Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts


  1. Joel Riley

    Joel RileyHace 5 horas

    3:35 I screamed

  2. TheLightCharizard

    TheLightCharizardHace 9 horas

    No one talks about how Endgame was Chris Evans’ last portrayal of Captain America on screen. :(

  3. Not A Ichigtars

    Not A IchigtarsHace 9 horas

    RDJ is Tony when he’s not even acting as him lol

  4. sincity

    sincityHace 13 horas

    they fr shaded chris in the description😂

  5. 0sergo

    0sergoHace 20 horas

    Why the hell did this feel so freaking awkward O.O !!!!

  6. Berlyn wall

    Berlyn wallHace un día

    I am just so in love with RDJ. My God he is such a gorgeous man. Scarlet can join in too. A Robert, Scarlet sandwich. Yes I would!!

  7. Prakash

    PrakashHace un día

    can someone tell me the address of RDJ because i know only of Tony Stark

  8. Sam Mazaheri

    Sam MazaheriHace un día


  9. Georgina M

    Georgina MHace un día

    RDJ: No nothing bad happens me: LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

  10. Mayowater YT

    Mayowater YTHace 2 días

    1:40 Scarlett spoiled Endgame, that sexy, dumb, beautiful woman spoiled the whole movie.

  11. Quetzal00358

    Quetzal00358Hace 2 días

    Man Scarlett is gorgeous 😍😍

  12. Sam Mazaheri

    Sam MazaheriHace 2 días

    11:40 I’m dying

  13. Drake Windham

    Drake WindhamHace 3 días

    11:49 RBJ’s dad instincts kicks in, you can tell by his reactions

  14. Axer Gamings

    Axer GamingsHace 3 días

    Hm, Tony Stark kinda looks like Robert Downey Jr...

  15. Maze Maze

    Maze MazeHace 4 días

    6:18 Scarlett and Chris 👀

  16. Joon Pak

    Joon PakHace 4 días

    I have never seen people give a standing ovation for movie tickets before.

  17. Dhruv Girgenti

    Dhruv GirgentiHace 4 días


  18. Agha Ali

    Agha AliHace 4 días

    Scarlett we are not getting back me realizes after endgame

  19. Peter Stoyanov

    Peter StoyanovHace 4 días

    Hemsworth's and Scarlett's look at 6:15

  20. Lucero Zavala

    Lucero ZavalaHace 5 días

    I just watched endgame for the first time (I know I know I’m a mom give me a break) I hate it. It was a dumb movie and they killed my favorite avenger I love iron man so done going to bed crying 😂 but really.

  21. Abhishek Choudhary

    Abhishek ChoudharyHace 5 días

    12:32 ahhhhhhh most funny part😂😂😂😂

  22. adoranymphlupin

    adoranymphlupinHace 5 días

    *Chris* : Maybe there's a reason there's the uh height thing.... *RDJ* : MAYBE?!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣 Also that guitar looks amazing!

  23. KrazyKiwi

    KrazyKiwiHace 5 días

    People need to start at least casually reading the comics. These are the ORIGINAL avengers. There are plenty more, mostly made of a few old blood and a lot of newer blood.

  24. Mikayla Maye

    Mikayla MayeHace 5 días

    Scarlett to Robert: Don’t lie to them were never coming back Robert puts his head down Me cries cause of endgame

  25. Huaiyu Qiao

    Huaiyu QiaoHace 5 días

    Scarlett looks stunning

  26. Bella Wolf

    Bella WolfHace 5 días

    The tower of terror I hated it

  27. TheDaily

    TheDailyHace 5 días

    Crazy watching this now

  28. Boj 416

    Boj 416Hace 5 días

    All of them are high AF! Haha! Love it!

  29. Chaotic Evil

    Chaotic EvilHace 5 días

    The dislikes are all DC fans

  30. Actual Oddball

    Actual OddballHace 5 días

    Tony Stark plays RDJ so so so well.

  31. James Abbott-Chipman

    James Abbott-ChipmanHace 6 días

    1:32 "don't lie we are never coming back"

  32. Allison Pan

    Allison PanHace 6 días

    posing in the elevator is just *so them*

  33. Fear SunnyD

    Fear SunnyDHace 6 días

    6:13 Chris Hemsworth face when he says they filmed civil war 😂

  34. Blessed Co. Productions

    Blessed Co. ProductionsHace 6 días

    RDJ really doesnt like Jimmy lol


    CLOROX BLEACHHace 7 días

    Drax was also there he was sitting between Scarlett and RDJ he was just sitting so incredibly still.

  36. Frustrated Frog

    Frustrated FrogHace 7 días

    CLOROX BLEACH lmao 😂

  37. Ligitsfigits_12

    Ligitsfigits_12Hace 7 días

    RDJs laugh at 10:20

  38. fathu fathi

    fathu fathiHace 7 días

    a dont know why thesee guys rptng in the cmnt what they syng in the vdo what anidiots

  39. Madeline Loyd

    Madeline LoydHace 7 días

    Is no one confused as to why Hemsworth just has a tape dispenser in his jacket pocket

  40. 林白Vinu

    林白VinuHace 7 días

    they should have done a movie duo with iron man(ingenious pessimist) and thor(dim optimist). 11:52

  41. Никита Павлов Никко1900

    Никита Павлов Никко1900Hace 7 días

    Why does Scarlet reminded me Alexa Bliss from WWE in here????

