Apex Legends - Grand Soirée Arcade Event Trailer


  1. VideoPlay Gamer

    VideoPlay GamerHace 23 horas

    mannerissímo third person mode


    VEGETAGOLHace 23 horas

    O modo em 3 pessoa devia ficar e legal

  3. BRD Z

    BRD ZHace 23 horas

    Modo 3 pessoa e muito bom nos do Brasil tá amando

  4. Sebastián Žúži

    Sebastián ŽúžiHace un día

    Octane is best girl

  5. Montoya

    MontoyaHace un día

    Best FPS ever. Kudos!

  6. Typical Eagle

    Typical EagleHace un día

    BRO! I literally called it lmao the skins are 18$

  7. LordRainMan666

    LordRainMan666Hace un día

    @Apex Legends Gibraltar this character needs a nerf for his front shield 30 shield common 40 shield rare he replenish’s that deserves a nerf I can absorb 1 snipe not two but two shots of a g7.

  8. ŢriĞóniX

    ŢriĞóniXHace un día

    Amigos de apex por favor arreglen el bug de los retos, desarecieron y ahora no podre completar mi pase de batalla por culpa de un bug que deberian haber arreglado ya, porque inicio el primer dia de el evento


    HACKER TOXICHace un día

    And one last thing please dont bring us back to kings canyong am begging you worlds ege is the best map i ever seen i hate kingscanyong dont make us vote i rather staying in worlds ege for the rest of apex legends creation


    HACKER TOXICHace un día

    Am just to let you know apex community you people need to put better graphics like fortnite and sorry for what i said and all the messeges i send


    HACKER TOXICHace un día

    And am very sorry apex creators i was a bit tired a playing crypto or seing becuasei thought crypto was usedfull but it seems i was wrong.Why you people are buffing characters if , you people need to buff caustic ,octane ,wraith, pathfinder and wattson


    HACKER TOXICHace un día

    Am sick and tired of teaser datamining we need trailers


    HACKER TOXICHace un día

    Apex players am pretty sure that respawn entretainment will post the trailer very very late


    HACKER TOXICHace un día

    apex comunity when wll renevant back story trailer will be releast i know you people are trying to keep us waiting i cant wait plz ,and crypto trailer was releast a month before season 3 came out are you people trying to do a showdown liken a big breakdown when renevant comes out ,you people are making teaser not trailer common you people can do better than that i know you people have a live but what about the players and were is season 4 trailer are you people late becuase of the crismas break.


    MADALINHace un día

    And I can't do the chalenges for the prizes


    MADALINHace un día

    Please help me


    MADALINHace un día

    My name is GabyAlex0612


    MADALINHace un día

    I have a prob apex my game is saying chalenges not exist

  19. Hp 146

    Hp 146Hace un día

    we need see revenant pls

  20. Wgly

    WglyHace un día


  21. Wgly

    WglyHace un día


  22. Jampi Gameplays

    Jampi GameplaysHace un día

    Pésimo el evento,no puedo ver mis recompensas 🤦‍♂️👎

  23. RelaxX

    RelaxXHace un día

    Please apex add the solo and duo mode forever, I play 90% alone 😤 really no more fun just playing squads where every party squad has a clear advantage and wins 99%! Wow your party players have all been so good 😅

  24. mastaGAME STREAM

    mastaGAME STREAMHace un día

    Скин на робота огонь, у меня такой есть =)

  25. Zumsl

    ZumslHace un día

    3rd person hype...

  26. Goldenwolf445

    Goldenwolf445Hace un día

    3d is amazing I move more smooth and use cover that I can see covers my whole body feels like it should be a standard mode.

  27. Gabry Z 124

    Gabry Z 124Hace un día

    Will Apex Legends released on Nintendo switch?

  28. Nake25

    Nake25Hace un día

    Please , add cross play

  29. no more good names :/

    no more good names :/Hace un día

    btw if anyone's looking for the song its "eat you up by addie"

  30. Tスバル

    TスバルHace un día

    イベントができません デイリーミッションも消えています イベントの概要を押したら確定でエラーが起きてタイトルに戻されます ps4です

  31. Андрей Титов

    Андрей ТитовHace un día

    Third person Mode is very bad!

  32. Nien Numb

    Nien NumbHace un día


  33. Slap shot Studios1708

    Slap shot Studios1708Hace un día

    Nien Numb it’s coming back next Christmas

  34. Nien Numb

    Nien NumbHace un día


  35. Nien Numb

    Nien NumbHace un día


  36. Alijah Cappra

    Alijah CappraHace un día

    people that play this game you need to know they're giving out another Nerf for wraith and it's a big one so if you're a wraith Main don't play her

  37. Magda Flores

    Magda FloresHace un día

    Who else is watching this for the music.

  38. Edward Escalante

    Edward EscalanteHace un día

    Too many trolls in third person mode. They don't work as a team when I queue solo.

  39. Edward Escalante

    Edward EscalanteHace un día

    Third person mode a pain in the butt. I keep getting killed by aggressive players and the aim is bad.

