As Trump Ignores Hong Kong Protests, Steve King Sinks to a New Low in Iowa


  1. Top Secret

    Top SecretHace un mes

    Say this video and mistook Steve King for Stephen King, horror book author extraordinaire.

  2. Will Kuss

    Will KussHace un mes

    rump is having dim witted epiphanies.

  3. кенг митт

    кенг миттHace un mes

    Kingkongers are ridiculous teens as this klun... Hohoho!

  4. x24 agthorn

    x24 agthornHace 2 meses

    Does anybody remember when Republicans were supposed to be upstanding, patriotic, loyal, Bible-thumping, righteous, warrior, soldier, flag-waving, heroic, followers of Law, Order, Country, God, Family & the American Way? How do you guys put up with this Orangutan, Shit-Lord? I thought you were tough. I thought you were Men. And Women. WTF is wrong with you weak-ass cowards? Are you all so afraid of losing your BS power? Pathetic! Grow a pair and take back your good names! Or be pussies... that's fine.

  5. Dhulasedharan Kannan

    Dhulasedharan KannanHace 2 meses

    What's wrong with this US mindset of tryna stick their nose into other ppl's issues?

  6. Sudarshan Maharjan

    Sudarshan MaharjanHace 2 meses

    Now what? HongKong is praising trump.

  7. Ivan Delgado

    Ivan DelgadoHace 2 meses

    If this is the type of comedy now, you are boring. Chine is got you by the throat Cobert. By the way king is right, is just you dont know how to listen and by the way THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WHITE SUPREMACY, who ever says that is delusional, truth hurts

  8. Salkafar

    SalkafarHace 3 meses

    Just call him 'Emperor Xi'. There is literally no functional difference anymore. .....a state representative publically spoke out in favor of rape and incest. What a time to be alive. I never expected Hickenlooper to finish the race. Strange days or not, this is not a world in which someone with that name could be President. I mean, Hell, Buttigieg has basically the same problem. But he has oodles of charisma to compensate.

  9. Independence In Mind

    Independence In MindHace 3 meses

    I'm a Trump supporter but also fuck the Hong Kong dictatorship government

  10. Richard Dastrup

    Richard DastrupHace 3 meses

    Meanwhile Stephen Colbert is tuned in to Hong Kong protesters. Clueless to America. A late night no talent guy. Has all the answers.

  11. Bill Baldwin

    Bill BaldwinHace 3 meses

    Our fake president has a huge one.

  12. Lindsey Clair

    Lindsey ClairHace 3 meses

    There is literally no such thing as ‘culture after society.’ Society and culture are each part of the other.

  13. Sabrina Harvey

    Sabrina HarveyHace 4 meses

    Are there any republicans running for president?

  14. wrong or right

    wrong or rightHace 4 meses

    Just for your information Stephen those are not protestors; they are rioters; they blocked roads, throw gas bombs at MTR subway stations, they vandalized shops and beat up people with different opinions; they are not peaceful demonstrators, they are terrorists. Facts check is important!!

  15. jenny

    jennyHace 4 meses

    The reason Stephen is not racist is because apparently he had a great mother who marched on the Martin Luther king big march..when Stephen was in the womb..he has a great example as a mother

  16. Josh Davidson

    Josh DavidsonHace 4 meses

    People need to realize that trump or any other president can't do anything about this. Unless the want to start a war with China.

  17. wHw_Syxx

    wHw_SyxxHace 4 meses

    No Hungry For Power Games? Lol.

  18. cocosongo1

    cocosongo1Hace 5 meses

    what a song 😂🤣👌

  19. cocosongo1

    cocosongo1Hace 5 meses

    Trump USA is now an international joke.. Dump Trump

  20. paddy white

    paddy whiteHace 5 meses

    British should not hand hong kong over to the communist party. china doesn't have democracy, lacks of Human Rights and Freedoms. Civilians are suffered from the violence and attacks from the communists and the police. Pro-china merchants and politicians keep spreading twisted news and suppressing the protests against the evil regime. There is no "one country two systems" and rule of law in the hand of communists i.e. terrorists.

  21. paddy white

    paddy whiteHace 4 meses

    Twisted speech. China has got 2nd largest economy but it acts like North Korea. Mass media is blocked and controlled by the communist party. No human rights and freedoms over there because people are ruled by the communists but not by law. People in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong are suppressed by the army and police. Communists used guns to attack civilians just like Syrian terrorists. There are excessive violence, twisted news and hatred speech from the government to the people. Just like Nazi and Syria

  22. Chen Uy

    Chen UyHace 5 meses

    Communist china is the 2nd largest economy with 14 trillion dollars.. Hongkong is looking like Syria day by day..

