APOSTLE (2018) Ending Explained


  1. pizza junge dönerhaus

    pizza junge dönerhausHace un día

    Only dissliked because i couldnt watch it :(

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  3. wut a waste of time

    wut a waste of timeHace 5 días

    Can you please get subtitles, im deaf

  4. SHOTZ

    SHOTZHace 5 días

    Was it just me or did this movie make no sense

  5. Hayden Mclean

    Hayden McleanHace 5 días

    *Guts breaths heavy*

  6. Chris Burkert

    Chris BurkertHace 5 días

    "poking her with sticks and stuff which is pretty terrible" LOL

  7. jaxxx

    jaxxxHace 7 días

    Doubt: aren't Fione, Jeremy and Andrea cousins? Since Malcolm, Quinn and Frank are brothers.

  8. Andy McNicholas

    Andy McNicholasHace 8 días

    The old woman/godess is not meant to be mother nature, she is supposed to be a version of an Irish deity. Celtic Paganism man, look it up. Explanation.

  9. no u

    no uHace 9 días

    We need guts out here

  10. idontcare xll

    idontcare xllHace 9 días

    this movie was actually autistic

  11. Jj Mmm

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    No taxes? Shiiiii

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  13. Rapportus5

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    How does somebody come up with this crazy ass shit ahha

  14. Undead Equestrian Gamer

    Undead Equestrian GamerHace 11 días

    The t in Apostle in the begin looking like an old setting slider

  15. Robert Downey Jr

    Robert Downey JrHace 12 días

    What a lovely cultist family village people Gives blood to women

  16. dysmiguel

    dysmiguelHace 17 días

    "THIS WORLD HAS TAKEN SO MUCH FROM ME". Movie was great i highly recommend it 9/10. The Ending scene in Jen & Tom makes me emotional.

  17. dear god why

    dear god whyHace 17 días

    A good little tweak in the title of this video would be changing the "T" in apostle to a "t"

  18. Jedzyah Thompson

    Jedzyah ThompsonHace 17 días

    VHS 2

  19. Cherry Bomb

    Cherry BombHace 18 días

    this movie has" the witch "vibes

  20. Dante: Wielder of Movies, Shows, and Games

    Dante: Wielder of Movies, Shows, and GamesHace 19 días

    Have you ever seen the 1983 classic WARGAMES with Matthew Broderick if you have you might wanna do a review on that but if you haven't I highly recommend you give it a look!!!

  21. Jessica Ryder

    Jessica RyderHace 20 días

    This movie was incredibly disappointing.

  22. Noah Foster

    Noah FosterHace 21 un día

    This movie reminded me of THE RITUAL.

  23. Kiko Galaxy

    Kiko GalaxyHace 23 días

    Great ending, the villain got karma and stuff happened

  24. Afridi Rafi

    Afridi RafiHace 24 días

    wut? was that good ending?

  25. Taab Khan4741

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  26. Henry Stanhope

    Henry StanhopeHace 25 días

    Religious horror movies r like the best Anyone else??

  27. Clean Cut Construction Comp.

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    Love it, 🤫🤫

  28. Emanuel F.

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    Outcast 2

  29. João Ferreira

    João FerreiraHace un mes

    16min recap and 1 min explaining...


    MARIAN ȘERBANHace un mes

    This movie is some kind of Outlast

  31. Red_Devil

    Red_DevilHace un mes

    this is like the wicker man Right?

  32. M K

    M KHace un mes

    He did not loose his faith, he took it upon him to do the right thing in this debacle. Thats why i think its the best scene, as the burning cross falls another one glows on Henry. Great scene also is when the leader is trying to lure him out, he not just prays, this time he cast aways the drugs and she is spared. This movie really was one of the best that came out recently.

  33. Stuart Van Der Merwe

    Stuart Van Der MerweHace un mes

    Apostle has some similarities to Wicca Man. Being on an isolated island being one of them.

  34. Jade B

    Jade BHace un mes

    Reminds me of the Oasis from Fallout 3 a little.

  35. Julian Fern

    Julian FernHace un mes

    This movie was surprisingly pretty great, and the overall message was nice. How peoples’ selfish and ignorant actions destroy and corrupt the nature around them but also bring their own doom.

  36. Li Nea

    Li NeaHace un mes

    I feel bad for the Goddess, she have been capture for so long and have to deal with those violent bastard and drink blood that she doesn’t like until she told Thomas to free her which is....burning to dead....

