Avengers 4 towards.

  3. Garrett Anderson

    Garrett AndersonHace 5 meses

    You must be loving the new end game trailer

  4. demon queen envy sin

    demon queen envy sinHace 6 meses

    you have to watch the movie and actually explain the ending to us I was so confused with the ending

  5. **LlamaDrama **

    **LlamaDrama **Hace 7 meses

    Review the movie!!

  6. J2 Yongsangaunchai

    J2 YongsangaunchaiHace 7 meses

    6:20 😭😂😂😂

  7. _silence_ _silence_

    _silence_ _silence_Hace un año

    You sound like jacksfilms trolling

  8. ɹәɥʇɐɟ ʞɔɐɯәәɔı

    ɹәɥʇɐɟ ʞɔɐɯәәɔıHace un año

    I don't feel so good..

  9. It’s Me AoZ

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  10. Justin K.

    Justin K.Hace un año

    I would be so 110% okay with a 4 hour Avengers 3 movie....

  11. Michelle Flood

    Michelle FloodHace un año

    They pushed the release date to April 27th

  12. Dylan Cabral

    Dylan CabralHace un año

    add for infinity war plays before reaction vid about infinity war. wot

  13. Jerri Peal

    Jerri PealHace un año

    I like you a lot but why you skip over Black Panther? At first I thought you didnt do any marvel movies but yet you doing Infinity. If I am wrong direct me to it, if im right, whats up with that?

  14. Sami Playz

    Sami PlayzHace un año

    Black Panther is the most nimportant

  15. KCRUS4D3RS

    KCRUS4D3RSHace un año

    Just use V I B R A N I U M


    GISELLE MARIEHace un año



    GISELLE MARIEHace un año

    That is all

  18. V I

    V IHace un año

    Does anyone else think that the mustache Quill has is a diss? Or is it a coincidence? Either way it’s funny that he has one and I hope they crack jokes!

  19. V I

    V IHace un año

    I keep laughing that Spider Man only noticed the HUGE ASS SHIP after his arm hair tingles!!

  20. animation station

    animation stationHace un año

    Barney wants his revenge

  21. Sebastian b

    Sebastian bHace un año

    i like the idea of you explaining DC and Marvel movies and even character breakdowns. Doing these would surely get you more fans like myself who like superhero movies and horror movies. LIKE THIS COMMENT IF YOU'RE HYPED FOR THE NEW MUTANTS

  22. D6vils D6mis6

    D6vils D6mis6Hace un año

    Oh no its the raisin guy watch out! I'm probably only going to think of thanos as raisin guy now.

  23. HistoryOfGaia HOG

    HistoryOfGaia HOGHace un año

    I am sad at the lack of Ant Man 😅

  24. miss ladee

    miss ladeeHace un año

    them spidey senses is tingalingin! and lok dogg is back! vision is smashing now! beardcap appeared! wow wow wow

  25. C-lo Aka Los Capone

    C-lo Aka Los CaponeHace un año

    Thanos is doing it for hela, the goddess of death. To rule beside her as her king. It makes perfect since. It's in the comics

  26. Alice Plautz

    Alice PlautzHace un año

    Hail Hydra

  27. jeff delavega

    jeff delavegaHace un año

    Ant Man 4:28

  28. Liam Gers

    Liam GersHace un año

    If WB needed to make cinematic DC movie universe, they should’ve looked at their TV Shows to get the job done. #ROASTEDWB

  29. Toby Hriatpuia

    Toby HriatpuiaHace un año

    what's this?? porn for NEEDS

  30. Toby Hriatpuia

    Toby HriatpuiaHace un año

    This is Real!!! where do you get your news? You tube I don't know Eddie Bravo

  31. Reindeer Games

    Reindeer GamesHace un año

    Spoiler alert : Vision and Dr.Strange will die

  32. CharlesThe3rd

    CharlesThe3rdHace un año

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnggggggg eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  33. Cooperr

    CooperrHace un año

    why does bearded cap look a bit like Nicholas cage lmao

  34. DarkenDivine

    DarkenDivineHace un año

    6:27 "We know he wants the glove" You mean infinity stones?

  35. Im Laughinq

    Im LaughinqHace un año

    Why is the Mcu coming to an end ?

  36. PassTheDraco

    PassTheDracoHace un año

    What? Thanos wants to take over the universe, not just earth... He came to earth to get the infinity stones...

