Another Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of All Time


  1. f2a Finito

    f2a FinitoHace 3 días

    Watching watch mojo talk about conspiracies is like a lamb taking directions from a wolf. Stick to the popularity contest wm. This isn’t a joke

  2. Arhan Kamath

    Arhan KamathHace 5 días

    The lizard people theory is definitely true. Trust me, I'm one of them

  3. L_A_U_ Y

    L_A_U_ YHace 9 días

    That communist theory makes a lot of sense right many leaders and followers are openly starting socialist/communist rhetoric

  4. Rui Tiago Silva

    Rui Tiago SilvaHace 14 días

    I dont believe in the man made climate change. But I believe in the mass extinction caused by man, and mass pollution on earth. And people don't focus the polution.

  5. Diedra Trivino

    Diedra TrivinoHace 18 días

    The Twin Town of Brazil, is True. I've been there, there is a strange amount of twins born there, and the story goes Mangdale finished his work there after the war, His work yes is by far the worst scientific and medical experiments ever, but found many things that can be helpful, and useful. As a Man ( my wife's picture) I would like to have the option of having twins for sure instead of a small chance by natural selection. The more I can spread my name, and seed to give my chance of my family line going for years to come. The thought of my family line ending with me because of failure to reproduce would be devastating

  6. R15H! 19Darklife

    R15H! 19DarklifeHace 22 días

    Translucent at 6:15

  7. cy_berian human

    cy_berian humanHace 24 días

    Why isn’t god on the list

  8. nobody -_-

    nobody -_-Hace un mes

    I can imagine middle ages parents watching this and screaming OOOOoooOoo

  9. Sean Stewart

    Sean StewartHace un mes

    Crazy you almost don’t even recognize him w/out kuatache

  10. RaShad Jackson

    RaShad JacksonHace un mes

    Anyone else notice"Alex Jones" name in the video twice 😀

  11. Raz

    RazHace un mes

    Number 3 is the dumbest shit ever lmao

  12. Sponsi

    SponsiHace un mes

    Some of your judgements are co-theories. You DON'T KNOW if global warming is real. YOU JUST DON'T KNOW. Same with flouride or Pearl Harbour. Stop being biased!!! EDIT: New World Order a CONSPIRACY THEORY? ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED???? A THEORY???

  13. Saviola Is God

    Saviola Is GodHace un mes

    Just makes you realise how fucked up Nazi’s were. It also makes me worried how far right politics is growing again in Europe.

  14. Abdul Aziz

    Abdul AzizHace un mes

    People in higher ranks say that some aliens live among us (can't remember the name of person or job title) so imagine if the lizard theory was true, that would mean humans have already made us bow down to them an their wills.

  15. Hey Trey

    Hey TreyHace un mes

    Not denying climate change, but wasn't the world supposed to end like 5 times by now? It's happening, but the world isn't ending in 12 years.

  16. Ben Costello

    Ben CostelloHace un mes

    Where is the flat Earth theory?

  17. Aye

    AyeHace un mes

    Hitler lived in Argentina, is a fact, i'm from Argentina btw

  18. mesonparticle

    mesonparticleHace un mes

    I’ve debunked moon landing denial bullshit on my channel, but still they come back with more rubbish! *facepalm* You can’t reason with a conspiracy theorist as they don’t understand reason, logic or thinking critically.

  19. Yung Thong

    Yung ThongHace un mes

    The thumbnail is hitler with a mustache and in black and white lmao

  20. Brian T

    Brian THace 2 meses

    I see no credit for any of the clips used for this video like uncovered formerly all time conspiracys

  21. Nganba Takhellambam

    Nganba TakhellambamHace 2 meses

    Nice edit

  22. Neko-chan

    Neko-chanHace 2 meses

    Flat earthers mad that their little lunch box ideals didnt make the list 😄😄



    Keanu Reeves is IMMORTAL.

