ANNIHILATION (2018) Ending Explained + Anaylsis


  1. Aj Fernandez

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    A color out of space...hp lovecraft

  2. Aaron Gant

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  3. Immortal Fool

    Immortal FoolHace un día

    Man, I like your interpretation. I agree with it. I thought the original leena was the one who left the shimmer. In Christianity Mankind is put forth as having a nature that can only culminate in the physical and spiritual death of the individual. This movie had me feeling weird for a couple days. I replayed it in my mind. “What did that mean?” “Should I ascribe any meaning to it at all?” A good ol weird time. I also remember thinking why did they go in with no respirators! Perhaps they tested the atmosphere already and found it suitable.

  4. Vortexa Star

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    It's weird how in these sci-fi movies there's still no cure for cancer yet.

  5. Pitter Patter

    Pitter PatterHace 2 días

    Tattoos aren’t genetic, they are a scar and modification that is made to the bodies skin, but doesn’t ultimately become part of a person’s DNA. That is why children don’t inherit a parent’s movie

  6. RavenMBG

    RavenMBGHace 2 días

    I absolutely loved this film, especially the bear scene. But I feel it lost it's shit towards the end, the big reveal of the creature felt out of place with the rest of the movie.

  7. MrBolas33

    MrBolas33Hace 2 días

    That movie sucks

  8. Oz

    OzHace 2 días

    18:40 Are you serious? Water does that naturally. It's called surface tension bro haven't you seen water before?

  9. Adrish Sahu

    Adrish SahuHace 3 días

    Why not nuke it and blow it sky high or maybe just set fire on the trees near the shimmer which will consume most of the foliage and maybe even the light house as we see they are interconnected.

  10. Bianca lo

    Bianca loHace 3 días

    I hated the entire thing idc

  11. xxrobodragonxx

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    Originally there was a scrapped ending where more meteorites were going to hit and spread more of the shimmer

  12. Chili Women

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    So creepy

  13. Galaxy king Pruden

    Galaxy king PrudenHace 6 días

    "metallic looking humanoid"...

  14. Mcking Nguyen

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    COT DAMMIT. Manbearpig wrecking havoc on Imaginationland once again.

  15. Kevin Eaddy

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    This movie FUCKING SUCKED

  16. Annae Williams

    Annae WilliamsHace 6 días

    I think your explanation of this film is to surface, this movie is much more philosophic then your presenting it as, and your right its how you interoperate what happens. This movie is fantastic, we know we came from simpler life as species, and that bateria and viruses shaped us that something from space collided and now we have humans from this whole wonderful mess. So what if something else shaped us, we are alway being shaped by internal and exturnal factors. I am a woman whom just happens to be transgender, and I knew whom i was long before i knew why i was different, finally getting the information and making my choice i struggled. So why am i bringing this up cause all of us are changing and some not as much, being LGBTQ i see a ton of fear about us being open and visible, what will it mean what if my kid interacts with and dose just you presence cause people to be LGBTQ? also am thinking, of a story about a mexican father whom voiced he was concerned his son that he wanted to be american but feared he wasn't mexican enough cause he liked Rap and Western Clothes. Which the person said well that what happens when one culture hits another culture, you mess and some are going to remain closer to one part of a culture and the other less but will either way still have bits of both. Personally i think using woman whom are typically mothers enter and have a different reaction might have something to do with sex or gender politics as well as i think this is about what happens when change comes do we embrace it and understand of do we not. I think those that feared it wear destroyed by it, other whom hopelessly gave up lost themselves, but the doctor i think understood and lost part of herself but gained something else as well ultimately surviving in the end. I've learned plenty from pretending to be a guy and there is stuff now as a woman I want to tell my sister not to be afraid the unfortunately we push on girls from a young age the shouldn't fear. Also religions all talk about the illusion of but thats another diatribe and i'm vary tried after a ten hour day, so going to stop, but think the explanation of this one is vary poor week, to surface, but love the channel, thanks. oh biology is gross so i think the ugliness of the effect are true but then there is great beauty as well, this is seriously good sci fi, lots of deeper question and thought in this then I think and feel most give it. At the end i think the Doctor and her husband, the different people just as in the LGBTQ find and form a bond cause of our experience as dose anyone whom is not part of the so called "Norm". Yes i thought this film was fantastic and amazing, have and wonderful evening or day, just make it fantastic.

