ANNIHILATION (2018) Ending Explained + Anaylsis


  1. mywerewolf303

    mywerewolf303Hace 21 un hora

    you didn't even analyse anything... you just told us exactly what happens in the film...

  2. Link

    LinkHace un día

    This movie is a good example of being convoluted/deep does not make it good

  3. 0 58

    0 58Hace un día

    Idc what anyone says this movie was absolutely beautiful and unique

  4. Landon Bonds

    Landon BondsHace un día

    Nibba bear ate her voice

  5. MrGamer Plays

    MrGamer PlaysHace un día

    1 word nukes And if not.... Space/Orbital lasers

  6. SCP-500

    SCP-500Hace un día

    You know the shimmer has a bubble forcefield.

  7. Mediocre Salad

    Mediocre SaladHace 2 días

    The weird noise from this movie legit scares me more than any horror movie

  8. lilrex88 T.

    lilrex88 T.Hace 2 días

    So, when day breaks (scp 001)

  9. Logan Jaynes

    Logan JaynesHace 2 días

    Its like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but not any good.

  10. the evil shadow

    the evil shadowHace 2 días

    20:00 Helplessly Hoping by Crosby, Stills and Nash

  11. Kang Thao

    Kang ThaoHace 2 días

    Annihilation reminds me of Evolution only in a dark trippy way.

  12. X Jesh

    X JeshHace 3 días

    I just got around to watching the movie. It pissed me off how foolishly the characters acted. Start with small expeditions, gather information, build infrastucture, move inwards slowly and steadily. Sending wave after wave of people to the center of the lighthouse, like meat to a grinder, is a bad plan.

  13. Jb3rt_113

    Jb3rt_113Hace 4 días

    Weird SCP creation of a movie

  14. Gromph Baenre

    Gromph BaenreHace 4 días

    sounds like a poor cinematic approche of hp lovecrafts" the color out of space"

  15. meekal wit

    meekal witHace 4 días

    Wanna here a xbox comment I annilate ur mom

  16. Professor Pen

    Professor PenHace 4 días

    The snake eating its own tail is called an ouroboros and is a symbol of the cycle of creation and destruction not self-destruction

  17. TheGoldennach

    TheGoldennachHace 4 días

    Sounds like radiation sickness... all that weird mutations...

  18. Collin Nichols

    Collin NicholsHace 5 días

    11:57 scp 939 anyone?

  19. kevin pyle

    kevin pyleHace 5 días

    Do I am mother from netflix

  20. a-aron _

    a-aron _Hace 6 días

    the poster in the beginning had the netflix word on it and i checked and it ain’t there :’(

  21. Chef Asbury

    Chef AsburyHace 6 días

    take a breath.

  22. fanteck TSA

    fanteck TSAHace 6 días


  23. Eltaccos

    EltaccosHace 6 días

    Tattoos aren't in DNA though... Fire doesn't have cells to duplicate... The meteorite was very small, meaning that "ship" under the lighthouse was built by the shimmer after the impact. So this formless thing does have some preset forms after all? That seems to go against what we know about it.

  24. screamingdreams

    screamingdreamsHace 6 días

    It turned into Howard the alien

  25. Master Man

    Master ManHace 6 días

    Didn't watch and thumbs down because of double ad. Complain to Google.

  26. Conor Jacobs

    Conor JacobsHace 7 días

    Reminds me of the color out of space a little bit.

  27. Nexus

    NexusHace 7 días

    15:48 howard the alien is the shimmer confirmed

  28. CrazzyJokerr

    CrazzyJokerrHace 7 días

    Scifi science, ok But fire is a chemical reaction, there are no cells to duplicate This goes to far

  29. louupa exe

    louupa exeHace 7 días

    immortal jellyfish

  30. Jj Mmm

    Jj MmmHace 7 días

    That's not a snake mutation, that's just Florida

  31. The Goose

    The GooseHace 8 días

    I can't help but think about older and more easy to follow movies like "The Fly" (1986) and "The Thing" (1982) when it comes to cells being transformed like, what does the Shimmer do? Is it Fusion or Assimilation? If the two people at the end are now vessels for the shimmer does that mean that anything and everything they come in contact with will become part of them? And why does it copy/duplicate them? If the end result is a planet of soulless duplicates wouldn't that just make this an overly complicated "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? Or is the end result everything and everyone joining together to create one single entity?

