Ariana Grande - thank u, next (the fragrance)


  1. Bożena S

    Bożena SHace 6 horas


  2. Audrey Chan

    Audrey ChanHace 7 horas

    Who came here for the puppy ?

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    Indian hip hop photography songsHace 19 horas

    Good song nice excellent song whenever you tell this song it is the unbelievable some

  4. Olivia Kwok

    Olivia KwokHace 23 horas

    Omg I want one!!!

  5. paris

    parisHace un día

    this is so cute

  6. Bts army Foreve

    Bts army ForeveHace un día

    What did I just watch 😐❓the dog pulled me in

  7. Jhon Carranza

    Jhon CarranzaHace un día

    I love ariana

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  9. Lezan Majid

    Lezan MajidHace un día

    I'm broke asf

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  11. sushama sarker

    sushama sarkerHace un día

    I remember on a episode of Sam and Cat ( which I watch everyday on Netflix but not a Netflix series it is a Nickelodeon series and U can watch it too!) Cat ( which is played by Ariana her self)said she always wanted a PAIR of celebrity shoes and now I guess she has more than enough.....

  12. Laylagames

    LaylagamesHace un día

    WTH Ariana gotbpushed


    MŘ•ŞÄWÝÊŔHace un día

    Ariana Grande is porn star I saw her porn video the bick cock is in her vagina Guys watch in xnxx

  14. Pudim de Nutella :3

    Pudim de Nutella :3Hace un día

    *1:06**/**1:05** the best part, this dog is so cuuuuuuuuttteeee*

  15. Gacha Maddie I make roblox videos too

    Gacha Maddie I make roblox videos tooHace un día

    Me:yay i got the cloud perfume! Add: ariana grande thank you next perfume now at the store Me: whyyy >:(

  16. Henry Haynes

    Henry HaynesHace un día

    am i the only one that gets uncomfortable when i hear the spray noise at the end of the video?

  17. ARTHUR Pereira

    ARTHUR PereiraHace un día

    Ai biba

  18. Malaiyka Qureshi

    Malaiyka QureshiHace un día

    As soon as i saw this i got it like if ypu are an arianator 👇👇

  19. Bloopy_do

    Bloopy_doHace un día

    I got it, and it's true It does got them other girls *SHAKIN!!!!!!!!*

  20. Morgan Wells

    Morgan WellsHace 2 días

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  21. juste_ sarah

    juste_ sarahHace 2 días

    il love you ariana grande

  22. Black Girl

    Black GirlHace 2 días

    I like you

  23. YourxRarity

    YourxRarityHace 2 días

    This is how many ppl have her new perfume! I do! 👇

  24. Malaiyka Qureshi

    Malaiyka QureshiHace un día

    I do on all of them

  25. Paul Richardson

    Paul RichardsonHace 2 días

    YourxRarity do basically how many people wasted their money

  26. Mya Alfonso-Ferrando

    Mya Alfonso-FerrandoHace 2 días

    im so gonna bye that!!!!!!!

  27. HHB vlogs

    HHB vlogsHace 2 días

    Oh my god I just went Superdrug and I saw it oh my god I love it so much it smells amazing love u Ariana

  28. bread bread

    bread breadHace 2 días

    who also only watches the songs for the background?

  29. rift69tfir 68

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  31. Lyba Thasleem

    Lyba ThasleemHace 2 días

    OMG Ariana I love u some much I got the thank u next person OMG your my favourite I want to be like u OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶🥺

  32. beyti ugur

    beyti ugurHace 2 días

    Nice commerical, Ariana

  33. Hữu Triết Nguyễn

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  34. Immortal Dragon

    Immortal DragonHace 2 días

    Boyyy am I excited !!!!

  35. crouton yousra

    crouton yousraHace 2 días

    Lol 0:18 and 0:43 i'am dead 😂😂😂😭

  36. *Glouris*

    *Glouris*Hace 2 días

    “Tbh I’m not an ariana grande fan” WELL U ARE ARIANA GRANDE THE ONE WEARING RED

  37. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

    Felix Mendelssohn BartholdyHace 2 días

    nobody: ari: so i’m not the biggest ariana grande fan


    TOP REVIEWHace 2 días

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  40. Church 852

    Church 852Hace 2 días

    Begone thot

  41. crystell herrera

    crystell herreraHace 2 días

    teadoro ariana

  42. crystell herrera

    crystell herreraHace 2 días


  43. FLdancer00

    FLdancer00Hace 2 días

    She could put vinegar in a bottle, call it perfume and the sheep would buy it 🤦🏽‍♀️

  44. savannah bailey

    savannah baileyHace 2 días

    I’m no longer a fan after what she has done after suing my favourite store like every store does it smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  45. lol gurl24

    lol gurl24Hace un día

    savannah bailey girl what?

  46. just matii

    just matiiHace 2 días

    Ariana grande - thank u,next Billie eilish - So I’m the bad guy Ariana grande - get well soon Billie eilish - all good girls go to hell Ariana grande - don’t call me angel

  47. meme girl

    meme girlHace 3 días

    I asked my mom for some tickets she told me to ask my dad so I asked my dad and he said ask your mom so Ariana can you buy me tickets

  48. AlexDoesAlot

    AlexDoesAlotHace 3 días

    push the like button on this commet if you think arianna grande should call us her grandes

  49. Desiree Soriano Molina

    Desiree Soriano MolinaHace 3 días

    Haz uno de chico para mi amigo

  50. lola

    lolaHace 3 días

    ariana should be in the next mean girls movie 😂

  51. South For the Winter

    South For the WinterHace un día

    one hundred percent

  52. مريومة_المشاغبة marioma_almoshageba

    مريومة_المشاغبة marioma_almoshagebaHace 3 días

    جماعة ترة ذي ماسونيةةةة 💢

  53. Towha Mohammad

    Towha MohammadHace 3 días

    oof colleen and her breast milk

  54. deer rack

    deer rackHace 3 días

    This is so ghetto.

  55. Diana Muller Thies

    Diana Muller ThiesHace 3 días

    Omg none notices how that was shade about her clones saying they aren't fans or the biggest fans of hers but copy her every move?

  56. Cheyenne Sowikromo

    Cheyenne SowikromoHace 3 días

    Ariana grande you don't have to cute your hair. It is nice en long.

  57. Sarah B

    Sarah BHace 3 días

    love u Ariana grande

  58. Sainun music

    Sainun musicHace 3 días

    The best COMERCIAL❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  59. Obey_ Ysb

    Obey_ YsbHace 3 días

    And saying Help help me

  60. Obey_ Ysb

    Obey_ YsbHace 3 días

    I don't know if this is true but most of her songs backwards say something about Satan and selling herself to the devil

  61. IG : s3nsei._.capalott

    IG : s3nsei._.capalottHace 11 horas

    That shit is fake lol

  62. Anna karina Marchetta

    Anna karina MarchettaHace 4 días

    Que Mierda todo el puto video se la mantienen ablando les recomoindo el audio Thank u nex audio

  63. Sofia Ross

    Sofia RossHace 4 días

    who’s got the perfume y’all

  64. Pie die Pew

    Pie die PewHace 4 días

    Well now the book is closed forever

  65. Owl Hoax

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