Ash Vs Evil Dead CANCELLED - SERIES Finale Explained/Review


  1. Tim Creech

    Tim CreechHace 2 días

    This ending weirdly set's up continuety with Jason x also I consider both endings of Army of Darkness cannon because ya know time travel and displacement so that's right we have an old and a young Ash kicking deadite ass together in the post apocalypse!!! GROVIE indeed!!!

  2. Legend has It

    Legend has ItHace 4 días

    I stumbled upon this series on Netflix and got hooked to it instantly. Sad to hear Ash has retired just before the series finale T^T

  3. Rad Opss

    Rad OpssHace 5 días

    Season 3 is on Netflix now

  4. Papa Jubjub the Second

    Papa Jubjub the SecondHace 5 días

    Ash is my favourite final girl

  5. Papa Jubjub the Second

    Papa Jubjub the SecondHace 5 días

    Fuck me I loved this fucking show

  6. buddy bub gamer

    buddy bub gamerHace 6 días

    It’s faje

  7. Dean Grondin

    Dean GrondinHace 6 días

    Pick this up netfilx!

  8. The Spider-Man

    The Spider-ManHace 7 días

    Why does everything great always get cancelled at season 3? From Daredevil to Ash vs Evil Dead.

  9. Classic _HWG

    Classic _HWGHace 10 días

    what god damnit they tore down the jefe

  10. rashad johnson

    rashad johnsonHace 11 días

    I believe there will be another season he trolled us on mk11 now he’s trolling us on the tv show, probably to build the fan base season four is coming, mk 11 would not put ash in the game if there wasn’t something coming down the pipeline for him

  11. Ayden the gamer boy

    Ayden the gamer boyHace 5 días


  12. Matt Bell

    Matt BellHace 12 días

    They should continue it on TV. They have built an audience off Netflix

  13. Matt Bell

    Matt BellHace 12 días

    Bro wtf I need more it just started to change completely like some 80s movie style change and they cancel it?

  14. Sigma Geranimo

    Sigma GeranimoHace 12 días


  15. Tonic VR

    Tonic VRHace 14 días

    We'll miss you Bruce ;_;

  16. DramaticYT

    DramaticYTHace 14 días

    at least hes in dead by daylight

  17. [TheBusterBoy]

    [TheBusterBoy]Hace 16 días

    Jokes on you I just watched season 3

  18. henry dicarlo

    henry dicarloHace 16 días

    Brandy getting splashed with blood every episode was a hoot.

  19. Kyle Loney

    Kyle LoneyHace 17 días

    I Just Finished and Now Im SAd AF

  20. Jose Quinones

    Jose QuinonesHace 15 días

    Same I just finished season 3 and I can't believe it had so many questions tho

  21. MistaTofMaine

    MistaTofMaineHace 17 días

    just finished 3rd season, major bummer won't be going on any longer. :(

  22. Elogh

    EloghHace 12 días

    @Duke Mations just finished the show and looked up when season 4 is coming out and got this :(

  23. Duke Mations

    Duke MationsHace 16 días

    Yeah, just finished the show 5 mins ago, sucks they canceled it

  24. Ian Garay

    Ian GarayHace 17 días

    I wish they would bring it back

  25. Mr haun

    Mr haunHace 18 días

    I fuking didnt even no this! I been waiting lmao.

  26. Jose Quinones

    Jose QuinonesHace 15 días

    Same I just finished season 3

  27. Lordpianz

    LordpianzHace 19 días

    bring this back...we want season 4

  28. Mike Wazowski

    Mike WazowskiHace 22 días

    The executives of all the channels are fucking stupid. I didn't really care for season 1 or 2, they were meh, but season 3 was kick ass. All the good shows are always cancelled, Star Trek, Firefly, Ash vs Evil Dead, Arrested Development and Doll House to name a few

  29. sinkiy

    sinkiyHace 22 días

    Why would they cancel this!!! Encore finally made a good show and they cancelled it lol

  30. Thefangirlisobel06

    Thefangirlisobel06Hace 24 días


  31. GoKuSODMG

    GoKuSODMGHace 25 días

    So no season 4

  32. JakeShadow125

    JakeShadow125Hace 26 días

    So Dead by Daylight is the only place Ash can continue his series. Rip UnU (good game, just didn't expect it to go this way)

  33. Call Lynx

    Call LynxHace un mes

    Brandy vs The Evil Dead?