  32. Jay K.

    Jay K.Hace 8 días

    But this still doesnt explain the 8 on her arm when being interrogated. She didnt have it on her arm when she gave the grenade to the alien and ran out the lighthouse. The 8 was on the aliens arm. Still awesome movie tho


    GAROU THE MONSTERHace 8 días

    Prophase metaphase interphase anaphase telophase cytokenisis I think I messed it up Reply if u know meiosis and mitosis


    GAROU THE MONSTERHace 8 días

    Probably best animation I’ve ever seen

  35. DigitalEmpire

    DigitalEmpireHace 9 días

    I'm not the only one that thinks a fucking flashbang wouldn't scorch a person like that right? Thermite is what I think it was.

  36. Myles Johnson

    Myles JohnsonHace 9 días

    Wait that lady's name is ventress? What is this, star wars?

  37. Myles Johnson

    Myles JohnsonHace 9 días

    Actually that would be pretty lit

  38. Jomar Ortega

    Jomar OrtegaHace 9 días

    anyone notice a face 1:41 in the wall?

  39. Arnab RS

    Arnab RSHace 9 días

    in terms of its concept, I loved the film. but as far as execution goes - and I don't really know why - I sorta felt like the film was borderline pretentious. great visuals and atmosphere - but somewhere in the dialogue and the pacing the film felt like it was trying too hard to be high-brow and forcibly darker than it needed to be.

  40. Covert phantasm gaming

    Covert phantasm gamingHace 9 días

    4:45 wheres dooku

  41. олен

    оленHace 9 días

    I loved this film but god damn they gave it such a forgettable title. "The Shimmer" or "Shimmer" would have been a lot more memorable & much more relevant to what the film features.

  42. Lizard_girl

    Lizard_girlHace 9 días

    I think "Annihilation" suits it quite well. If anything "The shimmer" would be more forgettable, it is such an obvious title, no creativity (no hate, just my opinion)

  43. Jayvon Sharp

    Jayvon SharpHace 10 días

    9:45 it man bear pig

  44. nOrMaL pLaNt

    nOrMaL pLaNtHace 10 días

    Josie (i dont know the spelling lmao) had the most peaceful death tbh

  45. R.I.P in peperoni

    R.I.P in peperoniHace 8 días


  46. nOrMaL pLaNt

    nOrMaL pLaNtHace 10 días

    Josie (i dont know the spelling lmao) had the most peaceful death tbh

  47. R.I.P in peperoni

    R.I.P in peperoniHace 8 días


  48. Keiko

    KeikoHace 10 días

    This movie was actually pretty cool and that creature at the end actually spooked me

  49. sand storm

    sand stormHace 10 días

    Girl power! Fuxkin gross mate.

  50. Xaironian

    XaironianHace 10 días

    11:37 what SCP was this again? Cant remember

  51. Clare Quilty

    Clare QuiltyHace 11 días

    Look, I liked "Annihilation" much more than most people did, but no matter how you slice it the Shimmer's sudden departure does not make any sense. It's a plot hole the size of that lighthouse.

  52. Uhhh Hhh

    Uhhh HhhHace 12 días

    But what would happen if thanos snapped his fingers?

  53. Uhhh Hhh

    Uhhh HhhHace 12 días

    How would anything die in there? Wouldn’t it just keep on with the mutation?

