AS ABOVE SO BELOW (2014) Ending Explained + Analysis


  1. Super Saiyan Bro

    Super Saiyan BroHace 3 horas

    Knowing that this is a different story of dante's inferno I love it even more now

  2. Dolphin Rider

    Dolphin RiderHace 5 horas

    But they exited on the mirror side it's not the world they came from!?

  3. thegirl

    thegirlHace 13 horas

    i didnt need the explanation cos it was pretty obvious but i love this film so i said why not yeah cool video too

  4. P I L L O W J A M

    P I L L O W J A MHace 16 horas

    Super 8 ending explained

  5. Gardevoir Trainer

    Gardevoir TrainerHace 17 horas

    This sounds like a really decent horror movie.

  6. Icarius Unknown

    Icarius UnknownHace un día

    Thats actually my fav horror movie thanks for explaininh it

  7. Cameron Singletary

    Cameron SingletaryHace un día

    Damn I wanna watch this now lol

  8. Reclaimer Gamer

    Reclaimer GamerHace 2 días

    This movie is pretty “deep”

  9. Edith Guzman

    Edith GuzmanHace 2 días

    For people of my era who might have missed it George is Charles in charge!😂

  10. smithshine4

    smithshine4Hace 2 días

    12:08 Year of the Snitch

  11. Sassire 2007

    Sassire 2007Hace 3 días

    This is like Harry Potter 1 but scarier than Voldemort drinking unicorn blood.


    YEET MEATHace 3 días

    He probably dropped his baby on their head

  13. Half'n Whole

    Half'n WholeHace 3 días

    The one thing that annoys me about this movie is that they can translate an Aramaic riddle into English, Still have it rhyme and not lose any information. Why?

  14. Welly

    WellyHace 3 días



    PEWDIPIE GAMER YtHace 4 días

    Go to 8:44 and pause

  16. 831Bars

    831BarsHace 5 días

    If the world was upside down when they left the manhole wouldnt that mean they're in the underworld and not their real world?

  17. Realtruthtv

    RealtruthtvHace 6 días

    Jesus saves from all of this and Hell

  18. wPcky

    wPckyHace 6 días

    lmfaooo i just realized if i play this at .5 speed, you sound wasted. its great

  19. babyboy is

    babyboy isHace 6 días


  20. bluesborn

    bluesbornHace 6 días

    I was thinking when they crawled through the manhole cover at the end they would be back on the surface of Paris but not the same Paris they left to start their quest in the beginning but rather a strangely similar yet somehow sinister mirror image of Paris.

  21. Let Go

    Let GoHace 6 días

    She is so hot and cute :c

  22. SKY KBBQ

    SKY KBBQHace 6 días

    14:07 Notre Dame Cathedral 😢

  23. Karl Rebosura

    Karl RebosuraHace 6 días

    Hey guy is it just me or do you guys also watch found flix to 1 watch this amazing person and 2 watch free scart movies w out getting scared

  24. Christopher Austin

    Christopher AustinHace 9 días

    I figured the ending was left ambiguous but meant to imply that the "real world" wasn't the same they left.


    DOGE THE ONEHace 9 días

    Literally went to hell and back

  26. ツGam3rOP246

    ツGam3rOP246Hace 10 días

    Literally went to hell and back with them and then he just walks away

  27. Cylo

    CyloHace 10 días

    3:47 you see can the operator symbol on the top right of the pillar the guy is leaning against Ahhhhh Marble Hornets

  28. Johnisa

    JohnisaHace 10 días

    This movie sounds retarded

  29. A.R.M.Y Pain Buddy Pain CHOICE Pain

    A.R.M.Y Pain Buddy Pain CHOICE PainHace 11 días

    Scarlet must be caught by the gov by now for her superpower lol.

  30. Lucy Fullbuster

    Lucy FullbusterHace 12 días

    When they got to level 9, when scarlet was hitting the mouth creaters, when mom was saying "Get out of the was b***" and I was laughing

  31. Rudy Straight

    Rudy StraightHace 12 días

    watch genesis theory 1&2 on youtube it will explain lucifer and the fallen angels

  32. unit

    unitHace 12 días

    Id try to become friends with Lucifer.

  33. Mahesa Rangga

    Mahesa RanggaHace 12 días

    Just finished watching this movie, it was nice! English isn't my first language and the movie doesn't have subtitles plus I can't turn up the volume louder since it is midnight (no way I'm gonna use a headphones watching this at midnight 😂) so I had to watch this video to understand more 🤣

  34. Anna’s Adventure’s

    Anna’s Adventure’sHace 13 días

    The philosophers stone? Harry Potter!? Nicholas flamel?,

  35. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the DevilHace 14 días

    They literally went to Hell and back, and Zedd just walked off like “Yeah so, I’m just gonna go home and go to bed.”