  42. lukonawesome

    lukonawesomeHace 8 días

    RDJ might as well just change his name to Tony Stark

  43. Harmonizer

    HarmonizerHace 8 días

    Everyone is freaking out and saying how Robert is Tony. I am freaking out and saying how that means Tony is still alive 😃😃😃😃

  44. himanshu thakur

    himanshu thakurHace 9 días

    Chris hemsworth is same as thor in real life too....

  45. Roy

    RoyHace 9 días

    Everyone loves Mark Ruffalo, he isn't even there, & 3:52 Scarlett : "Mark said..." She has to bring him any how 😂 & 5:05 Everyone : this is why Hulk is afraid of needles..

  46. omar alajmi

    omar alajmiHace 9 días

    Scarlette looks so Hot lol

  47. Vanessa Hood

    Vanessa HoodHace 10 días

    I love this episode of jimmy kimmel it feels light everybody is happy and i love how they tell joke to each other ❤

  48. Felipe Rondon

    Felipe RondonHace 10 días

    I love Scarlett, she's so sweet ♥♥♥

  49. mir omer

    mir omerHace 10 días

    3:37😂😂😂🤣 classic Tony stark

  50. R J

    R JHace 11 días

    6:17 that look between scarlett and chris

  51. McKaylee McElroy

    McKaylee McElroyHace 13 días

    Everyone seems famous till they sit next to Thor.

  52. Marit Revelman

    Marit RevelmanHace 13 días

    That MAYBE from Robert 😂 11:55

  53. Claudia De Freitas

    Claudia De FreitasHace 13 días


  54. Gucci Ken

    Gucci KenHace 13 días

    Wherever he is, he's still on character. In fact RDJ is really Tony Stark.

  55. Maurice Jess

    Maurice JessHace 13 días

    Spoiler: Batman died

  56. Sicated

    SicatedHace 14 días

    Am I the only one who thought: “Hey it’s the guy from the Nationwide commercials!”

  57. Adelyn Yim

    Adelyn YimHace 14 días

    Scarlett: You guys are all invited by the way. Crowd: (Cheers) Robert: (Gives Scarlett "the look of internal screaming")

  58. Erin MacPherson

    Erin MacPhersonHace 15 días

    We all just gonna ignore the fact that Kimmel has been doing live TV for 15 years and he still asks the question... "What was the moment that stands out most pridely for you? "

  59. Tiffany Green

    Tiffany GreenHace 15 días

    The fact that Robert acts just like Tony stark astounds me😂😂

  60. Bobmarley420

    Bobmarley420Hace 15 días

    Chris’s story about his daughter is such an Australian thing to do

  61. andrew marks

    andrew marksHace 15 días

    Who’s the best lookin for their age.....has to be Paul Rudd at around 50

  62. RoyalXVS MCoC

    RoyalXVS MCoCHace 15 días

    The one line that pisses me off so much in all of movies is: "because before you didn't have me"

  63. shukezi

    shukeziHace 16 días

    rdj looks like he showed up late and they were like CRAP WE HAVE TO GET YOU DRESSED FANCY so they gave him a fancy jacket and pocket square

  64. White Ranger Tiger Power

    White Ranger Tiger PowerHace 16 días

    Well rich people can talk lol even if ya cry or perform

  65. Bubba Still

    Bubba StillHace 17 días

    I taped the original broadcast of this for "personal reasons" (God fuckin' DAM Scarlett's hot!)

  66. Gwendolyn Jackson

    Gwendolyn JacksonHace 17 días

    6:57 Paul: 😃🔴⚪️🔵 Every other Avenger: newbie 👁👃🏾👁 👅

  67. DD

    DDHace 17 días

    Can the audience shut up🙄 I mean it’s enough

  68. Fatimah Nilam

    Fatimah NilamHace 17 días

    I never noticed Thor’s body in the trailer !!!

  69. elia

    eliaHace 17 días

    7:04 i thought scarlett’s response was going to be “i’m sorry, did i step on your moment?”

  70. John Daniels

    John DanielsHace 17 días

    *_I understood that reference!!_*

  71. Karan Chopra

    Karan ChopraHace 17 días

    I want to see Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett in a movie together so bad after 6:18 😍😍

  72. art.sthetic _18

    art.sthetic _18Hace 17 días

    I loved when he said "He's a friend from work"

  73. art.sthetic _18

    art.sthetic _18Hace 17 días

    Chris asking for RDJ's address hahaha

  74. Litsa Mega

    Litsa MegaHace 17 días

    This might be the best cast ever

  75. its_me _maryamm

    its_me _maryammHace 18 días

    6:19 Chris and Scarlett looking at each other like that Is so cute omg

  76. Saphix

    SaphixHace 4 días

    its_me _maryamm look at Chris’s eye browes lol

  77. Ayks

    AyksHace 18 días

    Jimmy: Does that mean something bad is going to happen to Ironman Robert: No no, not in the slightest LOL

  78. TLGaming/legoguns

    TLGaming/legogunsHace 18 días

    13:50 is nobody gonna talk about the fact that BRAD PAISLEY HIMSELF gave RDJ an Iron Man guitar?!

  79. Michael Angelo

    Michael AngeloHace 18 días

    Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd and Tony Stark.

  80. Kendalisa Brady

    Kendalisa BradyHace 18 días

    Everyone: *dressed casually* Rdj: *wears sneakers*

  81. fammu meher

    fammu meherHace 18 días

    Robert wants to include everyone 4:25

  82. Elle Morales

    Elle MoralesHace 19 días

    I need that guitar

  83. pro hooker Ez gamer

    pro hooker Ez gamerHace 19 días

    Is this Tony Stark playing as RDJ? HMMM