  23. o

    oHace 5 meses

    T seems to fall in love with dictators. He praises Putin, Xi, and Kim, while criticizing USA allies. has he no moral bearing? Get a room!

  24. Kay Omholt-Montague

    Kay Omholt-MontagueHace 5 meses

    Drumpf's "in lust affair" with Kim Jong Un is nothing more than creepy! I am actually beginning to believe that Drumpf enjoys sex on the down-low with men (not that I would give a shit), but he would NEVER admit to that. I mean - who talks about an adversarial, murdering dictator the way Trump discusses Kim Jong Un? People - it is really, fucking creepy!

  25. OrionoftheStar

    OrionoftheStarHace 5 meses

    My dog had hip dysplasia.

  26. agus agus

    agus agusHace 5 meses

    its a carrie lam business, not Mr. Xi business, folks !!!. hkg/taiwan is a small GDP than china mainland. china can be re-exporting/ transshipment to US via vietnam phillipine thailand cambodia malaysia srilanka pakistan bangladesh myanmar indonesia etc.

  27. David Brown

    David BrownHace 5 meses

    He's definitely taking singing lessons

  28. A C

    A CHace 5 meses

    which is the song played at the very end - remind me

  29. GNranger

    GNrangerHace 5 meses

    2:49 i want the full song.

  30. Peggy Trawick

    Peggy TrawickHace 5 meses

    Hong Kong has Canada on its side, which is fighting against the PRC.

  31. Modeerf Rehgif

    Modeerf RehgifHace 5 meses

    From China i love his programs! Talented!

  32. Googlelee Goo

    Googlelee GooHace 5 meses

    Trump lives rent free in minds of these miserable and pathetic people. He is the overriding concern in their daily lives. He consumes all aspects of their consciousness and that places a heavy downtrodden demand upon their arrogant wills. He is literally driving them insane. He is highly toxic to their mental, physical, social and intellectual well being. He'd be screwing with their spiritual health also but most of them have never found it to be a necessary part of their lives because they believe they are too intelligent to bother with that aspect of verdure. What I find to be the most gratifying, is that anyone who is not inflicted with TDS can easily see that President Trump is playing them like a fiddle. All of these pompous and so very joyless jackasses believe that they are intellectually light years ahead of Trump, when in fact they could not be anymore detached from reality. They call Trump a LIAR when he says that 40,000 people attended one of his rallies when in fact only half of that number were present. Others say he's DELUSIONAL! They get all incredulous and persnickety as they trip all over themselves to be the first siren to share it with their pathetic social media cyber-friends. Before you know it, it evolves into such superfluous cyber-shit-storm that every leftist in good standing with Hollywood and who is worth every last bit of their free stuff has become aware of the latest 'stupid and or delusional' thing that the 'Orange Man' has said. It is at that very moment when President Trump could publicly state:, 'CHECKMATE'. And this is why ... Have you ever noticed how narrow the line of camera focus is on our POTUS when he is stumping at one of his packed-to-the-rafters rallies? The MSM doesn't want to let on that Trump is sharing all of his good news with his adoring standing room only congregation. Never in a million years would anyone from the MSM inform anyone in their audience that 15,000-20,000 people attended one of his rallies. That's because the leading loons on the left who hope to challenge him next November can't even begin to generate enough enthusiasm to draw more than a couple of hundred people to their events. This is why you will hear Trump state that their were twice that number of people ... so the righteous and all knowing MSM can chastise him for doing so. But in doing so ... it is necessary for them to give an estimate that is somewhere in the ballpark of what it actually was. So now, instead of the 20,000 people at one of his events not ever getting any mention ... It has become FRONT PAGE NEWS! Every leftist just got red-pilled compliments of their friendly free clinic physicians of the MSM. One of the greatest accomplishments that Trump will never get credit for will be the astronomical number of libtard voting years he has already decimated ... and will continue to for many years to come. He is without any doubt taking months and even years of life away from of countless millions of miserable socialist minded losers.

  33. desi derata

    desi derataHace 5 meses

    Stupid Canadian, Colbert.

  34. Rest In Peace Kobe 24

    Rest In Peace Kobe 24Hace 5 meses

    Hong Kong is gay. Donald Trump is still President??Colbert is gay. That wedding bit made no sense. Applause sign turned on. This show is kind of lame. You have to take some muscle relaxers to get through a whole episode. That's why hes good for old people.

  35. wilfrid fred

    wilfrid fredHace 5 meses

    Damn....what an ass licked by Trump.... He knows his trade war fuck him up,and wanna play the"let's talk bro".... Traitor

  36. Dirk Hpunkt

    Dirk HpunktHace 5 meses

    I need you to cope with the Clown in Chief! Please come back!!!!