  24. Aussie Metal Garage

    Aussie Metal GarageHace 2 meses

    David Icke never said Reptillians did 911. He said corrupted World Leaders and business insiders did 911 to cause a global police state. And that is is exactly what is happening right now

  25. Anakin Ortega

    Anakin OrtegaHace 2 meses

    Imagine thinking global warming is real lmaooooo

  26. fat kid 66

    fat kid 66Hace 2 meses

    Heck the Nazis am I right? If your a Nazi supporter then leave

  27. Katie Sullivan

    Katie SullivanHace 2 meses

    No one else got to 12:51 and got shook?

  28. Frank N. Stein.

    Frank N. Stein.Hace 2 meses

    Recent studies have shown that fluorididated water has a dramatic affect on unborn babies mental capacity.

  29. Andy Henderson

    Andy HendersonHace 2 meses

    Why do they have climate change here? It is a hoax. If you do not believe it, look at this:

  30. E6stars

    E6starsHace 2 meses

    Global warming is a hoax though

  31. M3ÅN_STR3ÅK89

    M3ÅN_STR3ÅK89Hace 2 meses

    Hegelian dialectic is the most common tactic used by elitist tyrants. It's too common for comfort.

  32. Jimmy Lopez

    Jimmy LopezHace 2 meses

    Operation paper clip

  33. TheGreenMan

    TheGreenManHace 2 meses

    omfg! can you PLEASE stop pushing the muh-global warming hoax?! jesus! look up climate gate. look at the increasing number of scientists changing their tune on the bs. look at the fact that in the 70s it was all about the coming ice age!! god im sick of this nonsense. muh-climate change is all about wealth redistribution, globalization, and is a cult.

  34. Kris Frederick

    Kris FrederickHace 2 meses

    Hitler at #10?? I thought that would be higher. Pretty interesting. Obviously they had their own little Bavaria going in South America.


    MLG GAMERHace 2 meses

    Also I don't know how true the New World Order theory is but once you mentioned fear-based propaganda the first thing that I thought was Trump


    MLG GAMERHace 2 meses

    I have heard of New World Order although at the time of me hearing it I was but a child and didn't understand what it meant. By that I mean I remember watching Fairly Oddparents when I was young and hearing Crocker yell out "New World Order" A few times. I just thought they were emphasizing that his search for fairies made him lose himself but it seems that it was a reference now that I have seen this.

  37. Dan Gollapalli

    Dan GollapalliHace 2 meses

    That thumbnail is spot on though!

  38. Barry Buddon

    Barry BuddonHace 2 meses

    I used to live on Diego Garcia, and I can guarantee you there is no way they’re hiding a plane there 😂 It’s literally just a military base there for strategic purposes and serves no actual purpose.

  39. Michael Gurd

    Michael GurdHace 2 meses

    I don’t believe global warming is happening because the ozone layer is healing plus explain ice ages there has been 3 of them

  40. Shilz Blz

    Shilz BlzHace 2 meses

    Michael Gurd, unfortunately global warming is a reality, I’ll try to explain in an easy to digest format but I can’t promise I’ll sway your opinion. It’s all to do with a process called the green house effect: our earth receives heat from our sun, our earth reflects some of that heat into space, some stays and is re-radiated for heat, then greenhouse gasses absorb this heat and reflects it in all directions, heating the planet. These greenhouse gasses are known as •water vapours •Carbon dioxide •methane •nitrous oxide •chlorofluorocarbons A recent example is the fire in the Amazon rain forest, those extremely old trees contain carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming due to these gasses being released I hope my response helped, :’ ) Have a good day/night

  41. Public Enemy

    Public EnemyHace 2 meses

    Wooow. Now South Parks “Crab People” makes so much sense now 😂.