  17. HeavenHammer

    HeavenHammerHace 6 días

    well its not a flash grenade, but that's your only mistake okay I was wrong, you're actually quite stupid

  18. Cain Lapointe

    Cain LapointeHace 7 días

    I'm sure the child would be more shimmer than human and would probably mutate like crazy but never really die.

  19. killerskyhawk

    killerskyhawkHace 7 días

    I’m gonna call my first cell the alpha cell

  20. n0t_her_sist3r

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    This is one of the only movies that scared the absolute shit out of me

  21. sparda9060

    sparda9060Hace 9 días

    Your interpretation of the ending is wrong. Both the original woman and husband are dead inside that lighthouse. What we see in the labs are the clones of the shimmer. The husband tried to destroy the shimmer in the lighthouse with a grenade but the shimmers clone stopped him and he died sitting there being light on fire from the white phosphorous grenade. The woman we see set on fire is the real person, the clone already got out of the lighthouse. The original woman knew that in order to destroy the shimmer in the lighthouse she has to do it herself and has to witness its destruction in order to confirm the kill. She was not going to make the same mistake that her husband did by not making sure the grenade would destroy the shimmer in the tunnel. The movie lines up with the book series, as both them are shimmer clones trying to go back and beyond the lighthouse with the director of the place (the director that replaced the woman who went into the lighthouse was the original director of the Agency overlooking The Shimmer Expanse).

  22. Derek Lowery

    Derek LoweryHace 5 días

    Film makers often make films (based on events, books/novels etc.) with certain liberties. Also keep in mind if the "original" Lena had died in the film, it wouldn't have conveyed the same subliminal message.

  23. Rebecca Moore

    Rebecca MooreHace 9 días

    This... Is nothing like the book.... It's not a long book, being only around 50,000 words (Just an estimate) and I defo suggest people read it :)

  24. Zach Connor

    Zach ConnorHace 9 días

    @18:44 Wait.... how did the water she drank mutate? I thought that was indicating that it was the original Lena not a copy because there wasn't any blood in it - semi-mirroring a similar scene when Kane drank the water.

  25. NDK0

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  26. random walk

    random walkHace 11 días

    Stop saying dimension. That word doesn't mean what you think it means

  27. Georgia

    GeorgiaHace 11 días

    why did they lose time when they entered? that’s the main thing i cant reconcile. why didn’t they send folks in for like, 30 minutes and then come back? why didn’t they send people into like the very edge? idgi

  28. Bethan w

    Bethan wHace 11 días

    I didn’t watch for a summary? This isn’t an analysis or an explanation

  29. E B

    E BHace 12 días

    Ive always wondered what actors think when they read scripts like this. Like, do they think these dumb over complicated plot lines will boost their careers if they take the job? Its just trying too hard....

  30. sparda9060

    sparda9060Hace 9 días

    Its the same reasoning as when someone decides to pick a video game to play. Does it seem interesting to them enough to where they want to be an actor in it? Sometimes after playing the game or making the movie, you find out if it was total shit or very good.

  31. Santa Claus

    Santa ClausHace 12 días

    so uh, super hero origin?

  32. Rainbow Rabbit Ronin

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    Lmao dumb fucking celestial Alien thought it could control fire XD.

  33. Tanner Roberts

    Tanner RobertsHace 13 días

    Haha lol XD

  34. NorthSpider

    NorthSpiderHace 13 días

    All in all the shimmer or the alien in it wasn't basicly evil (same for the mutated bear and croc). It just wanted to survive. Same like the thing in the movie "The thing".

