AMERICAN HORROR STORY CULT Finale Breakdown + Past Season Connections


  1. Nik Singh

    Nik SinghHace 17 días

    You didn’t include Paulson’s, Billie Jean!!

  2. nina w

    nina wHace 25 días

    I refused to watch the season because of the political theme and I was just so fed up with hearing about Trump and Hillary, but after watching it I completely changed my mind, it’s actually extremely good and interesting and while it does talk a lot about politics, it’s in a way that doesn’t seem try hard or whatever. Like they’re not making either side out to be better than the other and that’s what I thought they‘d do. Also i fucking love Evan Peters.

  3. Skyler Zahler

    Skyler ZahlerHace un mes

    Just finished cult and it was phenomenal. Kai was my favorite. And the clown design was cool

  4. The Rickest Rick

    The Rickest RickHace un mes

    I’m confused with meadow? Was she meant to tell ally that ivy was involved or was it an act?

  5. Hey It's Ghezie

    Hey It's GhezieHace un mes

    I didn't catch that it was the same SCUM robe but during the time Ally was looking at herself in the mirror and getting ready, I thought that she's definitely up to something and just might put up her own Cult. And I personally think that tho she might say that it would be for a better country, better world, there would still bw something crooked and jaded in her Cult...well I guess all Cult leaders think that their Cult is up for something that's good in their perception anyway. To me, the last sequence was more like an irony. Kai's Cult...which Ally left with all her might after everything she's been through...only to put up her own Cult too, probably with an intent to continuously having protection needed for her and Oz and with an ambitiously supposed good intention and goal but somewhere somehow, she'd also be lost in it kinda like Kai

  6. Hey It's Ghezie

    Hey It's GhezieHace un mes

    Who said Cult isn't good? IT'S GADDAMN AWESOME!! I love how they had a somewhat different take on the show with this season as supernatural stuff for a change (I like the supernatural elements that AHS had been putting in but without any on Cult just feels fresh to me). I beg to disagree to thoss saying that AHS had started going downhill, getting boring etc. I think it's really ever changing and volatile. I love it!! I just, hands down, love this show so much. And damnn...another Evan-Sarah heavy lead season. Reminds me of Asylum. Well of course, sans Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe & Kathy Bates this time in Cult. But it was still so awesome. Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson always delivers so freaking fantastically. Right after watching the whole season, this has become one my faves - well, it's hard to have a fave season in AHS for all seasons are magnificent on its own

  7. Pwapa Plays

    Pwapa PlaysHace 2 meses

    Can you do a video on the book of eli

  8. Rikya Hasel

    Rikya HaselHace 2 meses

    this season is so underrated.

  9. Rikya Hasel

    Rikya HaselHace 2 meses

    did anyone else freak out when Ally, her girlfriend and Beverly said something about how Ally turned down an interview with Lana Winters?

  10. Justin McNally

    Justin McNallyHace 2 meses

    This was the worst season of AHS yet. I couldn’t keep watching past episode 2. It was dull, boring, predictable and lacked any sense of foreboding or intrigue. Season 8 redeemed it in my eyes.

  11. Euphoric Paulson

    Euphoric PaulsonHace 3 meses

    Evan and Sarah were phenomenal in this season

  12. Euphoric Paulson

    Euphoric PaulsonHace 3 meses


  13. Lucas Layton

    Lucas LaytonHace 3 meses

    This season fucking sucked balls. Horror story? This was just a political thriller bullshit. It hasn't been a horror story since season 1 ended. Smmfgdh.

  14. The Phantom of the Paradise

    The Phantom of the ParadiseHace 3 meses

    Every season is connected?

  15. Riley Prowd

    Riley ProwdHace 4 meses

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but this may be my favourite season of AHS.