  42. Chris k

    Chris kHace 2 meses

    And the fluoride has no effect why is it a fact that the Nazis were pumping it into the ghettos once again look it up yourself on ESreporter and the internet really easy to find that actually have pictures of the pump that they pumped it into their water system

  43. Chris k

    Chris kHace 2 meses

    It's really sad that no one knows what happened to Adolf Hitler but I know more than most of the public key escape to Bariloche, and everyone in the whole area in new and if you wonder how this is possible when a few hundred thousand Nazi Party members live in Argentina it's a very easy to blend in especially when you want to live on a finger Lake that's only accessible by boat and I watch this on the real Nazi Hunters not television garbage people from the ending of World War II who been hunting Hitler and his henchmen for real not for television ratings it's on ESreporter look it up yourself and Note 2 the Russians were nuts to find Hitler's body and they claim to had his skull with the bullet hole in it and when they did the DNA on it it was found to be not of a man but a woman and not Adolf Hitler and that was what they dug out of the pit that they supposedly poured gasoline or diesel fuel on and burn them both not true at all do your own research it wasn't even hard for me to figure out took me all of an hour on ESreporter and the internet

  44. Aki Stenberg

    Aki StenbergHace 2 meses

    Legally hitler never died look on the fbi’s official website

  45. David Joyce

    David JoyceHace 2 meses

    Globe earth lie is the greatest conspiracy of all time. Most are still brainwashed with it.

  46. Lanwarder

    LanwarderHace 2 meses

    Rich and powerful people hang with other rich and powerful people? Must be lizard human hybrids


    RICH82AIRBORNEHace 2 meses

    watch g bush sr he says new world order in a speech this show is as fake propaganda as it gets pisses me off!!!!!!! these evil bastard rats are scurrying right now scared as hell the exterminator is here his name is Donald J Trump


    RICH82AIRBORNEHace 2 meses

    what makes you an expert on this stuff is it because the deep state cabal hired you to say it? you should be hanged with them when that time comes! youre a traitor!


    RICH82AIRBORNEHace 2 meses

    ever heard of new Swabia in Antarctica Hitler secret under ice base!!! George h w bush replaced Hitler as fuhrer! floride was a chemical waste until they said it helped teeth


    RICH82AIRBORNEHace 2 meses

    everyone of these are true hitler died in an american hospital in 1967

  51. LifeisA Dream

    LifeisA DreamHace 2 meses

    If you want to learn deeper, look up the Gematria Effect News channel!

  52. Michael Kelley

    Michael KelleyHace 2 meses

    All the major villains throughout time were forced into that role because of others bullcrap and ignorance stupidity.

  53. Will The Thrill

    Will The ThrillHace 2 meses

    Is this the thinly veiled redpill video? YES

  54. Löwenkrieger von Flacherfluss

    Löwenkrieger von FlacherflussHace 2 meses

    Also flat earth

  55. michail okeefe

    michail okeefeHace 2 meses

    I think it’s David ike that’s being controlled

  56. Psycho Gamer

    Psycho GamerHace 2 meses

    The Queen Great Britain is not a worl leader she has almost no power she is just a symbol c:

  57. Shane Cheatham

    Shane CheathamHace 3 meses

    Global warming isn't a hoax, that its caused by man,is. Short of a nuclear bomb, man cant effect the earth's climate. Climate change, both the warming and cooling of the earth's climate, is a normal natural process

  58. Fallen Angel Alex

    Fallen Angel AlexHace 3 meses

    You guys should make a conspiracy collab with Shane Dawson

  59. Fallen Angel Alex

    Fallen Angel AlexHace 3 meses

    You guys should make a conspiracy collab with Shane Dawson

  60. BiggiePuffs and sometimes lilpouf

    BiggiePuffs and sometimes lilpoufHace 3 meses

    Has anyone looked at the thumbnail?

  61. Enigma Severus

    Enigma SeverusHace 3 meses

    New World Order is nothing new. Hitler legitimately tried it. You even used the Arian Race term in your video. There is always a government seeking to hold their own specific order in the world, and there will eventually come to be one. History itself demonstrates that.