APOSTLE (2018) Ending Explained


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    0:43 zoidburge

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    This is the 3rd video that's mostly a summary of the movie. I was hoping for an opinion, some commentary or a new perspective on the movie.

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    These are not even explanations they are just plot outlines

  5. Alan Smithee

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    Is it just me or was this movie really bright?

  6. Nikki K.

    Nikki K.Hace 2 días

    At 0:30, the cross flipping from being upside down reminded me of the Outlast 2 trailer.

  7. Rheanne Soller

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    An ugly model won guess why He will kill the judge is dey dont let heme win

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    That's some good horror

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    This movie looks good

  10. ZX Spectrum

    ZX SpectrumHace 6 días

    Finally a religon based movie that doesn't feign "oppression" from atheists or some shit, but rather comments on inter-faith violence, and perverse worship

  11. JonnyDarko602

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    Apostle was much better than wicker man

  12. Anji Barrett-Chalk

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    I mean, it was basically a Welsh version of the Wicker Man but I'm not complaining, we got a somewhat bittersweet ending compared to the Wicker Man, which is nice

  13. Kyle Walker

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    I wanted to watch the ending explained not a synopses of the whole film..

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    Who else thought they stole this premise from fallout 3

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    please do 1408

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    I like the way how anglosaxons fabricating their mitologies as in reality they have none. They are worst than Chinese od western World.

  17. emkato21

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    never and i mean NEVER has a scene from a movie caused me to puke but the scene with Jeremy getting murdered made me run to the kicthen sink and puke. it was so hard to watch , which im sure was the point. you could even hear his skull cracking all asmr like and when the dude was like "ive been wanting this" it was just so evil i couldnt handle it. i just watched this last night and cant get it out of my head. b r u h.

  18. Seokjin Kim

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    lmao you have no idea what else evil out there has in store for you and your gut. That scene is softcore

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    Lesson learned folks...send in the SAS

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    So it was a good ending?

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    He looks like Illenium

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    Nigga...... u did not show the scene were that White dude gets a drill to his fucking skull and that Guy just stands there and use it While People just watch it!!!!!!!!! Jesus christ that poor man No one shuld go like that!!!!!!!!

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    ''The puzzle'' lol

  24. breadordecide

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    The opening is alot like bioshock. The rest is wickermanesque,

  25. ZSandmann

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    Dan Stevens is such an underrated actor.

  26. old english clocks 1640 to 1700

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    Stunning piece of film making. 5 STARS +

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    Bloodborne as fuck

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    5:27 **HIV intesifies**

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    Finally a good ending

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    This movie seems too brutal for me with no payoff. I hate seeing a shit load of good people get fucked up over retarded ideologies

  31. Ryohga

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    this is one of the best fucked up movies that Ive ever watched. The thrill,the mystery, the gore, the twist, the tension, the sex omg

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    Religious stuff kinda reminds me of far cry 5

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    @FOUNDFLIX please do the THE LOVED ONES no one has ever done a review

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    Sounds like communism

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    Communist scum

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    At least this time it is goo d ending for character

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    Even though I just watched a video that explains everything that happens in the movie, I will watch it nonetheless. It does seem really cool and interesting. And I love that idea that the god isn't a malevolent one, but one whose worshippers misunderstood.

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    You just saved my money, our hero!

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    No taxes, Everyone equal. I smell commies

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    Door in the floor? Where is Chael Sonnen when you need him

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    Oh nice! Thank you for the 1.5k likes!

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    You just narrated the whole movie. With minimal explanation of symbolism or anything. Stop wasting people's time.

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    +KRG Diablo if the title was "narrating a movie" i wouldnt have watched it. Simple as that.

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    If you don't like his videos you don't have to watch them or comment on them.

  45. Rayne Shadow

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    Its like they turned the Goddess into a drug addict. She gets corrupted and addicted to the blood and even though she doesn't want it she is dependent on it. They force her to use it so she can never fully recover. It gives her a pick me up but we all know drugs are bad on the body so the land gets corrupted with her sickness.

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    I like movies but i hate like watching them they take too long

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    Please do zodiac (2007) pleaseeeee

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    I loved the way of life on the island n before everything went downhill I wanted to live on the island

  49. Sm0k3tur1

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    The ending to this is pretty sweet Malcom and Thomas can just be chill and make the island really cool.

  50. King O Squids

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    Sounds like a HP Lovecraft story

  51. Nathan Mitchell

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    I always watch these cause I’m not allowed to watch horror movies cause the “devil wants to get inside me”

  52. Dener Witt

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    ye, I guess becoming a god kinda must restore your faith just kinda

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    Anyone else think this is like Far Cry 5

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    What was the other version of the goddess mean

  55. dhruba narzary

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    I cried when Jeremy was killed in the table, while drilling hole inside his skull, his voice sunk really really deep into my heart, it crambled, I am never watching cult movie's again 😥😥

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    amazing explination!1

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    But you didn't explain the ending..... all you did was tell the plot of the movie. Disappointing.

