ASMR Chiropractic *BONE CRACKING* Compilation


  1. Renata Soares

    Renata SoaresHace un día

    Muito satisfatório

  2. Nicolas Bernardini

    Nicolas BernardiniHace un día

    Wish the y-strap had hooks instead of Velcro so we could hear the crack over the sound of Velcro ripping

  3. Kaitlon Hernandez

    Kaitlon HernandezHace un día

    2:07 ❤️😩

  4. Abhishek Khare

    Abhishek KhareHace un día

    Its basically bone fart

  5. Cannibal Fish

    Cannibal FishHace un día

    Everybody gangsta until the guy cracking says oops

  6. Axel Hartell

    Axel HartellHace 2 días


  7. Jenna Pearson

    Jenna PearsonHace 2 días

    Bruh I got a chiropractor ad during the video

  8. Jenna Pearson

    Jenna PearsonHace 2 días

    I should be a chiropractor so I stop popping my fingers, wrists, knees, back, ankles, etc .... I got a problem


    ISAC KETHONHace 2 días

    Vcs gravam todas quiropraxia é doido??

  10. 様覇

    様覇Hace 2 días

    Nobody: The Lady at 0:40: *Surprised Pikachu Face*

  11. Wolfy Dragon

    Wolfy DragonHace 2 días

    These comments got meh DEAD 💀🤣🤣

  12. Captain Joseph

    Captain JosephHace 2 días

    It's really satisfying who felt that 🤣🤣 Smash like down here haha💜

  13. Kyra Marquez

    Kyra MarquezHace 2 días

    What if one of them farted while he was cracking their bones

  14. Zussman

    ZussmanHace 2 días


  15. thisiskita .k

    thisiskita .kHace 3 días

    still alive?

  16. Syamin Yuki

    Syamin YukiHace 4 días

    im here for crack sound

  17. Çağdaş Akpınar

    Çağdaş AkpınarHace 4 días


  18. Aeman Spaniard Gaming & Challenge

    Aeman Spaniard Gaming & ChallengeHace 4 días

    7:50 RIP Earphone

  19. じんべいさめこ

    じんべいさめこHace 5 días



    TARUN SEHRAWATHace 5 días

    Hy i am from india before 1 year i got spinal injury (DISS) problem in L4,L5. L5, S1. BUT after some time i got scatika pain in my left leg but now days it was sift to my right leg how i can get relief from it. REPLY ME AS FAST AS YOU CAN

  21. Vitor Oliveira

    Vitor OliveiraHace 5 días

    00:17 waaaat

  22. old school chevy

    old school chevyHace 5 días

    The girl at 0:31 looks like she has a home for the fleas on her head.

  23. heyman1103

    heyman1103Hace 5 días

    Pretty sure if I had this done every single one of my joints would be cracking. Never had an adjustment once in my life. Maybe once the military pays for it, I'll do it.

  24. Loly Lol

    Loly LolHace 5 días

    Imagine someone farting while this person is Cracking their bones

  25. Benjamin Azevedo

    Benjamin AzevedoHace 6 días

    0:35 lol am I the only one who heard a small fart come from that crack 😂

  26. Aries Guy

    Aries GuyHace 7 días

    This dude always getting hot females

  27. Doni Ramdhan

    Doni RamdhanHace 7 días

    Crunchy hoomann

  28. Annie Payola

    Annie PayolaHace 7 días


  29. Mikey Woodson

    Mikey WoodsonHace 7 días

    5:19 if Santa went to get his back cracked

  30. Luisa Mariano

    Luisa MarianoHace 7 días

    Alguém brasileiro aí ?

  31. Manuel Hernandez

    Manuel HernandezHace 7 días

    How did you know you wanted to be come a chiropractor?

  32. Big 4x Jeff

    Big 4x JeffHace 7 días

    Wtf is this 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Raquel Ramirez

    Raquel RamirezHace 7 días

    Es posible?

  34. ʀᴘᴋ Zeus

    ʀᴘᴋ ZeusHace 7 días

    Eu só doente por gostar disso?

  35. Dereck Fajardo

    Dereck FajardoHace 7 días

    Bruh its impossible for feminists to even get touched, so imagine this

  36. Sma3LeinadTV

    Sma3LeinadTVHace 7 días

    Instead of ASMR I often watch this!!! I can sleep very well then ...

  37. Ayman Bahra

    Ayman BahraHace 8 días

    4 28 she probaly see a cat fliyng Im french

  38. Miryan Cristina

    Miryan CristinaHace 8 días

    Todo mundo é crocante

  39. FearSxrge

    FearSxrgeHace 8 días

    On 1:17 and 1:48 the girl was hot

  40. Rivver Bonner

    Rivver BonnerHace 8 días

    Bunch a crack addicts 🤣

  41. Lupi

    LupiHace 8 días

    Great asmr

  42. clash open

    clash openHace 8 días


  43. MartinKali cz

    MartinKali czHace 8 días

    2:55 target eliminated, good work 47

  44. Advaraft Bunny

    Advaraft BunnyHace 9 días

    I’m pretty sure I have no problems with my body but I just wanna just go to a chiropractor so they can crack my bones 😂😂😂

  45. P C

    P CHace 9 días

    This could be my ring tone

  46. Arturo Montenora

    Arturo MontenoraHace 9 días

    The same procedure on every single patient regardless of symptoms ? Really ...I can do this myself and save you a ton of money. No doubts whatsoever

  47. Albert Hazelnuts

    Albert HazelnutsHace 9 días

    I love crack


    REI MANDUMBEHace 10 días



    AZUKI TANAKAHace 10 días


  50. Mela Domingo

    Mela DomingoHace 10 días

    His wife has the best bone cracks

  51. Malena Cortinaz

    Malena CortinazHace 10 días

    A parte que pucha pelo pescoço deve ser horrível todo mundo ou grita ou faz uma péssima expressão

  52. Maicatok

    MaicatokHace 10 días

    Ughhhh satisfying 🖤

  53. Ренат Байсеитов

    Ренат БайсеитовHace 11 días

    Походу всех баб перечпокал

  54. Lee Nguyen

    Lee NguyenHace 11 días

    0:18 that’s how I want to go

  55. Demon ,

    Demon ,Hace 11 días

    7:50 Press F

  56. sheep squad

    sheep squadHace 11 días

    When her bone cracked... I felt that

  57. Caio Acioli

    Caio AcioliHace 11 días

    O som de estralo é muito satisfatório, eu gosto bastante 😍❤🇧🇷

  58. Pink_ Bott

    Pink_ BottHace 12 días

    Well your definatley a good chiropractor

  59. sschembra

    sschembraHace 12 días

    4:26 I'll have what she's having.

  60. Charlie Nyikos

    Charlie NyikosHace 12 días

    ki től származik a teknika.