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Ariana Grande - thank u, next


  1. Miss Me

    Miss MeHace 39 minutos

    I've never seen this video but I know a girl obsessed with Arianna, and I was thinking to myself "this girl acts like shes better then everyone like she literally acts like the leader of mean girls" (not referring to Arianna, talking about the girl) then I see this video. Omg the irony. Lmfao omg get it ARIANNA!!!!!!!

  2. It's lit

    It's litHace 40 minutos

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  3. elif cosar

    elif cosarHace 41 un minuto

    I love you so ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🧡🧡💛💛💚💚💚❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Julia  Icorn

    Julia IcornHace 41 un minuto


  5. as kpopera Gabrielly

    as kpopera GabriellyHace 41 un minuto

    Thak u netx

  6. loop00032

    loop00032Hace 42 minutos

    2019sex BABY

  7. Michel Berry

    Michel BerryHace 43 minutos

    ​Woah woah I can’t believe i came at the right time

  8. Michel Berry

    Michel BerryHace 43 minutos

    came for the music video

  9. Brendon Farlow

    Brendon FarlowHace 46 minutos

    Like 20 layers on her dang

  10. Dnesvo rider

    Dnesvo riderHace 46 minutos

    You followe the best lucxs.sdni instagram

  11. Sekreuz Trenkel Navarus

    Sekreuz Trenkel NavarusHace 47 minutos

  12. Melinafitri Anugrahini

    Melinafitri AnugrahiniHace 48 minutos

    Like it

  13. Sophie Boshart

    Sophie BoshartHace 48 minutos

    Coleen had her baby boy now she going to be the best mom ever

  14. 1,000 Subscribers with no video challenge

    1,000 Subscribers with no video challengeHace 49 minutos

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  15. Pink Rawan

    Pink RawanHace 50 minutos

    Thank U,Next 💕

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    EMOJI LyricsHace 40 minutos

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  17. Mohib

    MohibHace 51 un minuto

    Jade, Trina and Robbie OMFG

  18. Mar Lond

    Mar LondHace 52 minutos

    Tenkiu nets dijo la Adriana grande :v

  19. bunbun bunnys

    bunbun bunnysHace 53 minutos

    They did that like mean girls or bad girls just i forgot it

  20. Ismaelgr

    IsmaelgrHace 53 minutos

    Its weird to hear her real voice since i used to her dumb acting voice. Lol Here before 1billion views 😁

  21. Reija Dellaire

    Reija DellaireHace 54 minutos

    My cousins name is ari lol

  22. Manis Meziant

    Manis MeziantHace 55 minutos

    2:05 that's Robby Shapiro

  23. Beats Network

    Beats NetworkHace 55 minutos

    Does this beat ESreporter Rewind??

  24. Hash Cat

    Hash CatHace 55 minutos

    Why is this so underrated?

  25. Beats Network

    Beats NetworkHace 56 minutos

    Gonna hit billions of views very fast!!!

  26. Loonylein

    LoonyleinHace 56 minutos

    Everytime I hear her sing, I´m like "Girl, take a deep breath and continue singing with a normal voice, and not with one that sounds like your choking" :'D

  27. Yahya Aziza

    Yahya AzizaHace 57 minutos

    awesome song but.....u survived bts's 24h views 😭😭😭

  28. Jessica Castal

    Jessica CastalHace 57 minutos

    I really like your song 🧡

  29. Md Rassel

    Md RasselHace 57 minutos


  30. kate ezyra Tupas

    kate ezyra TupasHace un hora

    it was really big........ I could never have that conversation with my mom

  31. nf Durant

    nf DurantHace un hora

    I love this song 🥰🥰❤️❤️

  32. mia tano

    mia tanoHace un hora

    still love the song but honestly lost with th e throw back movies... not sure of the visual here

  33. Reyanna Kebbe

    Reyanna KebbeHace un hora


  34. Shaun

    ShaunHace un hora

    Hey Ari, I know things didn’t work out with you and your first Shaun, but maybe you’d be willing to give me a chance. If it makes you feel any better they call me big Shaun too 😉

  35. Tizye Lina

    Tizye LinaHace un hora


  36. Brandon Baker

    Brandon BakerHace un hora

    Bacon, eggs, bacon, eggs

  37. Der Schurke

    Der SchurkeHace un hora


  38. Queen pug productions

    Queen pug productionsHace un hora


  39. Julian Verrou

    Julian VerrouHace un hora

    Who saw the girl from victori’s

  40. Aye Banana

    Aye BananaHace un hora

    Omg I love this!

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    EMOJI LyricsHace 39 minutos

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  42. Marstwist -

    Marstwist -Hace un hora

    *thank u, next.*

  43. Christina Nazzour

    Christina NazzourHace un hora

    Im so fucking gratful for my... Wait! I don't have ex🙂💔

  44. Fathimath Saara

    Fathimath SaaraHace un hora

    my favorite song

  45. Izzadora Roxas

    Izzadora RoxasHace un hora

    Damm Ariana looks like a barbie yet so gorgeous

  46. FellingNo Msp

    FellingNo MspHace un hora

    (Je Suis Putain De...) x))

  47. Rayen Sandoval

    Rayen SandovalHace un hora

    Cat, Jade, Trina and Robbie I can die in peace

  48. Xxgamer cramerxX

    Xxgamer cramerxXHace un hora

    Now were dust

  49. Nelson Cardoso

    Nelson CardosoHace un hora

  50. Simplydijah

    SimplydijahHace un hora

    Who is better ? Like : Ariana Grande Comment : Selena Gomez

  51. Makayla Wa

    Makayla WaHace un hora

    I like Arians Grande is so cute she has everything

  52. Andrew Greiner

    Andrew GreinerHace un hora

    I've actually burped better songs than 'thank you next'

  53. fluffycorn unicorn

    fluffycorn unicornHace un hora

    2:37 bacon eggs 🤣🤣

  54. Yuno Gasai

    Yuno GasaiHace un hora

    Original: Thank u, next Legendo: Obrigado, próximo Dublado: A fila anda querido😚 BR BR BR BR

  55. Vinno Art1

    Vinno Art1Hace un hora

    Iluminati 👉👁0:01 - 0:09

  56. Ashish Agrawal

    Ashish AgrawalHace un hora

    Kris Jenner as a mom made my day.