  16. Lio Kosa

    Lio KosaHace 4 meses

    This series had a REALLY strong start with the whole is Sarah paulsons character insane plot line but it started to go downhill and lose its focus and seemed to rely on twists and cliffhangers. I especially though the flashbacks, especially the scum scenes, really overstayed their welcome and I felt like this series tried too hard to parody both sides of the political spectrum and forgot to make an AHS season lmao

  17. Conner Grabinsky

    Conner GrabinskyHace 4 meses

    "HaRneSsInG tHE uNtaPPeD FeMAlE rAgE tHAt hAs bEeN BUbbLINg uNdER tHE SurFaCE iN sOCiEtY"

  18. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer MorningstarHace 5 meses

    I love this season!!

  19. Stephanie Westrup

    Stephanie WestrupHace 5 meses

    Can you please please please do all the American horror stories? Or just apocalypse and how it's connected to the other seasons????

  20. liverust5

    liverust5Hace 5 meses

    I just binge watched this and thought it was really good until got up the SCUM thing and the flashbacks to real life cults. Also, the killing of her wife seemed out of left field and they pushed her character too far off the deep end. Overall, liked it better than Freakshow, but can't say it was even close to the first one or Coven or Hotel, which I really liked.

  21. Pedro Gameprais

    Pedro GamepraisHace 5 meses

    This season had a pretty shit ending, No one wanted to see that woman winning, everyone wanted to see kai being the one who wins, this season was all about fucking feminists.

  22. UnkleRiceYo

    UnkleRiceYoHace 5 meses

    Ally killed Speed Wagon while she was an FBI informant? So she got a licence to kill from the FBI? Seems unlikely

  23. Jerzey Boy1995

    Jerzey Boy1995Hace 5 meses

    Soooo it's a Horror like House of Cards?

  24. Super ARCADE 64

    Super ARCADE 64Hace 6 meses

    Cult was pretty bad to be honest i fucking saw those twists miles away also literally taking the ending from asylum but a million times worse

  25. Alexson McWain

    Alexson McWainHace 6 meses

    This season was too political and cringe to watch


    TD TOPPDAWGHace 7 meses

    This season was horrible!! Nothing but political agenda and virtue signaling, anyone paying attention knows it's Hillary supporters who are completely brainwashed zombies!! It would make alot more sense if it was leftists who started a cult to spite the election that they can't seem to get over! they could have the Colt marching in the streets begging the government to take away our rights, chasing people out of restaurants, and showing up at right-wingers houses in Colt like groups late at night telling them to "leave town or else! Your not welcome" ? Or every time they outnumber others they would attack them and pull them out of cars (but run when it's a remotely even fight) shut down anyone who's center to right rights to speak by shouting them down? that would be a hell of a lot more accurate!! O wait🤔.... This happens everyday in real life, unlike how they portray Trump supporters in this b.s is most def FICTION!!!!

  27. Lio Kosa

    Lio KosaHace 4 meses

    But she did start a cult at the end,,, and like that was the whole point of the political commentary...... Like sis imagine getting mad because you can’t tell the difference between a character having an opinion and an opinion being endorsed by the show itself

  28. Tourette syndrome

    Tourette syndromeHace 7 meses

    This one is so scary just cus how real this is and how this is going in right now and also how it hit on so many problems of today like racism, feminism, vegans, homosexual etc

  29. Lydia Schulze

    Lydia SchulzeHace 7 meses

    Ally working together with the FBI but stabbing people at the same time? How did the FBI not know about it or why didn't they care?

  30. loser name user name

    loser name user nameHace 7 meses

    This series sucks as much as the must did. All I need is your ending explained vids and I'm good.

  31. Onazzz808

    Onazzz808Hace 7 meses

    The most scary part of this season was the parallels of the events with what’s happening/happened in real life. I feel it showed a true depiction of the American today and how far we’ve devolved as a society and human race. To truly appreciate this season, one has to be fully awoken and know that this left/right paradigm is full of shit. The only 2 classes that ever existed and still does today is the Ruling Class and the Slave Class. The Ruling Class created this left/right, 2 party system to further hold back and control the Slave Class via mind control, propaganda, religion/cults, and consumerism making the Slave Class BELIEVE they have “freedom”, “power”, choices, when in reality we have never been more enslaved thru out the history of America. The way the Ruling Class implements this control is thru voting and making the Slaves believe their vote actually counts so when the Slaves do go out and vote, all that is doing to us is reinforcing the notion that we NEED Rulers to govern us, thus further enslaving ourselves! They use race and gender as tools to divide and conquer the Slaves and make us fight amongst each other instead of coming together as ONE and rise up against the self appointed Ruling Class.