  35. Electric Goldfish

    Electric GoldfishHace 13 días

    The amoeba sisters will help

  36. Zack Ceasar

    Zack CeasarHace 14 días

    Nobody thought to drag in land lines since radios weren't working?

  37. remarit

    remaritHace 14 días

    am i the only one that thinks this movie is stupid? and dosnt have any sense within it own universe? why the humans get mutated into plants, and go insane? we see other animals mutated but they are acting like normal animals, the predators hunt, even the bear knows it can use the human voice to atract the other humans, and yes, he KNOWS, when he dosnt get a response he tries agains, its one hell of a hunter, not insane at all, we see some deer, not crazy malisious deers, just deers. why only the humans become plats? and why does ventress becomes a part of the shimmer? kane was inside the shimmer for much longer and he did not "shimmerise" and i dont know if im the crazy one here but normal everyday water physics are no qualified as "mutanting water". im sorry but so many inconsistencies in your universe, dont let me enjoy you so called "self-destruction metaphor". PD: Lane was a bitch

  38. sparda9060

    sparda9060Hace 9 días

    Humans go insane because the shimmer merges all of them, merges everything including dna, memories, personalities all together into one. They all share the same fucked up trauma and memories, which leads them all to go insane eventually. Everything that goes inside the shimmer aura, basically turns into 1 with everything else thats inside of it, just like the shimmer. So everything inside the shimmer becomes one with it, encompassing every living thing merged into 1 sharing everything together. Lane was a bitch because she went into the Area X before and contracted cancer (shimmer merging dna with everything) so she was totally not giving a shit about herself or the team mates because she will die very soon. She also is the director of the agency and the psychologist that hypnotizes everyone else into doing her bidding. That part is one of the main plot in the book but the movie altered and made it turn out to be fucking confusing for people. Maybe that shit will be explained in the sequel movie if they ever made one.

  39. Torch Snow

    Torch SnowHace 14 días

    Not a flash bang...white phosphorus, it burns so hot that humans cannot look when it first begins to go off after the spoon drops; therefore that’s why everything burns

  40. Torch Snow

    Torch SnowHace 14 días

    It will actually burn your retinas right off if u look into the initial blast

  41. Tidal 9

    Tidal 9Hace 14 días

    This movie was so strange not remotely scary but odd and like a bad acid trip

  42. Sebastian Deliss

    Sebastian DelissHace 14 días

    1:53 actually we are made initially of two cells that join to make us. Great vid tho

  43. Andrew Nieto

    Andrew NietoHace 14 días

    A flashbang blows people up? I thought it was just flash of light, ear shattering noise, and a little smoke? I didnt know they were fire grenades

  44. Jmv Almonte

    Jmv AlmonteHace 16 días

    That deep trumpet's sound gives me the chills everytime.

  45. L6901Malice

    L6901MaliceHace 16 días

    Natalie Portman shouldn't have had sex with that black science man. The line was crossed. No racism, but now Natalie is forever ruined in my book. Rip oscar isaacson

  46. Jilligain

    JilligainHace 16 días

    Big pink worms in his tummy!

  47. God Almight Lumber

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  48. Chris Edwards

    Chris EdwardsHace 16 días

    Tattoo's are ink under the skin. DNA mutation isn't going to copy a tattoo because there's nothing about the Tattoo in the DNA. Hard sci-fi my ass.

  49. Gdicf, Seriously!

    Gdicf, Seriously!Hace 17 días

    This is a terrible, non explanation.

  50. Hazard_ Hybrid

    Hazard_ HybridHace 17 días

    On the Xpadition

  51. Nataliya Sukachyova

    Nataliya SukachyovaHace 17 días

    Aahhh so this is a bullshit feminist movie. PASS

  52. Maurice Johnson

    Maurice JohnsonHace 17 días

    Is that where Howard the alien came from

  53. star gazer

    star gazerHace 17 días

    I honestly found this movie stupid and mainly boring I do agree the visuals was very pretty and well done but over all the main story was stupid

  54. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron ForbesHace 17 días

    As soon as you make something super natural and try to analyze it with science it ruins the immersion...

