Are Solid State Batteries About To Change The World? | Answers With Joe


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    When is it coming?

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    "but thats not Goodenough!" :)

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    Solid state batteries commercial available when?

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    Well, there's the last barrier to combat-viable power armor and humanoid robotics gone.

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    How is the name Goodenough not a household legendary name known world-wide. This man literally changed the world and I didn't even know his name. This guy is amazing.

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    I just want to know about the battery, I don’t want a back story on everything and everything your doing. No offense. But this was not the video I was looking for.

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    Oh my god. Skip to 6:20 this guy is full of fillers.

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    My biggest worry is that we develop this miracle technology that could save the planet, but it does not because a company holds the exclusive rights and has an incentive to charge extortionate patent fees.

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    Plot Twist: Little did anyone know Tesla is using solid state batteries in its cyber truck which explains its crazy mileage and changing speed.

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    So this means we’ll have real life Transformers by 2025?

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    Imagine when Tesla sticks these things in cybertrucks. $40,000 truck with a 400 mile range? $50,000 truck with a 600 mile range? $70,000 truck with a 1,000 mile range?

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    You talk so fast! Still I managed to watch your video at 1.5x and understand everything...

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    Whoa bad guy with bad mouth. I stopped watching .

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    Isn't 5x energy density getting close to dynamite?

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    This man likes talking.

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    Genuinely excited about this.

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    lead-alum [liquid]-crystal-hydrate powercell. the alum crystal-hydrate electrolyte will not galvanize the lead anodes and cathodes until it reaches molten salt temperatures. the "crystal battery" was probably discovered by nikola tesla, but definitely marcus reid. if you need to test one, use distilled water and aluminum sulfate hexahydrate heated in a pyrex measuring cup in a microwave to high saturation, then add your crystal hydrate electrolyte to a "conditioned" battery, which should be a "flooded" lead acid; can be in a moderately-heavy state of wear, however, it MUST be neutralized with a flushing of distilled water until the pH of the water coming out of the battery is the same as the water going in. once you add the crystal electrolyte, charge it like a ni-mh battery pack. it is possible to store these batteries in dead shorts on the output side with no ill effects other than loss of stored power. I advise using a 6v flooded battery to experiment, and get a 6 volt bulb, or better, a buck-boost converter plus an LED. trust me, crystal batteries work, I made one that was nearly solid, once the water evaporated. crystal might be the next revolution in solid state, even though it may be already be over 100 years old...

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    Nikola Tesla: Is my wireless free energy a joke to you?

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    maybe he figured out how to extract the power of all lightning discharges striking earth with single wire receivers, but I am skeptical this would be sufficient for human needs anyways I honestly do not know how to calculate how much electrically accessible energy is striking the earth... SEAS @ Harvard has something on harvesting energy from earth’s infrared emissions to outer space as a renewable energy source. This always struck me as solid state radiant energy technology...

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    Like Andrew Luck, John B. Goodenough just has one of those names people that people can't stop making puns out of. "More Energy. More Fast." I love it. Trademark that quick, Joe.

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    so what is stopping companies to put these in cars?

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    Ok sooooo what is the ticker??

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    What's that mysterious glass?????? You didn't elaborate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What about lithium polymer batterys

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    Really need to do some research on this guy. Seems like a badass

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    Lol ok 👍 if the billions and billions and billions go back to payments to every one so that this elite of shit can't happen again

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    Wow, tip my hat to Mr. Goodenough.

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    It's got electrolytes and shit!