  37. Duolingo Bird

    Duolingo BirdHace un mes

    Apostle means something like apprentice

  38. sounak mallik

    sounak mallikHace un mes

    See...Even gods aren't safe from human....

  39. Wicked play

    Wicked playHace un mes

    I hate this movie. it's so messed up

  40. higher mental

    higher mentalHace un mes

    should've just watched your video instead of the whole movie which lasted 2 hours ?:D

  41. higher mental

    higher mentalHace un mes

    I love laybon my back missnarie postion, wrapp my silky shaved feminine shape legs around her while she between mynlegs hold each other tight while we kiss deeply, while she is deep in side men.o god thats intense.I do not need to have frontbstimmlatio just back.

  42. IronVigilance

    IronVigilanceHace un mes

    I think the "goddess" was an ordinary woman who gained her powers the same way Thomas did, and the mantle of being a deity on the island is passed down from person to person.

  43. higher mental

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  44. john paul

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    Summary of apostle.

  45. vazak11

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    Wow cool!

  46. Reaber Saadi

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    Shitty movie want my 2 hours back the actor was terrible

  47. Evangiel 13

    Evangiel 13Hace un mes

    I love the idea.

  48. Richard Famighetti

    Richard FamighettiHace un mes

    This looks like a good movie

  49. Corrupted Cyborg

    Corrupted CyborgHace 2 meses

    I don't know why but I suddenly want to write a book about a God which is also an atheist.

  50. genericyoutuber 89

    genericyoutuber 89Hace 2 meses

    15:15 28 stab wounds!

  51. positive mental attitude

    positive mental attitudeHace 2 meses

    0:43 zoidburge

  52. LaddRusso91

    LaddRusso91Hace 2 meses

    This is the 3rd video that's mostly a summary of the movie. I was hoping for an opinion, some commentary or a new perspective on the movie.

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  54. Alan Smithee

    Alan SmitheeHace 2 meses

    These are not even explanations they are just plot outlines

  55. Alan Smithee

    Alan SmitheeHace 2 meses

    Is it just me or was this movie really bright?

  56. Nikki K.

    Nikki K.Hace 2 meses

    At 0:30, the cross flipping from being upside down reminded me of the Outlast 2 trailer.

  57. Blockman Go TRDHarvey

    Blockman Go TRDHarveyHace 2 meses

    An ugly model won guess why He will kill the judge is dey dont let heme win

  58. Chili Women

    Chili WomenHace 2 meses

    That's some good horror

  59. PopTobi 13

    PopTobi 13Hace 2 meses

    This movie looks good

  60. ZX Spectrum

    ZX SpectrumHace 2 meses

    Finally a religon based movie that doesn't feign "oppression" from atheists or some shit, but rather comments on inter-faith violence, and perverse worship

  61. JonnyDarko602

    JonnyDarko602Hace 2 meses

    Apostle was much better than wicker man

  62. Anji Barrett-Chalk

    Anji Barrett-ChalkHace 2 meses

    I mean, it was basically a Welsh version of the Wicker Man but I'm not complaining, we got a somewhat bittersweet ending compared to the Wicker Man, which is nice

  63. Kyle Walker

    Kyle WalkerHace 2 meses

    I wanted to watch the ending explained not a synopses of the whole film..

  64. 1 1

    1 1Hace 2 meses

    Who else thought they stole this premise from fallout 3

  65. maya tr

    maya trHace 2 meses

    please do 1408

  66. Asd Kjh

    Asd KjhHace 2 meses

    I like the way how anglosaxons fabricating their mitologies as in reality they have none. They are worst than Chinese od western World.

  67. emkato21

    emkato21Hace 2 meses

    never and i mean NEVER has a scene from a movie caused me to puke but the scene with Jeremy getting murdered made me run to the kicthen sink and puke. it was so hard to watch , which im sure was the point. you could even hear his skull cracking all asmr like and when the dude was like "ive been wanting this" it was just so evil i couldnt handle it. i just watched this last night and cant get it out of my head. b r u h.

  68. Seokjin Kim

    Seokjin KimHace 2 meses

    lmao you have no idea what else evil out there has in store for you and your gut. That scene is softcore

  69. IDont LikeTraps

    IDont LikeTrapsHace 2 meses

    Lesson learned folks...send in the SAS

  70. Insert Channel name

    Insert Channel nameHace 2 meses

    So it was a good ending?