  55. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron ForbesHace 17 días

    DNA refraction? Sounds fucking retarded... shouldnt have delves into the science if you barely know about it

  56. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron ForbesHace 17 días

    So men are expendable and women are always suffering beyond understanding? Lol so fucking stupid Buuuuuuuut a good reason to have all females on the research? "Well all the men died... let's try women" lol

  57. sparda9060

    sparda9060Hace 9 días

    You are reaching way too much from that. In the book they used different teams of all male and females because the Agency was experimenting with the Shimmer. They are basically conducting live experiments to see what the shimmer does to humans. its one reason why this movie should have a fucking sequel to explain all that shit it left out from the book in order to make a lot of shit that they changed in the movie to make sense and not confusing to the audience.

  58. CoCreeed

    CoCreeedHace 18 días

    I think its interesting, that the physician said, lena wanna fight the shimmer and the psychologist wanna face it, since Lena fought the Alien later and came in contact with it through her hands and the psychologist had that alien face, when Lena met her in the lighthouse.

  59. Nikola Tarnowicz

    Nikola TarnowiczHace 18 días

    Since Vintrest (what ever is her name is) turned into the cloud, isn't that still her? And since Lena' s blood float or sucked into Vintrest cloud forming the new life form. Wouldn't Vintrest be Lena's doppelganger?

  60. no face

    no faceHace 18 días

    Fuck your voice. STFU

  61. NbaLive4ever

    NbaLive4everHace 19 días

    When I first saw that alien thing, the first thing that came in my mind was that "Howard the Alien" "Money Longer" meme lol

  62. Λαμπρος Ταμβακης

    Λαμπρος ΤαμβακηςHace 19 días

    wtf dude next time im watching sponge bob

  63. PapaGeorg10

    PapaGeorg10Hace 20 días

    As a veteran I thought the shimmer was also a metaphor for war. The shimmer is like a war zone and the people that enter it are forever changed and it makes them lose their mind. When lena and her husband make it out they aren't the same person even though they physically look ok. Thats very similar to war. Just because someone looks physically fine people believe they were not effected and changed from war

  64. Ian Byrne

    Ian ByrneHace 19 días

    That’s the beauty of art, you are correct. That is the meaning of it. There are many ways to look at it and many different lenses to look at a piece of art through. I never considered the warzone metaphor. That’s a very interesting idea, I like it.

  65. Tyrone I

    Tyrone IHace 20 días

    Sound like gone the book

  66. gvjudd

    gvjuddHace 21 un día

    just one thing ,is this an alien movie ,like iotbs

  67. Bang yeDAMN

    Bang yeDAMNHace 21 un día

    I watched the movie while high and it wasn't pleasant lmaoo

  68. Clint Buntin

    Clint BuntinHace 21 un día

    Take a drink every time he says shimmer.

  69. KeKeDoesn'tLoveMe

    KeKeDoesn'tLoveMeHace 21 un día

    The trippy visuals got me fucked up

  70. Jeffrey Stephens

    Jeffrey StephensHace 22 días

    she has shimmer DNA... her hubby is a shimmer all the way

  71. Ma x

    Ma xHace 22 días

    Iam I the only one that sees found flixs eyes really shiny

  72. D&S Matthew

    D&S MatthewHace 23 días

    Did you watch the movie? You got it backwards bro, the plants had the genes, not formerly people... They also did not say the husband was a fake replica, they left it up as unknown. Check yourself before you call all the "facts"! Having said that, still love your vids.

  73. Florian Jäger

    Florian JägerHace 23 días

    This was the dumbest Movie i ever wachted

  74. churrokat

    churrokatHace 23 días

    This is where SCPs come from

  75. Ultrawarrior

    UltrawarriorHace 24 días

    I wonder if they'll make another movie that continues this I would love to see that

  76. NANCY Noise

    NANCY NoiseHace 24 días

    Hollywood bitches about the lack of women in movies then the challenging film with four incredibly fleshed out female leads is released yet they refuse a theatrical release, dump it to Netflix, and it gets ZERO acknowledgement.

