Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts


  1. Sivaranjani Samy

    Sivaranjani SamyHace 5 horas

    14:26 Did u notice that Chris was grabbing the tape and givin to Rdj????

  2. hihihihihihihi

    hihihihihihihiHace 9 horas

    robert downey jr. = tony stark

  3. Naked Potato

    Naked PotatoHace 10 horas

    Paul cracks me up every time he open his mouth man😂😂

  4. felicity Kelley

    felicity KelleyHace 21 un hora

    paul seemed like he was shy omg

  5. Ivey Dwan

    Ivey DwanHace 22 horas

    So many jews😍😍

  6. cheesepuff_03

    cheesepuff_03Hace 23 horas

    Nobody: Jimmy: eH eH eH eH eH eH eH eH eH

  7. Banana 213

    Banana 213Hace un día

    10:01 foreshadowing endgame??

  8. BananaBomber456

    BananaBomber456Hace un día

    15:54 the part thats similar to the dream is ant-man shrinking and going inside past-Tony's arc reactor

  9. Gerard LopezZ

    Gerard LopezZHace un día

    Paul Rudd is a beautiful man, inside and out

  10. Mahyar Behnam

    Mahyar BehnamHace un día

    The couch of death

  11. Kadre W

    Kadre WHace un día

    Scarlett is so beautiful its actually unfair

  12. Tessie Facundo

    Tessie FacundoHace un día

    Hems.: maybe there is a reason why there is a hight limit... RDJ : *voice cracks* MaYBe?!?!

  13. Dude Prekk

    Dude PrekkHace un día

    Whos watching this after RDJs death 😔 drop a like if so

  14. Jesse Ybarra

    Jesse YbarraHace un día

    I swear Chris Hemsworth acts just like my dad. He changes his tone when he speaks, makes hand motions, and explains very briefly. It's awesome knowing both are very similar

  15. Tuana Yuksel

    Tuana YukselHace 2 días

    10:01 Jimmy: “Does that mean something bad for Tony Stark, for Iron Man” Robert: “Not in the slightest” Me: **in tears** mhmm...

  16. Troller 777

    Troller 777Hace 2 días

    Kapil Sharma show is better .....

  17. Saâd Bk

    Saâd BkHace 2 días

    Thank God for Hemsworth's existence.Tht man is huge.

  18. Saâd Bk

    Saâd BkHace 2 días

    How come I hate Jimmy KImmel ? I mean i'm not even american, yet, i dislike that dude so much. He's just so fake.

  19. indra sharma

    indra sharmaHace 2 días

    Black widow saying to tony, ' we are never coming back

  20. Alexandra Justine Jarvis

    Alexandra Justine JarvisHace 2 días

    Paul Rudd is literally not aging. I’m seriously wondering if he’s a vampire or something

  21. zany shahzeen

    zany shahzeenHace 2 días

    Robert Downey Jr is the best man alive .

  22. Daniela

    DanielaHace 2 días

    *15:40* 💀

  23. Jade Kuehn

    Jade KuehnHace 2 días

    I love how they let out Scarlett first 😂

  24. Antonio Barrera

    Antonio BarreraHace 2 días

    😍😍😍😍 scarlet Johansson hair

  25. Sif Laster

    Sif LasterHace 2 días

    I love how Robert just straight up lied at 10:10

  26. Isabella Marucci

    Isabella MarucciHace 3 días


  27. BrokeProphet

    BrokeProphetHace 3 días

    "Because before you didn't have me"..........does nothing almost the entire film. Great girl power line though.

  28. Amanie Cana

    Amanie CanaHace 3 días


  29. Joshua

    JoshuaHace 3 días

    I don't think Paul should have been a superhero he just does not fit in. I thought his character was not very good.

  30. Joshua

    JoshuaHace 3 días


  31. LNHRNZ

    LNHRNZHace 3 días


  32. hesham yasser

    hesham yasserHace 3 días

    11:53 maaaybee!!

  33. Agnidipta Chakraborty

    Agnidipta ChakrabortyHace 3 días

    The comment section before endgame: RDJ's MAYBE!!! The comment section after endgame: OMG!!! ScarJo spoiled it and we didn't even realise.

  34. Kye15 YT

    Kye15 YTHace 3 días

    Was thor talking about black widow at height part? I'm getting confused.

  35. Annabeth Jackson

    Annabeth JacksonHace 3 días

    Paul Rudd is a perfect example of if your unproblematic you age well

  36. Omid Rahmani

    Omid RahmaniHace 3 días

    Does anyone know what Robert Downey Jr’s glasses are called? Really want a pair, thanks y’all.