  32. metalblades4

    metalblades4Hace 7 meses

    Would be better if it didn't have all this gay crap in it..

  33. idowonderz

    idowonderzHace 7 meses

    This was my favorite because there weren't no sipirts , demons, wiitches or warlocks it was great acting and a good story no

  34. Pepper cane

    Pepper caneHace 7 meses

    I'm sorry. I can't really bring my self to raelly enjoy the season. It's riddled with obvious political pandering even on both sides. I don't really care what message you're saying whether you're left or right wing. I want to sit down and enjoy a show rather than have it be propaganda. All I can really do is pray that the new season is at it's normal state.

  35. Morf Morf Vandewalt

    Morf Morf VandewaltHace 7 meses

    Ridiculous! It's not as if thousands of women would back a murderous female candidate in real life, right...?

  36. Dave Tyler

    Dave TylerHace 8 meses

    I thought the ending was implying she is now a cult leader. Doing the same as the guy was. Like she became crazy with her views just like the guy did. Too bad feminists in real life don't realize they are cheering on a psychopathic killer

  37. John Gray Atkinson

    John Gray AtkinsonHace 8 meses

    Cult had one of the best.opening credit scenes of AHS. The plot and writing was a little weak. I wonder how much input Gweneth Paltrow had on Brad Fulichuk (sp?) on this season.

  38. Serpent Sepia

    Serpent SepiaHace 8 meses

    Bebe Babbitt is shot in the head by Ally who then joins the same feminist cult towards the end. Was Bebe executed by the feminist cult for propping Kai into power or was this an oversight by the writers?

  39. Noel

    NoelHace 8 meses

    I watched this season only to see Evan Peters hump the TV. Who's with me?

  40. Phil Ingrouille

    Phil IngrouilleHace 8 meses

    I know it's just a tv show, but I'm not sitting through this, could barely get through the first episode. It's MEANT to be political, but it's still obnoxious politics, and I want a new season that doesn't shove that crap in your face. Gonna skip cult, and head straight into Apocalypse.

  41. Gerardine Cizmar

    Gerardine CizmarHace 8 meses

    I just finished binge watching Cult and it was really hard to get through. I think that we have enough going on in this country that is depicted in this season of AHS without having to watch a reminder. The supernatural element which I love, and is an escape from reality for me, was missing. There have been some great seasons and some were better than others but Cult was a drag.

  42. Håkan Lindgren

    Håkan LindgrenHace 8 meses

    I thought it was really good in how it attacked both the right and left wings and that the male-led extreme groups, i.e. the portayed cults, is just as bad as the female-led froups, i.e. SCUM. The right tore down the left, and in the end the left tore down the right. It's all a circle, and each personality cult is replaced by a new one, albeit with differences in ideology.

  43. ashley klotz

    ashley klotzHace 8 meses

    EDITED FOR FORGOTTEN WORDS Something else........ and I'm gonna piss some people off but I dont give a shit. If you do not watch the show, WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING? Why are you making a big deal out of it? If you dont watch it, you will not understand what the point is. It's ok not like something, NO ONE LIKES THE SAME THINGS, but to put out someone just cause they like a show or dont like a show, doesnt mean comments need to be made. I cant stand Riverdale and I'm not alone, it's too teenager for me, but I dont put someone down for like it. People try to put ne down for watching and loving AHS but I tell them hey, I watch it you dont, fine and dandy, IF THE WORLD WAS MEANT TO BE THE SAME, WE WOULD BUT WERE NOT, so guess what? Getting mad about it, makes you a child and regresses you back to your childhood when your kid self was smarter than your adult self, which is actually every single child in the world cause as a child you see it. When are people gonna get over themselves? Tally count.. how many are pissed? WCR