  54. zfitrxy

    zfitrxyHace 12 días

    The novel was sick

  55. IceTea Deez

    IceTea DeezHace 12 días

    i wonder if he noticed he spelled analysis in a manner that would most likely be considered.... WORNG kappa

  56. Dexter Klinefelter

    Dexter KlinefelterHace 12 días

    This is a summary, not an analysis or explanation.

  57. kateofthecity

    kateofthecityHace 12 días

    Somebody's played the first Tomb Raider...

  58. Ne ss

    Ne ssHace 12 días

    Lmao im dead in this movie

  59. Jordan Winders

    Jordan WindersHace 12 días

    Wahmen power. I avoided this movie because I don't like being lectured. Now idk if this movie was an sjw propaganda piece, but it definitely reeked of it from what I have seen

  60. TheBigAppleNYC

    TheBigAppleNYCHace 13 días

    This movie is a mind fuck. I don't have a clue what in the hell my eyes were viewing.


    REX MUNDIHace 13 días

    I believe what we where watching was the account of her double during her interaction. It was telling them a tale in order to assure it's own survival.

  62. lunitunez3

    lunitunez3Hace 13 días

    Greatly explained.

  63. Ned Riley

    Ned RileyHace 13 días

    The music always scares me

  64. I-Not-Mortal

    I-Not-MortalHace 13 días

    *In short, the reason we don't like pain or damage is the same with evolution constantly re-arranging its physicality to embody its surroundings*

  65. I-Not-Mortal

    I-Not-MortalHace 13 días

    *What if this movie was about the ever change of life? and that it becomes more and more complex , each time better than itself, refracting its past onto its DNA.* *The same way humans are in-complete and still have to evolve, to become an ultimate creature* we self destruct so that evolution can learn from its mistake as naturally as a repulsion from something a creature does not like. maybe itself.

  66. Soup master 64

    Soup master 64Hace 14 días

    The intestine scene was well done and horrifying.

  67. Darshawn Sellers

    Darshawn SellersHace 14 días

    Ohhhhhh now i remember where i know this story from, i had read the book and forgot about it until now

  68. Willliam Thiele

    Willliam ThieleHace 14 días

    This movie was the biggest lsd trip honestly

  69. Kinos141

    Kinos141Hace 15 días

    Would be cooler if the Shimmer mutated all animals... into pokemon!!

  70. Issac Vasquez

    Issac VasquezHace 15 días

    Anya’s tattoo is now on Lena’s arm

  71. Random Gamer21

    Random Gamer21Hace 15 días

    Lol just drink a bucket of milk to remove The effect

  72. D3- LEGEND27Boi

    D3- LEGEND27BoiHace 14 días

    Lmao 😂😂😂

  73. NoirOrchestre

    NoirOrchestreHace 18 días

    Should have named your video "Annihilation Resume", I wouldn't have lost 20 minutes.

  74. Zaurus Z

    Zaurus ZHace 19 días

    Look like a bubble

  75. Discount Decision

    Discount DecisionHace 19 días

    Beware the bubble

  76. Nicolas M Cuiuli

    Nicolas M CuiuliHace 20 días

    this is a sinopsis not an analysis

  77. Nicolas M Cuiuli

    Nicolas M CuiuliHace 20 días

    this is a sinopsis not an analysis

  78. Daniel rogers

    Daniel rogersHace 20 días

    So their weakness is fire, no military men thought maybe we should bomb the place?

  79. asshat

    asshatHace 22 días

    Maybe it's just me but this mirrors Adam and Eve leaving the garden of Eden to some degree Bringing a whole new life to the "untouched" world

  80. Sebastian Playz

    Sebastian PlayzHace 22 días

    in real life america would just nuke the damn thing

  81. Lethal 911

    Lethal 911Hace 22 días

    They should have called for the scp foundation or goc

  82. iCriEvrytim

    iCriEvrytimHace 23 días

    Spy kids 2 gone wrong.

