American Ninja Warrior Challenge!!


  1. aggelos iliopoulos

    aggelos iliopoulosHace un día

    1:09 wtf

  2. Kevin Gadiana

    Kevin GadianaHace 3 días

    Who is that girl she so cute though

  3. Christian_great edits

    Christian_great editsHace 3 días

    Sam and Colby

  4. Christian_great edits

    Christian_great editsHace 3 días


  5. Prajesh Baniya

    Prajesh BaniyaHace 3 días

    Guess what bey look like an opacado

  6. Fabi Flores

    Fabi FloresHace 3 días

    Please do more videos like Thais

  7. Khafoog Al-Omar

    Khafoog Al-OmarHace 3 días

    Hi jeff

  8. Ellie-Mae Ford

    Ellie-Mae FordHace 3 días

    Pause and then use this timestamp 1:09

  9. shadowking1168

    shadowking1168Hace 3 días

    Bryan is so mad dud

  10. The Crimson Gnome

    The Crimson GnomeHace 4 días

    Kevin’s head is SUPER SUPER shiny(not disrespecting its pretty)

  11. A Wonder

    A WonderHace 6 días


  12. Fortnite clips 0-0

    Fortnite clips 0-0Hace 6 días

    Omg my family would watch American ninja warrior and we would cheer for Kevin 😮

  13. Nash Shiv

    Nash ShivHace 7 días

    Im do this in School

  14. Wolffinatic

    WolffinaticHace 7 días


  15. Sy the Guy

    Sy the GuyHace 8 días

    Aye Jeff hi

  16. Smack Attack

    Smack AttackHace 9 días

    You should have let him go again that is cheap for a win

  17. Brothers From Another Mother

    Brothers From Another MotherHace 9 días

    I love j fred"s funny jokes and fails

  18. Kate Davis

    Kate DavisHace 10 días

    Hi, Corbin! I usually see him on TFIL!

  19. Raptor Games and blogz

    Raptor Games and blogzHace 11 días

    I’ve been to that place it’s kinda like sky high

  20. Joshua Oei

    Joshua OeiHace 11 días

    J Fred sucks

  21. Rick Hall

    Rick HallHace 12 días

    you rock.

  22. Layla Nichols

    Layla NicholsHace 12 días

    I wanted to see Joey do that last one

  23. jackman_gamer 321

    jackman_gamer 321Hace 12 días

    kevin looks like an egg

  24. Crystal Eanes

    Crystal EanesHace 12 días

    I know how to do ninja thangs like AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR

  25. Adam i

    Adam iHace 13 días


  26. Tiny Squire Gaming

    Tiny Squire GamingHace 14 días

    Jeff had the most trained person for this challenge + Corbin is great at gymnastics

  27. FZT Fusion

    FZT FusionHace 14 días

    Kevin is a legend👌🏻

  28. Arilyn Merrill

    Arilyn MerrillHace 14 días

    Who else knows Corbin from TFIL?

  29. YouCanJustCube

    YouCanJustCubeHace 15 días


  30. Farissassin's Flame ninja

    Farissassin's Flame ninjaHace 15 días

    Joey skip obstacle course

  31. Farissassin's Flame ninja

    Farissassin's Flame ninjaHace 15 días

    American Ninja Warrior Wins and Team Edge lose.

  32. fatime taft

    fatime taftHace 17 días

    Go j Fred

  33. our bloodstone paws

    our bloodstone pawsHace 18 días

    I laughed way to hard at this and its almost 4:00am 😂😂😂



    Korbin is pro It is cheating

  35. B-rad Graf

    B-rad GrafHace 19 días

    I like for Kevin to help with his alopecia

  36. Katelyn Lee

    Katelyn LeeHace 19 días

    13:40 Joey Can I go again Everyone No

  37. Jibraeel Jibraeel

    Jibraeel JibraeelHace 19 días

    Corbin does parkour that’s how he won

  38. ari barsa

    ari barsaHace 19 días

    6:05 😂😂😂

  39. Tony i pee Romero

    Tony i pee RomeroHace 21 un día

    Joey my boi what happend?here💰💲💵💴💶💷💸💱

  40. Donna Doonan

    Donna DoonanHace 21 un día

    1:09 ;)

  41. Thomas Elabbasi

    Thomas ElabbasiHace 22 días

    How do you guys get all these people

  42. Thomas Elabbasi

    Thomas ElabbasiHace 22 días

    Is that Kevin bull?

  43. Lost In the Music // Song Covers :

    Lost In the Music // Song Covers :Hace 22 días

    Oooo do these courses with bobby haha

  44. Mathew556

    Mathew556Hace 23 días

    I saw him on TV a couple weeks ago

  45. Nicole Rissler

    Nicole RisslerHace 23 días

    Who else knows Kevin Bull from being a trainer on ANW Jr

  46. Brian Jagde

    Brian JagdeHace 23 días

    5:29 wow jorbin i thought it was corbin

  47. brad benner

    brad bennerHace 23 días

    Corbon is a employee at a parkour and they don't that's a little unfair

  48. Jacque Covault

    Jacque CovaultHace 23 días

    Kevin Bull is my favorite

  49. montarika p

    montarika pHace 24 días



    PHEANITH TONHace 24 días

    The last course marvin was one arm further

  51. Ryan Mielke

    Ryan MielkeHace 24 días

    P.s Drew Drecial Won!!,!!!! Win over Gil on stage 4

  52. MRMIOR

    MRMIORHace 25 días

    1:04 remember bobby

  53. Alexis Scales

    Alexis ScalesHace 25 días

    Are they at defy??

  54. Fortnite clips 0-0

    Fortnite clips 0-0Hace 26 días

    6:05 Joey said kevin

  55. Mr. Bark

    Mr. BarkHace 27 días

    love how Jeff just comes on the channel to destroy all of you

  56. Matthew Willis

    Matthew WillisHace 29 días

    Include Jeff and Corbin in more vids plz

  57. Dracen Walter

    Dracen WalterHace 29 días

    Joey: Misses rope Everyone: OOOOHHHH Bryan: Choking Kevin: Doesn't find it funny at all.

  58. Christopher Heers

    Christopher HeersHace 29 días

    Not to be confused with the video game of the same name.

  59. Mary Higgins-Rust

    Mary Higgins-RustHace 29 días

    best vid on ytube ever. do more like these

  60. Gabriel Martin

    Gabriel MartinHace un mes

    Team edge can pass at least a part while I was at rocking jump struggling just to even reach the damn parkour