  44. ugly poop doodle bob

    ugly poop doodle bobHace 8 meses

    so they all just going to forget ivy existed

  45. viamonky217

    viamonky217Hace 8 meses

    PLEASE DO APOCALYPSE SEAOSON 8 WHEN ITS OVER !!!!! I e been watching AHS since the beginning , murder house, asylum, coven , hotel, cult , and apocalypse are in my opinion the best seasons... Roanoke and freakshow were just boring and lame

  46. sabinajoh

    sabinajohHace 8 meses

    I didn’t personally like the really political stance they took this season. Both sides looked crazy, but I cringed when they were fighting about Trump supporters being women haters and Hillary supporters screaming about the patriarchy. I Liked when the Trump vs. Hillary/Left vs. Right thing took the back chair as we focused on how fucked up the cult was, the creepy stuff, Ally’s character, the other characters’ feelings, etc.This wasn’t the worst season though, just not my favorite. (I’d actually still watch it again)

  47. Mazn Kuldinow

    Mazn KuldinowHace 8 meses

    This season had an incredible impact on me. I was amazed at the plot line and the outcome. Wonderfully done!

  48. Tracy Dailey

    Tracy DaileyHace 8 meses

    The hood she's wearing at the end makes me think Vendal in Season 8.the purple and the greys.pre Apocalypse.

  49. Eric Alvarado

    Eric AlvaradoHace 8 meses

    Speed wagon wasn’t working with the FBI, he was working with the state police.

  50. Seth Rhow

    Seth RhowHace 8 meses

    I like how they made digs at both sides. The anti-Trump bias was pretty obvious, portraying his followers as cultists, but then the liberal 'hero' ends up murdering several people in cold blood and joining a feminist death cult.

  51. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel RodriguezHace 8 meses

    Feminism is cancer

  52. Keyser Sozie

    Keyser SozieHace 8 meses

    I realized speed watching this that this moronic show is written by feminist women!!! This was stupid beyond belief. How did that black cunt not get locked up??? Sarah Paulson got immunity, not the black cunt!!! And that Black bitch guard,,, she helps him murder someone and escape,,, but not give him a loaded gun because Sarah Paulson said so??? WTF??? And she weighs 90 pounds... Your standing right in front of,,, snap her neck!!! Oh,,, and this jerkoff taking over the prison with his flimflam... Bullshit!!!! Cons have there own minds. Non conformist!!! They would have pulled that little jerkoff apart arms and legs!!! They would have to put that punk in protective custody!!!!! This is by far the stupidest season yet... And clear evidence that this show hates men.

  53. Jordan Vison

    Jordan VisonHace 8 meses

    I think Hollywood struggles with Black women as villains. Beverly (the news reporter) is easily one of the biggest players and is RUTHLESS. They make her powerful and manipulative and they even pull away from the stereotypical, loud, angry black woman, and go with a more seething, quiet was great! and she def deserved a brutal death fitting of a great AHS villain. But instead we get a "being a black woman is hard" she gets off easy was one of my issues

  54. PAINn WAR

    PAINn WARHace 8 meses

    This was the best season by far.

  55. Nathasha Orlando Kappler

    Nathasha Orlando KapplerHace 8 meses

    I'm still waiting for someone to do a theory vid on how the characters of each actor are somehow spiritually connected, perhaps different incarnations of the same soul. for example Allison and Lana share very similar arcs, they're gay, they have a partner who betrays them, they're entrapped by a group of people who torture them who represent the patriarchy, they're unpredictably cunning and ruthless and will do anything to survive (maybe Allison's reasons are considered more selfless than Lana's), they outsmart their captors and have the public convinced they're role models and victims when really they did some nasty shit to come out on top. that's one example, but also look at Jessica Lange who has played several tragic women whose ambition and pride lead to their demise. maybe Ryan Murphy just has an idea of how to get the best performances out of his cast or keeps rehashing the same storylines, but it's interesting how so many of them continue to play very similar characters with similar arcs, I'd like to think that if the Dante's Inferno theory is right, these are the same group of individuals experiencing different realities.