  34. Christopher Fountain

    Christopher FountainHace un mes

    THIS IS BULLSHIT BRING BACK ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD FINISH THE LAST 2 SEASONS YOU DICK JUGGLING THUNDERCUNT. I do understand Bruce Campbell wanting to retire from the role however why give the company the satisfaction that THEY ENDED THE SHOW INSTEAD OF DOING IT ON YOUR TERMS. Come on people compain to bring Ash VS The Evil Dead Seasons 4 and 5 done

  35. mr benchpress

    mr benchpressHace un mes

    Just when the show is getting damn good they cancel it bustards I was looking forward to more

  36. It's Me, Steve

    It's Me, SteveHace un mes

    Thank god i couldn't even get passed watching episode 2 of season 1. It fucking sucked ass

  37. king bib

    king bibHace un mes


  38. MAX Points 099

    MAX Points 099Hace un mes

    This was one of my favourite shows to watch high on weed

  39. steven

    stevenHace un mes

    After seeing the end of season 3 I have to say it was a smart idea to cancel the show. Quit while your ahead.

  40. Evil Spock

    Evil SpockHace un mes

    It's sad! Thought we would get at least one more season. Hail to the King baby!

  41. Connor Invictus

    Connor InvictusHace un mes

    I didn’t even know about the show? Shit lol.

  42. FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer

    FalloutToonLink the Doom SlayerHace un mes

    Ash is now in Dead by Daylight.

  43. Luis Rivera

    Luis RiveraHace un mes

    I know this video is Old but I enjoy The Series Of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix in Series 1, 2 and 3

  44. Bryan Bowen

    Bryan BowenHace un mes

    Me too (outghta start a hash tag lol) loved Evil Dead since I was a kid (now I'm 41yrsold) bought all 3 bluerays & just finished watching them for the umpteenth time

  45. Juan Maldonado

    Juan MaldonadoHace un mes

    He should have been in endgame

  46. Jose Jose

    Jose JoseHace un mes

    Fuck who ever cancel these i hope they get (dick or pussy ) cancer

  47. Jazz music Stops

    Jazz music StopsHace un mes

    “Hail to the king baby”

  48. BookWyrm HorndOne

    BookWyrm HorndOneHace un mes

    Well there's always the comics, like Dark Horse did with both Buffy and Angel.

  49. Gary Heighway

    Gary HeighwayHace un mes

    Son of a bitch.

  50. Jeremy Ray

    Jeremy RayHace un mes

    I recently finished season 3. Looked pretty Final there.

  51. The Astro Artist

    The Astro ArtistHace un mes

    I wish at least brandy would kind of take on the role it is a great show and sad see it go the way it did

  52. shFtshiFty

    shFtshiFtyHace un mes

    I'm not kidding when I tell you I enjoyed this show more than The Office. I'm so sad about this still to this day. =[

  53. poisonjam44

    poisonjam44Hace un mes

    the cliff hanger ending...fawk man..

  54. Peter Danior

    Peter DaniorHace un mes

    The goodbye before he fights Kandar is amazing

  55. The Turquoise Dream

    The Turquoise DreamHace un mes

    It totally sucks balls that the story end there. I'd had loved to see the last two seasons done up as a movie, maybe an "Army of Darkness 2 " kinda thing.


    CARTOON KILLERHace un mes

    the show was boring anyways

  57. Erik dying light

    Erik dying lightHace un mes

    Well that sucks I loved this show

  58. Ice Viking

    Ice VikingHace un mes

    I was never able to watch the show as it was being aired because we never had the channel. I opened up Netflix a week ago and saw that it was available. I binged all 3 seasons. Would love to see more but I see it was cancelled.

  59. Marcus Leonetti

    Marcus LeonettiHace un mes

    Sad... people before me grew up to this I gotta watch before it became out of taste now they make new show I was happy and then just like Jericho its gone....

