Aubrey Plaza Snorts Milk While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. alex meehan

    alex meehanHace 25 minutos

    ok unrelated rant, i hate that wide pan rhoads patch (the keyboard at the beginning) everyone is obsessed

  2. Rush More

    Rush MoreHace 3 horas

    Best FWF yet!

  3. Chainy Rabbit

    Chainy RabbitHace 3 horas

    Shes getting old

  4. Adora Angelina's Legit Love!!

    Adora Angelina's Legit Love!!Hace 4 horas

    "...I like my mommy..." 😂😭😂👏👏😂😭😂 SUBSCRIBING!!!💦🥀🎶 This is literally The First-EVER of These I've FINALLY watched & Holy SHIT, this may be my favorite Allllways!!!!😂😂

  5. Kuhoo Not Kuhu

    Kuhoo Not KuhuHace 10 horas

    They would make a great couple

  6. Kuhoo Not Kuhu

    Kuhoo Not KuhuHace 10 horas

    She should really do weed

  7. VHDT10

    VHDT10Hace 12 horas

    Spits in a glass of water... "Be normal, be likable..."

  8. SnowySnagel

    SnowySnagelHace 12 horas

    "yeah well, maybe if you have a movie coming out.." x) Best woman in hollywood xD #warrior

  9. Juan Diaz

    Juan DiazHace 15 horas

    This chick is hot and weird fr fr

  10. Bowie knife

    Bowie knifeHace 16 horas

    I wanna see Nick Offerman on the show

  11. Tatuzka

    TatuzkaHace 17 horas

    For me she is just soooo super likeable!

  12. Jacob MtCastle

    Jacob MtCastleHace 18 horas

    Am I the only one that could totally see Aubrey Plaza star as an adult Wednesday Addams

  13. TheColdWish

    TheColdWishHace 18 horas

    She kinda is like my wife. Damn. Even looks like her. Are they from same tribe or something? Damn

  14. KilBarz

    KilBarzHace 18 horas

    She talks and sounds as if she's putting herself down and I hope she is okay.

  15. Madison Gallaway

    Madison GallawayHace 19 horas

    Why is the title of this video the most Aubrey plaza thing ever

  16. Robert Richards

    Robert RichardsHace 22 horas

    The Sauce always breaks them down....

  17. Max DeBorde

    Max DeBordeHace un día

    Would not be suprised if this girl was a serial killer

  18. Ludwig Fan

    Ludwig FanHace un día

    The reviews for Child's Play are in! One calls it "Absolutely awful!" Another say's it's "Shit, followed by more shit!"

  19. Daisy Kate

    Daisy KateHace un día

    this video reminded me that i am SO fuckin gay

  20. Ducaso

    DucasoHace un día

    I got a lot of respect for Plaza, a true master of the game. Not to mention eating all those ridiculously spicy wings in one sitting, that's gonna be a hard pass from me dawg.


    CLOUD CONTROLHace un día

    She’s ok

  22. Mike Mike

    Mike MikeHace un día

    she's like, the coolest celebrity in the world.

  23. Doug

    DougHace un día

    "Anything up my nose" 🤔😂👍🏽🎱

  24. Sam Valladares

    Sam ValladaresHace un día

    Aubrey is the kind of girl you propose to on the first date.

  25. Sam Valladares

    Sam ValladaresHace un día

    Wtf was that 14:44 lol I want to see what she was seeing.

  26. Justin Vargas

    Justin VargasHace un día

    She’s going to accidentally become president

  27. Mohammad Shamma

    Mohammad ShammaHace un día

    She's so hot no one bothered to notice that she spat in the water cup and drank back from it :)

  28. Mohammad Shamma

    Mohammad ShammaHace un día

    This is the most amount of emotions I have seen Aubrey put on display.

  29. Harvir Sihota

    Harvir SihotaHace un día

    I want a wife like her lowkey😂

  30. Big Papi

    Big PapiHace un día

    She is so sexy!!! I hope someone is tapping that kitty like it should be.