  36. Paulairina Orban

    Paulairina OrbanHace 14 días

    Hi! know that this comment is a little bit too late, but they have not entered hell directly. The first part, before the treasure trap sent them to hell, they were on a journey to collect the stone and rectify. It is a well known fact that The Philosopher's Stone can be only obtained by a person with a perfect soul and body. A person with a perfect soul wouldn't have wanted the treasure. It can be of course be related to the 4th circle of Hell, and in my opinion they used it as the line between more "innocent" sins and serious sins.

  37. Thalia Ousley

    Thalia OusleyHace 14 días

    If she knew everything, how come she didnt know that this was the trick to hell and a way to suffer?

  38. Richard Bright

    Richard BrightHace 14 días

    if it was animated it would be a killer Full Metal Alchemist side story

  39. Hermione Malfoy

    Hermione MalfoyHace 15 días

    I suddenly remembered the Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone, and Nicolas Flamel! I'm shookt.

  40. Noah Foster

    Noah FosterHace 16 días

    I have been in the catacombs in Paris and they are scary tried looking for secret rooms, I seen this guy in there looking at me and I ran out

  41. David

    DavidHace 15 días

    that definitely happened

  42. Samantha Balderas

    Samantha BalderasHace 16 días

    Harry Potter 📣

  43. Rory O'Donnell

    Rory O'DonnellHace 17 días


  44. Mason Burns

    Mason BurnsHace 17 días

    You look like a crack head

  45. blessethishe

    blessethisheHace 18 días

    She turned Into a witch and made herself a hitchmen. Now they walks among us like normal people. A sheep leading all the others to the slaughter house.

  46. Alex Marin

    Alex MarinHace 18 días

    He needs to talk less loud.

  47. deca gon

    deca gonHace 19 días

    so the exit to hell is just some random manhole

  48. Kohnbone

    KohnboneHace 19 días

    She's a Mary Sue.

  49. Where's the Freedom?

    Where's the Freedom?Hace 20 días

    What a shit movie that was

  50. CutThatCoconut

    CutThatCoconutHace 20 días

    I guess you could say They went to hell and back

  51. hope sharkgirl

    hope sharkgirlHace 20 días

    So limbo is pergatory?

  52. Jake Diaz

    Jake DiazHace 21 un día

    this was actually a pretty decent flick. i wish theyd do more similar to it.

  53. Setton_

    Setton_Hace 22 días

    you could have just googled Dante's inferno. Its not about saving a lover. That was added into the game.

  54. Kcythe

    KcytheHace 22 días

    He didn't say anything about the girl walking by in the background 10:00

  55. Spider Gd

    Spider GdHace 23 días

    Goodnight mommy

  56. Cake Monster

    Cake MonsterHace 24 días

    Dude the part that gave me them most edge on me chair feeling was the singing ladies

  57. The 5 Sibling Gamers

    The 5 Sibling GamersHace 24 días

    What version of Inferno did you read? I don't remember Dante trying to save his lover( he didn't even have one) and I don't remember a philosopher stone either

  58. •strawberry pink•

    •strawberry pink•Hace 25 días

    1:42 did... did they just do a Harry Potter thing on us???

  59. mila Cortina

    mila CortinaHace 26 días

    I think she is Scarlett witch from avengers

  60. UJ da vinci

    UJ da vinciHace 26 días

    Stones .....reminds me something.. Like plz

  61. Jeack Jeacky le Sugbo

    Jeack Jeacky le SugboHace 26 días

    Entering comment section. Fun deeper facts on hell? Welcome, you've found the right place. No ancient hieroglyphs puzzles needed😁 P.s. Enter at free will😂😂😂

  62. Andreas Baird

    Andreas BairdHace 26 días

    Did this movie have an alternate ending? I’m sure when I saw it and they get back to the “real world” it’s all red and scary and full of monsters and stuff.

  63. Prince ZAF

    Prince ZAFHace 27 días

    Please make a video on TRYANGLE

  64. Endy Lu

    Endy LuHace 27 días

    Goodnight mommy

  65. Andrew Arbogast

    Andrew ArbogastHace 27 días

    You guys, you guys, you guys....

  66. ROARY1999

    ROARY1999Hace 27 días

    A straight up searches this movies rite with the channels name and it didn’t show up. They don’t want to see you winning Foundflix

  67. jordan rader

    jordan raderHace 27 días

    12:10 puts stone back noise stops. Should've waited until it stopped. Takes stone again

  68. Sy Pincus

    Sy PincusHace 27 días

    do good night mommy!