  37. Noelle Nn

    Noelle NnHace un año

    Chance upon this while endless-tumbling into Infinity war ESreporter rabbit hole and just wanted to say - A- 1 of the more informed and informative review of the trailer. But more importantly.. B- THIS GUY COULD PLAY THE BETTER LOOKING TWIN OF COMIC BOOK STU ON BIG BANG THEORY.!! I mean... right???


    BEZERK SKULLHace un año

    Every time I see a movie trailer there's always a piano at the beggining

  39. Jeff Goldbloom

    Jeff GoldbloomHace un año

    Thanos doesn't just take over planets . He destroys them for the love of death

  40. Banana2e

    Banana2eHace un año

    When I saw it I screamed the whole time, had a breakdown shouting at all the characters, then at all the surprises, then watched it and did it all over five more times

  41. Sammy Lane

    Sammy LaneHace un año

    Maybe Thanos is trying to cosplay as Little Richard and THATS why he needs all those Stones on his glove??

  42. trashonnah white

    trashonnah whiteHace un año

    I’m super excited !! But how are they gonna do all this with the black panther movie coming out soon?

  43. Schools

    SchoolsHace un año

    It's Star-Munch

  44. JB Jacobs

    JB JacobsHace un año

    Like GoodBadFlicks, while you both are horror lovers, it is great that you are both showing all of your interests; I love horror best but also love action, sci-fi, and all kinds of nutty movies. I am glad you are doing this! Thanks FoundFlix!

  45. John Ghost

    John GhostHace un año

    Good to see Bucky back, I always thought he was a cool character.

  46. Air Quotes

    Air QuotesHace un año

    This video is fine. Do a video on your next

  47. OrbitZombie

    OrbitZombieHace un año

    Thanos does kinda hint at his motives in this trailer, he's "balancing the Universe", his invasion of Earth is due to the fact that most of the remaining Infinity Stones are located there.

  48. MIcommunicates

    MIcommunicatesHace un año

    Ant man 😥

  49. Joshua The Science god

    Joshua The Science godHace un año

    I love your channel foundflix, I wish you would post more about marvel films

  50. M C

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  51. CPCP

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    Can u pls do the snowman movie next for an ending explained

  52. Barf_Boy

    Barf_BoyHace un año

    Can you do an ending explained on disturbia.

  53. Legendary ZANDOR

    Legendary ZANDORHace un año

    Found flix do a ending explaned on jeepers creepers 3

  54. Schyler Landers

    Schyler LandersHace un año

    Ending explained for Donnie darko?

  55. W4rlock

    W4rlockHace un año

    Do Nightmare On Elms Street (2010)

  56. Jasmine Grayson

    Jasmine GraysonHace un año

    Lmao you are hilarious during the commentary on the trailer

  57. General Ramos

    General RamosHace un año

    Big purple raisin guy? How about that big boring silver horny guy in justice league.

  58. Wilson 7397

    Wilson 7397Hace un año

    General Ramos lmao

  59. Анзем Емназож

    Анзем ЕмназожHace un año

    Thanos looks like Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars.

  60. MJ W

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  61. sam see

    sam seeHace un año

    Did not like. You are better than this!

  62. Robbie Anson

    Robbie AnsonHace un año

    I want for you do a video on Logan ending explanation and regarding to the timeline #

  63. TheJaredtheJaredlong

    TheJaredtheJaredlongHace un año

    Somehow I've never noticed before now that you focus so much on horror films. I just like listening to you talk about movies, even for movies I've never seen.

  64. God Ares Gaming

    God Ares GamingHace un año

    Do more review

  65. Drakenocas: The Mourning Sword

    Drakenocas: The Mourning SwordHace un año

    2:11 Tony's Crying and Holding someone's dirty dead hand. Bet it's the Cap.

  66. Wilson 7397

    Wilson 7397Hace un año

    H Duane Sharpe or peppa pots °-°

  67. AirForcePararescuer

    AirForcePararescuerHace un año

    This was dope! One of these with your take every once in a while would be so dope, or maybe you can do overlooks on the old campy superhero movies. Either way keep killing it!!

  68. DJM3Z

    DJM3ZHace un año

    The guardians of the freaking galaxy was the best part of the trailer

  69. HindiRapGuru

    HindiRapGuruHace un año

    F your reaction/review, do the ending explained of this trailer!