  37. lazaro garcia

    lazaro garciaHace 5 meses

    Colbert you're a disgrace a clown could do it better than you.

  38. lazaro garcia

    lazaro garciaHace 5 meses

    @tarun Then you should enjoy the show my friend for another four years.

  39. tarun

    tarunHace 5 meses

    I dont think so ... You can see how bad things could get since we've voted for a clown as president 🤡

  40. Connor Aldridge

    Connor AldridgeHace 5 meses


  41. chinookvalley

    chinookvalleyHace 5 meses

    It's been 3 weeks and still no LSSC???? What z up????

  42. Sights and Sounds of Pakistan

    Sights and Sounds of PakistanHace 5 meses

    What is happening in Indian Occupied Kashmir is 10 times worse then Hong Kong. For every 10 people 1 soldier. Indian soldiers are raping women and kidnapping innocent people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Kindly pay attention to that #stephencolbert #thelateshowwithstephencolbert #indianoccupiedkashmir

  43. Frank Smith

    Frank SmithHace 5 meses

    Steve King is an idiot and he gets paid to go against Trump,the spectators clapping etc are also paid for and are against the duly Elected President Trump of the USA.

  44. Randall Goguen

    Randall GoguenHace 5 meses

    Has "Concerned" Steven ever even mentions peaceful right to return Palestinian protesters killed or injured in Gaza? Or does that not fit in with the two party cult script?

  45. Randall Goguen

    Randall GoguenHace 5 meses

    "As Trump Ignores Hong Kong Protests" Yes Steven because hypocritical countries need to keep their noses up everyone's arse who don't kiss theirs.


    DICK STORMHace 5 meses

    Damn looks like Stephen hasn't got over his so sure Hilary victory damn he used to be funny

  47. Lucky To be Pakistani

    Lucky To be PakistaniHace 5 meses

    Plz talk about Kashmir too...humans Rights violation are at the top from occupied Indian army

  48. allenfreek13

    allenfreek13Hace 5 meses

    Stephen please come back, we miss you.

  49. silver soulja

    silver souljaHace 5 meses

    The Hong Kong bullshit has nothing g to do with us. The people have to stand up and fight for themselves.

  50. Loren Renee

    Loren ReneeHace 5 meses

    Remember when Trump met with his protesters??

  51. Ruby Munoz

    Ruby MunozHace 5 meses

    Hope its that sociopath Stephen Miller you're talking about--he's an insane lunatic (double standard) and doesn't blink an eye

  52. alpha wolf

    alpha wolfHace 5 meses

    Who do you leave us? Why?!

  53. Aadith Rajagopalan

    Aadith RajagopalanHace 5 meses

    Please bring back the Hungry for Power games - Donkey Kong edition

  54. Logan Z

    Logan ZHace 5 meses

    Im not getting the part where he ignores the protests

  55. Jesus Hernandez

    Jesus HernandezHace 5 meses

    Who the hell proof read kings speech and said hmmmm yup sounds good to me WTF I mean seriously nobody said well ummm wait a minute that doesn’t sound right in any way shape or form 😂😂😂

  56. maureen janousek

    maureen janousekHace 5 meses

    What an idiot that Colbert is!!! He's not even funny

  57. Dennis Madrid

    Dennis MadridHace 5 meses

    This guy is such an idiot and needs to run for president so we can make fun of him.

  58. Mo A

    Mo AHace 5 meses

    Very profound, We will miss you John Hickenlooper, next on the list is John Delaney. Speaking of which, John Delaney was not qualified to join the third debate. Goodbye and farewell.

  59. stephen7072

    stephen7072Hace 5 meses

    This guy is a Democrat puppet. Anyone that supports people that come here illegally are as bad as them.

  60. Marc Ziegenhain

    Marc ZiegenhainHace 5 meses

    Stephen, you have to sing at the next Inauguration ceremony after Trump.

  61. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel RodriguezHace 5 meses

    Uh?..I guess he thinks he is at one of his green felt tables in Greenland!

  62. Mikael Jensen

    Mikael JensenHace 5 meses

    Anyone know if Stephen relates to Trump and he´s rudeness towards Denmark. I cant find the 18 aug-21 where I guess he would comment on it.

  63. Macom G.

    Macom G.Hace 5 meses

    So is that all is gonna be said about Steve King's disgusting affermations? I'm from Europe, so I can't do much there, but shouldn't all american women stop what they're doing and get on the streets until he looses or steps down form his job? Because that can't be ignore and it can't just be a quick news. There have to be consequences.

  64. Antney Fatts

    Antney FattsHace 5 meses

    Just like the Left ignores people of Hong Kong supporting American flag and Trump