  56. Noel

    NoelHace 8 meses

    It would be interesting if Ally was somehow related to Lana. Like maybe Lana had a sister that had a kid, or maybe she had another kid aside from Johnny who eventually sired Ally. Just my thoughts.

  57. The Mighty Umbreon

    The Mighty UmbreonHace 8 meses

    I felt like this season was written by a feminist

  58. Katia

    KatiaHace 8 meses

    I didn't really "get" the season, entirely. When they revealed his therapist as the impetus for his cult I thought that meant Kai was playing a long con and was in a roundabout way a feminist, not a sexist. But then he was a sexist? And what was it exactly that made him become a cult leader? Because he "couldn't save them all?"...Idk it didn't seem like a very defined shift from good to evil. But besides all that, Evan was the best part about this season. Only reason I stayed watching.

  59. Valerie De La Cruz

    Valerie De La CruzHace 8 meses

    *fuck a manwich*

  60. Jordan Moir

    Jordan MoirHace 8 meses

    Breakdown=worst season.sara is the winner again.its just bad

  61. Leo's Thighs

    Leo's ThighsHace 8 meses

    I loved this season; bingewatched the whole thing in one day. Evan Peters was amazing as Kai Anderson.

  62. spooks

    spooksHace 8 meses

    There was also a confirmed outtake where Ally lights a cigarette with a matchbox from Hotel Cortez.

  63. spooks

    spooksHace 8 meses

    Apparently there's an outtake where Ally puts on the hood then steps into a room with Bette and Dot, Lana Winters, Cordelia, and Billie Dean Howard all sitting around a table in SCUM robes. I bet SCUM somehow caused Apocalypse. Lmao I posted all this before I saw the end but HOT DAMN I WISH THEYD KEPT THAT ENDING WITH ALL THE SARAH PAULSONS. WOULDA MADE THE ENTIRE SEASON.

  64. Wicked Rouge

    Wicked RougeHace 8 meses

    I don’t care what anyone says, I LOVED this season. I’ve been watching since Murder House first aired, and Cult, Roanoke and Coven are my absolute favorites.

  65. pancho del ocho

    pancho del ochoHace 8 meses

    Oh my gawd what if shes venoble ?

  66. TXejas19 TXejas19

    TXejas19 TXejas19Hace 8 meses

    Way to many twists and time jumps this season

  67. TXejas19 TXejas19

    TXejas19 TXejas19Hace 8 meses

    There's no such things as too much Evan Peters, but There was definitely a lot of Evan Peters this season

  68. Amanda Corbett

    Amanda CorbettHace 8 meses

    What if Ally and her cult are the driving force of season 8? The ones whole nuke the world and control the bunkers?

  69. I B

    I BHace 8 meses

    Idk, I think the body type matches Lena Dumbham pretty well....


    JJAJFOREVERHace 8 meses

    I loved Murder House and asylum but after that they just became garbage. Cult sucked nothing but propaganda. When I watch AHS I want to see supernatural things. After Cult I look back on all the other seasons and realize they are just all garbage. So much potential with the other seasons but I feel that the writers try to make it too deep when it just needs to be scary.

  71. Ruby Whitfield

    Ruby WhitfieldHace 8 meses

    I'm watching Cult only just now, on a VPN on US Netflix. No one cares about Australia.

  72. Kent Straker

    Kent StrakerHace 8 meses

    This was the worst season of them all the end was stupid first why didn’t she just pay the black guard to just kill kye instead of having gay sex with him

  73. Tieran Graham

    Tieran GrahamHace 8 meses

    AHS sucks now. Waist of time. The producer is obviously out of ideas. Done waisting my time on this pety crap

  74. Elyca

    ElycaHace 9 meses

    I love the number of fragile boys in this comment section who shit their pants just at the idea of a woman in power xD Poor, poor sweet boys.