  70. Joshua Box

    Joshua BoxHace un año

    Oh can't forget iron man

  71. Joshua Box

    Joshua BoxHace un año

    And star lord

  72. Joshua Box

    Joshua BoxHace un año

    Cap knows it movember

  73. NANI ?!

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  74. DopaminesTv

    DopaminesTvHace un año

    Thanos doesn’t want to take over earth yo, he came there to get the last few stones and basically destroy the universe. also what was wrong w. how he looked? I thought he was pre cool looking

  75. cnjelly7876

    cnjelly7876Hace un año

    Hope this is going to be better than Justice League

  76. chayse Castillo

    chayse CastilloHace un año

    hahaha im in tears "we have all the money"

  77. Athena Jaxon

    Athena JaxonHace un año

    Now almost everyone in the Avengers have beards

  78. Athena Jaxon

    Athena JaxonHace un año

    Good for you dude you don't always have to do horror movies

  79. Henna Pink

    Henna PinkHace un año

    Hey FoundFlix, do you think you could review this show called Channel Zero? You can find it on the syfy network...It's a really good show and I want to see your opinion on it.Thx

  80. Caden XC6

    Caden XC6Hace un año

    My Spider-Man got wrecked, hope he gets a bigger role than just getting his ass kicked by Thanos

  81. agatahb

    agatahbHace un año

    thanks :) it was a great review

  82. Carlos Silvério

    Carlos SilvérioHace un año

    at 0:35 tony is holding roddey's hand, my theory is that war machine dies.

  83. RasBookie

    RasBookieHace un año

    What the heck are you doing....... It's cool but I like the other reviews. You're still my dude Bro 😎🇻🇮

  84. RasBookie

    RasBookieHace un año

    The end is completely epic. #war #bringiton

  85. JTReviewsPlus

    JTReviewsPlusHace un año

    Thanos looks amazing man! A million times better looking better than Steppenwolf.

  86. Shock Flash

    Shock FlashHace un año

    Do babysitter!!!!

  87. ZoeBlacktail

    ZoeBlacktailHace un año

    Man.....I did hope that Deadpool would make a apperance in this new marvel movie.....but I couldn´t see him in the trailer.... Oh well maybe someday in the future.

  88. CheetoFireCat

    CheetoFireCatHace un año

    Gonna be so rad! Yaassss 😍😎

  89. ZeroTheSilent

    ZeroTheSilentHace un año

    BIG PURPLE RAISIN GUY: and the award for best roast of thanos goes to the channel of foundflix!

  90. Jordy Jords

    Jordy JordsHace un año

    Bearded cap would be so dope for a metal gear solid movie.

  91. Remy Melanie

    Remy MelanieHace un año

    That is a comic book accurate representation of Thanos, just without his helmet.

  92. sagar roy

    sagar royHace un año

    although i am not against this but you talk too much while the trailer is on and might miss most of what they said like black panther said "give this man a suit " not sheild .

  93. livekiller14

    livekiller14Hace un año

    What's funny is i didn't see ant man in the trailer at all. It's a little surprising.

  94. Manuela Montilla

    Manuela MontillaHace un año

    Make an ending explain of “perfect sisters”


    I STUBBED MY TOEHace un año

    That guardians and Thor scene XD


    I STUBBED MY TOEHace un año

    Does this mean goodbye vision?


    I STUBBED MY TOEHace un año

    Justice league I want to watch avengers infinity war I have to watch

  98. Marku 5

    Marku 5Hace un año

    More of this bruh

  99. Peter Wilson

    Peter WilsonHace un año

    It is a horror movie- from DC's perspective! lol

  100. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace un año

    i really don’t understand wtf is up w dc, all their movies do well money wise but everyone hates them bc zack snyder sucks... so why arent dc trying to change their directors etc. maybe we should just make patty jenkins film them all lol

  101. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace un año

    bvss was the worst movie ever its insulting to batman n superman n wonder woman yet it still made almost 900m

  102. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace un año

    idk if they ever would but itd be cool of they made thanos bring back hela

  103. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace un año

    ok but imagine if the xmen were apart of this too... in my dreams😫

  104. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace un año

    im mad theres no antman or hawkeye and one second of gotg

  105. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace un año

    omg u just said this as i weote it

  106. Scot Lyn

    Scot LynHace un año

    I find the picture at 4:45 interesting for 2 reasons. 1. Bucky is turned away, not even fighting, and also furthest from the "core" avengers. 2. Hawk Eye comes after Starlord and Rocket. I assume that means there is going to be a high focus on connecting the Guardians to the Avengers and Hawk Eye isn't going to play a very prominent role in the movie. Obvious note is that Black Panther won't be prominent in this movie either.