Apple iPhone Fold v2, iPhone 11 & AirPower Leaks!


  1. EverythingApplePro

    EverythingAppleProHace 2 meses

    Really appreciate your support guys, donate and junked/unneeded old tech to address in description. Will even pay for shipping if you leave your paypal inside. Thanks!

  2. Thaís Vieira

    Thaís VieiraHace 2 meses

    Wanting so bad an iphone but here in Brazil it's worth more than 7 times the minimum wage, you guys should send one of your unwanted iphones to me, and I would pay for shipping as well... :/

  3. Nume Fals

    Nume FalsHace 2 meses

    Enjoy your Airpower.

  4. 정희섭

    정희섭Hace 2 meses

    EverythingApplePro ㄹ814838193₩8584757484844744473733

  5. Reecer Peecer 833

    Reecer Peecer 833Hace 2 meses

    I have a IPhone 5 with no screen and an iPod touch 4th gen with no screen

  6. Preying Mantra

    Preying MantraHace 2 meses


  7. Logan Johnson

    Logan JohnsonHace un día

    i know for a fact it was not mine

  8. Logan Johnson

    Logan JohnsonHace un día

    your apple watch went off lol

  9. sanket jare

    sanket jareHace 3 días

    useless copycat apple copy ideas from all and launch them as they invented them.....

  10. Ryan Dixon

    Ryan DixonHace 11 días

    I have a broken iPhone 1 ,5 and a first generation iPad but I can’t cause I don’t know what’s on it cause it’s not mine but it’s in my house

  11. EngiNetion

    EngiNetionHace 11 días

    WOW A 10000$ TABLET!!!

  12. ExpertCobra1911

    ExpertCobra1911Hace 20 días

    It should be detachable so that the line problem wouldn’t be a thing, although both sides would have to be functional by themselves, and both having the same or different accounts, basically meaning it could supply as 2 phones, or 1 iPad.

  13. Hugo

    HugoHace 25 días

    Does I use wireless charging?

  14. MBA Studios

    MBA StudiosHace 26 días

    Apple iFold would fit better

  15. Kay Hud

    Kay HudHace 26 días

    I'm not a huge Apple fan but when they do a fold device if ever " we know how long it took to make a phablet size on phone" I think they'll nail at first attempt! IJS

  16. Serious Smashing

    Serious SmashingHace 29 días

    Dang, is it just me or technology to far. I’m perfectly fine with my iPhone 7. It is great. As a iPad I use my Air 3. As a computer I use a Chrome Book, so my “Fairly old” technology is livable.

  17. Tanner Phelps

    Tanner PhelpsHace un mes

    Keep us updated on your coffee shop! I live in the Portland area!

  18. Nel Karpik

    Nel KarpikHace un mes

    I don’t like the fold because if you hold it then you on accident can press something on the screen

  19. Abby10Cupcake

    Abby10CupcakeHace un mes

    I don’t want a phone that folds

  20. Mohammed Your radical broseph

    Mohammed Your radical brosephHace un mes

    When the iphone fold is folded i noticed there is a square angle how about you make it curved

  21. Tasneema Rahman

    Tasneema RahmanHace un mes

    Now a day's apple is copying Samsung

  22. Amalia Floyd

    Amalia FloydHace un mes

    Flip phones got old now apple and Samsung are bringing them back

  23. Khyra A

    Khyra AHace un mes


  24. Isak - Roblox and more!

    Isak - Roblox and more!Hace un mes

    Basically an iPhone X that can fold into an iPad..

  25. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit KumarHace un mes

  26. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit KumarHace un mes

  27. Subscribe to me for no reason Or your gay

    Subscribe to me for no reason Or your gayHace un mes

    I would never buy this😭😭

  28. Mayor

    MayorHace un mes


  29. Avik Niyogi

    Avik NiyogiHace un mes

    Maybe folded iPhones are not what we need.. What if we need is stretchable iPhones.. what if we can stretch the display to iPad mini sizes?

  30. Daniel Moreno

    Daniel MorenoHace un mes

    lol i love talking about imaginary porducts

  31. Daniel Roybal

    Daniel RoybalHace un mes

    I am a samsung lover, but tbh this fold look bomb

  32. Mr100irvin

    Mr100irvinHace un mes

    Apple keeps the notch = I quit apple 💯

  33. Mitchell Reichman

    Mitchell ReichmanHace un mes

    Where was the iPhone fold v2????

  34. Kate N9341

    Kate N9341Hace un mes


  35. marcel pereira

    marcel pereiraHace un mes


    BHERIYAAHace un mes

    can you send me an iphone.. i dont have money to buy an iphone cuz its very costly..for me..and will never be able to my lifetime..

  37. Kiki Tay

    Kiki TayHace un mes

    Apple is no longer Apple.. It sounds exciting but yeah..