  75. Shushi Gargenzola

    Shushi GargenzolaHace 9 meses

    Shut up and make me a sandwich

  76. Fluently Fletch.

    Fluently Fletch.Hace 9 meses

    FAV SEASONS RANKED 1- Asylum 2- Cult! 3- Coven 4- Freak Show 5- Hotel 6- Murder House 7- Roanoke

  77. virtuale

    virtualeHace 9 meses

    AHS is extremely overrated

  78. Gay bit gaming

    Gay bit gamingHace 9 meses

    why are cult leaders always loser that whine and itch about who much life sucks

  79. Liam Souther

    Liam SoutherHace 9 meses

    I honestly thought that season 7 lacked in character development with other characters other than Ally, and also I kind of wished they didn't involve politics. I understand that had a lot to do with season 7 but still can't we all just agree that for future seasons to not involve politics. When I tuned into the first episode of season 7 and heard about the 2016 election, I turned my tv off immediately. don't know about you but I watch american horror story for the story not because I voted for Trump or Hillary. I am desperately hoping that season 8 does not involve politics at all.

  80. Charlene Karlsen

    Charlene KarlsenHace 9 meses

    I think this season are better than hotel

  81. Enrique Diaz

    Enrique DiazHace 9 meses

    why isn't that season on Netflix?

  82. bloodrunsclear

    bloodrunsclearHace 9 meses

    You know what's stronger than a 'nasty woman'? A reality TV star with a Twitter account


    WHAT DO YOU WANTHace 9 meses

    This is why I'm in asia

  84. Alyssa Wilson

    Alyssa WilsonHace 9 meses

    I know the guy playing Kai (Evan Peters, who will always be Tate in my mind) was playing a role when he said "women should know their place, make me a sandwich!" but it still makes me roll my eyes

  85. liv

    livHace 9 meses

    am i the only one who didn’t like cult or hotel? i loved the other seasons, but those two didn’t grow on me

  86. enrique santiago

    enrique santiagoHace 9 meses

    The season was really good. But the ending was so bad smh I hope the new season next month makes up for it

  87. Luis A. Gonzalez

    Luis A. GonzalezHace 9 meses

    I felt like she started not a cult, but a Coven.

  88. Gypsy Danger

    Gypsy DangerHace 10 meses

    Lena Dunham ruined this entire season for me 🤮

  89. tornay131

    tornay131Hace 10 meses

    The Following was so much better!

  90. thbestfrnd

    thbestfrndHace 10 meses

    Anyone else die a littler every time he said Solaris instead of Solanes? I’m a big Solanes nerd so probably just me.

  91. deVictor Silverio

    deVictor SilverioHace 10 meses


  92. Alexis Berry

    Alexis BerryHace 10 meses

    Omg AHS has been ruined by wonder they havent made another season.

  93. Aaron Ovedur

    Aaron OvedurHace 10 meses

    Cult saved ahs

  94. Emily Violet Marie

    Emily Violet MarieHace 10 meses

    Wait Lena Dunham was in this season......::: WHATTTTTTTTTTTT

  95. Emily Violet Marie

    Emily Violet MarieHace 10 meses

    Y'all did you see the new lineup of characters for season 8????

  96. thomas Quinn

    thomas QuinnHace 10 meses

    Is anyone else tired af of Sara Paulson and Evan Peters being the focus of EVERY SINGLE SEASON (minus season 1 Sara Paulson) why not more taissa farmiga? Sara Paulson while trying to eat a hotdog while yawning...good actress, just tiring on a show with an amazing plot line and most of the characters change major roles, except these two.

  97. remy paraskovia

    remy paraskoviaHace 10 meses

    It's One of the worts seasons.

  98. Rhaegar Targaryen

    Rhaegar TargaryenHace 10 meses

    imagine an alliance between the valaries and the coven members..

  99. Roy Normann Lee

    Roy Normann LeeHace 10 meses

    Dropping the ball

  100. Baban OMG

    Baban OMGHace 10 meses

    Are you gonna cover american horror story apocalypse this year ?

  101. TheAnGiiE1993 Marquez

    TheAnGiiE1993 MarquezHace 11 meses

    This season was GREAT!!!!! Roanoke is the only season I dislike a lot

  102. Joe Mama

    Joe MamaHace 11 meses

    Glad I didn't watch this garbage, it's looks like a sjw's soy dream.