    HARERAM RAYHace 3 días

    Love you robert downey

  38. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkHace 3 días

    Chris Hemsworth and RDJ make my life

  39. MischiefIsTyping

    MischiefIsTypingHace 3 días

    Fave moments Chris: Maybe there was a reason for the height- Robert: *MaYbE?!* Robert: Gives Paul a nice painting Scarlet: Photoshops him onto an Alpaca Jimmy: When is the Black Widow movie coming out? Scarlette: Whomst? Jimmy: There's a theory that Ant-Man shrinks down and goes up Thanos's butt Robert: Is losing his mind Paul: I can neither confirm nor deny that statement

  40. Liam Werner

    Liam WernerHace 3 días

    Scarlett lays her hand on Roberts shoulder and says “don’t lie to him were never coming back” I wonder why...

  41. Cecilia Barry

    Cecilia BarryHace 4 días

    **You can tell rdj’s got padding in those shoes*

  42. SirFelix47

    SirFelix47Hace 4 días

    Just a regular day Tony stark in a talk show acting as RDJ at Avengers:Endgame

  43. Ashlesha

    AshleshaHace 4 días

    Jimmy:- "You werent in the clip, does that mean something bad happens to your character?" RDJ:- *"No, no no not to the slightest!!"* LIERRR😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. SuperMessi G.O.A.T

    SuperMessi G.O.A.THace un día

    technically he isn’t lying jimmy meant in that clip did something bad happen to tony and is that why he isn’t there. Nothing bad happened. But also if they were talking about the whole movie what was he supposed to say? If he said yes that’s a clear spoiler and if he says maybe it’s like a yes and people will start to worry that something bad would happen so it’s also a spoiler

  45. Brian Williams

    Brian WilliamsHace 4 días

    Who wants a Scarlet Witch movie?

  46. Fadilla Achmad

    Fadilla AchmadHace 4 días

    I love how Chris Hemsworth always go exponentially quieter when no one laughs at his joke

  47. Kinsley Yao

    Kinsley YaoHace 4 días

    Scarlett's so beautiful!!!!!

  48. Esti Luke

    Esti LukeHace 4 días

    Scarlett is so sassy and witty 😂😂😂

  49. Kaydance

    KaydanceHace 4 días

    "Does that mean anything for Tony Stark" Robert shakes head SKKSKS YOU LIER

  50. daniel elblink

    daniel elblinkHace 4 días

    when scarlett said to robert that they were never coming back she actually wasn’t kidding anna ou 🗿

  51. rachel lewis

    rachel lewisHace 4 días

    0:30 no high five lol

  52. Calippo Gaming

    Calippo GamingHace 4 días

    1:11 is that Rorbet Downey Milos?

  53. Carolina Martinez

    Carolina MartinezHace 4 días

    I love everyone but Paul Rudd is a sweet heart ❤️

  54. Ur Mum

    Ur MumHace 4 días

    Scarlett fine af

  55. Sofi Wheeler

    Sofi WheelerHace 4 días

    15:00 well... shes dead

  56. Alicia Simmons

    Alicia SimmonsHace 5 días

    *Brad Paisley walks in* Me: Where the hell did you come from? I love you!

  57. Infinitize It

    Infinitize ItHace 5 días




    They should react to the endgame game mode on forrnite

  59. abigail ascorbe

    abigail ascorbeHace 5 días

    los amo ptmre

  60. Lonely Planet

    Lonely PlanetHace 5 días


  61. mike

    mikeHace 5 días

    Robert looks emotionally and mentally unstable. He needs help and I foresee a storm brewing in his future.

  62. Stormy_Stormster_

    Stormy_Stormster_Hace 5 días

    1:11 jimmy is fed up of the cheers!! 😂😂

  63. True JS

    True JSHace 5 días

    I hope rdj would be a cameo in every mcu film, like the mighty stan lee



    The " Dumb stuff" 😂

  65. Kendall McKay

    Kendall McKayHace 5 días

    Is jimmy a germaphobe or something?? why was he elbow bumping everyone at the start instead of shaking their hands??

  66. Abner Birdwell

    Abner BirdwellHace 5 días


  67. Ailin Borquez

    Ailin BorquezHace 5 días

    11:53 maybe?

  68. Paz PI

    Paz PIHace 5 días

    Can we just talk about the height story??