  60. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel HernandezHace un mes


  61. Firo Fiore

    Firo FioreHace un mes

    I hope we get a reboot :P 2020-2022 hopefully

  62. doggo

    doggoHace un mes

    1 year later: I want to die now


    REWIND GAMINGHace un mes

    Me too man me too

  64. Pimpiin Barbie

    Pimpiin BarbieHace un mes

    I miss ash vs the evil dead 💔

  65. Fake News

    Fake NewsHace un mes

    Maybe they can kill him off and his daughter become the next ash??? Maybe? Probably not

  66. Martin Thomas

    Martin ThomasHace un mes

    Come on people that’s no ending what happened to kelly Pablo and brandy I mean at least we know the knights survived

  67. Nikki Clarke

    Nikki ClarkeHace un mes

    While it is sad that this is over and Bruce has retired Ash, Im just happy we were able to get these 3 seasons. These were so unexpected to begin with.

  68. Bill Johnson

    Bill JohnsonHace un mes

    Can someone start a petition for Netflix to pick this show up

  69. Poser Disposer

    Poser DisposerHace un mes

    They cancelled it because this show is fucking epic, also I understand why Bruce retired.

  70. Salma Seti

    Salma SetiHace un mes

    I love this show, I’m getting Buffy nostalgia from this gem. I hope Netflix picks it up for the fourth season.🤔

  71. Joseph Villano

    Joseph VillanoHace un mes

    yeah they did

  72. Eduardo Santana

    Eduardo SantanaHace un mes

    This is stupid I’m literally crying

  73. Joe Star

    Joe StarHace un mes

    I'm glad they didn't stretch it out like TWD, 2 or 3 more seasons would have been perfect.

  74. Awd222

    Awd222Hace un mes

    It ended on a cliff that let my imagination carry on the show. Great story and nice ending.

  75. Brent Delong

    Brent DelongHace un mes

    Fitting that the last real word he speaks as Ash was groovy.

  76. Morrigan Donn

    Morrigan DonnHace un mes

    As a big time major Bruce Campbell fan, for Starz to go and cancel Ash vs the Evil Dead is so not groovy! The Evil Dead movies where some of his best work. So of course when I found out about this show series, I definitely started watching it since they do have it on Netflix and finally released the Third season. I cannot stand the way people go and cancel or end a series on a completely ridiculous retarded end! The end of the third season, he gets himself a awesome tank like car, and a lady tells him the dark ones are on the move. Ending a series in such a crappy way is getting Beyond ridiculous and quite irritating. They should have at least picked up one more season, and end it on a good note. Not a cliff hanging ending with no further episodes. Crap like this pisses me off, just like how they went and ended a show I liked that was produced by Kevin Smith called Reaper after two seasons and pulled the same kind of crap with a confusing ending and no further Seasons or episodes. What people in the show business industry need to realize, you are only creating major criticizers out of fans with all this cancellation bullshit. Netflix needs to realize the fan base that watch this on there, pick it up and give Ash at least one or two more seasons to end this show on an actual good note and not leave fans being pissed off.

  77. D Valentine Bernabé

    D Valentine BernabéHace un mes

    They should at least do an actual close and not leave it as clift hanger

  78. Michael Antares

    Michael AntaresHace un mes

    What they should’ve done is filmed a one hour special after S3 E10. I wanted to see what would’ve happened to Ash, Brittany, Kelly and Pablo. Instead we get a shitty futuristic looking cliff hanger. Although I do admit the modified Delta was cool

  79. Lucas Tavares

    Lucas TavaresHace un mes

    Tem algum brasileiro aq?? Eu num entendo e nada que eles fala kkk

  80. craft

    craftHace un mes

    Netflix only has the 2 first seasons on there they need to put the 3nd one on there

  81. Henry Arriaga

    Henry ArriagaHace un mes

    season 3 is on there now!!! :D

  82. Binz Dyosep

    Binz DyosepHace un mes


  83. gamerguy

    gamerguyHace un mes

    I wish they would continue the show

  84. Derangedxzombie

    DerangedxzombieHace un mes

    This was depressing, one of the best show's I've seen. Very funny, witty and ridiculously gorey. But most importantly, not pandering to the SJW/politically correct crowd that ruin most media lately. Nowadays it's hyper fashionable to be offended by everything. It's a shame Bruce doesn't want to pick this back up for season 4 as it blew up on Netflix.

