Ariana Grande's Vogue Cover Video Performance | Vogue


  1. Hasnaa Sounaa

    Hasnaa SounaaHace 2 minutos

    It's faking song ❤😍

  2. Lisa Latimore

    Lisa LatimoreHace 2 minutos

    Ariana always look fine in everything 😍

  3. Isabela Medeiros

    Isabela MedeirosHace 5 minutos


  4. Anna Guimarães

    Anna GuimarãesHace 11 minutos

    I Love you

  5. arianagsha

    arianagshaHace 15 minutos

    Here before 100 million, anyone else

  6. Simran Summan

    Simran SummanHace 45 minutos

    this is such a beautifulll videoooo this song deserves more

  7. Bet Alcala

    Bet AlcalaHace 52 minutos

    She cant dance

  8. Vika Vishnevskaia

    Vika VishnevskaiaHace 58 minutos


  9. Jesse Villa

    Jesse VillaHace un hora

    Can you guess Ariana Grande's top 10 songs in the correct order order? Watch this video to find out?

  10. Souvik Dey

    Souvik DeyHace 41 un minuto

    Jesse Villa thot

  11. Nisanur Tektas

    Nisanur TektasHace un hora

    omgg ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍💛💛🧡🧡😍🥰🥰😘

  12. Khat Ghirl

    Khat GhirlHace un hora

    Did she get lip surgery??

  13. alexa j

    alexa jHace un hora

    I used to watch her on Sam and cat but look at her now

  14. Sulenur GRANDE

    Sulenur GRANDEHace un hora

    Türk arianators var mı 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  15. Conrad Penman

    Conrad PenmanHace un hora

    I love. Ariana Grande

  16. duece08

    duece08Hace 2 horas

    Be honest, Frankie's in the invisible boots right?


    FABIÁN RlPOLLHace 2 horas


  18. Stefan Fenech

    Stefan FenechHace 3 horas

    Please 100 million views

  19. Maria Ventura

    Maria VenturaHace 3 horas

    Big sean ariana grande❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. Souvik Dey

    Souvik DeyHace 2 horas

    Maria Ventura thot

  21. Madison Collinge

    Madison CollingeHace 3 horas

    Her face looks different

  22. Souvik Dey

    Souvik DeyHace 2 horas

    Madison Collinge thot

  23. Joostan

    JoostanHace 4 horas


  24. Paula 1234

    Paula 1234Hace 4 horas


  25. Bruno Mark

    Bruno MarkHace 4 horas

    ♥️Es muri Bella mdssss♥️

  26. ابو سلطان

    ابو سلطانHace 4 horas


  27. WildRose

    WildRoseHace 4 horas

    "My imagination is too creative" 🤗🤗🤗

  28. Deborah Ellis

    Deborah EllisHace 4 horas

    ye I think Ariana looks different I think it is her eyes

  29. Jacque Marie

    Jacque MarieHace 4 horas

    Please watch my first single that was written by me in one day and sung within an hour 😌🤗 please spread the love and share my music Thank you 💕💕

  30. Souvik Dey

    Souvik DeyHace 2 horas

    Jacque Marie thot

  31. Michael Querubin

    Michael QuerubinHace 5 horas

    Yeah, did ariana grande use less makeup because her without makeup she looks like swag instead of pretty, not tryin to offend

  32. Tac 01

    Tac 01Hace 5 horas

    My favorite song on this album. Ok now time for fake smile 😂what's good ari?

  33. Wendy Marmolejo

    Wendy MarmolejoHace 5 horas

    Tu hasias el papel de cat en sam y cat

  34. Game- mode-kpd25

    Game- mode-kpd25Hace 5 horas

    Ariana's favorite outfit ;)

  35. andrea rodriguez

    andrea rodriguezHace 5 horas

    Cool 😍😍😍 love 😘

  36. athena addison

    athena addisonHace 5 horas

    queen 👼🏼🖤 i can’t wait for new music!!

  37. Maryeuh

    MaryeuhHace 5 horas

    these boots will haunt me all my life

  38. Tanja Budisavljevic

    Tanja BudisavljevicHace 6 horas

    Is this Ari??

  39. Mo Dilban

    Mo DilbanHace 6 horas

    I don’t like her music

  40. Adfelia

    AdfeliaHace 6 horas

    She references The Bible a lot in her songs🤷‍♀️

  41. Aryan'sAwesomeGaming

    Aryan'sAwesomeGamingHace 6 horas

    wow i saw this when it had less than 500k views now it has 12m views wth

  42. Mert

    MertHace 6 horas

    spotify please

  43. Mxsic Visxals

    Mxsic VisxalsHace 29 minutos

    the song is on her album

  44. Ari Vin

    Ari VinHace 6 horas

    She could slap me with her 50 pound ponytail and I'd thank her

  45. Chloe Chung

    Chloe ChungHace 6 horas

    did she just hit the woah i- 3:06

  46. Kribsty Grg

    Kribsty GrgHace 6 horas

    She look bit different anyone?

  47. İmanverdi Vevo

    İmanverdi VevoHace 6 horas

    This is İn My Head Clip?

  48. S marry

    S marryHace 7 horas

    first step:be beatiful


    INSANITY GAMINGHace 7 horas

    Just out of curiosity WHAT IS SHE WEARING.

  50. Sebastian Hernandez

    Sebastian HernandezHace 7 horas

    Grande menens geat

  51. Elmado 156

    Elmado 156Hace 7 horas

    Ariana Grande : in my head Shawn Mendes : in my blood Sabrina Carpenter : in my bed Me : in my fridge

  52. Noami Nono

    Noami NonoHace 7 horas


  53. Msnovember2000

    Msnovember2000Hace 7 horas

    3:05 did ariana just hit the woah 🤭💖🖤 kill it sis

  54. AGirlVlogs

    AGirlVlogsHace 8 horas

    Director: So how many effects do you want Ariana: YES

  55. Euge luz

    Euge luzHace 8 horas

    Me encanta Ariana Grande, la amo, pero siempre empieza igual en las canciones; tipo lírico, después hace una pausa y empieza tipo regaeton, varíen un poco, plis