  57. dash 1400

    dash 1400Hace un hora


  58. Ashi Khisa

    Ashi KhisaHace un hora

    Just an awesome song, I can listen this song all day

  59. Dewind Leopoldo

    Dewind LeopoldoHace un hora

    Seriously perfect !!!

  60. Dewind Leopoldo

    Dewind LeopoldoHace un hora


  61. Jungkook8JiminsJams

    Jungkook8JiminsJamsHace un hora

    Thank u (for reading this) Next!

  62. Jungkook8JiminsJams

    Jungkook8JiminsJamsHace un hora

    1:51 Memories :'(

  63. Brandon the Banana

    Brandon the BananaHace un hora

    For every like Ima add a 🐷

  64. Jungkook8JiminsJams

    Jungkook8JiminsJamsHace un hora

    Ariana is the new Regina George

  65. Ega nirawaty

    Ega nirawatyHace un hora

    thank U, next soong 💕💕🇮🇩

  66. michael De Santa

    michael De SantaHace un hora

    They did a surgery on a grape

  67. Virtxual :D

    Virtxual :DHace un hora

    Bacon eggs Bacon Eggs Bacon Eggs Bacon Eggs yeeee

  68. Muhammad Toru

    Muhammad ToruHace un hora

    My name is toru

  69. bintulon jakarta

    bintulon jakartaHace un hora


  70. fighting forlove

    fighting forloveHace un hora

    Just a reminder Lisa May is underrated

  71. Audrey Talbot

    Audrey TalbotHace un hora

    13 going on 30! Yeah I noticed that

  72. Kw Kanaal

    Kw KanaalHace un hora


  73. しゅなたんらぶ

    しゅなたんらぶHace un hora


  74. Pepe Ulale

    Pepe UlaleHace un hora

    One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught pain im so amazin!!!

  75. Da Spicy MeMes MeMes

    Da Spicy MeMes MeMesHace un horaídeo-d2JU7TlPedA.html

  76. live life

    live lifeHace un hora

    Worst video on this earth 🌎

  77. Jyoti mishra

    Jyoti mishraHace un hora

    Colleen's baby is lucky.. He became famous before he was born.. Bcz he is there in ariana's music video.. Thank u next 😂😂😂

  78. Yari Bins

    Yari BinsHace un hora

    Honestly what is goof about this song

  79. Hana Mendes

    Hana MendesHace un hora

    Who's better- Ariana or Taylor? Like: Ariana Grande Comment: Taylor Swift I'll like and comment coz I love both!

  80. Hana Mendes

    Hana MendesHace un hora

    Taylor Swift

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    Сидоров ТВHace un hora

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  82. Alex Alexander

    Alex AlexanderHace un hora

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  83. Cynthia Lotiir

    Cynthia LotiirHace un hora

    200 million views here we come

  84. Uül -

    Uül -Hace un hora

    I get huge kpop vibes from this lmao.

  85. Harriet Kerubo

    Harriet KeruboHace un hora


  86. francheska nicole

    francheska nicoleHace un hora

    Woahhh i cant believe ari grew up so fast cuz i keep watching SAM AND CAT and she is so cute being cat oh my gosh love u ari!!

  87. Psychobabas

    PsychobabasHace un hora

    Such shit music

  88. Tessa lolpop

    Tessa lolpopHace un hora


  89. Tessa lolpop

    Tessa lolpopHace un hora

    Tank u

  90. alex master

    alex masterHace un hora

    Who do better ? Commend : *mean girls* Like: *Ariana grande*

  91. Noah Struck

    Noah StruckHace un hora

    Mean girls cause they are the original

  92. josh blanco

    josh blancoHace un hora

    That guy actully looks like the one from mean girls is that him? The sexy push back guy?

  93. nati :3

    nati :3Hace un hora

    1:14 when she pushed I Troy that genuinely hurt me *yeah I know she didn’t mean it but still

  94. thegamingnoob LOL

    thegamingnoob LOLHace un hora

    Mean Girls....still one of my favourite movies

  95. bah osman rashid

    bah osman rashidHace un hora

    nice son

  96. I’m Asma MSP *_*

    I’m Asma MSP *_*Hace un hora

    France ? ❤️🥰

  97. Sandi Boukhari

    Sandi BoukhariHace un hora

    Bacon eggs 😂

  98. Phantom

    PhantomHace un hora

    Shes lesbian

  99. LuLu Valentina

    LuLu ValentinaHace un hora

    I like the doggy

  100. Movie Hit

    Movie HitHace un hora

    Love me ?

  101. bmw4lfe

    bmw4lfeHace 2 horas

    Just going for a run. Can my comment have a lot of likes please! Thanks

  102. Leyton M

    Leyton MHace 2 horas


  103. Adilet Asetuli

    Adilet AsetuliHace 2 horas

    Hello ArianaGrande😊

  104. Aurelio Moreno Películas

    Aurelio Moreno PelículasHace 2 horas

    Tu eres mi hijo y te amor mucho.



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