  58. gp g

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    just like moosliimz .... twisting what the book actually says...in to voilence..teachings.

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    Father nature

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    Horrible film with a stupid ending as usual for new horror films.

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    What were the words the goddess whispered at the end

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    Anyone else getting" Rusty Lake : Paradise" vibes??

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    Now that you mention it

  65. Tj H

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    14:55 - with TWO girls, wouldn't that plan SIMPLY not have enough babies/time? like, even if you have the girls have babies back 2 back, you gotta wait 9months for one "set of babies". You can't impregnate an already pregnant woman (well, TECHNICALLY this CAN happen but it's super rare and wouldn't work anyways). So even if you manage to have like twins or triplets every time that's maybe 4-6 babies every 9 months? If all that blood, every single day wasn't even close to being enough (as the case seems to be), how is 4 babies every 9 mths gonna make a difference? That's way less blood than one extra person on the island would end up giving.

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    I love these spoilers!

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    This realy reminds me of Darkwood

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    Well damn

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    Yo bro. This channel is dope

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    please make a movie explanation for Possum

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    17min to say, he replaces her at the end of the movie by becoming the nutrient for the next generation.

  72. Rollin' High

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    This was one of those movies I almost couldn't watch due to the shear brutality of the torture scenes. Never watching this again

  73. Ethan Mena

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    Thomas turned into the new god, wowzers

  74. ZenRacker

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    7:38 the island people listen to the good stuff I suppose.... respect🤘🏻

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    my god this movie is something else

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    So they were Puritan heathens, got it.

  77. Alvenon

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    Dude, video is good, but slow down and lower the tone of your voice, instead of reading this like a sport's commentary. Doesn't fit the movie.

  78. The little Weebabo

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    It’s like the goddess passes on her souls to humans to keep living.

  79. Ali 11

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    Rip the goddess, she was the real victim

  80. Nordguy 713

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    Am i the only one that got the impression that this movie was inspired from the Outlast horror survival games specifcally Outlast 2 Even thomas flashback looked identical to the Outlast 2 teaser trailer lol

  81. Sufian Abuahmad

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    This whole movie could easily take place in Legion tv show


    PREDATOR ALPHAHace 2 meses

    Please do an Ending Explained on one of the V/H/S movies. Or Final Destination.

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    I don't want here the story again. I watched the film!

  84. shaq mia

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    this guys kinda sneaky he basically tells you the whole story without needing to see it but hey im not complaining.

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    Lol @ this movies ending.

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    Just save your time and skip to 15:57 The rest is just trash

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    I thought this was “ending explained” not cliff notes to the entire movie

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    your videos are too long, in 2019 you should explain your points in under 8minutes, time is money!!!

  89. Riga T.

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    Btw this movie was completely free.

  90. Harleylover14

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    Quinn is a complete monster. The Jeremy and Fiona story is so devastating.

  91. GundamGoku

    GundamGokuHace 2 meses

    I swear this story plays out like the origin of a comic book character. 1980s come around and this guy will be passing his powers on to someone else, who will be able to project himself well past the island to protect people as a hero. It'd be very Sandman, Ghost Rider like.

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    "A lovely blood river"

  93. 24fretsoffury

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    *ending explained!* *proceeds to spend 14 mins of the video giving a play by play of the movie we just watched* “Well that’s it for me, see ya next time” Dafuq is this shit

  94. i'm great at other stuff

    i'm great at other stuffHace 2 meses

    apostile is one of if my favorite Movie of all time. (and, i'm 12 btw.) my mom and step-dad watched it and my mom was suprised i had watched it! and, i want more Movies like this, it has a great plot and plot twist(s), either way. the scariest part for me is the part in the blood river, where the blood-goddes Chases Thomas. and, i think there 3 godesses, altough i might be very wrong, but the on in the Woods seems different to the one in the blood river.


    BECCA ROBICHAUDHace 2 meses

    very intense

  96. Your Resident Ginger

    Your Resident GingerHace 2 meses

    You should change your name to story recap because thats all you fucking did. Like there was hardly any explaining until the last few seconds. I'f we're coming here we already know what happened in the fucking movie.

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    Damn, this is the first video of yours I've watched but your film collection looks amazing!

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    Dude thank you awesome video. made me like the movie more.

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    You realize these are summary videos not explanation videos right?!?

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    *hillbilly voice* if ah was ‘im ah would’ve got mah shottie and shot those fuggers up!

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    2019 anyone?

  102. ThurstanTV

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    I think at the ending, they guy was just absorbed and that the goddess was just trapped in a body. He set her free, she paved the way for his loved ones to escape. He knows he is the sacrifice at the end, because she is the island. Thats what the guys did before, trying to control her.

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    *Best YT channel ever.*

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    🤨I actually like this strange strange movie