  77. Tammie Rose-Kirk

    Tammie Rose-KirkHace 24 días

    what, I can't hear you!!

  78. coolchris bossatronian

    coolchris bossatronianHace 25 días

    The shimmer looks like a bubble

  79. korbyn 1

    korbyn 1Hace 27 días

    Correction the serpent on her arm is the infinity serpent

  80. Noah Trahar

    Noah TraharHace 28 días

    1:44 like oil on water

  81. countbuttinghole

    countbuttingholeHace 28 días

    Dude that show was a trip and thank you for this explanation. Had no clue what was going on

  82. Joel Salazar

    Joel SalazarHace 29 días

    Its funny how people think they are the "Adam and Eve of a new species; and will procreate to create more". If this we're realistic they would not go on to create any new life or leave from whatever compound they are in. What would actually happen is battery of testing. You can infer this by how everyone around them is acting in hazmat suits and them quarantined. Once they see how different there cells are, you can expect disections and lab testing. End of both stories no alien hybrids and humanity lives on.

  83. Flat Earth Vegan Amy

    Flat Earth Vegan AmyHace un mes

    15:14 3D Fibonacci sequence

  84. Flat Earth Vegan Amy

    Flat Earth Vegan AmyHace un mes

    Phosphate bomb= what cells use oxidative phosphorylation, energy

  85. Darya Mohamad

    Darya MohamadHace un mes

    I don’t know

  86. Malyssa C

    Malyssa CHace un mes

    Anyone else start watching SCP videos right after finishing this movie to get more of the genre?

  87. Paul Dial

    Paul DialHace un mes

    The shimmer looks like a giant bubble dome.

  88. Tracy Bates

    Tracy BatesHace un mes

    PLEASE DO DELIRIUM (2018) WITH TOPHY GRACE I can't figure out what happened to his mom. Please help.

  89. Suplex City

    Suplex CityHace un mes

    Sorry if stupid question. Just saw the movie, but why did Kane ask his clone to fine Lena?

  90. Great Jagras

    Great JagrasHace un mes

    If it mirrored her why did it run into the door and not the opposite wall

  91. the magalanium

    the magalaniumHace 20 días

    +Malachi Fuller probably to learn as much info as possible before killing her. The mirror needed to be a perfect copy in order to leave the shimmer and reproduce outside of ground zero and speed up the process of growth

  92. Malachi Fuller

    Malachi FullerHace 28 días

    I'm pretty sure it wasn't following her to exact and there are several instenses of the thing having a mind of its own. It might not have wanted her to leave for whatever reason. It's hard to say why though.

  93. Noddiga norpan

    Noddiga norpanHace un mes

    Uh yeah fire is energy and does not have any cells so it would be impossible to duplicate it based on cells...

  94. sparda9060

    sparda9060Hace 9 días

    It wasn't just fire... it was fire created from a white phosphorous grenade. The shimmer probably tried to mix and merge itself (the clone) with the chemicals of white phosphorous and basically cause a chain reaction of recreating the fuel that continues to ignore the fire. But wasn't really the clone that got set on fire and died inside the tunnel. It was the real Lena that did that, thats why you see "her" spreading the fire all over the walls and then slowly trailing it into the the tunnel to make sure to burn everything and kill the shimmer, unlike her husband who didn't confirm the kill on the shimmer with the grenade.

  95. NorthSpider

    NorthSpiderHace 13 días

    I think it wasn't just fire, it was the fosfor that was created all around it, and since the thing was already on fire, all the newly created fosfor around it jumped on fire right away. Thats how the whole shimmer ended up being burned to ashes. It was a chainreaction of the fosfor on fire.