  38. ride the buss gain trust turn to dust

    ride the buss gain trust turn to dustHace un mes

    V2 coz of the iPhone 6 bent in half

  39. Imoni

    ImoniHace un mes

    The triple lens design is awesome. I love it. It would be cool on iPhone SE 2( SE-X) as well

  40. Nikola Gnjatic

    Nikola GnjaticHace un mes

    I think smasung will sue apple because they copied the samsung fold

  41. FreethinkingSecularist

    FreethinkingSecularistHace un mes

    For me the only reason I would want a fold out phone would be for watching videos and movies bigger. So, it seems to me that the 9:16 ratio would make the most sense in the large size rather than in the folded size. Please make a device like that and I am sold.

  42. Memes Unlimited

    Memes UnlimitedHace un mes

    I would love to get this phone when it comes out but I researched it and it’s dead expensive 😔

  43. Kris Alexander

    Kris AlexanderHace un mes

    Wait. I have been watching you for years mostly in my jailbreaking days and had no idea you are in the PNW. Looks like in the same town. So funny!

  44. Marcel Big

    Marcel BigHace un mes

    this boy is a shit a sucker and a liar!

  45. Shiqiri avni

    Shiqiri avniHace un mes


  46. B W

    B WHace un mes

    Where’s your galaxy fold review?

  47. BurntFist

    BurntFistHace un mes

    I like your glitch transitions! I wish you many blessings on your coffee shop☕️

  48. Bogdan Nistor

    Bogdan NistorHace un mes

    Nice desain

  49. IVAN YT

    IVAN YTHace un mes

    Samsung: peel the screen protector u ruin ur fold Apple: screengate


    BHARAT GAMINGHace un mes

    Bad luck guys😭 If samsung has price the fold at $1500...Now apple going to keep it more than $2500😞😞

  51. Saharish Saeed

    Saharish SaeedHace un mes

    I have high expectations for this foldable phone. Samsung released one too and started to make cracks

  52. Alexis Gomez

    Alexis GomezHace un mes

    Who the fuck wants foldable phones it’s a stupid concept, Samsung failed badly



    To late Samsung did it already done😘 apple can quit now bye.

  54. Infinity And Beyond Gaming

    Infinity And Beyond GamingHace 2 meses


  55. Muhammed Kurtluk

    Muhammed KurtlukHace 2 meses

    Hahahaha I know that you know that is not gonna happen

  56. TRASH YT

    TRASH YTHace 2 meses

    Is apple does that then samsung will sue them

  57. AJ Montes De Oca

    AJ Montes De OcaHace 2 meses

    Phone fake

  58. Gamer Of The Galaxy

    Gamer Of The GalaxyHace 2 meses

    And I literally just got my new iPhone X and then I see this... fuck u Apple... jk I love u

  59. Claire Huttle

    Claire HuttleHace 2 meses

    Looks like a brick

  60. ruzzell907

    ruzzell907Hace 2 meses

    Apple: We'd like to order 2 million of 7" foldable displays. Samsung: Yes, we can do that, but it's going to cost you more and it will take a little bit longer to manufacture and deliver. (2 years later) Apple: Introducing the Apple Fold. Starting price is $3000. Apple: That LG OLED manufacturing plant can't come fast enough.

  61. AtomicAl4

    AtomicAl4Hace 2 meses

    They could call it the iFold

  62. Tha CameraGod

    Tha CameraGodHace 2 meses

    Android: New Advanced Features New Style Low Price range compatible with 90% of modern technology today Newer android devices like the galaxy s8 and the pixel batteries last up to 3 days with medium usage on one charge Apple : Same Phone as last year No New Features Overhyped product Expensive Pricerange. Always plugged into an outlet

  63. Organic Rice

    Organic RiceHace 2 meses

    Android did This a long time ago

  64. Need For Speed

    Need For SpeedHace 2 meses

    Apple copying samsung

  65. Hunter Holmes

    Hunter HolmesHace 2 meses

    Rip airpower

  66. Mario Lukanov

    Mario LukanovHace 2 meses


  67. Mario Lukanov

    Mario LukanovHace 2 meses

    ​@t Phone Photography Tricks - Trick Photography With Your Iphone!

  68. Mario Lukanov

    Mario LukanovHace 2 meses

    ​@t Phone Photography Tricks - Trick Photography With Your Iphone!

  69. Retrobellite

    RetrobelliteHace 2 meses


  70. Street Dweller

    Street DwellerHace 2 meses

    £3000 for the new iPhone to make up on the loss of sales on the rubbish iPhone X, Xs , Xs max and the xshite. Apple gone down hill since the loss of Jobs.

  71. Sebastian Ivan

    Sebastian IvanHace 2 meses

    I have an broken iPhone 6

  72. Ben Love

    Ben LoveHace 2 meses

    foldable phones seem a bit gimmicky to me, do we really need them?

