AS ABOVE SO BELOW (2014) Ending Explained + Analysis


  1. Twig

    TwigHace un hora

    Doesn't that mean that hell isn't even a mile from the earth

  2. Joseph Villines

    Joseph VillinesHace 6 horas

    Its sl flat earth ancient have only one way out and must go thru..representing energy cycle of all things on is recycled...thru the bottom and back thru the top and repeats...aslo imaged as the snake eating itself...infinte...makes alot of sense scientifically if you understand symbolism and what they really mean and not what they lie about and tell us mainstream

  3. Dennis Menace

    Dennis MenaceHace 7 horas

    can't remember the film, but I do remember really liking the film at the time of it's release on DVD

  4. Annmaria Korkeala

    Annmaria KorkealaHace 15 horas

    This feels like it would be good moviie to watch thanks

  5. Anton Carlvik

    Anton CarlvikHace un día

    i’m too scared to watch horror movies so I appreciated your happy voice, it made this video manageable, thanks

  6. M3rcury

    M3rcuryHace un día

    That part with the car tho

  7. f.beaz

    f.beazHace 2 días

    this is actually a very good movie. i don’t get the bad ratings

  8. Carson Branderhorst

    Carson BranderhorstHace 2 días

    I started watching horror film cuz of this dude. Thanks👊🏻


    TINNY CAPSULEHace 3 días

    I'm so glad that I'm an orthodox Christian. But even if I'm that, I still have my faults. The good thing Is that I can repent unto the Lord and go to confession to wash away my sins.

  10. M U L E B O Y

    M U L E B O YHace 3 días

    Huhuhu XD you said “rectify”

  11. Unknown 711

    Unknown 711Hace 4 días

    Doom guy wants to know your location

  12. Keon Batson

    Keon BatsonHace 4 días

    My theory is that George and FC(Fire Car guy) were friends. George and FC got in a car about to explode with fire. George got out succesfully but FC died in the fire, the guilt and scar weighing him down which later buried him

  13. Alyssa Brown

    Alyssa BrownHace 4 días

    You know I saw this movie and I don't remember ANY of this, guess it's time to rewatch

  14. ivan mora

    ivan moraHace 4 días

    Goodnight mommy

  15. StrawB3rry Chic

    StrawB3rry ChicHace 5 días

    How is nobody talking about how the hole they came out of was in the floor but they were underground

  16. eyeless jack

    eyeless jackHace 5 días

    did anyone else notice the slenderman symbol at 3:48

  17. Revengeancer2.0

    Revengeancer2.0Hace 5 días

    It was a good idea for a movie, but it was sorta like when you were in college and threw together an essay at the last minute.

  18. Lucifer

    LuciferHace 5 días

    Im sorry but I legit watched that movie on tv last night and until then I've never seen this in my recommended. Someone help me please

  19. Jackie Wheeler

    Jackie WheelerHace 5 días

    So do you give a thumbs up or down?

  20. Alexis Garcia

    Alexis GarciaHace 6 días

    i thought this film was amazing!

  21. Edrick T

    Edrick THace 6 días

    In all of my lifetimes i had only been scared once by a horror movie, waaaay back in first grade school (i was 6 at the time i think) i watched my first horror movie, in today's standards this movie would suck so bad, i mean, cheap jumpscares, unscary ghost, bad music, you name it. But as a 6 year old boy who knew nothing about horror, ghosts and stuff (not to mention the movie is actually based by an urban legend in my country) this movie scarred me. 12 years later, i've been told by a lot of people as a "psychopath" because i enjoy fucked up horror movies and laugh at scenes that is pretty scary to them. My friend and cousin dared me to show one of my favourite horrors and well my cousin couldn't get past the first half, while my friend never wanted to watch my horror movies ever again without company Now this gem, this... gave me back the sense of terror that i felt back then. The feeling that i thought i had lost

  22. ok 48092

    ok 48092Hace 6 días

    Why is Flamel dressed as a knights templar?

  23. Shell Bomb

    Shell BombHace 6 días

    The ending meaning as above so below. The same hell they encounter below will be the same hell they put up with as above. Those who reach the end are the ones who go through spiritual breakthrough. The philosophy is a mental breakdown of what’s really life. Those who don’t make it back are those who indulge in their own pain and agony without repent. Those who own up to their faults reach clarity and fulfillment. As above so below. What you reap is what you sow.