  96. Noddiga norpan

    Noddiga norpanHace un mes

    To call the hox gene faulty is fundamentally wrong that would mean that so far in our discovered universe the most advanced sapient being the creator of the hadron collider the only known being that has split the atom is faulty? … I beg to differ. What happens with cells that never die is called cancer. All cells die in different rates but they all die.

  97. JohnThe Champ

    JohnThe ChampHace un mes

    Omg! The flowers that don't look the same but are the same species are like us humas!

  98. Jimi Feng

    Jimi FengHace un mes

    You cursed Mother, now your world will be destroyed.

  99. H

    HHace un mes

    I just came here to hear an opinion on the ending, instead, received the review of the whole movie

  100. my 2nd

    my 2ndHace un mes

    Btw the tattoo on her right arm was another girls who got eaten by the bear. Idk what this could mean but something to do with them merging I guess, could you guys help me out with this one

  101. Pat Johnson

    Pat JohnsonHace un mes

    DNA Gone chaotic but out of chaos comes a miracle as cells renew themselves continuously showing diseases can be cured . The only downer is how do you stop it and contain it before it engulfs the planet , I suppose shimmer 2 will expose this .

  102. Davon Benson

    Davon BensonHace un mes

    Nature made it so we can’t live too long, because we would consume too many things in our lifetime.

  103. Zacch Cirillo

    Zacch CirilloHace un mes

    So the shimmer makes Pokemon. Cool, I'm down.

  104. Heinrich Steinwolf

    Heinrich SteinwolfHace un mes

    The whole idea of a thing from space heavily mutating everything in its reach reminds me of H.P.Lovecrafts the colour from space

  105. Some idiot animator online

    Some idiot animator onlineHace un mes

    Can we get an f in the chat for Florida?

  106. Alexus Wickizer

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  107. Stijn Dijkman

    Stijn DijkmanHace un mes

    So kane and lina are the adam and eve of the shimmer😅

  108. Guro Jerome Teague

    Guro Jerome TeagueHace un mes

    Hox genes have nothing to do with autophagy. The reason the shimmer created all the mutations is because it stopped autophagy (the consumption of damaged cells). This allowed the rapid mutation and diversity of life in the shimmer. Hox genes are more or less blue prints for specific portions of an organism. The refraction of the Hox genes because of the prism of the shimmer treats the Hox gene as if it were a radio signal that goes out and then is refracted back and scattered throughout the Shimmer. When the bear ate the Shepard's throat, her Hox genes went to the bear's vocal complex thus producing her voice in its roars. Because the bear's autophagic functions were stopped as a result of the shimmer, those cells were not destroyed so it became part of the bear.

  109. Foxy

    FoxyHace un mes

    Things I don't agree with: Time wasn't warped. Perception and logical thinking was. I believe there was a change in perception; understanding of what is real and relevant to our own beings as humans. IE time. If time really was warped the sun wouldn't have been on it's normal track, which it could not have changed because they were not in a different dimension. They were still on earth under the veil of the shimmer. Also they were using the sun to not only monitor where they were heading (south) but they were using it to signify time. The "flower people" were not previously people. Everyone was evacuated from that town as said before they entered it. The plants themselves were forming into human shapes via hox genes(?) cells(?). Ventress was not herself. Ventress was a copy. Made apparent by how she lacked eyes. Because when the one metallic thing is turning into Lena as she hands it the grenade it is eyeless and practically faceless similar to how Ventress looked when we see her in the shimmers bunker. IT IS NOT A DIMENSION... 'nuff said

  110. Foxy

    FoxyHace un mes

    My name is Anya and watching this movie and this video is trippy as all hell because I'm so use to Anya being a unique name lol

  111. Andrias Scheuchzeri

    Andrias ScheuchzeriHace un mes

    This movie made me think of Alien and Solaris (the book), quite interesting concept, but still didn't like the ending.

  112. The AcousticSkeleton

    The AcousticSkeletonHace un mes

    I watched this while I was high. Then i looked at my bag of weed and saw it was still full. Mind blown.