  83. Soren Johanson

    Soren JohansonHace 23 días

    I read the book at age 10.

  84. aceribicCatharsis

    aceribicCatharsisHace 23 días

    Is it for sure they arn't just new doubles each time she wakes up?

  85. Lerado2004

    Lerado2004Hace 23 días

    Shimer and shine Lol

  86. Grim Gamer

    Grim GamerHace 23 días

    Why would a tattoo be transferred? They’re not cells in your body

  87. Traynor Fong

    Traynor FongHace 24 días

    Anyone think it sounds like "A Color From Outer Space".

  88. Gaming Legend

    Gaming LegendHace 24 días

    so the bear is basically scp 939 okay then

  89. Jeffrey Flees

    Jeffrey FleesHace 24 días

    11:58 SCP-939???

  90. John Nada

    John NadaHace 24 días

    The WAY this dude over-EMPHASISES random words is like an EXTREME variation of that ESCALATING intonation SHIT that some idiots DO. ANNYOYING as FUCK.

  91. Nicolas Racette

    Nicolas RacetteHace 25 días

    Am I the only who feels like the bear represented (or was like) a Skinwalker?

  92. Alek Konink

    Alek KoninkHace 25 días

    I saw this movie about a month after I read the book it was adapted from. I didn't understand the novel, and I understood even less from the film.

  93. Th3 Gl1tch

    Th3 Gl1tchHace 25 días

    I’m guessing the guy with the moving intestines had a tapeworm, or some kind of parasite, that led to his mutation.

  94. Michael Nichols

    Michael NicholsHace 25 días

    Apparently a movie by Netflix isn't on Netflix lol

  95. EndstationOstbahnhof

    EndstationOstbahnhofHace 26 días

    Personally got heavy creationist vibes from it. “Adam and eve out of the paradise” kind of. First it made the man, completely out of the shimmer and then his woman comes, being not a complete copy but a fragment of it (I think in the bible she was made out of a rib of Adam ?)

  96. Luke H

    Luke HHace 27 días

    My favorite recent sci-fi movie, simply because how everything is connected. Edit: not mentioned in the video, but the house they stop at, is Lena and Kane's house.

  97. Helder Oliveira

    Helder OliveiraHace 28 días

    Annihilation is Pokémon for adults and that's wildly good

  98. S I C K T R I K Z

    S I C K T R I K ZHace 28 días


  99. A Real Catfish

    A Real CatfishHace 29 días

    beyond the aquila rift - it’s from Love death and robots and you have to do an ending explained on this!!!!

  100. Country living

    Country livingHace 29 días

    Military men haven't been able to complete any missions in the shimmer so let's put a all female team of self destructive depressed group without any training what could go wrong woman on 3!

  101. Country living

    Country livingHace 29 días

    "human genes are faulty as they age an die" You mean like all cells?

  102. Jessica Gregory

    Jessica GregoryHace un mes

    I liked the movie but I disliked the portrayal of acquired traits ‘refracted’... if it is all DNA based then the tattoo and the southern accent shouldn’t have been included. Only genetic traits would be transferred like that... obviously it’s all sci fi but that part bothered me a bit.

  103. Tom Seymour

    Tom SeymourHace un mes

    I don't think the shimmer Lena double is trying to duplicate the fire, I think the shimmer has been infected by human DNA and thus the self destructive tendencies of human nature and destroys itself as a result by spreading the fire

  104. Revan Ruler

    Revan RulerHace un mes

    this sounds a lot like the colour out of space by lovecraft, and I'm not complaining

  105. CR Smyth

    CR SmythHace un mes

    I love this movie but a tattoo does not encode itself into your DNA. Tattoos are merely a stained scar. Now I could accept that she ends up with that tattoo because she isnt who she appears and is a doppelganger perhaps picking qualities from some of the other ladies...even though the lady with that tattoo originally never made it to the lighthouse...but hey what do I know? This is obviously outside the realm of the rational