  69. Nim Chimpsky

    Nim ChimpskyHace 28 días

    Whenever I listen to this channel it sounds like I'm being shouted at. The information is usually interesting but the presentation sucks.

  70. Game Buyer+

    Game Buyer+Hace 28 días

    Goodnight mommy

  71. Jacob Thomas

    Jacob ThomasHace 28 días

    10:05 i know what happened He droped the babby


    MEMES YEAH YEAH YEAH MangaHace 29 días

    I wanna visit the catacombs

  73. Young G George

    Young G GeorgeHace 29 días

    bruh when is there a sequels coming out where scarlett and george r married

  74. Abby Lee

    Abby LeeHace 29 días

    *Yeet yoink boppity boink this comment has no point*

  75. Dailyday

    DailydayHace un mes

    @10:01 fuck that kinda scared me

  76. Jesse Marcel

    Jesse MarcelHace un mes

    Watched this movie on acid, hell of a time lol

  77. iranicus

    iranicusHace un mes

    I remember visiting the catacombs in Paris back in 2006, was rather chilling seeing skulls all over the place while down there, especially when your alone :o

  78. random person

    random personHace un mes

    People like zed are odd. Like you have somone who will act nice and stuff but it make a your wonder what he's gone through in the past that made him come out of he'll itself calm.

  79. Chris • 4 years ago

    Chris • 4 years agoHace un mes

    5:07 it says Pap on the wall

  80. Italia Ponticorvo

    Italia PonticorvoHace un mes

    This explains so much

  81. Halen Deardeuff

    Halen DeardeuffHace un mes

    So many things related to Harry Potter in this video

  82. straight outa Copenhagen

    straight outa CopenhagenHace un mes

    This horror movie had the most decent ending ever (IN A LONG TIME)

  83. Jojie Kimara

    Jojie KimaraHace un mes

    Nice explanations man appreciate itt

  84. Deez NuGz

    Deez NuGzHace un mes

    I thought it was more like souxie felt guilty over la taupe. And that she never came to look for him. Thus letting him die

  85. Saiyan wolves

    Saiyan wolvesHace un mes

    Never knew id like full metal alchemist,tomb raider and clover field all in one film, really great film and should not be seen as other found footage films this film along with Chronicle and original cloverfield are some of the best found footage films including Quarantine(personally don't care for it and put apollo 18 above it but thats imo) but yeah these films are why you should not exactly over look found footage genre while there are majority awful the ones that are good are usually golden.

  86. Brandon Esqueda

    Brandon EsquedaHace un mes

    You just completely changed this movie for me... Thank you.

  87. Jesse Springer

    Jesse SpringerHace un mes

    Goodnight mommy

  88. LikeUhVillain

    LikeUhVillainHace un mes

    Wow. I never watched this film because a friend told me he thought it was dumb and it didn't get great reviews. But that sounds awesome.

  89. havan ramos

    havan ramosHace un mes

    ha ha ha.... why am i watching this at 3am?

  90. Caitlin Dunbar

    Caitlin DunbarHace un mes

    whoa whoa WHOA. Are you telling me that Nicolas Flamel was a 'real' person? As in not made up for the Harry Potter BOOK SERIES WHAT WAIT

  91. that general guy from full metal jacket

    that general guy from full metal jacketHace un mes

    I think the books go inferno purgutorio and i forget i think its not just heaven

  92. Lerado2004

    Lerado2004Hace un mes

    This movie is like a game where you go to a dungeon then finds a treasure

  93. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheHace un mes

    I'd rather not be "adventurous". I'd rather be sitting here in the dark, inside my non-haunted, safe and comfortable house watching this video.

  94. christian rodriguez

    christian rodriguezHace un mes

    13:56 undamaged cathedral of Notre Dame

  95. Woosh Bait

    Woosh BaitHace un mes

    Also I would expect one to die each level or that starts when there’s the same amount of levels as people left

  96. Woosh Bait

    Woosh BaitHace un mes

    Should I be watching this before bed? Also I’m gonna copy/paste this on every FoundFlix horror video. Have a nice night👋😀👍

  97. Jason Kim

    Jason KimHace un mes

    I love horror movies that have happy endings. I hate horror movies that have their main characters dying.

  98. anthony leger

    anthony legerHace un mes

    so they skippin all kinds of levels

  99. well im just better

    well im just betterHace un mes

    Honestly, this film was educational scary and overall a gem. The scariest scene was when the scary women shook the stillborn at benjis face

  100. Rico.C D.S

    Rico.C D.SHace un mes

    ive watched this video 3 times now and i still love it

  101. LunaChan

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