Apple just got REKT by… themselves - Powerbeats Pro Review


  1. Seagull 78

    Seagull 78Hace 4 meses

    pretty sure 400 is not 50 more than 250

  2. Mohit soni

    Mohit soniHace 23 días

    Liking your own comment huh linus

  3. Brian Cunningham

    Brian CunninghamHace 2 meses

    I was thinking that too lol

  4. Person Dude

    Person DudeHace 2 meses

    M Isa your joke is hilarious

  5. Person Dude

    Person DudeHace 2 meses

    M Isa so 300 usd is 400 cad but 250 Powerbeats will be same in Canada? 250 vs 300, Canada= 330 vs 400

  6. David Penquite

    David PenquiteHace 3 meses

    M Isa what they’re saying is in Canada it’s $400 CAD while in US it’s $300

  7. DeepCupsChan119

    DeepCupsChan119Hace 2 horas

    Nobody buys it they just like airpods

  8. Richard F

    Richard FHace 2 días

    Sony enters the chat

  9. Aleksandar Grozdanoski

    Aleksandar GrozdanoskiHace 6 días

    Who doesn't like a good deep ear penetration? 😁

  10. Slaik

    SlaikHace 6 días

    3:48 "I guess size does matter..." yikes

  11. Alan Mejia

    Alan MejiaHace 7 días

    Can I swim with them ?

  12. UnderGrowth

    UnderGrowthHace 8 días

    actually, i am keeping the cargo pants dream alive

  13. Skull J2

    Skull J2Hace 6 días


  14. Richard Bekkers

    Richard BekkersHace 9 días

    hehe grunting in the gym

  15. Michael Sellers

    Michael SellersHace 9 días

    Bro!!? Beats by Dre are Amazing!!!! Products!!! I don't care who owns the Company name! ( Beats )

  16. Loc'd Biker

    Loc'd BikerHace 10 días

    Mine show up in the find my iPhone app. I love my Powerbeats Pros.

  17. Maria Irimia

    Maria IrimiaHace 11 días

    I got a similar pair that are wired but those have proper noise cancelling and only cost me 15.

  18. Vic

    VicHace 11 días

    I recently purchased the Powerbeats Pro and kinda regret it - I should have gone for the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless or maybe the Sony WF-1000XM3. The main reason is that as an Android user, it's annoying that I can't tell how much battery life I have left on these earbuds, when even low-quality, $15 generic Bluetooth headphones can do that. I watched at least 10 video reviews regarding the Powerbeats Pro prior to the purchase, and none of them said anything about the lack of such a feature. This video by Linus Tech Tips does point it out - thank you! - but I found this video a bit too late.

  19. Francesco Schettino

    Francesco SchettinoHace 8 días

    There are apps to do that donkey

  20. Big Daddy

    Big DaddyHace 11 días

    Vic they are meant for apple devices only show if it is an apple device it’s part of the apple community

  21. Mike Danny

    Mike DannyHace 12 días

    Listening to this with my Powerbeats Pro

  22. W R

    W RHace 12 días

    These are great if you have tall ears because the hooks are just there to hold them partially, they actually "sit" inside your ear, when you have them for about 2 hrs that can be taxing on your ear, i know i got them the first day they came out and they hurt when i use them for long periods of time. "Linus mentions this"

  23. Gary C

    Gary CHace 13 días

    beats???..... lighting port for charging???? LOLX!!! one of he brand that Audiophile avoidl!!! i will stick to my samsung and sony instead lolx... I am an android user. hahaha

  24. Colm O'Donnell

    Colm O'DonnellHace 12 días

    I mean, they are owned by apple no shit they are gonna use a lightning port?

  25. Professor RiXteR

    Professor RiXteRHace 14 días

    btw just sayn that you can change the eq on the music app itself instead of the buds soooo yea..

  26. Bluetempo

    BluetempoHace 15 días

    Guy into hardware, which is rare among ESreporter channels, labels Powerbeats Pro as a GOOD pair of headphones FOR ATHLETES. I'm buying.

  27. Panyaphong Paisanpan

    Panyaphong PaisanpanHace 15 días

    I'm dead at 2:40

  28. Irrespons

    IrresponsHace 15 días

    Got these now, think many sportbrands dont want to isolate too much noice for joggers etc.

  29. Why ;

    Why ;Hace 16 días

    I’m listening with the old powerbeats wireless

  30. Dolla12593

    Dolla12593Hace 17 días

    No such thing as too Heavy on the bass

  31. mattchoo

    mattchooHace 19 días

    U guys prob got brain damage from trying to get it off

  32. Matthew Rico

    Matthew RicoHace 19 días

    Deadass dropped them twice on carpet now they dont even charge or reset

  33. Michael Roy

    Michael RoyHace 20 días

    how was the call quality

  34. sloth1992

    sloth1992Hace 23 días

    I love extra bass!

  35. Ben Lim

    Ben LimHace 24 días

    There is a native Apple Beats app for Android.

