As Seen On TV Automobile Gadgets Tested!


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    All aboard the dedication station

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    The fan is supposed to be used while sitting at your house, or secured parking - NOT in unsecured areas - otherwise you couldn't crack your window like you said to do. Also, you used it WRONG. Here in the south, we use them regularly (the temp has been in the 90's for weeks already) You MUST crack the opposite window to facilitate air draw! - it's also used to PREVENT the car from reaching scorching temps, NOT to cool it. - Use a product correctly before bashing. EDIT: You also applied the "Dent" puller - to a crease - NOT a dent. Only body filler can fix that, or removal and use a dent hammer and repaint. - You need to learn how to use products before attempting to review.

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    It's actually first on trending

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    🤣🤣 flip it inside out like you do with your underwear🤣🤣

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    how is this #1 on trending oh my god

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    The presentation is very off putting. Non-stop sarcasm and quirkiness over and over and over and over again gets old and looses it's value very fast. The script also sounds very, well, scripted. Couldn't watch more than 2 and bit of the reviews.

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    Funny I got safety glasses that Works better then that night

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    Bro, i fucking love your comedy, and how the hell you keep getting tending

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    Streaming on mixer AGSinister

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    Finally, some quality content that's trending 😃

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    Anyone else start binging this channels ' videos?

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    0:20 You forgot the waiting for cock part.

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    Umm #1 trending??

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    Ya why is it trending?

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    Love the narrators voice 🤣

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    “...brought to you by open-mouth thumbnails, your one-stop shop to the Trending page.” He’s not really wrong though...

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    Narration is funny as some parts are serious and the funny parts are same tone lol

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    I live for the brutal sarcasm in these videos

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    This was actually good, I thought this would be another shill

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    Didn't expect to see you on the trending page

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    You have the voice of an AI that's trying to trick us with a cheerful tone so we can let our guard down

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    Congrats on #1 Trending

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    Anyone else find these satisfying?

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    open mouth thumbnails, brilliant!

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    Oh shoot, he was right about the trending trick...

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    LOL The dent still looked like crap.

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    "casts mass dispell" .... Damn bro

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    Just flip it like you do with your underwear😂😂😂

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    Jesus how many people live in buffalo new york i keep finding more and more big youtubers

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    Shoutout to my grandpa because that's the only way he can hear

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    The car window fan is supposed to be used while sitting at your house, or secured parking - NOT in unsecured areas - otherwise you couldn't crack your window like you said to do. Also, you used it WRONG. Here in the south, we use them regularly (the temp has been in the 90's for weeks already) You MUST crack the opposite window to facilitate air draw! - it's also used to PREVENT the car from reaching scorching temps, NOT to cool it after it's hot. - Use a product correctly before bashing. EDIT: You also applied the "Dent" puller - to a crease - NOT a dent. Only body filler can fix that, or removal and use a dent hammer and repaint. - You need to learn how to use products before attempting to review.

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    Love this guy beautiful golden shower

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    THE HORCRUX OF THE MATTER. Damn, I love you. Hahahaha.

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    The yellow glasses work great in heavy rain.. day or night it helps with clarity.

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    The thumbnail worked!!! 😂😂😂

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    well i guess this video has a lot of better products than usual

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    I mean... you could put that two-stroke gas from your mower into your car. Or you could not destroy your engine.

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    It’s a 4 cycle engine


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    I’d like to vent. I bought a pan from ASOTV. Was supposed to be nonstick. Worked once. The end.

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    There's an As Seen On TV store in Sevierville Tennessee. It's pretty cool

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    Duly noted 👍

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    1:45 Turn a bad rainy day into a golden shower. Uh.....

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    I know GOD EXISTS!!!!!!

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    Thought the thumb nail was Adam 22, tho...

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    Hello, Humans. "You came into my life, thinking you could shake me down 'cause I'm just some spoiled rich brat who needed his daddy's protection. Trust me - when I make things disappear, they stay buried." ~Lex Luthor Smallville TV Show TERRANCE OUT

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    So does the turbo pump work well stealing gas from another car? Just wondering

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    Commi Boi Works perfectly albeit a little noisy at 2:00 a.m. at my neighbours place.

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    *_#1 ON TRENDING_* 12 Hours ago 600 Comments ESreporter : Am I a joke to you?

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    And 13 hours

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    Was #2

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    The turbo pump easy convenience for someone to siphon ur cars gas haha

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    why does u look like em?

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    You DESERVE to be on trending! Good work!

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    Not that I think the Vent fan thing was a good product, a better way to test how well it works was to compare how much the temperature changed over 30 minutes in a car without the fans, vs how much it changed in your 30 minute test. I'm betting that the temperature changes a lot in 30 minutes w/out the vent on. Also, i would assume that the windows are supposed to be raised up higher than what you presented.

  102. Kirinketsu

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    not so sure if having an electric pump that could fail and cause a spark or catch fire or more importantly can build up static discharge is a good idea to use with flammable liquids

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    Fill it till it drips 💧😈

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    It's becoming typical of the package being more durable than the product itself ! 😂

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    Ironically enough it actually got you #2 on trending

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    Open mouthed thumbnail worked!!! Lol

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    It would be useful to clean out fishtanks with the siphon tool

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    Okay so I guess we're just going to ignore that he said to turn the cover inside out and reuse just like you do with your underwear. 😅😅😅