  24. Momin Khan

    Momin KhanHace 6 días

    Biggest fan of ur channel and ur work . Ur ending explained has made me make more interest in watching the mkvies after getting ur review , i live in Pakistan , Karachi so things here are a bit late so ur channel has made me look into things more easily and much explained . Thanks bro and best of luck , stay blessed and keep on doing ur great work , ending explained , u r the KING . ....

  25. Double Oh 7

    Double Oh 7Hace 7 días

    Alchemy is so misrepresented! It was not about changing base metals into gold, it is about transmuting energy!

  26. RixkyZ

    RixkyZHace 6 días

    Double Oh 7 I’m not so sure about that one chief

  27. captain kumquat

    captain kumquatHace 7 días

    I personally like this movie

  28. Edmund Merchant

    Edmund MerchantHace 7 días

    "Up is down here, down is up" Denny Crane

  29. Rolo Folo

    Rolo FoloHace 7 días

    As a person who doesn’t get scared from horror movies this definitely scared the living shit out of me

  30. Tebin

    TebinHace 7 días

    Just a suggestion. Please google the books you haven't read if you're going to talk about them even for a brief moment.

  31. psycho bratt

    psycho brattHace 8 días

    The concept of this movie and the ending is honestly terrifying.

  32. Adah BombDon

    Adah BombDonHace 8 días

    Definitely needed this video I didn’t understand shit

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  34. cierra kelly

    cierra kellyHace 8 días

    I loved the movie, I personally find movies with different views of hell and evil to be very entertaining and cool. Also ALCHEMY!!!

  35. Verge Cryptocurrency

    Verge CryptocurrencyHace 8 días

    You didnt get the ending at all or explain the meaning of the movie title

  36. Verge Cryptocurrency

    Verge CryptocurrencyHace 6 días

    @Deirdre Jones well "as above, so below" means that which is above is like that which is below, like the microcosm and macrocosm. Kinda occult stuff. For me it seemed they found hell, which was here where we all live up above and where they finally ended up, again.

  37. Deirdre Jones

    Deirdre JonesHace 6 días

    Verge Cryptocurrency What was your takeaway?

  38. Ghost Bait

    Ghost BaitHace 9 días

    I hear philosophers stone and all I can think of is fma lmao

  39. cuss word sayer

    cuss word sayerHace 9 días

    Its a stone luigi, you didn't make it

  40. Mb

    MbHace 9 días

    probably my favorite horror movie of all time, it's so rewatchable and has such a fascinating plot

  41. S. N.

    S. N.Hace 8 días

    Plus, the main character is similar to Lara Croft from Tomb Raider so looking at it through those lens ads a new level of intrigue :3

  42. Michael Aguayo

    Michael AguayoHace 10 días

    11:23 Satan looks rather mysterious, which I guess isn't too surprising

  43. AwkwardGaming_YT

    AwkwardGaming_YTHace 10 días

    4:28 Me when I hear a fart in the school washroom

  44. Sunil Sital

    Sunil SitalHace 10 días

    So you can die in hell? where will you go after that, hell?

  45. babyhols666

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    itd be so hard to go back to the stone lmao

  46. babyhols666

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    satan kinda cute😍😍😋😋😋🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😫😫👌🏻👌🏻

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    i wana know what happened to pap like did he die immediately is he just stuck underground😂

  48. cunt lol

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    hes dead.

  49. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace 11 días

    what if someone opens that man hole on the street :/

  50. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace 11 días

    are we gonna ignore how they can somehow breathe and all that water

  51. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace 11 días

    whats lust gotta do w loud sounds

  52. babyhols666

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    all the bad things happened to the black guy gjhjk

  53. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace 11 días

    i just dont get how it went from iran to paris like wha. and they somehow know where to find papillion and what he looks like

  54. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace 11 días

    it was scary only bc it was stressful in how far they kept going n couldn’t turn back n it was so claustrophobic. and HOW could they be breathing

  55. babyhols666

    babyhols666Hace 11 días

    finally watched this n it barely made sense

  56. Brian Hoots

    Brian HootsHace 11 días

    Tomb Raider: As Above So Below

  57. XxRedDragon566xX

    XxRedDragon566xXHace 11 días

    The game Dante's Inferno took me back

  58. Matt Davis

    Matt DavisHace 11 días

    All this for a bloody rock?