  36. yut suneki

    yut sunekiHace 25 días

    Can you review Sony's new earbuds, WF1000XM3? Thank you

  37. somebody13324

    somebody13324Hace 25 días

    Can't believe I'm actually really considering buying beats

  38. Humam Haitham

    Humam HaithamHace 27 días

    make a review on sony WF-1000MX3

  39. Reswanth Pillai

    Reswanth PillaiHace 28 días

    Shoulda bought an iphoooooone😂😂

  40. Wazeed Naeem

    Wazeed NaeemHace un mes

    Do the sennheiser momentum

  41. Komolhasan Rabby

    Komolhasan RabbyHace un mes

    I am totally disappointed with this product.. beats is missing its beat this time

  42. Ivan Übermensch

    Ivan ÜbermenschHace un mes

    Cargo pants aren’t a thing anymore?! What about cargo shorts? First my jean shorts, now this?!!

  43. Elijah Lucero

    Elijah LuceroHace un mes

    This review is crap. Apple didn’t do anything crazy here. If your an athlete or just like working out to music, get Jaybirds , there way better and more sweat resistance and leagues ahead in audio quality that these PowerBeats pros. I bought the pro’s and was thoroughly disappointed and they were my first beats I ever bought. I went back got a refund and got Jaybirds and it was night and day and also you can adjust the low, mids, and high settings as well. And you can also check out other people’s audio settings and download them to your Jaybirds wirelessly. Also it has IPX7 sweat and water protection, so if your working out crazily or if water gets on them it isn’t even an issue. Beats are a joke it’s only popular because of the brand name that there made “By Dre”. Don’t fall for this review and spend 250 dollars. Instead get the superior Jaybird workout earbuds at only 110$ for the X4 model.

  44. Cordell Frank

    Cordell FrankHace un mes

    Just got my for box price

  45. itfben

    itfbenHace un mes

    This is the first in 6 reviews that I have seen which interesting pointed out these PowerBeats don't show up in Apple's "FIND MY..."

  46. slashtiger1

    slashtiger1Hace un mes

    Senheiser Momentum review if you please...!

  47. King Saya

    King SayaHace un mes

    That case will fit in your pocket if your a fat ass like me

  48. T HOFF

    T HOFFHace un mes

    Senn MTWs are insanely good. Just go for the best. I am a headphone junkie with almost all of these and for in ears, no comparison. They are THE best.

  49. George Ft

    George FtHace un mes

    Hi all , i would like to ask if there is any possibility of replacement the battery after 2 years ( i am asking because i saw on beats official site that you can replace the battery for 70 dollars ) Thank you

  50. yooser naime

    yooser naimeHace un mes

    Drat! Apple ownership prevents me from buying these.

  51. A.95 !!

    A.95 !!Hace un mes

    Am I the only one who is experiencing this problem? I bought this pair of headphones, and I noticed that there’s a problem with them while I am working out. The problem was with the connectivity. They disconnect for 2 to 3 seconds. Also, the sound sometimes changes, and it feels like it is coming from a deep place. I returned them to Apple and get new ones, and still the problem is there with the second pair of headphones.

  52. vince Sny sny

    vince Sny snyHace un mes

    No u can download the beats app and u see evertjing. Haha

  53. Phatec

    PhatecHace un mes

    My Powerbeats pro’s are so comfortable I sometimes forget I’m wearing them.

  54. NinjaBacon Pro

    NinjaBacon ProHace un mes

    Rilys a she?

  55. kurgan

    kurganHace un mes

    black is always bigger than white :)

  56. Pandoran Bias

    Pandoran BiasHace un mes

    Sadly i can't wear any earbuds that have hooks. I have extra cartilage that makes a tiny spike on the back of my ear. It sucks.

  57. Yazen Al gheithy

    Yazen Al gheithyHace un mes

    I miss polar peak

  58. weranbutteroverthedeadbunny**throughVenus//

    weranbutteroverthedeadbunny**throughVenus//Hace un mes

    anyone use these for full marathon or half ultra 50k running before?

  59. iTsBlue

    iTsBlueHace un mes

    I want one

  60. Joey

    JoeyHace un mes

    Wow... just found your channel. It's awesome. Great job dude! Thank you and Congratulations!!

  61. Abraham Varghese

    Abraham VargheseHace un mes

    which 3rd party app(battery percentage) works for android.. pls advise

  62. Mads Poulsen MP

    Mads Poulsen MPHace un mes

    @Abraham Varghese it's just Calles Beats in the Play Store.

  63. Abraham Varghese

    Abraham VargheseHace un mes

    @Mads Poulsen MP could you please post the link to that app here ?

  64. Mads Poulsen MP

    Mads Poulsen MPHace un mes

    Beats own app Calles beats

  65. Zegar safi

    Zegar safiHace un mes

    My airpods is just broke now

  66. Liam Branton

    Liam BrantonHace un mes

    You had me until you said lightning port

  67. GetAGrip

    GetAGripHace un mes

    .... I like cargo pants.

  68. Findoherty0697

    Findoherty0697Hace un mes

    5:31 VERY true Also love the way you used the Apple font

  69. fredEVOIX

    fredEVOIXHace un mes

    non hook earbuds don't stay 5min in my ears momentum would probably last 5s so interesting to me

  70. Lucian Woolley

    Lucian WoolleyHace un mes

    You can download the beats app on android to see battery percentage In a similar way as an iOS device but doesn't conect the same

  71. Lucas Sciacchitano

    Lucas SciacchitanoHace un mes

    Material irritates the skin

  72. Joe Momma

    Joe MommaHace un mes

    I have the AirPods and those are fuckin nice. I’m gonna go buy me a pair