1. Jose Brito

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    I want to know if there is a school of that in the Dominican Republic I want to be I am a professional masseuse and I want to turn on more than I know

  2. Izabel Nascimento

    Izabel NascimentoHace 2 días

    Incrível a quiropraxia... coisa de Deus da inteligência ao homem

  3. Ngakan Yudi

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    1:43 did you see what i see?

  4. No Neme

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    Сколько стоит сходить к таким

  5. Kailah Rose

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    That guy at the very end reminds me of the human version of Gerald from finding dory

  6. Bharat

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    Sir,,, namaste,,,, sir, I req. You please. Teach how you do,,, which type of care should be there,,,, do slowly so other people can learn it.

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    1:10 wow

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    Понравилась девушка.молодец. вкусный шоколад 🍫.🤔😆😃👍.

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    0:54 the girl literally wears boxers

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    SmurFy YT i would smell her butt in them pink yoga pants dam

  11. Алихан Нуржан

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    Блдять, где там лысый делает полуголой девке в розовой, я думал что это опять порнуха сама по себе включилась)

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    thor....what are u doing here

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    yes men

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    0:55 pensé que iva a salir una escena nopor

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    How many "yes mam" there's?

  19. Guille G4K

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    1:00 yo te conozco

  20. Kaye Manset

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    .The 1st one is Suki Girl.

  21. NoCerrita!!! !

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    '' Nadie pelao de Brazzers '' 0:57

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  23. Samsung J1

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    - a

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    Se imaginan q justo se le santa un pedo a alguien v:

  25. Pedro Henrique

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    Johny Sins have two jobs. I didn't know this

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    2:40 thor con sobre peso

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    Mal se re parece jajajaja

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    is that johny sins?

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    4:38 the back of this man’s head looks like that hideous character from the movie “The Goonies”😂

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    Wow is magic..success friend.👍👍👍👍👍

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    That first girl's lack of emotion scares me

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    Trillest Lee - she not a paid actor like half of the people lol

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    He always says yes mem

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    0:54 cheap one, I'll give you 5 bucks for cleaning my shitter.

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    Eso suena tan! Rico 🤤

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    2:33 Thor??? 🤣

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    Curso de masaje en línea

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    ...why they are not dead

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    2:33 cuando eres quiropráctico y te toca Thor de EndGame como paciente

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    Alguém brasileiro fi de cristo

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    Tamo sempre aí

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    2:30 Thorrrr

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    Johnny Sins this you?

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    0:57 *yes you guessed him right*

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    1:10 начало как у Brazzers с лысым))

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    I love sound frome the neck Crackkkkkkk......

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    1:44 la cosita de la mujer esa

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    I lost my cracking virginity to that goth chick, I'm been addicted ever since


    XTICKTAKEN :vHace 2 meses

    0:52 algo anda mal? :v


    XTICKTAKEN :vHace 2 meses

    @Noe Villegas ajajaja si :v En su interior sela queria, Coger :v

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    Vim só pra vê o pacoti

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    Doctor Joseph is great 🤟

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    The fcking sound at the end of the video is creepy hahahah, who's with me?

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    Jhony is that u?

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    Johnny Sins at 1:00.?

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    i thought its johnny sins

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    0:51 omg Johnny Sins have two jobs nice.

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    3:27 He just popped her neck and dipped

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    Un altro crick crack e te la trombi con tutte le endorfine che le fai liberare

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    đủ má như bể xương ếch vậy .kkkk

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    The girl in pink, looks like something happen while she was jogging that very morning🤔

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    1:00 ese pelón siempre en todas :v!

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    El tbm hace finales felices xd