  59. Stu DLNGR

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  60. Nitesh Kumar

    Nitesh KumarHace 12 días

    But according to the diagram, its all supposed to be below Jerusalem. Nor Paris.

  61. Dilylah Falcon

    Dilylah FalconHace 12 días

    This movie was crazy when I saw it

  62. Rory O'Brien

    Rory O'BrienHace 12 días

    Wait, they're only like 600 feet down? what if intense mining breaks into hell? Or is it like a wormhole where they are actually under billions of tons of molten rock? Or is science wrong?

  63. Hitman003 Perez

    Hitman003 PerezHace 12 días

    The ravenous (1999)

  64. Mr. Games

    Mr. GamesHace 13 días

    I thought the devils number is 666

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    Do Poughkeepsie Tapes

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    Number 2 mom

  67. Spork

    SporkHace 14 días

    3:48 does anyone else see the operator symbol on the wall, or is that just me?

  68. VigilantVagrancy

    VigilantVagrancyHace 14 días

    I’m not sure how much you wanna trust this dudes input on things, as he just described The Divine Comedy’s plot as being the same as “Dante’s Inferno”

  69. Evets Zerimar

    Evets ZerimarHace 14 días

    I would watch this movie but I’m so tired of the handheld camera thing. Angled frames, shaky cam smh

  70. Evets Zerimar

    Evets ZerimarHace 9 días

    @Courtney ok, *sigh. I'll do it, thx. Appreciate it

  71. Courtney

    CourtneyHace 9 días

    Evets Zerimar ok same I haaaate the hand held camera nonsense but I gave this movie a try anyway and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen. You should definitely give it a try!

  72. Young JoJo

    Young JoJoHace 15 días

    Never knew i was confused and didnt know it. Im woke af rn

  73. Ryan Byer

    Ryan ByerHace 15 días

    Not familiar with most of this but if I was I would have enjoyed the movie more. Most of the movie flew over my head till the last bits of it. Kinda thought it sucked cause nothing really made sense up to the last bit. Thanks for helping me understand this movie.

  74. Craßu

    CraßuHace 15 días

    I like symbolism stuff so I really like it

  75. DiamondCJ

    DiamondCJHace 15 días

    The stone looks like the reality stone from marvel

  76. Maximilian Bernard

    Maximilian BernardHace 16 días

    This one had a super cool concept and a lot of potential, but the execution was just lackluster to me. It could have been far more terrifying in my opinion. But, overall it was okay. PS. We NEED another Paris Catacombs or Hell movie! Not enough of those horror concepts around...

  77. SSBrochacho

    SSBrochachoHace 16 días

    I shall now refer the Paris Catacombs as “The Bone Zone”

  78. Twilight Exabyte

    Twilight ExabyteHace 17 días

    I remember a video talking about this guy who went into a cave with his friends, he tried to go down a tighter part of the cave but he got stuck with his legs up. They tried to get him out but they couldn’t so he just died there from all the blood rushing to his head. They never got his body out and they closed the caves so his body is just stuck there forever

  79. Fallout Fan

    Fallout FanHace 17 días

    check this out, a bit of paris catacombs

  80. MrGrim19

    MrGrim19Hace 17 días

    I think I put this movie in the back of my mind because I am closterphobic but I want to watch it again now after the review 🤔. Good work . . . .

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    I really wish I didn’t have to listen to your video. I really think that’s tacky

  82. Dany Lopez

    Dany LopezHace 18 días

    4:20 Thanos?

  83. Flying Potato

    Flying PotatoHace 19 días

    This movie sucked big time. Bad acting, not scary at all also......The whole time I had the feeling a cameraman was with them.

  84. Mr. Krabs

    Mr. KrabsHace 19 días

    my biggest fear is honestly probably being stuck like benji was with no help

  85. 《 b l e a c h 》 《 b u c k e t 》

    《 b l e a c h 》 《 b u c k e t 》Hace 19 días

    They had a shit view on hermeticism

  86. Sleeping Tea

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    Did anyone else see the creepypasta symbol?

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    Rewatching cuz of pewds yeet