  40. Joe Nunez

    Joe NunezHace un día

    I play apex because its not like fortnite vut this new 3rd person is trash. Everything so far nice love gold duo

  41. ニコライ

    ニコライHace un día

    ■ Questions (1) What is the Mouser measure for the ps4 version? There are a lot of Mousers whose viewpoints fluctuate up and down. * It is easy to understand if you have a high magnification site. ② Missions are no longer displayed during the event gold rush, and points are no longer reflected. According to other people's information, the battle pass seems to be the same. ③ If you stick your head to the wall in the third person perspective and remove the viewpoint from the wall, you will not be in the third person perspective.

  42. Octavia

    OctaviaHace un día

    I wish I can play the event but I didn't mean to leave out of rank I have to wait 10000 hours wish I could play 😭

  43. corvu_ s

    corvu_ sHace 2 días

    3person mode is amazing I hope have in the future like a standard mode

  44. Cory Lopez

    Cory LopezHace 2 días

    when are you going to launch the season 4 trailer

  45. NLNSDomic UwU

    NLNSDomic UwUHace 2 días

    Can u fix the bug with the grand soiree pls i cant see any of my challanges or get the rewards everytime i try to look at the event bpi get an error

  46. Violin

    ViolinHace un día

    me too 💔

  47. ToloYB

    ToloYBHace 2 días

    Watson nicw

  48. からっぽゲーム部屋

    からっぽゲーム部屋Hace 2 días

    What's a great trailer. I want to know this music detail. Somebody tell me please !!

  49. oscar firenandez

    oscar firenandezHace 2 días

    Can you fix the bug that prevents some ps4 player from completing the challenges and getting the rewards. Also when you click the about icon that appear over the gamemodes for the event its crash the game

  50. Kevin Stalin Morales Gómez

    Kevin Stalin Morales GómezHace 2 días

    Hay un error y no están dando las respuestas seria mucho pedir que solución o por lo menos nos den las recompensas ya que estamos cumpliendo con las misiones

  51. Emiliano Celorio

    Emiliano CelorioHace 2 días

    Los servers estan caidos o lo arregkan o me voy del juego

  52. DeMonro

    DeMonroHace 2 días

    Я уже купил все скины)))

  53. Gameplaysp

    GameplayspHace 2 días

    Depois desça atualizaçao o jogo ficou bugado, eu coloco no sobre pra ver a pontuaçao o jogo trava e reinicia, e não aparece mais as missao, aparecia no começo não aparece mais...

  54. Christopher Villanueva

    Christopher VillanuevaHace 2 días

    3rd person duos solos keep em

  55. maxinq

    maxinqHace 2 días

    You should nerf the freaking Gibby ,what the hell .....a 75 hp for gun shield ,10 percent less damage , revive 25 percent faster , dome shield ,air strike ،heal faster under the dome,and all of that without considering if he is having a lvl 3 shield WTF why you don't just let the Jets on his ass make him able to fly . And what about wraith ?no one noticed her animation while moving left and right? and she is the only one who is having this hidden ability her movement is completely abnormal . And PLEASE fix the hit registration problem it's getting worse and it's almost making this game unplayable ,shooting someone in the face with full mag and still able to escape is just BS. And another,from all the legends you have chosen to add 5 percent damage to lifeline and she is the only one who have ZERO defence ability I mean what is the use of faster healing if the only thing this poor girl can do is running and someone shooting with your new SUPER weapon G7 scout . And just to let you know I started playing this game since first weak it was released and it was enjoyable but now ...day by day it's becoming a pain in the ass and no I didn't enjoy playing this game for free ....I paid my share .

  56. T T V BTW

    T T V BTWHace 2 días

    I use to like apex but not now cause the game scam me when I was trying to buy apex coins 😤

  57. Alex Mecca

    Alex MeccaHace 2 días

    T T V BTW what are you talkin about

  58. T T V BTW

    T T V BTWHace 2 días

    Your game is good but if the game keeps scamming people the game will not be fun like I just wasted $100 bucks for nothing 😠😤🤬

  59. David Povhe

    David PovheHace 2 días

    Can we get a new legend teaser

  60. blanket Uio

    blanket UioHace 2 días

    Odio las vacaciones :'v

  61. barney el apexsaurio

    barney el apexsaurioHace 2 días

    @blanket Uio F

  62. blanket Uio

    blanket UioHace 2 días

    @barney el apexsaurio no me gusta viajar :'u No e jugado nada de Apex todo el mes :'u

  63. barney el apexsaurio

    barney el apexsaurioHace 2 días

    Porque? xd

  64. Dice

    DiceHace 2 días

    Cool... Now remove sbmm

  65. Jack Andrade

    Jack AndradeHace 2 días

    this event is so buggy on PS4. When you hit the about button to see what mode is coming up it kicks you out of apex.When you play a few rounds of the LTM it disappears too. please fix

  66. Jonathan Elliott

    Jonathan ElliottHace 2 días

    Why did you nerf wraith and didnt add a wraith skin

  67. gülşen özcü

    gülşen özcüHace 2 días

    My game is crashed and i cant enter to game and i dont cheat pls fix that f*cking thing