  73. Zack

    ZackHace 2 meses

    Agreed. Seems more like a vision of technology than actually useful.

  74. trash.mp2

    trash.mp2Hace 2 meses

    To be honest, I prefer this one over the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The fact that the screen the bezel ratio on the outer screen is so much bigger, gives so much more benefit.

  75. Crackle Cracker

    Crackle CrackerHace 2 meses

    Congrats on the cafe!! Hope everything goes great!

  76. xTeal

    xTealHace 2 meses

    Can't wait for the iPhone 15. With about 30 cameras.

  77. GIFTS ent

    GIFTS entHace 2 meses

    Where do I get ur wallpaper???

  78. asiankid902

    asiankid902Hace 2 meses

    Hopefully that notch is gone, and put pop up motorized cameras and face Id sensor.

  79. Maygan Lukeski

    Maygan LukeskiHace 2 meses

    I think the iPhone 9 is coming out this year. (No hate. That isn’t what this is meant to be) I heard that the iPhone 9 is gonna have a camera you can angle and things like that. The 10 should be coming out in 2020, which would mean the 11’s release would be in 2021.

  80. Dominique Lawson

    Dominique LawsonHace 2 meses

    Uncreative bitches had to steal samsungs idea an still charge us far more for someone else’s design.

  81. StrikerDubzGaming

    StrikerDubzGamingHace 2 meses

    I hope this never happens

  82. Natalya Clark

    Natalya ClarkHace 2 meses

    Apple could of did better with the airpods 2

  83. Iedereen Ze Moeder

    Iedereen Ze MoederHace 2 meses

    Good luck with your coffee shop

  84. Obaid_243

    Obaid_243Hace 2 meses

    The square lens looks like trash lol


    JOSEPH KWEITSUHace 2 meses

    please stop copying SAMSUNG'S design for another company, let them find their own design just like SAMSUNG:FOLDS IN HUAWEI:FOLDS OUT APPLE:FOLDS HOW?

  86. Abdab JC

    Abdab JCHace 2 meses

    Are u reading my comment😳😋

  87. Dalton Kelly

    Dalton KellyHace 2 meses


  88. Dinesh Nalawade

    Dinesh NalawadeHace 2 meses

    Reyli ameging phon bhae mere liye mangvale na pilizz

  89. alan lee

    alan leeHace 2 meses

    RIP airpower

  90. Adel Alblushi

    Adel AlblushiHace 2 meses


  91. Mad Max

    Mad MaxHace 2 meses

    iphone/ipad...hybrid.......well samsung made that......already.....there foldable phone sukz to say but there ahead of the game.....

  92. meds

    medsHace 2 meses

    you must look like a goose airpad cancelled ...typical apple ...

  93. Leshaun Thomas

    Leshaun ThomasHace 2 meses

    I appreciate yet another faith based design from passionate apple user's....dreams are a powerful thing. But that Apple credit card will finally make those users true believers....LMAO

  94. Love Lanaa

    Love LanaaHace 2 meses

    Dope! Congratulations on the new business move 🎉

  95. Sarah Hale

    Sarah HaleHace 2 meses

    Could we send iPads?

  96. Jackson Williams

    Jackson WilliamsHace 2 meses

    RIP AirPower 😢

  97. Nano Nekk

    Nano NekkHace 2 meses


  98. Nano Nekk

    Nano NekkHace 2 meses

    Lol they just canceled it lol

  99. thicc waffle

    thicc waffleHace 2 meses

    Imagine Apple actualy does it, but... They put a headphone Jack

  100. Bean The Alpaca

    Bean The AlpacaHace un mes

    dont get ahead of yourselves

  101. Menlo242 P

    Menlo242 PHace 2 meses

    I have the apple fold. It is cool but, I have never heard it called the fold I think I got the MacBook. But, the name could be wrong mine is a lot bigger though

  102. James Evans

    James EvansHace 2 meses

    Folding will be right up there with 3D-touch...... Awful idea

  103. Safwan Khan

    Safwan KhanHace 2 meses

    sucks airpower is canceled


    ABDUL WAHIDHace 2 meses

    First Apple make there phone fast charging and put more battery capacity.

  105. Michael Buckley

    Michael BuckleyHace 2 meses

    Well, airpower is no more, straight from Apple themselves. Meanwhile, Samsung is already onto wireless quick charge 2.0 which is barely slower than a wired charge. My heart is with you Apple fans!


    JOSEPH KWEITSUHace 2 meses

    Then thats your phone not my or anybody's

  107. joseph siragusa

    joseph siragusaHace 2 meses

    USB-C to lightning is the dumbest bs I've ever seen. If you're going to make a USB-C on one end just put the port on the phone. Fuck you Apple

  108. godliness god

    godliness godHace 2 meses

    Best of luck for coffee shop bro