  31. lauren s

    lauren sHace un día

    Hot questions, even hotter wings, even hotter guest stars (especially this one) ;)

  32. Gerard Bailon

    Gerard BailonHace un día

    Sean is 100% the best interviewer ever. I feel like anyone on this show has a good time on it.

  33. Commodore Norrington

    Commodore NorringtonHace 8 horas

    Gerard Bailon he is the most prepared interviewer ever. Flawless intros every time. And they’re eating during the interview. If the guest is hungry, they won’t be by the time it’s done. He’s also just the best dude ever in general.

  34. thomas

    thomasHace un día

    Thirstiest comment section on ESreporter

  35. Ujjawal Kumar

    Ujjawal KumarHace un día

    Whats with her ears?? looks creepy

  36. Ed Vega

    Ed VegaHace un día

    I swear she's flirting with him

  37. Jasper Nelson

    Jasper NelsonHace un día

    Is everyone so busy commenting about how hot she is that nobody noticed that she said "Heimlich Remover"?

  38. Us3r

    Us3rHace un día

    i feel like she and lana del rey could be related

  39. Derek V

    Derek VHace 2 días

    She is so sexy and weird 🤪🤩😍

  40. Thunder Bird

    Thunder BirdHace 2 días

    Would anyone like to see her and Elizabeth Gillies together in something?


    FEAR NO BEERHace 2 días

    She was suffering there, but i still managed to rub one out

  42. Austin Harvey

    Austin HarveyHace 19 horas


  43. Vincent Micheal

    Vincent MichealHace 2 días

    i like my mommy...

  44. Ednam Suljic

    Ednam SuljicHace 2 días

    Damn she is akward to talk to lol

  45. Brianito77

    Brianito77Hace 2 días

    "verse" =/= "versus"

  46. NightHawk

    NightHawkHace 2 días

    I'm gonna try this for my next date...the nose trick with the milk

  47. Jeremy Jamm

    Jeremy JammHace 2 días

    She is way cooler than the role she gets typecasted into

  48. S KK

    S KKHace 2 días

    20:41 "Should I put it in like every hole?" Schwinnnnng!

  49. jose ramirez

    jose ramirezHace 2 días

    She looks so trashy

  50. jade theriault

    jade theriaultHace 2 días

    So much better than Jimmy Kimmel

  51. Slav Certified

    Slav CertifiedHace 3 días

    "Should I put it in every hole... Every crevice of my body... "- Aubrey Plaza

  52. PanduhhXpress

    PanduhhXpressHace 3 días

    Pretty sure she drank her own spit. At 11:16 she spits in her water and then at 17:56 she drinks her water and I don’t think she got a new glass. With all that said... it’s kind of hot

  53. Andreas K

    Andreas KHace 3 días

    threw me outa wack how she looks like a mature women with emotion nowadays, do kinda miss the old aubrey

  54. ayesha

    ayeshaHace 3 días

    she drank the water she spat into... I don't know if I should be concerned.

  55. Jasper Nelson

    Jasper NelsonHace un día

    I'd pay to drink her spit water brah

  56. Unequaled Equines

    Unequaled EquinesHace 3 días

    she......she spit into the water glass.......and then.......drank out of it later.....

  57. _Dreams Never Sleep_

    _Dreams Never Sleep_Hace 3 días

    I love Aubrey cause shes not one of those celebrities that think they need to be treated like royalty, she's uniquely herself and unapologetic of it. (:


    JEDI GRAND VELLEHace 3 días


  59. Braiden Green

    Braiden GreenHace 3 días

    You'd never believe she is 35 that's ridiculous!

  60. Shawna Ono

    Shawna OnoHace 3 días

    I like her, I just think the more she is “goth” it’s less believable,like she is trying. But either way I like her.

  61. Dilini Jayasuriya

    Dilini JayasuriyaHace 3 días

    Love her ♥️

  62. keren leigh

    keren leighHace 3 días

    her reaction to da bomb scares me from trying it

  63. Ben Stricker

    Ben StrickerHace 3 días

    Just toooooo high. I love all of it!!! Wish I could meet this woman!!!!