  69. Siddharth Sajjive

    Siddharth SajjiveHace 6 días

    10:20 That giggle from RDJ on paul's joke and then the sudden serious face when he looks at scarlett (Maybe because of the roast he gave her at 3:37).....makes my day... i wonder how awesome it would be to spend a day with him.... love love love love

  70. Sanchari Roy

    Sanchari RoyHace 6 días

    The hulk is afraid of needles 😂

  71. Injum Angdembe

    Injum AngdembeHace 6 días

    11:53 "maybe" 🤣

  72. Cleary Gabrielle

    Cleary GabrielleHace 6 días

    10:05 i hate how rdj straight up lied saying nothing happnened.

  73. SuperMessi G.O.A.T

    SuperMessi G.O.A.THace 19 horas

    What did you expect him to say "Oh something bad happened to Tony Stark" So you would rather have him spoil the movie for everyone? And technically he wasn't lying because Jimmy asked him since RDJ wasn't in that scene if his absence was because something bad happened to his character. And nothing bad happened to him so he said no. Tony died at the end of the movie not in the first 20 minutes so its not a lie

  74. George B

    George BHace 2 días

    Oh yeah let him spoil the movie for millions of fans you idiot

  75. saket kulkarni

    saket kulkarniHace 6 días

    I thought cap hates bad words!!!!

  76. Jean_Greyz06

    Jean_Greyz06Hace 6 días

    I wish there’s Chris Evans too..

  77. syg B.

    syg B.Hace 6 días

    American hosts are boring :( but likeable

  78. Bailey Barnett

    Bailey BarnettHace 6 días

    Anyone else cry at the end of the movie? I love Iron Man, he is my absolute favorite one

  79. Lance is HereTV

    Lance is HereTVHace 6 días

    Scarlett Johansson is so gorgeous❤️😍

  80. 周文樱

    周文樱Hace 6 días


  81. Rewathy Supromaniam

    Rewathy SupromaniamHace 6 días

    I love Chris Hemsworth voice....

  82. Wilpeter Lao

    Wilpeter LaoHace 6 días

    Robert Downey Jr.? Who is he? Oh you mean Tony Stark 😂

  83. Jozlynandcookie mycookiecat

    Jozlynandcookie mycookiecatHace 6 días

    14M Views 14M Subscribers. perfectly balanced as all things should be

  84. fairy fairy

    fairy fairyHace 6 días

    Scarlett: what's the dump stuff ?? Tony: your character ! I'm dead 😂😂😂


    NISSI NISSIHace 6 días

    I LOVE YOU 3000❤

  86. nonenunina

    nonenuninaHace 6 días

    11:53 MAYBE??!

  87. Roy Azzurah

    Roy AzzurahHace 6 días

    Who else searching for all avengers interview?

  88. eduarda duda

    eduarda dudaHace 6 días

    Tem em algum lugar legendado?

  89. Jeremy Deus

    Jeremy DeusHace 7 días


  90. reza mbo

    reza mboHace 7 días

    avengers in 10 years making avengers just playing backgammon until someones Q,s them into punching something

  91. Fatima Jaber

    Fatima JaberHace 7 días

    i just love paul

  92. Kelsey O'Donnell

    Kelsey O'DonnellHace 7 días

    RDJ at 11:52 had me in tears lmao

  93. Sumaiya Azim

    Sumaiya AzimHace 7 días

    i love you 3000 ScarJo and RDJ

  94. Gurp Inder

    Gurp InderHace 7 días

    Robert downey jr. means the killer😏😏😏

  95. Violet Rose

    Violet RoseHace 7 días

    I luv Chris Hemsworth lol , his accent, his hight , his eyes ... his charisma and confident .. Jesus PLZ send me such a man for one night... Only one night 😄

  96. Jadav Praveen Nayak

    Jadav Praveen NayakHace 7 días

    We need iron man 4 in it robert downy Love you 3000 times

  97. mike

    mikeHace 7 días

    How come they didn't bring Don cheadle on the show.

  98. Ezra Morrison

    Ezra MorrisonHace 7 días

    Went over everyone then they watched the movie

  99. autumn

    autumnHace 7 días

    well today i figured out that robert downey jr and i have the same birthday so thats cool

  100. Some Guy Named Steve

    Some Guy Named SteveHace 7 días

    God the audience is annoying

  101. Willdaberry Blue

    Willdaberry BlueHace 7 días

    wow its Lagertha

  102. Rohan Singh

    Rohan SinghHace 7 días

    I swear Paul Rudd has the best punch lines! Literally every time he talks your gonna smile and laugh lol

  103. Franciose18_xoxo

    Franciose18_xoxoHace 7 días

    i love the story Chris tells about him and daughter and the way Robert screams "maybe" i laugh so hard