  85. nyeknyek

    nyeknyekHace un mes


  86. clitorusexe

    clitorusexeHace un mes

    Sad i was waiting for it know i know it chanceld soo sad😭😭😭soo sad i hope it gets picked up again

  87. The Toxic Avenger

    The Toxic AvengerHace un mes

    Nooooooooo (Darth Vader voice)

  88. Elia Carbonaro

    Elia CarbonaroHace un mes

    No joke I was legit crying 😭😭😭

  89. Daltasstoes6 9 6 9

    Daltasstoes6 9 6 9Hace un mes

    The last two episodes felt like clover field. In a good way

  90. Marvelfan 2.0

    Marvelfan 2.0Hace un mes

    Really still bummed about it. But the finale was satisfying.

  91. Miroslav Đorđević

    Miroslav ĐorđevićHace un mes

    To much crap tv shows u cancel Ash vs evil dead u f****** idiots best show ever

  92. The God Father

    The God FatherHace un mes

    Oh i will mis that delta

  93. aseale seak

    aseale seakHace un mes

    It was the only reason I paid for cable. And then paid for stars

  94. TCX

    TCXHace un mes

    Ash vs Evil dead wasn’t the last Bruce Campbell role, he played Ash in the Game Dead By Daylight

  95. s10wcheetah

    s10wcheetahHace un mes

    Wait, there was 3 seasons?? Netflix only has 2 seasons so I thought there was only 2 seasons! Whoo! So relieved, haha.

  96. s10wcheetah

    s10wcheetahHace un mes


  97. Meghan Ryan

    Meghan RyanHace 2 meses

    Army of darkness 2:)?

  98. Dilprit Khinda

    Dilprit KhindaHace 2 meses


  99. Black Dot

    Black DotHace 2 meses

    Quote from his last book tour when asked about the TV show. "The ratings weren't there because it was the number one pirated show the third year. If you fuckers would have watched it on Starz it would not have been cancelled." - Bruce Campbell. (with a smile)

  100. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin FranklinHace 2 meses

    He’s so freaking cool. But it’s hard to watch it on starz since I try to watch it on my phone but I need to pay extra. Sad. Still trying

  101. Owain Shebbeare

    Owain ShebbeareHace 2 meses

    By himself at the end, well he is "an alone wolf".

  102. Fat and Furious

    Fat and FuriousHace 2 meses

    If it was Netflix rather than Starz, because who tf uses Starz, the show would have boomed super high.

  103. Alex Williams

    Alex WilliamsHace 2 meses

    I think I spoke to soon b-cuz I think I only watched two seasons b-cuz I don't remember ash having a daughter, an if I only watched two seasons than I better not watch this b-cuz I don't wanna hear any spoilers... so I'll keep u guys posted....(the last episode I watched ash was speaking at a parade) so I wish one of u guys could tell me if I missed a whole season... oh well I'll find out sooner than later... peace

  104. Alex Williams

    Alex WilliamsHace 2 meses

    I was looking for the first evil dead on Netflix last night an it wasn't there but ash evil dead was an i watched it all and it was Great, an now I see this, this is not a world where I would wanna raise a child in , b-cuz if there is no evil dead than... I can't even go on

  105. Maribel Flores

    Maribel FloresHace 2 meses

    Can they still make ash vs evil dead without ash?

  106. Obladi Oblada

    Obladi ObladaHace 2 meses

    At least we got him in Dead By Daylight

  107. Leslie wavy

    Leslie wavyHace 2 meses

    NOO MY GOD NOOOOOOO‼️‼️ I LOVE YOU ASH😭 I love you bastard

  108. Joseph Villano

    Joseph VillanoHace un mes


  109. ricky tanglao

    ricky tanglaoHace 2 meses

    It's on Netflix now

  110. SiberianHaska

    SiberianHaskaHace 2 meses

    Hail to the king!!

  111. johannes TD

    johannes TDHace 2 meses

    Comming to this now i can say that the entity of dead by daylight took him xD