  71. Eddie C.

    Eddie C.Hace 2 meses

    He looks like Illenium

  72. zerocool gonna hack u

    zerocool gonna hack uHace 2 meses

    Nigga...... u did not show the scene were that White dude gets a drill to his fucking skull and that Guy just stands there and use it While People just watch it!!!!!!!!! Jesus christ that poor man No one shuld go like that!!!!!!!!

  73. RickThorne1

    RickThorne1Hace 2 meses

    ''The puzzle'' lol

  74. breadordecide

    breadordecideHace 2 meses

    The opening is alot like bioshock. The rest is wickermanesque,

  75. ZSandmann

    ZSandmannHace 2 meses

    Dan Stevens is such an underrated actor.

  76. old english clocks 1640 to 1700

    old english clocks 1640 to 1700Hace 2 meses

    Stunning piece of film making. 5 STARS +

  77. Bob Phillips

    Bob PhillipsHace 2 meses

    Bloodborne as fuck

  78. yeety boi

    yeety boiHace 2 meses

    5:27 **HIV intesifies**

  79. BearNutsFan

    BearNutsFanHace 2 meses

    Finally a good ending

  80. Not Sure

    Not SureHace 2 meses

    This movie seems too brutal for me with no payoff. I hate seeing a shit load of good people get fucked up over retarded ideologies

  81. Ryohga

    RyohgaHace 2 meses

    this is one of the best fucked up movies that Ive ever watched. The thrill,the mystery, the gore, the twist, the tension, the sex omg

  82. Buttafinga Vlogs

    Buttafinga VlogsHace 2 meses

    Religious stuff kinda reminds me of far cry 5

  83. Tavito91

    Tavito91Hace 2 meses

    @FOUNDFLIX please do the THE LOVED ONES no one has ever done a review

  84. Kaharson Straw

    Kaharson StrawHace 2 meses

    Sounds like communism

  85. Gilly 4fun

    Gilly 4funHace 2 meses

    Communist scum

  86. ТSM-Gopn1k101

    ТSM-Gopn1k101Hace 2 meses

    At least this time it is goo d ending for character

  87. Lonely Heart Productions

    Lonely Heart ProductionsHace 2 meses

    Even though I just watched a video that explains everything that happens in the movie, I will watch it nonetheless. It does seem really cool and interesting. And I love that idea that the god isn't a malevolent one, but one whose worshippers misunderstood.

  88. Jon the Misunderstood

    Jon the MisunderstoodHace 2 meses

    You just saved my money, our hero!

  89. AbtafTv

    AbtafTvHace 2 meses

    No taxes, Everyone equal. I smell commies

  90. LeDeskripshun

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    Door in the floor? Where is Chael Sonnen when you need him

  91. Lord Megatron

    Lord MegatronHace 2 meses

    Oh nice! Thank you for the 1.5k likes!

  92. Rayne Shadow

    Rayne ShadowHace 2 meses

    Its like they turned the Goddess into a drug addict. She gets corrupted and addicted to the blood and even though she doesn't want it she is dependent on it. They force her to use it so she can never fully recover. It gives her a pick me up but we all know drugs are bad on the body so the land gets corrupted with her sickness.

  93. Daniel Lassila

    Daniel LassilaHace 2 meses

    I like movies but i hate like watching them they take too long

  94. stfu julia

    stfu juliaHace 2 meses

    Please do zodiac (2007) pleaseeeee

  95. Random GamergirlXooX

    Random GamergirlXooXHace 2 meses

    I loved the way of life on the island n before everything went downhill I wanted to live on the island

  96. Sm0k3tur1

    Sm0k3tur1Hace 2 meses

    The ending to this is pretty sweet Malcom and Thomas can just be chill and make the island really cool.

  97. King O Squids

    King O SquidsHace 2 meses

    Sounds like a HP Lovecraft story

  98. Nathan Mitchell

    Nathan MitchellHace 2 meses

    I always watch these cause I’m not allowed to watch horror movies cause the “devil wants to get inside me”

  99. Dener Witt

    Dener WittHace 2 meses

    ye, I guess becoming a god kinda must restore your faith just kinda

  100. Big Boss

    Big BossHace 2 meses

    Anyone else think this is like Far Cry 5

  101. Mike signs

    Mike signsHace 3 meses

    What was the other version of the goddess mean

  102. dhruba narzary

    dhruba narzaryHace 3 meses

    I cried when Jeremy was killed in the table, while drilling hole inside his skull, his voice sunk really really deep into my heart, it crambled, I am never watching cult movie's again 😥😥