ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WONDERLAND' Official MV


  1. Mashail Alfaddagh

    Mashail AlfaddaghHace 22 minutos

    Although I’m not a stan

  2. Nestle Asturias

    Nestle AsturiasHace 23 minutos

    Proud of my boys 100 million yowww.. coming

  3. Crystal

    CrystalHace un hora

    Let's get to 50M views by the end of the year Atiny!!!!

  4. Wonderland

    WonderlandHace un hora

    I‘m every day here Who else?

  5. ana dimitrova

    ana dimitrovaHace 47 minutos

    at least 10 times haha

  6. Jeeny Hyuga

    Jeeny HyugaHace un hora

    Petition to make wonderland and pirate king into openings for the anime one piece. These would fit it sooooooo well

  7. Lilliana Rvra

    Lilliana RvraHace 2 horas


  8. Mary Faith

    Mary FaithHace 3 horas

    We’re almost up to 41M LESSSSGGOOOOO!!!

  9. Laibah Mahmood

    Laibah MahmoodHace 3 horas

    I am meant to be doing my homework *-_-*

  10. Enza Marquis

    Enza MarquisHace 3 horas

    Yo Atinys! Let's get this to 50m before 2020 #christmasgift Fighting!

  11. Chris Tos

    Chris TosHace 4 horas

    Here after seeing their ICONIC performance in MAMAs. And their Blood, Sweat and Tears cover will be forever written in the history of Kpop as the most ICONIC cover😏

  12. Ross Gomez

    Ross GomezHace 4 horas


  13. jikookmin

    jikookminHace 4 horas


  14. STan Ateez

    STan AteezHace 4 horas


  15. Transilvania666

    Transilvania666Hace 4 horas

    I want to start standing

  16. yunhoe

    yunhoeHace 33 minutos


  17. rumi1379

    rumi1379Hace 2 horas

    Welcome! Check their songs they have only bops!

  18. —teddy's wonderland

    —teddy's wonderlandHace 2 horas

    Welcome new Atiny^^

  19. Transilvania666

    Transilvania666Hace 4 horas

    Who is the main vocal?

  20. yunhoe

    yunhoeHace 33 minutos

    jongho check my channel i did a video of him slaying high notes

  21. cana

    canaHace 4 horas

    0:46 jongho maknae

  22. STan Ateez

    STan AteezHace 4 horas

    Is jongho

  23. Amber Mamani

    Amber MamaniHace 4 horas

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ATINYxATEEZ

  24. Sunshining Rae

    Sunshining RaeHace 5 horas


  25. Carolina Silva

    Carolina SilvaHace 5 horas


  26. Next door Totoro

    Next door TotoroHace 5 horas

    They're gonna be really big,really soon!! Can't believe I wasted so much time not knowing them

  27. rumi1379

    rumi1379Hace 5 horas

    Check their songs out only bops! They have 5 albums and 11 MVs in a year!

  28. imckyun

    imckyunHace 5 horas


  29. cana

    canaHace 4 horas

    40,703,366 now

  30. Sadia Hasan

    Sadia HasanHace 6 horas


  31. Evanstan

    EvanstanHace 6 horas


  32. Dauna Jean François

    Dauna Jean FrançoisHace 6 horas

    ONEUS and ATEEZ, A. C. E, 2019.. ❤️❤️❤️


    POLARIS ASIA POPHace 6 horas


  34. Tatiana T

    Tatiana THace 6 horas


  35. atiny 8 makes 1 team

    atiny 8 makes 1 teamHace 6 horas

    for they new atiny thank you for stan ATEEZ BEST rookies and not BAND for us atiny and welcome to our fandom we are so happy of you to become atiny and cheer ATEEZ with us thank you so much follow ATEEZ on Twitter and instgram and youtube channel's and in V app and thanks for cheer them

  36. atiny 8 makes 1 team

    atiny 8 makes 1 teamHace 5 horas

    I mean good band and not just band for us I know you know what I mean

  37. atiny 8 makes 1 team

    atiny 8 makes 1 teamHace 6 horas

    thank you


    SOUMIYA MEFTAHIHace 6 horas

    Plz atiny Stan this guys too

  39. itrh

    itrhHace 7 horas

    Why I still can't stan them? I mean, I know them and listen to their music since Pirate King and Treasure, I can say I was one of thos first 20k views in their Debut Stage. But I can't say I stan them. So complicated sis. I am: useless

  40. itrh

    itrhHace 6 horas

    @rumi1379 I did!!

  41. yunhoe

    yunhoeHace 6 horas

    @itrh maybe is not ur group lol when i first knew them i wasnt interested on members but i ended knowing them more and i love them so much theyre my fav group not only for music but also their personality

  42. TaeTae

    TaeTaeHace 6 horas

    Watch the reality TRESURE FILM is amazing

  43. rumi1379

    rumi1379Hace 6 horas

    Watch their crackheads videos and reality shows! They are very likable so it wouldn't take long! Watch "this video will make you fall inlove with all 8 members of ateez" Also their live stages are fire!

  44. itrh

    itrhHace 6 horas

    @yunhoe I kinda did it

  45. Hwiyoung Moall

    Hwiyoung MoallHace 7 horas

    Go Go To 45M

  46. Bella Im

    Bella ImHace 7 horas

    How many international fans here to support Ateez???

  47. Хваян Ёнхва

    Хваян ЁнхваHace 7 horas

    у меня мурашки, дево4ки😳😍😍

  48. Sadia Hasan

    Sadia HasanHace 7 horas

    Here after the mama cause I wanted see who the one with the red hair 👀

  49. rumi1379

    rumi1379Hace 6 horas

    @Sadia Hasan Yes, and they had a sold out world tour 2 months after their debut, considering they are from small company, also 4 KCONs and 6 reality shows, after a week they are going to a fan meeting in LA fans think their gonna film something again haha, after that starts their second world tour, they don't rest!

  50. Sadia Hasan

    Sadia HasanHace 6 horas

    rumi1379 5 ALBUMS IN ONE YEAR WTF

  51. rumi1379

    rumi1379Hace 6 horas

    Check their other stuff they have only bops! Only one year old they have 5 albums and 11 MVs! Also their pre-debut performance videos are fire!

  52. terX X

    terX XHace 7 horas

    that's mingi

  53. Ten's Eye

    Ten's EyeHace 7 horas

    I feel like ateez will like fly away from dancing

  54. GR gregor

    GR gregorHace 8 horas

    stan ateez

  55. P P.

    P P.Hace 8 horas

    here everydayyyy🔥

  56. Winget Sobti

    Winget SobtiHace 8 horas

    Viene acá después de ver su perfonmance en los MAMA 2019. Quedé Inlove

  57. yunhoe

    yunhoeHace 6 horas

    bienvenid@ investigalos mas tienen puros temazos como say my name hala hala wave y muchas mas

  58. STan Ateez

    STan AteezHace 8 horas


  59. Haripriya Gupthan

    Haripriya GupthanHace 9 horas

    This song is literally a bop

  60. Sana Aslam

    Sana AslamHace 9 horas

    1:20 those instrumentals DAMNNNNN !! 😳❤️

  61. Candrarani Ghassani

    Candrarani GhassaniHace 9 horas

    OMG after MAMA 2019 i keep hearing goodbye baby goodbye on jongho part 😏

  62. Candrarani Ghassani

    Candrarani GhassaniHace 2 horas

    Yaaahh like someone else said in the comment section JORIAH CAREY is real, dang the power of uri maknae yooo🔥

  63. yunhoe

    yunhoeHace 6 horas

    me too i searched the song but i prefer jongho version lol